Was The Preening Biden Admin Played Hard By The War-Mongering Deep State?

Once again. Mary asks, quite rightly, “How are we supposed to get U.S. citizens out of Afghanistan if the State Department keeps issuing these security alerts?”

The only conceivable answer is that we are not. We are not supposed to get U.S. citizens out of Afghanistan. We’ve heard for days now that the only Americans being evacuated are those “who want” to leave. The rest are happy to stay with the Taliban and be tortured, beaten, beheaded, have their eyes gouged, and be raped and sodomized on the street. They clearly chose that over, oh, I don’t know, getting the frack out of Dodge.

We have two choices here: either this is the most imbecilic and clueless administration ever to assemble, or leaving thousands of Americans to the mercies of the Taliban (and ISIS and al Qaeda) was intentional.

I’m not discounting the first option and am willing to embrace the power of “and” here. But the thing that is really standing out to me as this unfolds is not just the haphazard bass-akwards withdrawal (the military BEFORE civilians? BEFORE getting out or destroying billions in weaponry, ammo, tech, aircraft from black hawks to drones, and etc.? BEFORE even telling our allies (and then refusing their calls for well over 24 hours?)? What the actual frack is going on?

It seems to me that the Biden admin simps were played, and hard, by the deep state. Oooh, look at the shiny! We can draw down and have a wonderful photo op, fabulous speech on the 20th anniversary of 9/11. The optics! The victory! The wow! How can a party led by such a decisive leader, a WINNER, a man history will glorify fail in the 2022 midterms? Carrot dangled, and immediately gobbled up by the poll driven simps in the Biden administration.

Meanwhile, the deep state knew exactly what would happen. Everyone who watched ISIS rise up from the ashes of Obama’s Iraq withdrawal knew what would happen. Everyone except Team Biden who were still smarting from not getting to have their July 4th party celebrating blah blah milestone on Independence Day. Was there ever an easier group of self-important suckers to play? And by the alphabet agencies who have had decades to learn how to exploit weakness from the revolving WH door to their own benefit?

This is not about ending war; it’s about propagating it. Watch what happens next when the Taliban starts dispatching by the most barbaric means possible American and allied citizens, watch as the Western world again embraces wars of vengeance . . . and as the military industrial complex, its alphabet spy and LE agencies, start cashing in.

The War on Terror 2.o is about to be launched, and from where I sit, it looks completely manufactured by the deep state who found the Biden team’s incompetence, dismal ignorance, and partisan glory-seeking laughably easy to manipulate.

No wonder they wanted President Trump out of office.

Woke Companies Must Provide Their Products, Services to POC for Free

American companies appear to have forgotten their role. Instead of providing products and services, they have appointed themselves to all manner of inappropriate roles. From attempting to directly influence individual state laws to indoctrinating their employees with the anti-American, inherently racist Critical Race Theory, many major corporations from Coke to Disney insist that America is racist, that we owe reparations to black people, and that we need discrimination now to address the discrimination of the past.

Okay, let’s go with that. Since major corporations have decided to enter the political arena and to engage in social engineering on behalf of People of Color (POC), let’s hold them to it. Why wait for the government to force taxpayers to foot the bill and to put things right? These companies need to start NOW, paying up and settling the debt they insist they owe to POC.

Remember Cloward-Piven? This is that, but aimed at the latest unelected, self-appointed government bodies: woke companies. We must insist that these companies begin providing–for free–any and all services and products to ALL POCs immediately. We must demand that no nonwhite person ever has to spend a penny on any Disney product, service, venue. Every POC must be welcomed at Disney hotels, where they eat and drink for free, and at Disney parks and venues, where they enjoy everything for free.

The same goes for Coke: all Coke products must be free to all POC all the time. Coke must ship their products (at their own expense of course) to every household with even one POC in residence. This must be done immediately. If the POC enjoy the product, they can sign-up for weekly or monthly deliveries of free Coke products. If a POC wants a Coke product immediately or doesn’t have a residence or can’t figure out to fill out the reorder form, they can go to their local store, and get whatever Coke product in whatever amount they want. The store will send the bill to Coke, who must pay it in full and in a timely manner.

Actually, no nonwhite person should be homeless because they can stay for free at any Disney hotel or resort. If there aren’t enough to house them, Disney will happily build more as they chip in their part for America’s racist past. Hollywood and legacy media elites can also vacate their mansions to house a few POC families.

This obviously applies to all woke companies pushing Critical Race Theory and/or attempting to use their economic muscle to advocate for woke laws / against common sense laws in states. No POC will pay to attend any NFL, MLB, or NBA game. And they get to sit in the best boxes and seats because white supremacy. No POC will pay for any Angie’s List service, for any Uber ride, for any woke streaming service (Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.). ALL POC will receive, at Apple’s expense, the most recent and best iPhone because they deserve it because 1619. Woke Health insurers must cover, at that their own expense, all POC for free. On Cadillac plans, because reparations.

These companies (and the many thousands more engaged in this woke crap) must put their own profits where their big, fat lying mouths are. There will be no government bailouts for them; they must pay for their part in condoning and pushing white supremacy for the past bazillion years, and they must pay with their own wealth, wealth they say they accumulated on the backs of black and brown people.

Since we don’t actually buy Coke and have recently added Disney to our already lengthy boycott lists, we’re not going to be paying to offset their costs, either. We already don’t use woke products or services, so no loss to us. Woke whitey can foot some of the the cost when a single can of Coke costs $300. Woke whitey can’t complain because they are doing their part for racial equity and chipping in their portion of reparations.

It’s past time to make these companies live up to their own rules, abide by their own demands for racial justice. We can’t let them get away with their divisive, poisonous training policies and imposition of their will on state laws with virtue signalling alone. They need to provide their product or service to all POC for free. Period. Only then will we have justice and peace . . . because only then will they stop this madness that is putting our nation on a path to massive civil unrest and all that goes along with it.

Not Good: ‘a majority of 56% holds the view that American society is racist’

The left is winning the culture war.  A new Wall Street Journal / NBC poll shows that 56% of Americans have become convinced that American society is racist.

This is worrying not only for our nation but for November’s election.  When a majority have come to believe that we are a bunch of racists with racist systems, we have lost the culture battle, if not the war.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

Voters in growing numbers believe that Black and Hispanic Americans are discriminated against, and a majority of 56% holds the view that American society is racist, a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll finds.


The poll finds that Americans of all races and age groups share significant concerns about discrimination nearly two months after George Floyd, a Black man, was killed in police custody in Minneapolis. Nearly three-quarters of Americans, 71%, believe that race relations are either very or fairly bad, a 16-point increase since February.


In other signs of substantial shifts in views on race, more voters see racial bias as a feature of American society and support protests aimed at addressing it. Nearly 60% in the survey said that Black people face discrimination, and just over half said so of Hispanics, about double the shares from 2008. Support has also grown for two of the public responses to concerns about inequality: the Black Lives Matter movement and professional athletes’ practice of kneeling during the national anthem.

There is an interesting break down by party, however, and unsurprisingly, huge majorities of Democrats believe that black people are discriminated against and that American society is itself racist.

The Wall Street Journal continues:

In its deepest look at race in America in two decades, the Journal/NBC News poll also shows members of the two parties hold sharply different opinions about the extent of racial discrimination.


An overwhelming majority of Democrats, 90%, said Black people are discriminated against, whereas 26% of Republicans agreed. A similarly large share of Democrats, 82%, believe American society is racist, a view held by 30% of Republicans.

The 82% and 90% of Democrats believing this is alarming because although we often think that all Democrats are completely lunatic fringe loons welcoming the ushering in of the totalitarian dystopia pushed by the radical Marxists in the party and in its assorted affiliated groups, including the mainstream media, the fact is that there are still Democrats who are American patriots, who don’t want our country to be turned into a third-world hellhole presided over by tyrannical leaders who mandate their every thought and action.

These people are shifting their views about the fundamental fabric of American society, and that is something that can and must be corrected.

Where are the Republican leaders who should be pushing back against this destructive narrative?  If there is no pushback, no correction, no one with a big enough platform pointing out that America is the greatest country ever founded and that all of our citizens have unparalleled access to opportunity, these numbers condemning our country as racist will continue to climb.

And that view will be exploited by the left to seize control of our great country and to enact their fundamental transformation under the guise of correcting a systemic racism that doesn’t exist.

Old Navy Dismantles America, Advocates One World Order In “We Are We” Ad

Before ditching Amazon Prime, I used to watch a good bit of video there, but since I refuse to support a company and owner who literally hate me (I’m “deplorable” don’t you know? And Jeff Bezos doesn’t want my type there), I’ve begun watching other streaming channels.  One of which is the Roku channel.

It’s good enough, no complaints, but getting used to the ads (and to the HUGE volume increase on said ads) is a learning curve. As an aside, I find myself hitting “mute” instead of dealing with the loud (not, I am sure, the advertisers’ intent).

Anyway, I’m not writing to whine about my post-Amazon Prime viewing issues.  Well, maybe I am because I am finding myself assaulted by the most horrendous propaganda.

What have we here?  One of my all-time favorite popsicle snacks (the always delicious in its sweet-tarty unique goodness Firecracker) followed by childish drivel about “one world” and “we are we” seems so innocuous . . . or, at least, is intended to.

The very first thing we see here is the dismantling of the red, white, and blue, of America.  It’s CHOPped up and sent flying in favor of a world with”every voice advocated” (except those pesky people who still think America is exceptional and worth fighting for).

Indeed, there is no mention at all of country, of America, but only of the “world.”  Old Navy promises a world in which global citizens bask in love and acceptance (unless, presumably, you support Trump and crazy stuff like countries and borders and law and order).

This utopian ideal always sucks in the stupid, the ignorant, the idealists, and the losers.  All of whom are ridiculous and deserve our daily ridicule, finger-pointing, and condemnation.

I don’t want to live in a third-world hell-hole laden with graffiti and stinking of human filth; I don’t want my country to be CHAZ/CHOP where vigilante justice reigns and street thugs proclaim themselves “warlords.”  That is not a happy vision of anything; it’s dystopic, scary as hell, and just plain stupid.

What’s wrong with Old Navy spinning out the red, white, and blue in favor of some unattainable regressive Utopian world?


Every. Thing.

Watch what you are watching and watch what your children watch.  Seeing a red, white, and blue popsicle chopped up and sent into the ether may be clear propaganda to you and me, but this is how the left works. When they aren’t being subtle, they are being sledgehammers.  This is the subtle, propaganda phase . . . history tells us that the iron fist is sure to follow.

Purging “Good” Society of “Witches”: The Regressive Left’s Cancel Culture Embodies Salem Witch Trial Mentality

So I’m watching an old Firefly episode (on DVD) . . . the one where River is about to be burned at the stake because some fanatics accused her of being a witch. “Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live,” the zealots intoned, reminding me instantly and as intended by Joss Whedon of the mass hysteria that constituted the Salem witch trials (and more broadly, the witch hunts and burnings across Europe).

The point was that such zealotry, such inflamed mobs acting as their own justice system is not such a great thing.  In fact, it’s pretty much a bad thing.

You know the story, a bunch of whiny, crazy (either with spite and maliciousness or from spoiled wheat(!?)) adolescent girls randomly accused various of their neighbors of being witches.  The girls knew the accusation alone, with no proof at all, would lead to the accused being ostracized, unable to work or feed their families, and in some cases, even hanged, or in one horrific case, pressed to death.  (Interesting aside: No one accused of being a witch was burned at the stake in Salem.)

These “witches,” the girls proclaimed, made them think bad thoughts and “see” bad things.  The “witches” were an insult to good society, to the greater good, to all that is good, and so they must die, the goodly Puritans goodly proclaimed.

Of course it was more complicated than that and involved a lot of political and socio-cultural factors, but the idea that a society can be purged of its evil–including politically-concocted “evil” that fits a “narrative”–has a long tradition in the history of humankind.  And, ironically perhaps, it never ends well for the perpetrators of these injustices; they are history’s “lessons,” the thing not to be, the thing history reviles and ridicules.

Yet it’s a history that is alive and well in the 21st century.  Cancel culture, so far, is just another group of hysterical teenagers (in terms of emotional, psychological, and intellectual development) pointing at the heretics they perceive to be feeding them wrong thoughts and bad things and demanding the “witches” be purged from society.

Right now that means losing one’s job, social standing, home, but purging “witches” for the greater good really means literally killing them.  We’re well-versed in the Black Panthers who urge the killing of white people, including white babies. This is their thing; kill the “witch.”

So far, the police and an armed-to-the-teeth public are standing between civilization and a barbaric, 1692-Salem style end to America.  Naturally, then, the “witch”-purging left wants to abolish the police and disarm the people standing in the way of their literally dragging white people from their houses and lopping off their heads. Or simply shooting them in the head or beating them nearly to death in the streets . . . as they are already doing now.

CHAZ was renamed CHOP quite pointedly, the guillotine is the symbol of the pseudo-anarchist, pseudo-revolutionary left—i.e. the white part of the loosely-affiliated fringe freaks attempting to take down America and that still hopes to live long enough to make the streets run red with the blood of “witches” who say things like “MAGA,” “free market,” and “legal immigration, not illegal invasion.”

My guess is they won’t if this nightmare is allowed to unfold as it appears to be unfolding.  The anarchist left is lily white, not sufficiently “woke” to the Marxist BLM black supremacy cause, and at this point, after their abject failure in CHAZ/CHOP, expendable to the big-picture struggle they barely registered in as dots.

People on both the left and right mocked President Trump when he warned that taking down Confederate statues would lead to the taking down of the Founding Fathers.  I did not mock him, and in fact, I was vocal against supposed GOP “stars” like that disgrace Nikki Haley going along with it.  I saw the writing on the wall because it’s the same writing on the wall of every totalitarian revolution.

Granted, I did not see, or even dream, that the next targets would be the Emancipation Memorial or Frederick Douglass, and that shift, to be honest, signals just how insane and unprincipled and lunatic these people are.

And they are freaking nuts.  Who marches in a residential neighborhood chanting “Eat the rich”?  It’s barbaric, it’s uncivilized, it’s freaking looney-toons crazy . . . and super gross.  Yet they did it.  When people show you who they are, believe them.

Do I think they’ll be chowing down on white Hollywood elite stir fry?  Actually, no, but I can imagine these frenzied mobs literally biting into the living flesh of these heretics who defile their world.

Does the increasingly insane scold left really want people to die for wearing a MAGA hat or saying “All Lives Matter” or for being “rich”?  I think we can safely say that if not all of them do, a sufficient number do to make it truly alarming.  And their justification is exactly the same as that of the Puritans purging their society of “witches”: witches are evil and cannot be suffered to live.

Funny how actual Christians reject killing witches of any kind, real or imagined, but the radical leftist hordes have their new witches to destroy and do so without a single thought, moment of empathy or compassion, or regret.

Tell me who is evil: the person who willfully, even gleefully, condemns a member of their community to disgrace, homelessness, joblessness, and poverty, even death, or the person who is falsely accused and assailed by these perpetually adolescent cry-bullies?  The person who willfully destroys the life and livelihood of a person for wearing a MAGA hat or for praising the president or the person who wears a MAGA hat and/or praises the president?

We all know the answer.  Even the crazed adolescents of the Salem Witch Trials regretted their actions . . . after it was far too late for far too many.

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