A Sandwich By Any Other Name . . . .


Remember the great Massachusetts Fluff Debate?  Well, once again, Massachusetts has its finger on the pulse of key legal issues:  the great sandwich debate has kicked off a flurry of news concerning the critical question of whether or not a burrito is a sandwich, a decision that is going to court for a judge to decide.  But that’s okay, the judicial system in Massachusetts is unclogged, right?  Nothing going on with gay marriage, taxes, security, or say run of the mill violent crimes or robberies. 

But I decided I’d bite (pun intended) and ponder the burrito as a sandwich question; who says that such an issue can be overanalyzed?  I mean we’re talking about whether or not Q’Doba gets mall space with Panera accusing them of harboring sandwiches on their menu (a violation of their exclusive sandwich rights in the mall), and that’s important stuff. 

Sandwiches used to be stuff (peanut butter, lunch meat, cheese, meatloaf, meatballs, cucumbers, bananas . . . well, just about anything edible) between two pieces of bread.  Then we started getting a lot of different bread choices, and that made things more challenging for the makers of sandwiches, for the general public who might order a sandwich, and for the people responsible for deciding what is or is not a sandwich. 

Is a crossainwich a sandwich?  A hamburger?  Wikipedia lists a pizza puff as a sandwich, is it?  Does that make a Hot Pocket a sandwich?  What about a wrap?  Personally, I think it’s the public acceptance of wraps as sandwiches that has created the hub bub over buritos (tacos, while I wouldn’t call them sandwiches, are more sandwich-like than buritos, in my opinion).   

Well, okay, that’s not what I really think: I think that money, greed, and the desire to circumvent monopoly laws are what is causing this hub bub:  Panera does not want any competition in the mall.  Period.  And that is just ridiculous.  Next thing, they’ll have the Chinese restaurants thrown out because egg rolls are “sandwiches” or the pizza places because some people fold over their slices, creating in effect . . . sandwiches.   



7 thoughts on “A Sandwich By Any Other Name . . . .

  1. Hei Fuzz.

    Very interesting article, as always. Hmmm.. makes one really ponder. To me Burrito is not a sambo, tis a meal. Take care. =)


  2. Welll … what happened is The Earl of Sandwich so loved playing games and never wanted to stop for meals so he had his head cook or whatever create a way for him to eat one handed. Thus the invention of the sandwich. Sooooo I think any food that allows you to pick it up with one hand and eat it while you drive or talk on the phone or sit in fron to the tv and eat…well whether it be a taco or a roll up or a flop over or bend over or fold over pizze can be dubbed a sandwich. And that’s my story and I am sticking to it.

  3. I’ve never thought of a burrito as a sandwich, either, Riihele, but Mavis is going to be great for my diet since now I can call all those jelly donuts sandwiches! Wooohoo!! lmao

  4. I think your right, fuzzy girl. its all about the almighty $. there is a guy that built a thearter here in twon and wanted a monopoly on those. he got it. another guy wanted to build an IMAX theater here and he petitioned for it to be stopped. this guy is a jerk. that is the way they are. anda burrito is not, in any way a sandwich. you would never put rice and beans and cheese between two pieces of bread and try to eat it. they would all fall out. a burrito is made of flour, but it is not a slice of bread.

  5. Yes, Spartonmom, it always irritates me when these big companies not only squeeze out the mom and pop stores (a thing of the past, really) but also try to keep out every other option for the consumer. I don’t know the laws on this sort of thing, but it seems wrong to be able to stop your competition from even opening a store BECAUSE it’s competition.

  6. I don’t even know what a Burritto is? I just came to this blog cause it was attached to the world FOOD, and I’m hungry. Got to go and cook t in a mo.

    I beg to differ with Claudia though as I have had a rice and meat sandwich and it was nice. I have had a stirfry sandwich too and that was lush! Hugs to you. x

  7. You rock, Snuggles!! I love it when you read back like this; it’s so sweet of you. A burrito is a Mexican thing, it’s meat, beans, and / or cheese rolled up in a soft tortilla. Very good stuff. Hmmmm, a rice and meat sandwich? That does sound good! As does a stirfry one. :)) Huggs to you fabulous Snuggles, love you, Girl.

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