Miscellaneous Travel Musings


So I’m waiting for a plane or two yesterday as I traveled south for Christmas, and I actually had a lovely time. It all started during the three hours I had to kill as I awaited my first plane (don’t you just love those holiday delays?), so I dug out this cd that a friend had sent me years ago and somehow I’d never got around to watching. It’s of the first six episodes of this FABULOUS show called “The Book Club,” and I can’t think why I never watched it before. It’s about an American writer in Scotland who begins a book club in an effort to get laid (well, meet people, but she’s REALLY missing intimate human contact with the opposite sex). The show is hilarious and a bit sad and very well written and done. So I sat at the gate giggling and trying not to seem too crazy as I watched my new favorite show (though I did get a few side-long stares, I think it was pretty obvious that I was watching something or other and thus amused from external sources). I don’t know if that show is still on in England, but if it is, lucky you guys who can watch it all the time!!

After this, I wandered over to the book buying place and bought a Stephen King book called Cell. Now I used to love Stephen King’s books when I was a teen/early twenty-something, but then he went all . . . I don’t know, just not the same, not as good. I think the last book of his I read was It. I flipped through the Dark Tower ones, didn’t like, and tried to read the Atlantis one, again, not so much. But this Cell is like the King of old, so I thoroughly enjoyed reading it on the next couple flights and the bits awaiting inbetween.

While waiting at the second airport, I was sitting and reading when all of a sudden I heard this big booming man-voice say “blah blah PECKERHEAD” and I almost fell off my chair. Now that’s a word you don’t hear in Massachusetts! I hadn’t heard it in I don’t know how long, so it kind of made me feel all warm and nostalgic for home. Lest you all get the wrong idea, I personally don’t say that word, but it’s something you hear around from whence I hail, so it was pretty interesting to hear it again. I was also happy at that airport (Atlanta) to hear friendly voices and greetings (again, not something you hear too much of up in New England). It was . . . just nice.

Also in Atlanta, some airport employees were carolling from gate to gate, using Christmas tunes to calm the savage delayed traveler beasts, no doubt. And that was fun, too. They got us all involved, booming out “FIIIIIVVEEE GO-LDEN RIIIIIIINGS” at the appropriate time during their very personal and a bit offkey but very fun and festive rendition of The Twelve Days of Christmas. Good times.

After they left for the next gate, we all were looking around at each other having just shared this singing with holiday glee experience, and I noticed a lot of military people lounging around in or out of uniform (not naked, just in jeans or whatever). And that made me feel proud and . . . well, safe. I figured that even if there was some terrorist plot about to unfold on our flight, that these people would know exactly what to do to keep us all safe. So I felt comfy and happy and proud of our men and women in uniform. I wanted to say so outloud, like “Thank you” or something, but I was afraid they’d think I was insane or that that was somehow inappropriate. So I met their eyes, nodded, and smiled in what I hope was a way that conveyed my pride in them and my gratitude for all they have done and will do to keep me and our country free and safe.

Arriving hungry and tired to my destination, I was swept up in a big and warm momhug, and that’s just the greatest thing going in my book. Then she took us out for raw oysters (one of the things that I miss with a passion in Massachusetts and has become a momvisit tradition), beer, and general laughter and good times. I was too tired and contented to blog last night, but I couldn’t wait to get online this morning to share my lovely day with all my lovely 360 friends!! We’re decorating the tree tonight with carols and eggnog (spiked, of course!), and I’m very much looking forward to that!


31 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Travel Musings

  1. I LOVE Stephen King, but yes, like Dean Koontz, he went a bit weird and silly with the Dark Tower stuff, but Cell was great, very like The Stand, and his new book is v good too.
    I’m glad you’re having so much fun, and hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Hugs, and not long till SPN! πŸ˜€

  2. I had to go have my boowhoo before I could come back and comment properly see. What I want to know is why you couldn’t line up the military guys in front of that Christmas tree so that we would have some eye candy? Anything patriotic looking makes me boowhoooo so I feel you there. I know I am booowhooing a lot lately, maybe, maybe I am hormonal going on 40…yes, that’s it. Give your mom an extra hug for me and have the bestest southern holiday!

  3. Hei Fuzz Gal!!

    Great that you got safely to your destination. I can picture you watching the said programme… Funny.
    Also, nothing better than a MOMMYBEAR huggiz. Me head very tired so tis comment is goin hither n tither but you get I hope anyway… Rii xx HuGGiz

  4. Tally, you REALLY are me (or I’m you!?) . . . not at all surprised you’re a Stephen King (and Dean Koontz, me too) fan. I don’t know King’s new book, but if it’s like this one, I’m going to find and read it soonest. And YES, Cell is very like The Stand (my very fave of King’s books, btw). Huggs to you, my friend; enjoy your fabulous son this Christmas (as always, of course).

    Pris you are so special to me! Thank you for being genuine and real and funny and sad and just wonderful over all. Yep, know I should have brought my camera for the eye candy Christmas pic. lol. Warm huggs to you now and always.

    Rii you are never hither and tither except in the best way, so no worries that I won’t get your meaning! Happy honest holiday huggs to you, most dignified and warm-hearted Rii!

  5. Hey Fuzzy, I don’t recall ever seeing this programme “The Book club” and it can’t have done well here else woudl have made another series!

    Hope you are having a lovely time with your Mum. Hugs to you. x

  6. I was very pleasantly reading your lovely blog entry today, as we really get a real life glimpse into your life and then Bammm…you hit me with eating raw oysters…Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww…..oh did I mention Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww….Amber tries to stop from hurling! I think it doesn’t help that I took brandon shopping today and he threw up all over the shop parking lot..I am still realing from that…Ewwwwwwwww….raw oysters…

  7. Glad you had a good journey south and hope the weather is great! We have freezing fog here in the UK…and I am hating every minute of it!

  8. I loved The Stand too. it was great. Big fan of the movie adaptations of some too πŸ™‚
    I shall enjoy Alex, but if you want to borrow him, he might survive airmail… πŸ˜›

  9. errmmm…ummm…I sent Christmas spam and even spelt it wrong…Oh..well…perhaps writing song comments is cursed…inside wink..wink…

  10. It’s a super good show, Snuggles, shame it didn’t do well! Thanks, and I hope you have a super great Christmas, too. Huggs.

    lmao, Amb, as I typed that line about the oysters, I actually recalled your reaction to my blog on the same and couldn’t wait to hear your reaction! You didn’t let me down. still laughing. Yeah, yeah, Christmas spam. Well, as it’s the holidays I wasn’t going to complain . . .

    Thanks Heyman!! Right back at you. Huggs.

  11. Ooooh, Tally, yes please!! I really miss not having kids at Christmas; it seems like it’d be so much fun to watch their shining happy faces on Christmas morning. Pop in the mail to me, and I’ll send him back for New Years. Teehee.

  12. First off, let me tell you. I told John you love raw oysters and beer, he said mmmmm someone like me. he also loves raw osyster and beer. Me, not so much, but each toi their own.
    Next, whern you see a soldier, go straightup to them and tell them thank you. That is what I do. they never think I am crazy, and if they do, they never tell me. its everythng i have not to give them a hug, i dont want ot be arrested.
    And finally, i am sorry you had to wait in an airport. it sounds like you were entertained with the dvd and outside follies. Just be happy yu werent waiting in the Denver airport. Merry Christmas, enjoy your time with your family. Love those mom hugs. i love giving them to my boys. they are extra long hugs.

  13. I’m one of those lucky travellers who never suffer delays, diverts, cancellations or lost luggage. I rarely find time to read when flying. Also, on aircraft, i’m still like a big kid. I have to have a window seat and am usually glued to the view, even when there’s nothing to see….just in case!!
    I do enjoy reading and the best travelling for reading is by sea. The last couple of times i’ve been out the country was to go to Sweden, by ferry. It’s about 30 hours each way. Plenty of time to read a book each way.
    I just bought myself a book for Xmas. ‘The God Delusion’ by Richard Dawkins. Looking forward to reading that over the holiday period.
    I liked King’s early works too. IT was my favourite.
    Not heard of that TV prog. Maybe it was known by a different title here? Who was in it?

  14. Well, Lise, when we meet, it’s oysters and beer for me and John and some sort of something else for you! I’m determined to meet you one day, you and Amber, so there. I know what you mean about wanting to hug our guys; I feel the same way. Maybe I should have done more than just smile meaningfully (at least I hope I conveyed all that in one look and a smile!), but I really do think they’ll think I’m nutso! You give me hope and strength, though, so maybe I’ll do it out loud next time. Huggs to you Lise, and many thanks for keeping me down to earth and normal.

    Ah, Mitch, you lucky devil! No delays, etc.? Remind me to travel with you next time, so I get your good mojo. Richard Dawkins? Is that the guy from Family Feud? Didn’t he just kiss a bunch of women and hope they had the best answers to the survey questions? Maybe it’s another guy. Hmmm, I’d have to check the names of the actors in the show as they were all British (except the American girl), so I don’t know off-hand. None of the usual suspects, though. One of the characters was in a wheelchair and worked at a pool, and three of the women were footballers’ wives, and one of the guys was a gay manly guy and it was all wonderful good fun.

  15. Tree hugger? Pah! it must just be the season, Heyman. Not so tree hugger-y the rest of the year; maybe that’s good, maybe that’s bad, but . . . there it is.

  16. I guess my question was because you’re always taking pictures of Christmas trees. Will you be redoing your blog for New Years? I’ll curious to see. Merry Christmas

  17. Folks like us revel in traveling Fuzz. There is so much going on for the senses. Yes, I usually bring a book, music, but seldom do I ever use them due to the cultural subtlities that are available for any mind that is willing to admit to their existence. Traveling, especially alone, (not nearly so fun with kids) through our nations’ airports has got to be one of the simple joys of life if met with an open mind!

  18. What a wonderful day our wonderful Fuzzy had! Nicely written blog.I love observing people in airports, I hardly get to read my book or listen to my music when travelling. Real life is s much more entertaining.

    I prefer my oysters deep fried, and in a “temaki” form (japanese hand-roll)with mayo and spring onion (and of course vinegared rice and toasted seaweed sheet).

    I’m sure your tree is all decorated by now. Enjoy!

  19. hehe, Ed, silly me!! Here I thought you had pictured me as an earthy crunchy girl replete with Birkenstocks and underarm hair. lmao. Yes, I’ll change my page after Christmas, actually after I get back home. So a few more days of holiday decorations to come.

    Hey Gregg. Sounds like you have another blog topic abrewin’! Yes, I love to travel, and the getting there is half the fun.

    Thanks, Bert, that’s so sweet of you!! And happy holiday, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year to you and yours, too.

    Thanks, Fanta, I really appreciate your comments (as always), and that temaki sounds delish!

    Huggs to all.

  20. I am just now catching up with your blog Fuzzy…it has been busy. But I had to bust out laughing at the movie about the American writer in Scotland….(Me…taking my notes for my novel…American…in Scotland…LMAO! … reckon I will get laid?) ROFLMAO! Im only kidding. Im not going there to get laid (of course, snicker) but I am going to see some wonderful people and things and I am going to be taking notes for my book. I like Steven King, but only in the movies. Kidding again. I have not read many of his books. Oh, how do you feel about Dean Koonz? Glad you had a happy holiday. Dial me up sometime>

  21. No, Fuzzy, Richard Ddawkins is a scientist & writer, considered to be one of the top intellectuals around. The book is proving to be even more stimulating than I expected.

  22. lmao at you, Annie! You are too funny, and I’m sure you will find a wonderful Scottish man to . . . well, to chat with, maybe play dominoes or something fun. And you know what they say about Scots! nudge, wink. huggs.

    LOL, Mitch, yeah I kind of figured you meant that Richard Dawkins, and you’ll have to tell me more about the book if it’s as stimulating as all that.

  23. I liked Cell. It was very reminiscent of The Stand. As for the military, they love a welcoming smile and eyes that say we are proud of them. But, don’t be worried about they thinking you are crazy for saying Thank You to them. It lets them know their sacrifices are appreciated. This is especially true when they come home on leave and hear all of the conflict about the war. πŸ™‚ Hugs!

  24. I thought so, too, LO, it was a very “now” version of the Stand, I thought. I think that his endings are getting worse, if only he’d cut the epilogue to every book he’s written in the past two decades . . . . I know what you mean, too, about how our guys (and gals) feel when they hear about the way that a lot of people react to the war, so unsupportive and so nasty about our and their mission over there. No wonder they don’t feel supported or appreciated (despite all the–ultimately hollow–assurances that these nay sayers “support the troops”; they obviously do not.). Hugs to you, too!

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