'Tis the Season


I was just over at Bert’s blog, and she posted on Christmas and Santa, so this is all her fault (lmao)!  I love love love the holidays; I always have, and if possible, I love them more each year, getting excited about it all, making lists (yes, checking them twice), spiking eggnog, and decorating everything that pokes or juts out, that has a smooth or flat surface, or in any other way lends itself to being draped or hung with something Christmas-y. 

I was in CVS the other day, and one of the clerks said she’d taken two days off and come back to everything decorated for Christmas.  Oddly, she didn’t sound pleased about that!  I often hear people complain about the decorations going up right after Halloween, but I love it.  So what if it suggests that Christmas is becoming more and more commercialized?  I mean NOT selling Christmas stuff is not going to make people who don’t appreciate the true meaning of Christmas (whatever that is to each of us) suddenly appreciate it, right?  Besides, who am I to tell someone else how they should think about Christmas? 

Also, I really think that people are nicer at this time of year (or whatever time of year the Christmas decorations and stuff start appearing).  I see more smiles, have more doors held open, and that sort of stuff.  People seem lighter, a bit more happy somehow, and hum along with the Christmas tunes.People are more likely to start a casual conversation with you while you wait in lines. 

Personally, I can adore all the gifts, baubles, roast beasts, songs, ribbons, papers, twinkling lights, and bows AND celebrate the spirit of the season from my spiritual perspective.  Honestly, I have to restrain myself because I’m sure I’d start the whole season right after the Fourth of July!! 

Me?  Now I’ve got the warm and fuzzies, and singing my very own version of Jingle Bells, am dashing off to get some nutmeg for my eggnog . . . Cheers!



15 thoughts on “'Tis the Season

  1. I am with you there Fuzzy. I have had Tran-siberian Orchestra playing for several weeks and love Christmas music. Let the holidays begin!

  2. I started a new job and guess who gets to order and decorate the Christmas Tree, the wreaths and…my favorite…the kissing balls???? Yup, that would be MOI!! I am thrilled! I, like you, love the holidays! Although, admittedly, Thanksgiving is my favorite — no pressure to buy or give gifts just……FOOD, FOOD AND MORE FOOD!!!!

    Happy Holidays, Fuzz!!!

  3. Oooh, I’ll have to get that one, Scarlett! And yes, Riihele, there are a few things about which I am still a child at heart, and Christmas is definitely one of them! Yay!

  4. Woohoo, Wendy, good to see you! And lucky lucky you!! You get to decorate at home AND at work? Super. Yes, I like Thanksgiving, too, and I miss my best friend a lot at this time of year because some of my best Thanksgivings were spent with her and her husband. (She’s not dead, as this sounds! Yikes. She just lives overseas now)

    Happy Holidays to you, too!!

  5. What a great blog, Fuzzy.I adore how people get so soft and cuddly around this season. And yes, I think it is way too comercialized these days, but hey! It multiplies the nice atmosphere in a way. It’s nice to feast your eyes with all the colourful stuff they have on display.
    To me Christmas is only magical if there’s snow around, for which I always have to take a day trip to the nearest ski resort.
    Thanks for visiting my blog, and for your wonderful and encouraging words. Riihele is a superb artist, you’re right.
    Keep up the good spirit,
    Ho Ho Ho…Fanta

  6. OOOOh I am the same way. I love walking throught the stores and hearing christmas music. I also love when my favorite stations start playing christmas music all day. I would like christmas to be more old fashion. LIke making candy and cookies and passing things like this out to family. I do feel there is to much pressure put on people to but gifts. I am going to do my best not to be put in this trap this year. I can’t afford it and do not want to be in dept for the year.
    For me xmas is about the spirit and family. I love the holiday and I am off to play my xmas cds while I make chocolate xmas lolipops with my son.

  7. Amber sticking her fingers in her ears, tryinh to drown out all the holiday cheer. Christmas means spending tons of money. I not only have Christmas, both my boys were born in December too! Perhaps if the month wasn’t so expensive I could enjoy it more! Baaa Humbug!!!!!

  8. Amber sticking her fingers in her ears, tryin to drown out all the holiday cheer. Christmas means spending tons of money. I not only have Christmas, both my boys were born in December too! Perhaps if the month wasn’t so expensive I could enjoy it more! Baaa Humbug!!!!!

  9. Welcome, Fanta, nice to see you here. And I know just what you mean about snow making a lot of difference. I lived in Florida for twenty years and so didn’t get any white Christmas morns (or any other morn, for that matter), but here in New England it snows a lot and really adds to the holiday cheer in my heart. I used to love to go ice skating at Frog Pond when they have all the lights lit in Boston Common and the Christmas music playing. Huggs!

    Hehe, Bert, I knew you felt the same way since you’re already doing Christmas over at your place (er, blog), and I love it!!

    Mavis, you’re being a bit reticent here, not a fan of the holiday? Or not a fan of the commercialization of the holiday?

    Aww, BBB, that totally sucks having all those bdays and holidays in December, but it’s good that you don’t mash the boys birthdays in with Christmas like some people do, that always seemed unfair to me. But you could always buy them birthday presents in June (around YOUR birthday) and save them, no? Or stash away the money then? DUnno, just an idea. And considering the source here, you may not want to listen! I tend to spend way too much money as it is. lmao


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