Not for the Faint of Heart: Graphic Post-op Pic included


I got my cast off yesterday, and I thought I’d be liberated and finally get to all the chores I’ve been unable to do for months, but it actually hurts more right now as I get used to it having less support in the wrist brace (similar to the one pictured above).  At least I can remove the brace and take a shower, so that’s a huge improvement, but my wrist is completely immobile, and I’ve learned that it will takes months of physical therapy to get the strength and range of movement back that I can (it won’t be as it was before). 

The pic below is not of my wrist, it’s one I found online, but it looks very like mine.  My incision is on the bottom side of my wrist and I don’t have any external pins, but that swollen, discolored, misshapen thing going on is the same as mine. 




But it could be a lot worse; I really am lucky to be alive, lucky not to have been paralyzed (more than the nerve damage on my forehead), and lucky not to have suffered more broken bones.  So I am going to swallow my disappointment that I’m not suddenly better (I knew it wouldn’t be 100%, but I guess I expected more than . . . say, 10%). 

And it certainly didn’t keep me from voting yesterday! 

I know it’s going to be great in no time, and I’ve got all the scar minimizing creams, patchs, and gels ready once it is healed enough! 


11 thoughts on “Not for the Faint of Heart: Graphic Post-op Pic included

  1. Poor fuzzy girl. When I had the surgerty on my foot last year, i didnt think i twould ever heal. I was off work for 3 months. awwwwww, poor me. Im gonna have to do it again though, cus the problem grew back. I hope you feel better soon. It takes a while to heal properly, dont try to rush it.

  2. Poor, poor Fuzzy! I knew you had been hit by a truck but you really really got hit by a truck…wow…I am glad it did not squash you … and i am glad you are alive and healing. Don’t know what we would do without your shining light in this place.

  3. Awww, thanks you guys!! I have to admit that I felt pretty low yesterday when I saw my wrist and realized how far I still have to go before it’ll be anything like normal again; guess that’s why I posted on it. Doesn’t everyone need a bit of sympathy now and then? Smiles. Thanks for coming through for me as always.

    As Mavis says, I was hit by a truck, Scarlett. I was leaving work and walking across the street (in a crosswalk, mind you), and a truck (pick up not delivery, thank God) came along and hit me. Lots of bad things, but for the most part I’m getting better all the time. I just won’t be doing any handstands or push ups any time soon (like I ever did either! LOL).

  4. Spartonmom, I’d forgotten you mentioning your surgery! Let’s chat and compare notes. How long were you in a cast? And how long before you could walk normally again? And did you have a hell of a time bathing? Lucky you, though, that you have a great supportive hubby; my damn cats were useless! They wouldn’t get me anything or lift a paw to help out around here. lmao

  5. Gosh Fuzzy, when did this happen. I know I have been inconsistent in reading some things but my god! I am glad to hear that things are working out for you. Be better, be healthy girl!

  6. Thanks for the kind thoughts and good wishes, GP. Hemming and hawing here, but I’m not exactly sure who you are. Can you drop me an email, so that I can get very embarrassed that I didn’t make the connection. Smiles.

  7. Wow Fuzzy, sounds like you have a new lease on life. So glad things were not worse, we could have lost you! Just take your time and work your strength back slowly. I may be wrong but I think GP is our friend the Park Ranger who forgot what name he was posting under.

  8. Hei Fuzz Gal.

    oooohh, tat looks BAD!! I am so glad that you were not hurt worse, as you say. Still, SPEEDY RECOVERY and patience to give yourself time n space to do the recovery – bit by bit. Take care n do keep safe. BiG HuGGI xx =)

  9. Oh course, Scarlett, v-8 style head thunk, that’s who that is. Smiles. Thanks, too, for the kind words and support. Huggs.

    Yeah, it does, Riihele, and I wish I oould say it doesn’t feel as bad as it looks, but I can say that I’m very glad that someone invented narcotic pain relievers! Big huggs to you, too!

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