Weathering the Season


I’m not a big fan of hot.  And I’m definitely not a fan of humid.  But even I have to admit that on summer days, a bit of hot and humid can be nice for those sunset walks on the beach, a nice picnic in the park, or a lovely dip in the ocean or pool.  Summer sun and fun, right?  That’s one thing.  But when it comes to autumn, my very favorite season, I expect that lightness of atmosphere that indicates a low humidity along with a temperature somewhere in the realm of not balmy, so that when the sun shines, it’s crisp and cool.  I like the fall nip in the air, it lightens my step and lifts my spirit. 

Since moving to New England, one of the things I’ve really enjoyed has been the seasons.  We get them all:  a delightful awakening in Spring, a (blessedly short) sunny Summer for fun down on the Cape, a crisp and cool Fall, and a snowy and fireside romance Winter.   It’s blissful.   After years of living in single season Florida, it’s nice to live somewhere with seasonal changes that include more than your palm trees turning brown for a couple weeks each year.

So yesterday’s bizarro world weather really stuck in my craw.  And I can say that because it reminded me of Florida and all that I didn’t like about the weather there; yesterday was humid and murky, with that sort of “air you can wear” that makes your skin feel slimy and makes you gasp for air like a fat fish out of water (without the flopping about).  It wasn’t at all crisp or cool (or even blustery, Pooh), it was sickeningly balmy.  The weather guy promises that this freakish weather will be gone by this evening, and all I can say is that I certainly hope so.  I don’t know about El Nino or global warming (though I think the latter is grossly exaggerated), but I do know that New England in mid-November should not remind me of Florida in late August.



12 thoughts on “Weathering the Season

  1. Speaking of tornados we had one closeby yesterday..or was it the day before..I think I have lost a day. But I always do when I work those 12 hour shifts. I too like the fall season. Summer is ok eh? But the fall is still my favorite.

  2. Who says there was no “flopping around like a fish???” I definately was!!! I can’t stand wearing my air either — it makes me feel kinda claustrophobic.

    There was an all out war in our office. Us more mature, menopausal and voluptuous women had the airconditioning cranking while the teeny tiny younger aint-got-no-meat-on-them-bones chickies were whining that they were cold!!!

    Never…ever…mess with a sweating, flashing menopausal woman — you will NOT win!!!

  3. Hei Fuzz.

    Whooa! Really yeez got the heatwave in November over there?!! We have had already a month and a bit of winter heading steadily towards the xmas. Take care and do keep cool… xx

  4. That sounds like crazy weather! You can be assured that it will be a brief episode! The good news is that it doesn’t seem so odd that your swim suit is still not in the closet.

  5. Sort of “air you can wear” LMAO!!!!!! OMG that was so funny! The weather certainly has a mind of its own lately. All of my roses are still in bloom. We haven’t even had a frost yet. My annualls are still in bloom and by butterfly tree still has buds. Some of the spring plants have started poking their heads through and we still have more then half the leaves with greenery and the rest are still have color foliage. It so hot at work the other day, we had the windows open and I put my desk fan on! Freaky man…I tell yeah…freaky! Just 9 years ago when I was still home in Maine the end of October meant frosts and cold raining weather, November got even colder! For you to have balmly, clammy weather just ain’t right. Here on the news we have been hearing about alot of snow the States has been getting. Now that is early. I note that bear said the waters are rising again. Who ever heard of flooding in the fall?

    Well, my take on the whole thing is that it is not globabl warming but rather the earths natural cycle of warming and cooling!

  6. Amber keeps using those british phrazes here and leaving some of us saying “huh?” Anyhoo, I think it is just the earth doing its own version of cycling itself. Its adjusting its own temps to …… oh I dont know waht the hell im talking about. it was all calmmy here the other day also, but today it is cold and foggy, and tomarrow, it will be cold and foggy.

  7. Wow!! Nothing like a little weather chat to drag everyone out. Smiles.

    I actually never understood weather chat before I moved to a place that had weather; not much point in saying every day in Florida, “sure is hot today, looks like rain at 4 p.m.”

    LMAO at you, Wendy! That’s hilarious, and just how it was here, too. Glad it’s a bit crisper today and know you are, too!

    Never been near a tornado, Scarlett and Mavis, but I’ve seen Twister and the Wizard of Oz, does that count?

    Riihele, love winter! It’s my next fave after autumn.

    lol, Gregg, I keep the swimsuit out year ’round, reminds me not to eat that extra piece of cheesecake.

    I’m with you, Amber and Spartonmom, this whole global warming thing seems a bit overblown to me. No one in the scientific community can seem to agree, and it’s really an imperfect science (or group of sciences). Even if it is global warming, though, I sincerely doubt that there’s a damn thing we wee humans can do to stop it!!

  8. Hei Fuzz.

    Back to read the comments. I fully agree with Amber on this issue ’bout the Global Warming being the natural cycle of cooling n heating. Take care and do keep well over there. =)))

  9. As do I, Riihele; I almost blogged on this today, but it’s a really complex issue, and I wasn’t up to all the research it would have entailed! Huggs.

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