If Thy Finger (or Marriage?) Offends Thee . . .


I’ve often wondered why some people are rigidly opposed to marriage, determined to be life-long bachelors or bachelorettes (is that un-pc?), but after reading this article on Strange but True news, I almost get it.  I mean if love and commitment in the form of marriage can go so horribly wrong that one is compelled to chop off one’s ring finger as a gesture (er, no pun) of letting go or in this guy’s words “breaking free,” then maybe it’s not worth the risk.  The guy cut off his finger!  That’s some serious not wanting to be married.  Of course he may be unstable (may be??), but it gets you thinking.  Perhaps the most poignant and oddly amusing thing about the story is that he refused to have it reattached in part because he wasn’t intending to remarry.  Thunk. 


11 thoughts on “If Thy Finger (or Marriage?) Offends Thee . . .

  1. Wow, sounds like he must have broke her heart real bad! Nothing like a woman scorned! Marriage makes you into one person. When there is a divide it certainly can be messy. Love and hate is such a thin line. No one can hurt you quite like the one you love! Ermmm…ummmm…it was not be in that article, I was just speaking from experience! LMAO!

  2. Batey brings up some good points. I would like to consider another point about our busy society. The American culture allows us so many unique and varied experiences that becomes a part of the individual. If one partner doesn’t share experiences and revel in them, they often “grow apart” as the expression is so used. We change as we learn.

    Clearly, learning is dangerous for a relationship!

    Who went down that rabbit trail?

  3. I can’t imagine what I would think getting a finger but if he is that crazy, I would probably be looking over my shoulder for a long time. I would have just said Boooowhooo, don’t let the door hit you in the butt. Nevertheless it is good to see you blogging again, gives me something to get excited about!

  4. Hei Fuzz.

    Well now – fruit ‘n nutcases abound!! Love and hate are really the opposite sides of the same thing aka passion.

    I think that this wan is a sore loser of all losers. How stupid to chuck off the finger n to think that it was a victory?!! Hello, he should really carry on chuckin n choppin off the teeth – coz he does not want to be happy anymore; his legs coz he does not want to do the romantic walks, the hands coz he does not want to think about holding her in his arms..et cetera endlessly.

    If he truly wanted to be free he should have bought a doozey of a ring and have a new gorgeous chick by his side at the court!
    I rest my case…=)

  5. hmmm in my ever not so humble opinion … self center, self occupy, demanding of gratification on our own terms with a lack of willingness to compromise is the biggest culprit … and people taking it to the extreme of cutting their finger off well that is sick ….

  6. Thank God, Bear and Mary, I thought I was the only one who saw this guy as a bit of a control freak egocentric loser. And yes, Mavis and Spartonmom, crazy to boot.

    Love and marriage? Yes, I see what you are saying Gregg as far as sharing experiences and growing as a couple as a result, and I also think it’s important to have one’s own interests or at least not feel compelled to be a shadow of your partner.

    Thanks everyone for the great comments!

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