Driving While Dead


Now I’ve often wondered about these police speed traps and other mechanized ticketing devices, especially after receiving my very own ticket-by-mail for not paying a toll as I exited Logan airport.  I was pretty sure I did pay the toll, but as my ticket-by mail turned out to be a warning/reminder/look, we’ll find you notice and not an actual ticket to pay, I just forgot about it.  Until I read about the dead man who’s been driving over two hundred people’s cars throughout Australia, and he’s been racking up the speeding tickets in the process. 

Part of my wonderings about the mechanized ticketing procedure included mistaken identity, what if I loaned my car to some errant dead man with a propensity for speeding, a dead lead foot?  It could happen.  Now I know some of these speed/toll/traffic light traps include cameras, so that would help to distinguish my bad driving from that dead guy’s, but some of the cameras are trained on bumpers (all the better to pick up the licence plate and thereby track down the registered owner) and because of this and the fact that in many states only rear license plates are required, the actual driver’s identity is not captured on film.  Tricky, tricky.

The way around this possibly false accusation is to swear out a statement that you weren’t driving–in Australia, that is; wonder what the law is here?  Given our limited interest in personal responsibility in this country, you probably just have to cross your heart and hope to die, and that’s all well and good until you jump on the latest fad of pointing your guilty little finger at the same dead guy named by a couple hundred of your closest friends and strangers.   The police were bound to catch on, right?  I would have thought sometime before the same dead guy’s name came up 220 times, but . . . well, they’re busy you know, installing all those cameras and positioning them just so, it’s hard to keep up with the results of all that work, I’m sure.



As a fan of the television series Supernatural, I kind of want those hotties to go over there and check this out, maybe take me along as the bait driver to lure out the dreaded dead driver . . . .



10 thoughts on “Driving While Dead

  1. Huh, I don’t really kow what to say to this as I was always a good gal on the roads. I consider police my buddies, I never had to fear them. And I am actually in fav. of these speed traps…

  2. Don’t even get me started on these dang speed cameras. They are all over England and when I say all over the UK, I mean everywhere! You never quite now when you will pass them but you definately will and there are more and more springing up all over the place. I have been caught by only 1 in the past 9 years and I think thats pretty good. Here in the UK the photos show the driver as well so no mistaken identity! Police make millions off them but I don’t think they make the roads any safer. For instance, I work in Lancashire and drive alot during the run of a day. Our Trust covers all of lancashire so one single trip can be ups to 60 miles. I have learnt over the past 4 years working with this Trust, where all the speed cameras are on my journey. All I do is go whatever speed I like and then slow down and do the speed limit when I see a camera. So not very effective are they? They even have them on the interstate and when there are roadworks. I hate the dang things and think they are dangerous. Especially when the person in front of you slams on his or her brakes when they see the camera too late! I have even been guilty of that a few times…well, probably more then a few! Have you heard that in 10 to 15 years times Brits will be have to pay a toll for every mile they drive! Its outrageous! (apologies for any typos. I did not proof read this!)

  3. LOL, Fanta, it’s not really a critique of the speed traps, and I’m sure you wouldn’t blame a dead guy if you did you happen to speed once in your life! Too funny, girl!

    OMG, BBB/RLF/BFF, are you serious? There are that many of them? I can definitely see how that would be very dangerous indeed. They’ve shown here that it’s dangerous for police to park just off the road for the same reason, sudden brake slamming caused accidents from people runnning into each other and from people spinning out of control on wet or icy roads. And what’s this about a toll for every mile driven? I seem to remember you blogging once about the incredibly high taxes you Brits and ex-pats pay over there, would this be in addition to existing road upkeep taxes or instead of? Crazy either way! Tolls are supposed to pay for roads, once they’re paid for, the tolls go away, and road taxes cover repairs, no? Or that’s how I thought it worked.

  4. Congestion here is aweful. Can take hours to get to and from work on some days. Its such a small country to hold 65 million people. Just to drive in London is $25 a day. Yes, they would be doing away with road tax, but it isn’t much anyway. We will get charged more or less depending on the road we use and what time of day. They are proposing to put a sat nav in our care and monitor it that way and we would get sent a bill for using the roads. Now me, I drive about 17,000 miles year and about 5,000 of that is business miles. So I can’t imagine what it would mean for me. They want us to rely more on public transporation, which I can appreciate, but they will need to make vast improvements in public transport first. I have a 44 mile round trip to work so I don’t forsee myself getting a train or bus.

    Yup traffic is horrible. Its like living in the center of Boston evnthough we do not live in a big city!

    Oh and we would not longer pay the extra tax on Gas. So no road fund tax and no extra tax on gas, only VAT. I will just have to wait and see. Let’s just hope that they do not pilot the scheme near me!

  5. Doesn’t your company pay you a per diem on gas, etc? Gee, if this road toll thing goes through, you should push for a company car, for goodness’ sake! You’ll end up in the poor house otherwise!

  6. Hei Fuzz.

    I sure agree with you about the point of the 200+ fines with the dead one’s name and no reaction from the officials on it, as one would have thought that they be quick on the draw to catch if they can… Hmmmm.
    Take care n do keep well. =)))

  7. Fuzzy, I do have a very posh company car, I have had it for three years and about to get my new one in Jan! I still have to pay for the miles back and forth to work which is 44 miles! The work miles will cost the trust a bundle not me, but I am sure going to work on a major motorway during rush hour will bankrupt me!!!

  8. Thanks Riihele! Huggs to you!

    Well, maybe if the change happens with the toll per mile, you can negotiate a better contract? Get that covered by the company? Even if you do, though, it still sucks just for recreational driving or shopping or whatever you do in your car.

  9. My Ex got a ticket for speeding one day and he blamed his brother who was staying with us at the time and he was from New Zealand. He provided his flight tickets to prove he was in the country and think he got away with it if I remember rightly!

  10. That’s so surprising to me; here, the person driving the car gets the ticket no matter whose car it is (and we have to show our license, so they know who we are). :))

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