Peapod Home Delivery Service: Miracle for the Infirm (and Lazy)


See Fuzzy walking in the pedestrian crosswalk.  See Fuzzy get mowed down by a pickup truck.  See Fuzzy rushed to the ER.  See Fuzzy get a new but not bionic wrist.  See one-handed Fuzzy try to cope with highly complex tasks such as clasping bras, taking showers, and going grocery shopping.  Shop, Fuzzy, shop.  But poor Fuzzy cannot lift anything with her healing left hand, wrist, arm, so she has to buy only a few, light items at a time.  Sad Fuzzy, sad.

So after weeks (okay, over a month) of eating not so good for me food (i.e. anything that I could get into and eat easily with one hand:  icecream, chips, cheese, candy, pasta, etc.), my body was in full rebellion mode.  Not only was I puffing up, but I was always tired and craving “real” food.  The couple times I tried to make eggs, they had bits of shell in because I never mastered the one handed egg break, and getting twister ties back on bread (or butter on toast) was just too much of a challenge to even bother with.  And you can only eat so much pizza and Chinese take-out, right?  I needed food, real food, and I needed it brought to me.

And along comes . . . drum roll, please . . . Stop and Shop’s Peapod home delivery miracle for the elderly, the infirm, the time-challenged, and the lazy.  What a genius idea this is, and it’s so easy!  Even a one-handed person can go online, click up a shopping list, hunt and peck in a credit card number, and await the (get this) next day delivery of all the groceries one could possibly want (and/or afford). 

Is there a down side?  Well, sure.  You have to pay for the service (uh, well, of course!), but it’s not that expensive–about $10.00 for orders under a hundred dollars, and you save $3.00 on orders over a hundred.  Not too bad if you balance out the time, effort, and just plain frustration of making a million trips back and forth from your apartment to your car.  Another con is that you can’t get everything (every brand or item) online.

That’s it for cons, though.  I actually ended up spending less money (even with the delivery fee) than I ever have by going into the store–I had a list that I could not deviate from.  No sales to lure me, no empty tummy rumbling, no desire for delicious items I didn’t know I wanted until I saw them lounging temptingly on the shelves.  And I ordered some bigger, heavy items that would have been a real challenge to bring in with only one hand.  The produce I ordered (strawberries, raspberries, lettuce, cucumbers) was all first rate–I suspect that they were actually a better quality than the ones in the store.

It was such a great experience, in fact, that I’m thinking of ways to justify ordering all my future grocery needs via Peapod.  Gasp, yes, I mean even when I get my cast off, get through physical therapy, and have full use of my left arm again.



13 thoughts on “Peapod Home Delivery Service: Miracle for the Infirm (and Lazy)

  1. Hey you! I am glad to see you getting along and not starving to death! lol…I am really glad you did not get anything more than a wrist broken by that mean old truck. I have missed you and you have a lot to catch up on dear. First I will invite you to Annie’s page cause she is a really cool doll of mine and she wanted her own page..then maybe we can im somtime and get caught up on all the news. BTW we have Shwanns here and it is cool to buy food from off their truck. It is all frozen of course and a bit expensive, but when you count your time and gas to run to the store it is sometimes a good deal..Hugs to you and welcome back.

  2. Huggs, Mavis!! Will definitely check out Annie’s page; she was kind enough to post a comment here, so I need to pop in and thank her.

    Well, there were some other injuries along with the wrist, but they are getting better or will be corrected by future surgeries (besides, who likes a whiner?). I had a lot of nerve and muscle damage in my forehead (apparently, I bounced off my face and onto my wrist), and I’ll need plastic surgery later to fix both a nasty scar on my forehead and the lovely droop I have from no nerves/muscles working in my forehead. We joke that I have free botox for life on the left side of my forehead; hey, maybe I could save a buck and just get botox on the right side? lol

  3. Sweet Lord, Fuzzy — I did not know all of this happened!! I wish you a full recovery……’cept for the free botox thing — us 40s ladies need all the help we can get to ward off wrinkles! God love you!!!!

  4. Sweet bicycles – why didn’t you tell me you were nearly obliterated by a truck? I’m glad you’re doing better, but I could have told you about the peapod thing! (I was always tempted to use it when I still lived in Stop N’ Shop territory.

    Also, I know I missed your B-day – sorry!

  5. I am so happy to hear you are on the mend. Hit by a pick up truck. Wow that must have been very scary. I am glad you were able to find a way to get groceries. What a wonderful service. Most Of all I am glad you are back and able to blog with us. I have missed you blogs.
    I will say a prayer for your quick recovery.

  6. Hei Fuzz.

    Even numbers – one must get even with ’em and more.

    GREAT that you are back, Gal. Missed you massively. Horrid thing happening to you with that horrible truck. Brilliant that your sense of humour carries you through all these nasties.

    In Ireland the stores have their delivery service for a few bob extra and did use it quite a bit. As you say, tis awfully handy and one does save money ‘coz no impulse buying while when personally shopping n seeing goodies.

    Do take care and do get better n stronger each day. Big HuGGI from D FF = Frozen Finn!! =)

  7. Thanks and LOL, Wendy!

    Yo, Max, I did think of calling you, but I lost my cell phone when I was hit and it turns out that’s the only place I had your number–send it to me via email? And no problem on missing my bday; I missed yours back in May, as well. But I’ll get back on track next year! Are you still at the same snail addy so I can send a Christmas card?

    Thanks, Bert! You are the greatest, so very supportive. Huggs.

    You make me laugh, Riihele, Frozen Finn. You poor thing! Hopefully I’ll be back in snow shovelling form before the first big snow storm! Missed you lots and lots, too, my friend! hUGGS.

  8. YEA!!!!!!! FUZZY IS FINALLY BACK. (lisa is jumping up and down, clapping her hands, acting all nerdy)I am so happy to see you here. I cant beleive you got hit by a truck!!!! Didnt he see you in the crosswalk, well, i guess not. that must have been awful, you poor thing. You landed on your forhead, OMG. Waht a jerk, see turning 40. I am so happy you are healing andf doing good enough to send us new blogs from your corner of hte world. There is a lot going on, have you been able to read these things. You have some catchen up to do girlie, but we are so very happy you are back. WE ahve missed you so much.

  9. WooHOOO, Lisa! What a great welcome back; you rock, woman!! I missed you (and everyone else, too) very much, as well. Huggs.

  10. You poor thing, it does sound like you have been through the wars. Hope you are recovering well since it happened and I am Glad you are still around to tell the tale. Life wouldn’t have been the same without meeting you. Hugs to you x

  11. Oh if only I could find such a service here! I despise grocery shopping! I think that would freak out my rather frugal bf. He’s already a little freaked that I contemplating the purchase of yet ANOTHER bookshelf! Hey! There’s empty wall space in the bedroom, plus, the one I am looking at has a little drawer at the bottom! 😉

  12. This has been a lifesaver again these past few weeks since I can’t lift anything “heavy.” And yay!! Gotta love many bookshelves, especially with drawers . . . hope you get it!! 😀

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