Jim Warren's Art

Now I’m not much of an art critic; in fact, I know next to nothing about art and fall into that “I know what I like” category. I don’t “get” modern art (sculptures composed of auto parts look like piles of used auto parts), and folk art creeps me out (well, the paintings of the folk art kids do, anyway). I like the heavy dark paintings of the “masters” and the light airy paintings of the Impressionists, but pressed for artists’ names or interpretations of paintings, forget it. It’s not my forte.

But when I opened an email containing a compilation of pictures painted by Jim Warren, I was really taken with some of his work. I love the picture I’ve included above with its elements of fantasy and reality; I like how some of his paintings evoke Dali’s strange imagination but without the dark dark elements (I do like Dali, as well, though).

Anyway, you know how they say if one person is thinking it, lots of people probably are? Working on that premise I thought I’d share. Hope you enjoy!

Jim Warren Wild Waters

Jim Warren Wild Waters

Jim Warren Wild Waters


11 thoughts on “Jim Warren's Art

  1. Hey there Fuzzy girl. Ilike the bright colors in the paintings. It attracts my eyes. I wouldnt know the name of an artist if I had to tell you. I also fall into that know what i like area. I dont have painting on my walls any more. Just pictures of my family. I do enjoy looking at pictures though. Of these, I like the last one, with the the little kid sweepng the trash away under the wave. How cute is that.

  2. I love those paintings and thank you for posting them Fuzzy. I especially love the last one too. Doesn’t it just say so well in just one painting what is wrong with our world now and how the Universe must be seeing it all.

  3. That last picture is amazing! Its always the way I imagined God as a child peering down through the sky at us. The more you study these pictures the more you gleem from them. I think you have to really study them to get the real meaning of them. Outwarding they look very simple and entertaining but I think there is a much deeper side! Hugs for days, BBB!

  4. Thanks everyone!! I like these pics, too, and I do think (as Amber says) that there is so much going on in much of his paintings. If you get a chance, check out his site, or at least a larger version of the first pic; it’s incredible.

  5. At first I was a little “put off” by the latter two, because I seem to be irritated by references to divine powers in modern artwork. Then it dawned on me…the second one reminded me of a hike I did a few months ago.

    My question is how did you get multiple photos in one post? Are they links or did you use pure HTML?

  6. Hei Fuzz.

    They sure capture one’s attention immediately. Like Bert, I think that the children one is specially good. But would I hang ’em on me wall is another matter… Take care. =)

  7. Hei Fuzz.

    They sure capture one’s attention immediately. Like Bert, I think that the children one is specially good. But would I hang ’em on me wall is another matter… Take care. =)

  8. Hiya Gregg–I’m not very computer savvy, so I have no idea what you’ve just said. LOL, actually, I just found pics I liked and copied and pasted them into the body of the blog. I’ve tried that html stuff, but it’s too hit or miss for me.

    Good point, Riihele, there is no way I’d put any of this art on any of my walls! It’s just too . . . too.

  9. Very Dali-esque….especially the last one. I happen to love Dali (and, yes, happen to have a couple hanging on my wall!! And yes, the are too…..too — but I love them) and the last one is quite reminiscent of one of my favorites. I am at work and cannot remember the name of it, but will take a look in my art books when I get home. The “makes no sense” images of Surrealism (basically, painting in a “dream-state”) really do make sense when you think about how odd and random our dreams are. We are in one place, then instantly in another. Em happened to comment on a nightmare she had recently where in her dream she was herself and then somehow became her mother……how to illustrate something like that? That’s surrealism (super-realism).

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