China’s New Adoption Guidelines: Fat, Ugly People Need Not Apply


It turns out that all these American (among other nationalities) families have been clamoring to help out the Chinese with their unwanted babies, you know, taking them in, adopting them as their own, and giving them a chance of a life outside of a state-sponsored orphanage, perpetual poverty, and whatever else befalls the unwanted infants in China. And now China has issued new standards for hopeful American adoptive parents (I’m sure these are international guidelines, not just for Americans), so all those babies that they neither want nor can care for can be adopted by skinny, upper middle class, heterosexual couples both of whom are over 30 and under 50 who have been married (to each other) for at least two years . . . well, as long as they haven’t been married too many times previously nor are taking any anti-depressants nor have a “severe” facial deformity.

I’m not kidding. The new adoption rules released from China seem to have areas that need some work; for example, if you’ve had a fatal organ transplant in the past ten years, you won’t qualify. Of course, you’re dead, so you’re unlikely to apply. But if you’re a married couple (of the right age, sexuality, and length of marriage), your joint household income must be at least $80,000 per year, which is on the high end of “middle class” in this country: the American middle class income definition ranges from a two person household income of $45,000 to $96,000 per year. America is vast country with large regions and both between and within those regions are great differences in costs of living, as well as housing costs and income levels. A couple can live quite well in (say) Georgia on $50,000 or so, but that same couple would be hurting in a big way in eastern Massachusetts. It just depends where you are, what you have (do you own your home outright? Or is your mortgage brand spanking new and looming for thirty more years?), etc. And what about debt? I mean, someone could make the required $80,000 and owe three times that or be living beyond their means and be technically broke.

What about that facial deformity clause or the more than 40 percent body fat clause? I’m just not sure what to make of these adoption requirements because it seems rather hypocritical and random to me. I think that people with 40 percent body fat are just as likely as anyone to enjoy a happy loving home, and isn’t that more important than what size clothes you buy and wear? I do understand the clause about not having advanced HIV, that is a real health concern that will result in an early death that could in turn traumatize a child, but merely being overweight is not a death sentence!

It gets under my skin that they would dare to put such unrealistically high expectations on adoptions when people open their homes and their hearts (not to mention their wallets) to adopt these little babies and toddlers. And nothing about such a decision can be easy to make. I mean the prospective adoptive parents have to consider all manner of things regarding culture, religion, and race in addition to deciding to adopt in the first place. They have to consider whether to honor their child’s culture and background or to raise him or (far more likely) her without any knowledge or understanding of their homeland, parents, etc. I think that’s a huge thing to decide! But then to be told that you don’t make enough money or that you have too much body fat or that you’re blind in one eye and therefore unfit to love and care for a child . . . I don’t know, it just seems wrong to me.

This is not to say that any old person should be handed a baby with no questions asked! I do think there should be guidelines, but I think they should make sense. I mean so what if you can’t see out of both eyes? Plenty of one-eyed people enjoy full and exciting and useful lives. So what if you’ve lost all or part of a limb? Plenty of people thrive with prosthetics or learn to adjust to doing things with only one or part of a limb. I don’t know; these requirements seem arbitrary and a bit . . . well, arbitrary.


Some fun facts on obesity:

Some random links to sites that popped up on my google for Chinese adoption (in other words, I’ve no idea how legit they are, so don’t come back to me if you try to adopt a baby through one and something goes wrong!):,, and


14 thoughts on “China’s New Adoption Guidelines: Fat, Ugly People Need Not Apply

  1. That’s insane…you’d think they’d be crying out for loving parents, and they won’t take them because they’re overweight or have a non-life threatening disability? What kind of crap is that. Although…what’s the betting if Madonna was fat she’d still be able to adopt…bah don’t get me started on her adoption ssues, that made my blood boil!

  2. Yeah, needs a little bit of work, is a slight understatement! LOL! However, I would be very picky if I were odopting…Not all if it seems so bad. Okay, I have just made everyone’s hate books. I accept that. Actually, I am quite used to it! Bring it on!

  3. omg, Tally, I didn’t blog on the Madonna adoption because I thought I’d go overboard and blow a gasket or at least smoke up my keyboard!! Yeah, I know what you mean, if she were lame or one-eyed or obese, no problem. Money talks, I guess. I’m with you, I think the quality of love and support is far more important than the mobility or svelteness of the parent. It’s not a perfect world, and expecting perfect parents from a set of guidelines just seems absurd to me. Enough, I have a plane to catch, so I’ll catch up with you later. Huggs, Tally!!

    Amber, I’m not sure I follow (but do keep in mind it’s 5:45 a.m. and I’m still waiting for my coffee to brew) . . . you’d be picky if you were adopting? you wouldn’t adopt disabled, fat, or poor children? Or you wouldn’t want them adopted to disabled, fat, or poor parents? Either way, you will NEVER make my hate books, so there! Teehee.

  4. It just winds me up so bad…this whole “let’s adopt an ethnic child!” bandwagon that celebrities seem to be on lately. They couldn’t help a poverty-stricken child in their own country? I’m sure there are plenty in both America and England…but maybe they don’t have the same “awww” appeal…grrr…getting heated again, i shall stop 😛
    Have a safe flight and speak to you soon 🙂

  5. I dunno but the last time I checked China seems to “throw away” babies. They are a strange lot. I will have to get back to you on this one after I have had time to process this. Seems to me if they are not wanted anyway it wouldn’t matter about a prospective parents body fat..hmmmmmm.

  6. I am with Mavis on this but they are a “controlling” country anyway. There are a lot of american’s adopting Chinese babies but american foster homes are full of black babies, looking for someone to adopt them. I myself, would love to adopt, but since I have a troubled kid, I have to take care of her first and I wouldn’t want to pass her examples on to another child as this time, but later on, I thought about adopting a couple of older troubled kids.

  7. Amber stops by, reads Fuzzy’s comments about her post. Rereads Fuzzy’s blog, then rereads her own post, then scratches her head disbelief. Okay so I am off topic. It was early and I was running out to work!

    Amber blushes and exits stage right.

  8. Hei Fuzz.

    I heard about this procedure on the adoptions in the US from a friend at work just this morning!!Tis good to be sure to be sure in adopting but it should not be an impossible task either.

    I was an Assistant Matron in a children’s home in Ireland where the ‘home’ was Protestant and the children Catholics and the reason the children were there was that the parents had tried to kill their off-spring.
    The law protected the parents at the time – not the young. Most heart-breaking, so it was. Many many Protestant couples wanted to adopt/foster these children but were not allowed. Most complicated situation with the most stupid laws ever.

    Could write much more but alas tis late n me head is already nodding off… Will check back at the discussion tomorrow. Nitey Nite.
    HuGGiz from Me Dignified Self to Your Honest Self, Fuzz. Rii xx

  9. God bless you pris, I can’t imagine how difficult it is to raize a troubled child. It was tough some times with what I thought were good kids, mine of course.

    None of what the Chinese do should be a surprize. As Mao might perceive it…if you are fat you have eaten more than your fair share and someone else has done without because of you; If your blind you may not be able to see and report on non approved state behavior: if your ugly then you will not be able to provide the good appearance the state wants everyone to have and the child would inheirit a poor view of the state. This is why people are not to be trusted to properly provde for their children and their education needs to be monitered. It is basically the same reasoning that the leftist in this country spout, from Hillary on left… ouch don’t hit me…..

    It ‘s all very ludacrous. Why so many companies want to do business over there is beyond me. They must be blinded by their greed. The Chinese will eat you for lunch.

    Next I want to learn to spell. Merry Christmas!

  10. It sounds to me like a miss-guided attempt to find Americans with a significant amount of self-discipline. Adults that have such discipline according to this train of thought will be able to teach it to future generations. It sounds a little like Hollywood’s presentation of a whole lot of hooey!

  11. I can’t belive that they don’t have that many children that need adopting and that they can be picky and choosey as to whether someone has one eye or not. Surely the children’s homes are going to be full before they know it if they are that picky about who can adopt and who they will accept. I am sure there are plenty of them that would just love to find a loving family to be part of.

  12. I will keep this in mind if i ever decide to adopt. i will scrutinize myself, and my bankaccounts and decide if a chinese baby is really what i need. those poor kids. its too bad they had to be born there.

  13. Wow, you guys are just great! I don’t think I can add anything at all because you’ve all said it so well. Huggs and bests and all good holiday to cheer to each and every one of you. 🙂

  14. p.s. yes, that’s my cop out group comment from dial up land; it’s taking forever for everything to load, so . . . but I do think you guys have all said it all. Don’t you just LOVE blogging. Yay!

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