I'm Dreaming of a White (House) Christmas


I was watching HGTV the other evening and Laura Bush was giving her annual tour of the White House Christmas decorations; I thought they looked lovely (of course, who couldn’t decorate sumptuously with an almost unlimited budget?).   Then looking for my new Christmassy background yesterday, I ran across the White House Christmas decorations.  There was also a White House tree page depicting a bunch of former presidents and their first ladies; I found this fascinating for some reason, and I thought someone else might, as well, so here goes:

President Roosevelt’s clan in black and white:

President Roosevelt family photo. Courtesy the Franklin D. Roosevelt Library.

President and Mrs. Kennedy (looking a wee bit uncomfortable but lovely):

President Kennedy family photo. White House Collection.

President, Mrs., and Amy Carter:

President Carter family photo. Courtesy the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library.

President and Mrs. Reagan:

President Reagan family photo. Courtesy the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.

President (41st) and Mrs. Bush:

President Bush family photo. Courtesy the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum.

President and Mrs. Clinton (soon to be President and Mr. Clinton?):

President Clinton family photo. Courtesy the Clinton Presidential Materials Project.

President (43rd) and Mrs. Bush:

The President and Mrs. Bush stand in front of the White House Christmas Tree.

There are a total of fourteen photos at this site, I just posted my favorites (not necessarily politically favorite, just Christmassy favorites), so check it out if you’re interested.



6 thoughts on “I'm Dreaming of a White (House) Christmas

  1. Notice the the Bush first ladies are the only ones with taste. the other trees are dreadful…just aweful…cool blog pet. Love yeah!

  2. Hei Fuzz.

    Great blog – checked n bookmarked the sites. Gonna have a good read soonish on this, you see. I find that Jackie is the most stylish looking of them as is her tree. I must say that Hillary looks rather regal in that festive outfit… Amazing. Take care n do keep well. Rii xx HuGGiz

  3. BBB, I love the current Bush tree and pic, but that may just be because the others are so deadly dated, I mean LOOK at the Carters . . . so ’70’s! Love you, too, Amb.

    Hey, Rii, glad you liked. I have to admit that you were very on my mind when I decided to post this one; I always love your Finland-y blogs and getting glimpses into your country, life, etc., so I thought you’d like this peek into the White House. Huggs to you, Most Wonderful Rii!!

    hehe, Tally, I think that the tree does get bigger each year, unlike our economy or the dollar in general! Hmmm, yeppers, gotta love the fashion statements (and whispers and gasps and strangled screams) being made by the ladies throughout the decades.

  4. Have you noticed how many times the dang place has been redecorated….just like pouring tax payer money down the freaken drain! I mean its not just a little place that you can go to the local store and get just any old paint or wallpaper or sale..

  5. I think they MUST reuse some stuff; if not, that’s insane. Nice to see you, BBB, even if you’re all shadow head with no pic for an avatar. Huggs and love to you!!

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