Magic Elixirs: Some that Work, Some that Don't


Take this pill and lose hundreds of pounds, improve your sex life, combat baldness, cure diabetes, and defeat halitosis:  just one little pill, twice a day, for life, and all your ills will disappear.  Want to live longer?  Be healthier?  Grow hair where you used to and not where you do now?  Have they got a product for you!!

I don’t think there are magic elixirs, and I certainly don’t buy into all the hype surrounding a lot of these products, but over the past few years, I have been amazed at how well some products DO work.  A couple years ago, in a rare vacuuming frenzy, I spilled an entire cup of coffee (cream, no sugar) on my off-white area rug.  Ruined?  Nope.  I bought this wonderful product called Spot Shot, and I am not kidding (or being paid for this plug), that stuff got every last drop and tinge of that coffee stain out of that rug.  It looked like new.  I was absolutely amazed and have been working that product into every conversation since then (okay, not quite that mad about it, but darn close). 

Another product that makes claims about which I was a bit skeptical is Noxema’s Hair Minimizing Shaving Gel; it works, after a few weeks’ use, I noticed that I could skip a day (or even two!) 0f leg shaving, and that’s not been possible since I was a teen.  I’ve also been impressed with Dr. Scholl’s for Her Ultra Overnight Foot Cream.  For some reason, the older I get, the more the heels of my feet begin to function like heavy duty, industrial quality sandpaper, but after only three nights of slathering this yummy smelling product on my feet, they became noticably softer, more foot like.  And now, after months of using this magic cream, my feet are soft and supple again.  It’s really quite remarkable.

If I could find a scar minimizer that works half that well or a cream that makes age spots disappear (yep, noticed these in the past year or so.  Sigh.), I’d be a very happy camper.  Instead, I occasionally fall for the advertising and end up with stupid products that are useless, like those Glade scented oil things that are supposed to infuse your home with a lovely scent and have the added bonus of burning themselves out when the oil is burned up.  Well, that latter claim is accurate.  But unless you are sitting right next to those oil things, forget it, you can’t smell them at all (and I’m not thrilled with the new Glade candles, either, the originals smelled better). 

Another product that just doesn’t do what it claims is the Nivea skin firming lotion; maybe you’re thinking, well, duh!  Of course a lotion doesn’t firm your skin, what are you thinking, Fuzzy?  Well, I’ve found one that DOES make a difference in the skin firming area, so by comparing the Olay firming reviver lotion to the Nivea version, I can tell you that Olay wins–you think I keep my breasts in the same general vicinity they’ve always been by some gravity defying device or by (air suck, swoon) exercise?  Nope, a lotion (and a good bra) works wonders.  Likewise, don’t waste your time or money on “teeth whitening” gum or toothpaste, just buy some Crest white strips and get the job done.

Now if I could just find a laundry product that will REALLY get the yellow and dingy out of my white blouses or a cat friendly bleach product to hang inside my toilet bowl . . . well, I’d feel years younger, be more fit and healthy, and eliminate my risk of heart disease.


18 thoughts on “Magic Elixirs: Some that Work, Some that Don't

  1. BBB, one question springs to mind here…Is Yahoo paying you to advertise these products, known of which are in the UK!

    Now for some products that I think work…Not to be out done by my fuzzy’s list.

    1. ummmm….
    2. ahhhh….
    3. Erm……
    4. yup still thinking….
    5. maybe I will get back to you on this one…

  2. omg, you’re kidding!! I can send you any and all of them, BBB!! Just let me know which one/s you want. Seriously.

    And lmao at your list!! I know what you mean, it does seem none of that stuff does a thing it’s supposed to.

  3. btw, if anyone DOES know of a scar minimizing cream that works, please let me know; I’ve a few scars that I need to disappear. Smiles.

  4. I don’t know, but now I am going for the Dr. Scholls cream this afternoon! I use GooBGone after it got some Gold Leaf acrylic paint out of my carpet. Do another blog on this, I might get some more good tips.

  5. GooBGone got paint out? How great is that? It is a wonderful product for getting those dang stickers off of stuff; I wish they wouldn’t sticker everything up with sticky stickers. What’s wrong with those nice peely ones that just come right off? But the paint thing . . . good to know.

  6. I also use goobgone. Hmmm going to have to try the foot lotion. I have terrible feet. Have you tried using aloe on your scars. Are they new or old ones? I have used aloe from a plant on new scars. Worked well for me I thought.

  7. I find the best product for those crusty heels is Mary Kay extranight emolliant creme. This stuff is excellant it is also the best lip moisterizer. My name is Carol and I endorse this ad….

  8. LMAO on the blog and on Carol. I willhav eto get ehe Dr scholls foot cream. I thought I had bought every kind. I guess i missed that one. Have you tried Oxy clean on yor whites and briters. My sister puts a scoop of Baking soda in with her wash, along withthe oxy clean and detergent. I have soaked the nasty screen above the stove in oxy clean and it comes out shiney like new. Al the grease and oils that build up in that thing and you cant see it unless you look for it.but always wear gloves if your using it, it is very strong. Oxy clean… the every thing cleaner

  9. Oh we have Oxy clean here. Its about $20 for a little tub so I don’t use it. Gold is cheaper then than that, but I do like the idea of using on my fan hood filter!

  10. Hei Fuzz.

    You were really flying doing this blog, Gal. I can hear/see, you see. None of the detergent/cleaning yokes are available here. Nivea and Olay are here as well. By the way, Olay used to be called Ulay in Europe which in Hebrew means: maybe. So I do not personally count a cream which is called ‘maybe’ to do the trick on me skin!!!
    Take care and do keep well. =)))

  11. Hey Bert, brand new scars; I’ll try aloe, thanks!!

    LMAO at Carol, too funny!! Wish I’d thought of that for my original entry! teehee Haven’t tried the MaryKay product, but it’s probably more than the five bucks for the Dr. Scholl’s lotion (and it works, too), so I’ll wait until they stop making the Dr. Scholl’s stuff. Which will be soon, because they always stop making every product that I really like!

    Will def try oxy-clean, Spartonmom; I’ve hung on to some of my fave white (now yellowish) blouses, hoping that science will one day meet laundry and allow me to revive them and wear them once more!

    OMG, Amb, that’s really expensive, is it that much here, Lise?

    Riihele, that reminds me of when Chevy tried to market the Nova in South America!! No va = doesn’t run/won’t go. LOL

  12. LOL, Bear, know what you mean, but no, I’ve not been up late at night pondering the wonders of science and marketing. And I must say it’s VERY nice to see you leave a real comment for a change!! Huggs.

  13. Somehow, I was involved in those surveys. You know the ones, after you try the products you rate them right? Well, about every six weeks, a new survery would arrive and I would rate one or two products on a list of…..

    about 2,000!

    These companies don’t spend much to market to men like me!

  14. That’s both funny and sad, but I guess guys don’t care too much about how scritchy their heels are or whether or not they’re “laugh lines” are showing. But I never get surveyed (except those annoying pop ups on the internet), and until this past election, have never been polled. I always wondered who was being polled since I almost never agree with them! (and didn’t this time, either, as it turned out; at least not on two of the three ballot questions).

  15. Hey I know what you mean about the rug and the coffee. Marm was sick on the carpet a couple of days ago and I have a beige carpet. Mum brought me this stuff called “Star Drops” sounds like sweets doesn’t it? It was brought because I just brought my stuff for making birthday/other occasion cards and it was supposed to wash the ink called “STAYZ ON” off the stamps. Its called stayz on because as you can tell it stays on. But Star Drops is supposed to get it off the stamps and the bargain is, it only costs 72p per bottle. Think thats about $1.50 to you guys so not a lot of money. It cleaned the carpet right up straight away and I was really impressed I have to say.

    I have heard about some pills on the market for vertigo that make people lose weight. They did a study adn because they are already on the market for vertigo it wont take long and people can buy them for losing weigt. Nort sure I believe in popping pills to lose weight mind and think its a mixtur eof eating less and exercise.

  16. Crap, just wrote a quite long comment in response and yahoo ate it. Sigh. In short, I just agreed with you on the diet and exercise thing and said they’ve got some new pill over here that may be the one you are talking about, too. It’s supposed to be available without a prescription soon, which means loads of people will be taking it thinking they’re fat will vanish over night. Last time that happened, a lot of those people had strokes and heart attacks and died. Sad. And yay! on the star drops (does sound good enough to eat, but probably shouldn’t if it’s that good on carpet stains!) :))

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