Why Obama Wants To Be Impeached … And Why That Can’t Happen

I would love little more than seeing Obama impeached, tried for treason, and marched off the world stage in a snazzy orange jumpsuit.  Realistically, though, that’s not the best thing that can happen and could arguably be among the worst things Republicans do (this is barring anything downright insane like his anointing himself Grand Dear Leader Führer Fabulous).

As of now, since the mid-term GOP wave election, Obama has threatened executive action on both amnesty and net neutrality.  On the one hand, he’s a rabid ideologue who believes in both; however, he’s had six years to use his pen and his phone on these and other issues near and dear to his commie heart.  So why now and why the threat instead of the action?

A couple of reasons, and yes, they are political, and more than that, they are rooted in Obama’s Alinsky training and mindset.  Remember Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals Rule 9?  It goes like this:

RULE 9: “The threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself.” Imagination and ego can dream up many more consequences than any activist. (Perception is reality. Large organizations always prepare a worst-case scenario, something that may be furthest from the activists’ minds. The upshot is that the organization will expend enormous time and energy, creating in its own collective mind the direst of conclusions. The possibilities can easily poison the mind and result in demoralization.)

And don’t forget, a key part of the Alinsky script was for unions to act so outrageously–threatening to “take over” steel plants, etc.–that when the besieged plant owner or manager responded, they overreacted.  This overreaction is what the Alinskiites seek; it’s what provides them cover and what moves public opinion in their favor.  That’s Rule 10:

RULE 10: “If you push a negative hard enough, it will push through and become a positive.” Violence from the other side can win the public to your side because the public sympathizes with the underdog. (Unions used this tactic. Peaceful [albeit loud] demonstrations during the heyday of unions in the early to mid-20th Century incurred management’s wrath, often in the form of violence that eventually brought public sympathy to their side.)

What Obama is doing is pure Alinsky, and he will succeed if the GOP takes the bait and behaves badly / overreacts.

Now, to many of us, impeaching Obama is not an overreaction; indeed, if you’re like me, you believe it should have happened when Fast and Furious first came to light or when he let an American ambassador and three other Americans (two of whom were heroes) die in Benghazi.  Or any of a hundred other times this POS has shat on the Constitution of these United States.

But believe it or not, any attempt to impeach Obama at this stage will make him the martyr messiah he so longs to be.  The midterms do more than suggest that America is sick and tired of the division, the race-baiting, the identity politics; the Democrats are decimated for now and the foreseeable future (what do they have? Tired old Hillary, clinging to her–and Obama’s–regressive dystopic nightmare and to her husband’s faux centristm?  Radical lunatic Faucohauntus Warren?).  Democrats across the nation are now comfortable, finally, letting leak their deep disdain for and lack of respect for Obama.  We’ve succeeded in whittling away at his self-inflated superman, near-god mythos (well, maybe that wasn’t us so much as his own ineptitude and failures).

The best way to turn that around–to make people who are now (finally) seeing him clearly and those who are hurting because of his policies rally to his defense and side–is to now attempt impeachment.

It’s two more years, he’s impotent right now, let cooler heads prevail, and trust that Obama will be judged eventually and far more meaningfully than by any action available to Congress.

Because I Wish I’d Written It . . . The Progressive Missionaries of Unhappiness

All of Daniel Greenfield’s posts are out of the ballpark good, but every once in a while, I just have to share one that you may have missed.

Here’s a snippet from his The Progressive Missionaries of Unhappiness:

There is no one that the left hates more than a man who does not hate, who goes through the day without outrage and who does not spend his life stewing with vindictive resentments.

Leftists call it “privilege” now. They have called it apathy, escapism and a hundred other things.

They will find a thousand other names for it as they march through the future centuries grinding their teeth and cursing their country for its backwardness, their people for their provincialism and their culture for its mercantilism. But privilege is simply freedom from resentment.

To be of the left is to confuse perpetual outrage with righteousness. The professional leftist believes that the path to utopia on earth lies in constantly denouncing thought criminals until they have all been unthought so that only their kind of ethical and empathetic people walk the earth.

Like most utopians, they plan for a utopia that they could never actually live in.

Leftists without grievances are like an army without guns. That is why leftist experiments in communes dissolved into denunciations, power grabs and authoritarian rules as soon the drugs ran out. Often even before. The leftist isn’t seeking freedom from capitalism, religion, nationalism, racism, sexism, office dress codes, bar codes and any of the other great evils of the moment. These are just the outrage fuel of the willfully outraged whose resentment has become both culture and religion.

What he wants is to express an egotistical grievance at a world that is not built around him. His resentments came before his ideology. They are in a very real sense his ideology. The idealistic leftist is a passing phenomenon. He is useful for getting the actual work done while everyone else shouts. Unless he is very dim, he eventually realizes that and heads off to volunteer in Africa. The core is the aggrieved leftist whose grievances merge with his storytelling skills into the compelling narrative of a narcissist.

The perpetually aggrieved deeply resent those who are oblivious to their anger. It is the theme that dominates the literature, the music and the political writings of an infuriated left throwing its anger at a mindless mass that is perfectly happy collecting paychecks, living in the suburbs and watching television. It is not their prosperity that the left hates, but their uncomplicated happiness.

It is this uncomplicated happiness that the left sets out to ruin at all costs.

Read the rest.


Fuzzy Shorts: Islam, Terrorism, and Leftist Useful Idiocy

So I’m looking at what is happening, and I’m a bit speechless.  Obama is clearly aiding and abetting ISIS.  American authority does nothing.

We. Are. Screwed.

Leftists cannot be intelligent or knowledgeable: that must be wiped out. Now.

In the hazy wake of the dust-up between crazed lunatic Ben Affleck (definitely on my “no buy list” no matter what he does; I will never ever spend one penny to support this lunatic who has made it clear that he hates me and everything that I believe in and stand for) and equally-crazed lunatic Bill Maher (he doesn’t do anything that I’d need to pay for, but if he did . . . not happening), I scratch my head.  What seems to have happened is that Affleck whined and wiggled about how anyone who opposes Islamists like ISIS is Islamophobic — good, Useful Idiot, Ben, good boy!!!, and Bill Maher, very briefly, was honest about Islam and the jihadi threat but is now walking that back because he doesn’t want to be called a Right Wing Nutjob.

And there, in that little blip of irrelevance, you see exactly what is wrong not only with the blinkered loony left but with the unblinkered loony left.  The blinkered loonies will quell, quash, quiet the unblinkered left in the name of political correctness.  Maher doesn’t defend his accurate assessment of Islamists; he worries that he’s being tarred with the right wing nutjob brush.  He’s concerned but not so concerned that he’s willing to take an actual stand. After all, the TEA Party thinks the same thing, so he can’t be right. He must be a crazy, tea bagging Nazi lunatic.  He knows he’s not, of course, but he’s not secure in that knowledge.  Everything for these types is about what other people think.  Maher backs down, backpeddles, whimpers in a corner.

There is no way that the vacant look on Affleck’s face was an affect; he is clueless, stumped, and foot-stompy mad about . . . you know, um, injustice.  Somehow.  He’s an embarrassment to all thinking peoples, but he wins because there is no room on the left for an actual “old school” democrat like Maher, believe in American exceptionalism?  RAAAACIST!  Believe in America at all on any level?  RAAACIST IMPERIAAAALIST ISLAMAPHOBE!!!  Believe what the terrorists themselves are saying about destroying Israel, Europe, and America?  Believe them when they say their goal is a global caliphate?  CLUELESS IMPERIALIST ISLAMAPHOBE SOMETHING ELSE REALLY REALLY BAD!!!

When a religious war is a religious war only to one side

ISIS is referring to American forces as the “crusaders.”

So let’s see . . . a group calling themselves the “Islamic States” and promising to fly the flag of Islam over the White House is referring to their enemies as the “crusaders”  is not engaged in a religious war.

Hmmm . . .

Does anyone know the truth about the Crusades? When and why Christians finally mobilized against the Muslim hordes?  If you don’t know, find out.  They know.  And they want another go at it.

They are doing it.  Now.  Get it?

Leftists Warn Against Moral Equivalence (Um, You Know, Unless the TEA Party, Christians, and/or Conservatives are involved)

So I’m watching some show on Fox News last night, and this crazy leftist shrew (Leslie something, maybe) was trying to explain how we can’t paint all of Islam with one brush.  This, coming from a lunatic who frequently and happily, paints all Christians, all conservatives, all anyone who disagrees with Obama as RAAAAACISTS who hate America . . . um, yeah, gonna buy that crap.

The nuanced worldview of the leftie loons typically fails to apply to any but their own protected groups.  ALL TEA Partiers are the same, ALL conservatives are the same, ALL Christians are the same, ALL anyone who is not a lockstep leftist loon is the same.

They only see nuance where none exists: in Islam.

Leftist blindness to hate among their special groups

The lesbian couple who are upset that they received black sperm is a good place to start here.  These white lesbians couldn’t be in the least bit racist, according to leftists, because they are already in a protected group.  When they whine about how they can’t cope with the nappy hair of their new child, they’re good parents . . . or something.  White people who knowingly adopt black children--those are the racists.  You know.  Somehow.

Gay people can’t be racist.  Black and Latino people can’t be against gay marriage.  Oh, just ignore the votes they cast!  Those don’t matter!  Against Prop 8?  Those Latinos?  Well, they don’t know any better; it’s not like they actually understand what homosexuality is, after all.  Stupid Latinos.

Islamic governments, not random Islamic extremists, crucify homosexuals?  Naw, that’s not true.  Oh, it is?  Well, if it is true, we have to make allowances . . . they are the stupidest, most backward people on the planet after all.  See!!! We respect the minorities and their ignorance, barbarism, and basic inability to function in civil society.  What do you expect, after all?  These are uneducated barbaric hordes who are swamped by poverty and lack of education.

What?  The majority of jihadi leaders have college educations, many from American and western universities?  Um, well, gaaaah.  That’s different.  Um, they are still mostly, you know, mostly, victims of American imperialism.  Ah, yes, the American imperialism that provided them with world class graduate degrees in engineering, biomedics, and nuclear technology?  Yeah, horrible that we inflict such advanced learning and education upon them.  Usually at tax-payer expense.

Well, that’s different.  It’s not like they can compete with us because of . . . racism and stuff.  Islamophobia!  That’s it!  That’s what’s holding them back.  If only we didn’t hate, we’d have peace and love and something like puppy breath combined with singing birds and dancing flowers.  Islam doesn’t hate women or gay people.  Yeah, sure, they crucify, behead, and stone them to death now, but that’s America’s fault. If we loved and embraced them, they’d be so happy with our degraded culture, our gay marriage, our pornography, and all of our other failing cultural mores that they wouldn’t crucify, behead, and stone us to death.


All we have to do to show our trust and faith in Islamic goodness is to disarm the American people.  Why would we need or want guns in our homes when all we face are people who are oppressed by America.  Um.  You know.  Or something.


ISIS, ISIL . . . Barbarians By Any Other Name

Much seems to be being made of what we call the barbarian hordes who are beheading American and British citizens with the stated goal of instilling terror in the hearts of the British and American people.  Personally, I’m not too bothered.  ISIS.  ISIL.  Gutter scum of hell.  Whatever.  They are Islamic nuts who are hell bent on killing everyone on earth who doesn’t follow their loony toon ideology, an ideology that calls for a global Islamic caliphate, an ideology—let’s not pretend otherwise–that Islam itself calls for, that the so-called “moderate” Muslims believe will occur.

I see the beheadings, and I don’t feel fear.  I am not cowed.  I am not terrorized.  Instead, I feel rage.  I feel outrage.  I feel motivated to stop the animals who commit these barbaric, uncivilized, unconscionable acts.  And most of all, I feel closer than ever to my God, a God who eschews the violent “conversion” of followers; my God neither needs nor wants followers who are coerced at the end of a dull blade into sputtering a false belief.  My God doesn’t need such indignity and would be horrified at such actions by His followers.  For all the anti-Christian crap we’ve heard for years, no Christian has yet held hostage a mall and systematically slaughtered anyone who could not recite the Lord’s Prayer (the equivalent of what these godless Islamic beasts did in India, Kenya, and wherever they spread their homicidal intolerance).

All these grasping lefties who can’t see what is right in front of their face, who refuse to see that we are all under attack, keep talking about Christianity as if we still lived in the 12th Century, as if we were still beating back the Muslim hordes of the Middle Ages Crusades.  Even the idiot man-child Obama has muttered Biblical passages and attempted to make sophomoric arguments about the violence of Christians and Jews.  Gee, look, there is a passage about an eye for eye in the Bible!  Oh my God, that must mean HAAAATE!  Never mind, that under Islamic Sharia law, there is a very very literal “eye for an eye” mandate, that hands and heads are severed, that victims of rape are buried up to their neck and stoned to death.  Never mind what actually happens!  Let’s look at what the Bible says, not what Christ’s followers DO.  Uh huh.

The main problem for these blathering idiots whose blinders are so large, so dark, so narrowing is that Christians haven’t beheaded people in the name of Christ in . . . oh, hundreds of years.  We don’t do that.  Well.  Yet.  Obviously, we’ll be drawn into this war that has been declared on and forced upon us, but when we are, we will not flinch, we will not whine, and we will not take the blame for Muslim aggression as we did in the past.


If you haven’t watched one of the ISIS beheading videos, do it.  I’m not kidding.  Watch them conduct their “righteous” “work for Allah”; look at what we are facing.  See it.  I will never forget watching the beheading of Daniel Pearl.  It made me sick to my stomach, it made my heart ache, but it did not make me afraid.  It didn’t instill terror in my heart.

It pissed me off.


Watch one of those videos and then ask me if I care whether we call the barbarian hordes “al Qaeda” or “ISIS” or “ISIL” . . .   Better yet, ask yourself.

Fussy on America, AGW, and Abortion

Fussy again.  Yeah, yeah, I know that I’m supposed to–via presidential EO 31 million and something (who can keep track?)–be providing a balanced (i.e. progressive–the only viable, worthwhile, acceptable) viewpoint to counteract the neanderthal, teabagger view you are used to on this blog, but she just hasn’t written anything for me to respond to.  It’s not like I have a work ethic or anything, either.  The FCC pays me six figures every year whether I write anything or not.  Tax payers are wonderful, if truly stupid, things.

I like hearing myself talk, though, so I thought I’d share with you a couple of top beliefs of progressive thinkers so that you can understand how and why we are right about everything under the sun.  Most importantly, you need to understand why all other  thoughts, beliefs, and ideas must be silenced, banned, abolished, and destroyed.  We do not permit and certainly will not tolerate wrong thoughts.

America — Because you rightwing nutjobs can’t understand the nuance of our elevated thoughts about America, I’ll try to break it down for you (that’s why the FCC assigned me to this blog, after all).  On the one hand, we recognize America as the most violent nation ever ever to exist in the history of the whole universe and beyond.  I bring up that America is a cruel gruesome death factory imperialist swamp of human rights violations, oppressions, repressions, depressions, and other atrocities, and I’m sure you teabaggers are frothing at the mouth.  It’s kinda funny because–duuuuuuude–we all totally know how America is a destructive, capitalist force bent on something really bad related to demeaning minorities, exploiting the poor, oppressing third world countries, and enacting or whatever postcolonialism.

While I can’t remember how that exact argument goes and burned up my notes from my po-co class in a big metal drum at the last G-8 protest right before my fellow walker on the path of free expression threw said drum through a nearby window, I do know that it’s all related.  America is rich, and it couldn’t be rich if all the other countries weren’t poor.  Get it?! By being one of the richest countries in the world (thank Gaia or maybe Gaea, America is no longer the richest), we STOLE from everyone else!!!  No wonder we progressives hate America so much.

That’s point the other hand, too.  So in addition to making sure that America is taken down a few bazillion pegs and made to bow to the true leaders of the world, we also have to make sure that all that money you greedy capitalist swine hoard gets redistributed equally.  Of course, we progressives are more equal than you teabaggers, so you get nothing.  That’s only fair because of the social, environmental, economic, and everything else injustices that we are correcting.  America sucks, and the sooner it’s bankrupted the better!

See, the best thing in the world to us is the end result of our plans.  Imagine living in a poverty-stricken America that has no power, no wealth, no economy to speak of, no military, no defenses, no voice, no presence on the world stage!  Wow, I just live for that day when we progressives are kings, queens, and unidentified-but-completely-worthwhile-nongenders of the greatest borderless non-nation, lead-from-behind country in the world!

Once we’ve destroyed capitalism and shaken free from the shackles of liberty, we’ll be able, finally, to live our dream of using our resources to sustain forever every other nation on earth.  Sure, sure, it sounds like we won’t have any resources left after we’ve pillaged and plundered them all and amassed them for the political elite or given them back to their rightful owners among the other nations of the world, but that’s not true.  We can totally deplete our economic, energy-based, and entrepreneurial  resources, take all of the money from the dirty 1%, eliminate private enterprise, eliminate–by impoverishing–the middle classes, and still be a rich nation.  Nothing will change in our daily lives, nothing at all.  You rightwing nutjobs are just too stupid to understand the nuance.

That’s totally not my problem.

Environment — The only thing I love more than our vision of an impoverished, weakened, defeated (but with my life completely untouched by any of that stuff) America is the Mother Earth.  I always attend enviro rallies and make sure to litter as much as possible while there.  After all, I’m a progressive, my litter is like manna for Mother Earth, and it’s amazing how the Mother Earth absorbs our litter but rebels when we and cows fart.  She’s a tricky mistress, but I’m convinced that we can master her vagaries.  For example, there is already a totally total consensus among all journalists, progressive bloggers, progressive politicians, and UN members that humans are responsible for global warming, so all we need to do is tax companies (and soon individuals) who put any CO2 at all into the air!  Obviously and clearly, this will confound Mother Earth, and she will begin to cool again.  Duuuuuh!!!

The earth is on the verge of complete global meltdown, and the only people who CARE are we fabulous progressives.  Remember back in 2007 when the Goracle intoned that “in five years, the North Pole’s polar ice cap will have disappeared completely“?  It’s BEEN five years since he said that!  The North Pole is GONE.  Do you understand how awful that is?!!  I’m so sad for all the dead polar bears and seals and stuff.  And I’m really worried that now that the North Pole has vanished we’ll all be drowned and then burned up by the sun or by the earth that is literally several millions of degrees hot just below the surface.  I’m not sure, exactly, how that all works, but I know, for sure, that global warming is real and that the polar bears and seals and stuff are only the first victims.  They’ve all been drowned because there is NO ICE at all at the North Pole, and they can’t get out of the water that is probably close to boiling temperatures by now.

Tonight, I light a candle and hold my breath for as long as possible for the dead, dying, and treading-water-because-there’s-no-ice polar bears, seals, and stuff.  They were denied their North Pole icy home because of our wanton use of fossil fuels and our failure to tax everyone for breathing!!!!  That’s right!!!  For your information, when you exhale, you POISON the earth with your CO2 emissions which is just like burning a bazillion pounds of coal and oil and rain forests and atom bombs and volcanoes.  What is wrong with you crazy right wingers?  How can you dare breathe when there are polar bear lives at stake?  And don’t even talk to me about plants needing CO2 to produce oxygen.  This is a lie.  A LIE.  As T. S. Elliot writes, “You’re a big, fat liar, pants on fire!”

You flat-earther denier skeptics make my blood boil almost as hot as the temperature of the earth beneath our feet (and that’s SEVERAL MILLION DEGREES!). If you dare say that the earth hasn’t warmed in 15 years . . . well, I’ll hold my breath and then kick you in the shin!  Then I’ll call you a denier, a flat earther, and a RAAACIST!  That’ll show you!!!!! Look, there’s a consensus.  A consensus.  Do you need me to explain what that word means?  It means that everyone, literally everyone, agrees!

Note from the FCC:  If you know of someone, anyone, who expresses even the slightest doubt about anthropomorphic global warming climate change  disruption please send a quick report to flagthefishy@attackwatch.whitehouse.com.  Please do not put “climate disruption” in the subject heading; we haven’t yet settled on this as a vague enough term to replace “global warming.”  Note, too, that we are not in any way monitoring draft posts on  this blog or its contents.  This is a random, computer-generated note that is random and computer-generated.  Any resemblance to logical placement and Fourth Amendment abuses is purely unintentional and coincidental.

Anyways, we progressives believe a bunch of other things, but I have to get going now.  There’s this great rally supporting the abortion of 0-24-month-old cell clumps, and I really don’t want to be late.  It’s bad enough when women are punished with a baby and suddenly want an abortion in the final week of pregnancy and can’t get it, but just think how awful it is for the woman stuck with a 24-month-old cell clump!  They don’t call them “the terrible twos” for nothing!  Anyways, I got a great idea from my intro post and need to go finger paint my rally sign using my own poop.

Up twinkles!