At Each Others' Throats One Day and Bestest Buds the Next: Politics as Usual

I had always thought it hypocritical when politicians who had been at each others’ throats the day before an election were suddenly best friends the day after the election. The ideas or plans for the direction of the state or country that were the worst possible travesties one day are suddenly the most brilliant plans ever devised. Some people watching the bipartisan vilification of John McCain after his red faced rant in 2004 all but called for his immediate execution or (at the very least) deportation, yet as soon as the dust settled and Bush was in office, everyone is huggy huggy again. Say what? I didn’t really get it (maybe I don’t now, either), but I got an inkling of it yesterday when I watched our President give his speech: a surprisingly coherent, humorous, and dignified speech at that.

Now I know next to nothing about the Speaker of the House elect, but when a reporter went down a long list of some pretty vile and disrespectful insults directed at the President and asked if these would influence how he works with the House, with her (forget her name, don’t think it really matters until both the Pres and the VP die), President Bush did something surprising: he answered with measured good sense and dignity. He said that these things occur in elections but that once that’s over, it’s time to see it for what it was (campaigning), to brush it off, and get to work.

Was his speech a political one? Uh, yes. Did he have much choice but to reach across the aisle? Er, no. Was the speech calculated to ensure he’s not a lame lame duck Pres for the next two years? Of course. But you know what? I was proud of him just the same.


5 thoughts on “At Each Others' Throats One Day and Bestest Buds the Next: Politics as Usual

  1. Hei Fuzz.

    I don’t think that in politics worldover makes that much difference anymore what the label = political party they are!!! Nancy Pelosi is the speaker’s name. Bush must have some witty, clever speech-writers, do you not think?! Take care. Do keep safe. =)

    PS. Sound rather cynical, eh?! Hmmmm…

  2. Her name is nancy pelosi. she is a raving San francisco liberal that will allow just about anything as long as it doesnt offend or bother anyone. google her, and gag. she has a history here, can you tell? i am proud of our president every day. He has a difficult job, and has to make difficult decisions. I wouldnt want that job. Your hair turns grey overnight, and there isnt enough dye to keep me looking my young 24 year old self. hahahha,

    I wonder about that also. If I was not likeing someone the day befroe, i dont think I could fake like them after the voting is done. I dont know how they do it.

  3. You have to know Fuzz that I am just giddy with the election results. It has been a couple of rough elections over the passed six years or so. I have to admit, Pelosi does make me nervous in just one way. She is loud and she will not go unheard, but her dedication to the pure democratic platform is pretty scary. I am not so sure if compromise is in her vocabulary, much like the habits of the President himself. As the Speaker, she appears to be the opposite extreme of what we have had for six years.

    I would agree, we now have a lame-duck President and how effective our government will be for the next two years will be a significant concern. At least we can start the process of reversing some of the damage done both at home and abroad.

  4. Nope! Nothing he can do will redeme him in my eyes I don’t care how many witty comments he makes. He was a schoolyard bully, he is a schoolyard bully, and he will remain a schoolyard bully…..nope, nada, negatory…NO! He cant leave office soon enough to suit me.

  5. Hey Riihele, thanks for the name, I guess I could have looked it up or turned on the news, but she turns me off in a very big way. Yeah, you sound cynical, but hey, that’s what makes you lovable!! Smiles.

    You go, Spartonmom!! I’m with you, there is no way in hell I’d ever want that job.

    Well, Gregg, most of the damage (if you mean, as I think you do, our image around the globe and the policies that led us to this point) was done long before Bush (this one or his father) ever took office. We have a long long history of making really bad and arrogant decisions for other countries and peoples. I’m not saying any one administration is off the hook, but I am saying that no one administration is responsible. Likewise, since it took us over a century to get here, I suspect it’ll take a good deal more than two to four (or even eight) years to correct. I just hope that the new Congress will want to fix some of the deeper problems and not just put bandaids on the visible symptoms.

    Teehee, Mavis, I love how adamant you are about this! You go, Girl!

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