Nightmare and Dream Jobs


Find something you love to do, something you’ll be excited to get up in the morning for, something that you’re eager to do each and every day: that’s the advice of most of the career guru types out there and the advice of super successful moguls such as Oprah Winfrey and Donald Trump. How many people are so fortunate? And I don’t mean Oprah and the Donald fortunate, I mean just fortunate enough to love their job and be eager to get up in the morning (or whenever) to get to it? Actors, musicians, chefs, well, all artists, probably, because what they do feeds their souls (and if they’re successful in worldly terms provides a substantial income). Major sports figures, models, these people (I imagine) must love their jobs.

But what about the Average Joe or Joan? I mean someone has to do some pretty icky stuff for a living, right? There’s this television show about really gross jobs called (appropriately enough) Dirty Jobs, and they profile all these . . . well, dirty and/or dangerous jobs, like roadkill collector. Now that can’t be something that gets your spirit soaring in the early a.m., right? I mean, it seems like a pretty thankless job with some pretty nasty odors and visuals, you know? But someone has to do that, we don’t just let nature take its course when it comes to dead animals littering the roadway. I don’t even want to think about it, much less do it. So you have to wonder how someone gets a job like that? When asked what they want to be when they grow up, kids don’t say they want to be roadkill or bat guano collectors or shark suit testers (not kidding, these are real jobs), so how does one end up doing something like that? And how can I make sure I don’t get in that line?

I’ve wondered that about some really interesting sounding or fun jobs, too. A personal shopper sounded like a dream job until I processed the fact that I’d be shopping for someone else and not in the gift-giving sense; that took all the allure out of it for me. I wouldn’t know where to start looking for such a job anyway. I mean how do you get to be a party planner or a travel writer . . . ooh, or a host of your own travel show like that PBS guy or that nice Samantha whatever on the Travel Channel? Now there’s a dream job for you: someone pays you to go and stay in all the best hotels in all the most fabulous cities in the world. Now that‘s a job I could get excited about and for which I could bound out of bed each morning with eager enthusiasm.


16 thoughts on “Nightmare and Dream Jobs

  1. I think I could bounce out of bed every morning if I were some photographer taking pictures for National Geographic. But even the most glamorous of jobs develop an edge that sours for you when you think about having to work for the advancement of someone else’s wealth. I think I would want to be my own boss and come and go as I please…with no time clock…no deadline…and no politics of the corporate world. Am I living in a fantasy or what? Sigh….even taking pictures would not be fun if I had to worry about whether or not someone else had the power to veto them or think them not worthy for publication…Maybe I was born to have lots and lots of money so I could have the option of just playing for the rest of my life…lol

  2. Sometimes dream jobs are not what they are made out to be though, like a dj for a radio station. Sounds interesting and fun, but most people don’t realize they only make minimum wage unless they are that one special dj that everyone wants and can cross media fields. For every 5 radio stations, 1 or 2 dj’s will be known really good and make any real money.

    How about the model who has to do the same stupid pose for 200 pics? We don’t really bend like that, so it must be hard.

    Then too, some jobs are very fickle. You might have the inside track for say 5 years and then find yourself down and out. Look at all the people who have created a product, sold millions, and then couldn’t produce anything worth a toot after that. Would be a hard act to follow.

    I think everyone has a period in their life (like the 15 minutes of fame saying) where we have our moment. I always wanted to be the right hand of someone really famous that I had respect for and the inside track on. Like Oprah Winfrey….I think it would be pretty kewl to work for her and have respect from her.

  3. Hei Fuzz.

    I start me round of reading blogs at your place and reading here so much n so long that I have snacks n a drink (herbal tea at this hour) besides me every time. When are you gonna give some coff n cookies or savouries @ your site for the visitors that hang around ere for a long time?!! =)

    Great blog as always, Gal. Dream jobs are dreamy from the distance for when there after a while they will lose their shine n glamour. I read Pris’ s great comment n Mavis’s as well above and have to say that they are excellent n to the point. Agree fully.

    I think that the Donald n Oprah factor is that they do work for themselves and are the driving forces in their respective firms: the pot of monies goes to them n benefits them the most.
    Lovely way to work n feel important. Downside is the factor that ‘who is who’ in their friends’ circles; are people really n truly their genuine friends or is it only the PR that being connected to them brings to these suckers?

    I love my jobs — I have had the most fulfilling jobs n thrive in them. Some more than others, I may add. I also want to have free time to have a social life so won’t just work, work n work with no play ‘coz I have a life, too. Tis the balance between the two aspects of one: work n private life that makes the difference, methinks. Rii xx HuGGiz

  4. I work with a lady that come to FL straight out of college. She said at that time, this was her dream job, to be in a manufacturing plant, always busy, doing something.And that is what she is, always busy doing something. but she still loves her job. she has been promoted many times, and deservidly so. this girl works harder than most. she was my supervisor when she started, and she improved the numbers coming out of our department almost immediatly. Your dream job is the job that makes you happy. There is a job for everyone. Even the dirty jobs, someone wants to do them, beleive it or not. I used to think, who wants to pick up garbage. But i met a trash collector one time, he told me he made great wages, and around the holidays, you wouldnt beleive how many gifts get thrown out accidently. There is a dream job for everyone, you just have to know yourself well enough to know which one is yours.

  5. Hi Mavis…quick comment about photography as a real job. I am close to that level, where I spend 20 or so days a year out looking, searching composing new photogrpahs. They are long days and you always wonder…am I missing something? Is there perfect light, does that canyon, an hours drive from here offer me any unique photos? As I am laying in bed at 4am, I wonder, how is the sunrise going to look an hours drive from here? Maybe it is just me, but it is more than a challenge! It is a constant prod.

    I have had two jobs that I have loved. I knew as a 5th grader I wanted to be a teacher. I became one and had a good run of 14 years and then hit the wall. No matter how much you enjoy your work, somebody has to set up good working conditions. My health was going to crash and burn.

    Of course, I wasn’t exactly using my off time wisely. Each summer, I ran off to the National Parks to teach some more in a different classroom. That of course led into what I do now and I love it.

    Once again, my grumble is not with the work itself. I love going on a day to day basis, but how I am treated as an employee. In this case, the federal government. I have great on site supervisors but the constant change in priorities, even though you design and redesign your program to fit such priorities hardly makes you feel like a valuable part of the overall picture.

    That is the bottom line…
    You Enjoy what you do…
    You are Valued….
    You feel valued!

    What a job!

  6. What a great comment, Mavis!! From the outside looking in, everyone else’s job looks so fabulous, but you’re right! that can’t be the case all the time. Thanks for the perspective on this, it means more than I can say to you here. Huggs, Maverick Mavis, and I wish you would win the lottery so you could always and whenever take your photos (one of which I have for use as a background!! and more that I’ve coveted but was afraid to ask permission to use).

    Hey Pris, gosh, you guys are on a real philosophical roll today; I’m totally humbled by all the wisdom here. I think that you’re right that jobs do have their moments, their politics, and that we all do have those bright shining moments in the professional spotlight! Woohoo, that’s a happy realization. Huggs to you, Pris, and I think you’d make a great Oprah yourself, not her righthand gal!! Smiles.

    Rii, you make me feel so happy and . . . I don’t know . . . blessed and pleased and proud! How wonderful that you begin your extensive rounds here at my page, and yep, from now on, I’ll always have your favorite treats on offer, just over there behind the popcorn machine. Teehee. Okay, couldn’t resist a PP reference. But yeppers, savories on hand at all times: delicious coffees (as I know your favorites from your blog), teas, and even some wine, champagne, and/or a dash of whiskey to Irish up that coffee. Warm smiles. And Rii, you’re keeping up the philosophical wisdom, too. I agree with you on all points, and it’s especially resonating with me at the end when you talk about the importance of balancing our personal and professional lives for the best possible fulfillment and joy and peace. Truer words are rarely uttered! Multiple HH2uDR!!

  7. Hey TME, know you can appreciate my dizziness at the jumping comment box and understand my new comment entry! OMG, you should be writing those fab posters for those office stores, you know the ones with Succeed and some brilliant bit of insight and inspiration. I think that knowing ourselves and our interests is always key to happiness in work and in life, so what you say here is a perfect illustration and statement of that!! I love the FL lady with her complete joy and satisfaction in her work; I’m actually pretty envious of her, too!! Happy Holiday Huggs TME!! Hope your foot’s feeling better tonight.

    Gregg, that last part is excellent (well, all the parts are!), I really get that point and think it’s very true, being and feeling valued are important keys to career (and relationship) success.

    Gosh, you guys, I feel humbled by all this wisdom! Here I was being a bit silly about bat guano collectors and the like, and you all make me think and warm my heart . . . does it get any better than that? I really love my 360 family!!

  8. First I watch Dirty jobs. I love the show. It always makes me feel better about my job.
    I think If I could have a dream job. It would be taking pictures of amazing things all over the world. That is of course if my son could travel with me. I also would just like to be a photographer. I think being able to capture a moment in time would be wonderful.

  9. I thought I had it (the dream job). I’ve been doing it for 16 years but must say only the last six were starting to get glamorous (as outsiders would see it).Some would tell me that I’m so lucky, which I think I am, but only to some extent. It was a lot of hard work, devotion and sacrifice to get to the position I am now (overseas animation supervisor).I did get a kick from being constantly appeciated and trusted by my boss, it made me feel awsome. But the problem is, as much as I still enjoy travelling with this job and bossing around hundreds (in a nice way) there are no more challenges in the work itself for me, it has become a routine. It’s too easy. I have reached a stage when I paused and revised my situation getting to the conclusion that I want to do something totally different (maybe to do with food, which am also passionate about) where I am my own boss. I am very much looking forward to the new challenges of the next Era of my life. But Till then I will have to keep doing my “regular dream job” :-).

  10. Bert, I dotn have access to yor page, but every time you take a candid photo of yor son, a sign, a pic of anything, you are capturing that moment in time. One day, you will look at it again, and it may bring a tear to your eye, or make you laugh, or you may just blow it up to a larger size and frame it. you never know what a great photogragher you are until someone else wants your pictures.

  11. Hey Fuzzy i used your space here to send a message to Bert. the last time i checked, she was friends only, so I figure, she still is. thanks for letting me do this, I figured you wouldnt mind too terribly.

  12. I watch it, too, Bert, and for much the same reason. LOL. Wow, a lot of interest in photography here; I’ve been inspired by all the photos I see on everyone’s blog and keep wishing I had a digital camera to use, but nope, just a regular camera and I think I lost the cables to my scanner thing when I had the carpet changed over the summer. I really want to share some stuff with my 360 friends, though, so I’ll work at it. Oops, got all side tracked, there Bert, sorry!! I think that your pics are very good, why not do some photography stuff and submit the pics to the local paper or some magazine? All they can do is say “no thanks,” right? And how else would you know? or get started? Just an idea. Also, I didn’t know your page was friends only, and I think I’ve referenced it before; I’m so sorry!! I had no idea. But no worries, I won’t do that again. Huggs.

    Fanta, that confirms it, then, that the best dream jobs can become mundane or robotic. Hmmmm. I think I’m like you in that I like a challenge, and I can’t stand to be bored or have my ability and brain go unchallenged. I know some people find it comfortable and safe to have few if any challenges and to remain in a static position, but this would drive me nuts, I think. Well, you have some fine recipes, and I’m sure there’s more to your love of and ability to work with food than I’ve seen on your blog, so I’m sure you’ll be an amazing success in your new career/Era!! Best luck to you! Huggs.

    Spartonmom, I have NO problem at all with you talking to Bert here, Silly!! Comment away, you’re more than welcome. Huggs TME

    In general, I like it when the comments are all back and forthy and not just that person and me-y. You know what I mean? Like a real conversation? That’s always fun.

  13. Dream job? Ohh, how i’d love to be a chocolate taster. Or even a restaurant reviewer…i’d love that so much. Being paid to taste nice things? Yes!
    Or maybe…movie/tv critic. An ice job that doesn’t require too much effort suits me fine šŸ˜€

  14. Oooh, yes, Tally, those are other jobs that I have wondered how on earth people get them? A restaurant reviewer . . . yum and what fun, too!! A tv critic? Where do I sign up?

  15. Hey Fuzzy,

    I love my job, I feel loved and wanted and appreciated there and we are all part of a family from home really and have some great friends at work. Its nice to feel valued and wanted and even appreciated for what you do within your working hours. I have been in the same position for two years now and still love it as much as I did then! Take care Nikki x

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