So Funny You Forget How Ineffective Our Education System Can Be


Now I’m not usually one to watch the late show or the late late show or the later than late show, but you know how it is when you are flipping through the channels as you avoid something that needs doing? Well, one of my favorite things to stumble across is Jay Leno’s Headlines bit. It’s pretty hysterical, so much so that you forget what it is revealing about the state of education in our country.

As I’m still in holiday mode (not taking down the tree as I said I would; well, not just yet), I thought I’d share some of these headlines.

If you’ve been reading my blog for ages, you know exactly how I feel about both education and illegal immigration and will be amused; if you’ve not been reading my blog for all that long, then this will be both enlightening and amusing (see, win, win).

When this woman was asked, “What are your thoughts on illegal aliens?”, she answered:


Anatomy is another discipline that is not being taught properly; whatever happened to that song about the knee bone being connected to the ankle bone? That cleared up some basic anatomy questions for me at age five:

Now I’m not sure if this next one is due to our education system or to our increasing reliance on spell check, but either way, it’s a pretty funny (let’s be kind and say) typo in this report about a pregnant woman”

And ahhh, the power of narrative:

And . . . well, I can dream . . .

I’m pretty sure that certain bodily functions are still “numbered” for a lot of children, and even if not, don’t most people know what “#2” suggests?

And this last one certainly has nothing to do with our education system, but it’s still alarming to think that people’s property is being assaulted by vandals wielding dangerous pieces of a pig:

And a special shout out to my male readers:


btw, can someone help me decipher that wonderful back to school sale advertised in the first pic? I majored in English, not math (or whatever one might need to work that one out!).


14 thoughts on “So Funny You Forget How Ineffective Our Education System Can Be

  1. BBB, did you also notice in the Hamilton one that the EMT’s were only summoned when the herion was found. Its reads like they wouldn’t have called for any medical help if there hadn’t been any herion. Makes one wonder if EMT’s only respond where herion is found on scence…LMAO!

  2. Very funny Fuzzy, thanks for cheering up my day back at work. I loved the one about the kid being 2 and a pork chop! Hugs to you. x

  3. I think what the first advert was trying to say is that you get 10% off both pairs and then the second pair for half price so technically speaking thats 60% of the second pair you buy and you pay 90% for the first pair. Sounds like quite a good bargain for me. Please do correct me if I am wrong though won’t you guys? I work in finance but I am glad I have a calculater, couldn’t live without it! x

  4. Hei Fuzz.

    GREAT blog!! I can see that you Americans have some catching up to do on the Finnish school system according to the Pisa survey… HuGGiz Rii xx

  5. lmao, BBB, I didn’t even notice that one, I was too busy laughing at the administration of an anecdote!!

    That’s it, Snuggles, you are now my official shopping pal so you can translate all the wacky sales for me. LOL

    Teehee, know what you mean, Pris!

    Oh, Rii, don’t get me started! I loved your blog about the summer assignment you had to collect a variety of plants/flowers and name them in all their forms and the like; that would be a wonderful thing! We’re lucky if we can get our kids to do summer reading (which is more likely to be Harry Potter than anything of substance! I love the Harry Potters, but they are hardly “classics” or of much literary value). Huggs.

    Ooooh, Fanta, you are so funny, green aliens with antenna and three eyes! lol. I honestly don’t know what illegal aliens are called in other countries, but I suspect in most countries around the world they are called “deported.” There are loads of euphemisms for them here with all the politically correct stuff going on, so they may be called “undocumented workers” (presuming they’re working) or “unauthorized resident” or “paperless worker/resident.” It all means the same thing: in this country illegally. But maybe the term “alien” is a bit TOO alienating! Ooooh, thanks for prompting some real thought today; I just love that (and that’s real, not sarcastic as it might seem). Huggs to you Fantabulous Fanta.

  6. Oh, crap! I was trying to post my response and accidentally deleted Fanta’s comment. Yikes! I am sooooo sorry; please reconstruct it? Otherwise, I think you can get the gist of her comment from my response. Going to bang my head into a wall. Sigh.

  7. Well, thanks for your good humor about it; I really feel awful. I’ve accidentally deleted a couple things in the past, but I thought I had all my twitches and hiccups under control. 😦

  8. Well, Fuzzy, that was a funny one.
    I just love it when human beings are called “aliens”.I always imagine little green creatures with three eyes, five legs and extremely long antenna (and therefore very receptive ones).
    I know it may be my fault as I realize that I am growing old but not growing “up” in the same time.
    Who on earth came up with the term “alien” for immigrants?
    Does this mean that the whole US of A is populated by aliens?
    (Oh, stop it now Fanta)

    I think that was it, Fuzz. Can’t remember any more of it.

  9. Hey Fuzzy, I loved this post. I’m often on my soapbox, ranting about the state of education in this country. Seems we have much the same problems.
    I can’t decide which was funnier, the newspaper cuttings themselves, or your acidic commentary. Loved it.
    As for the car vandalism…it could have been worse. Had they thrown a shoulder of beef through the windshield, it would have been difficult to ‘steer’ LOL.
    As for the tennis shoe sale…dunno if it’s a bargain, but they give good ‘service’ :-))

  10. I’m still scratching my head on that first 10% thing…when it comes to calculating something, my brain is so alien to figures that it just shuts off. And try as I might I can’t for the life of me turn it back on again…numbers are really an alien species in the territory of my brain.

  11. OMG Fuzzy, this is so funny. i love these things. I hAVE TRIED TOSTAY AWAKE TO TRY AND CATch when jay leno does this. I jst hope the Cardinals do good in their word series. does this mean they have won all the spelling bees?

  12. Yay! Thanks, Fanta. πŸ™‚

    Oooh, we’ll have to compare notes about education, Mitch. Thanks for the kind words about my acidic commentary. Steer, teehee, very punny, and I love punny.

    Tell me about it, Mavis, not my thing, either. I can handle 50% off or 2 for 1 (well, that’s sort of the same thing . . . I think), but much more than that makes my head hurt. Smiles.

    Heeee, Lisa, you are perfectly funny!! Yes, won all the spelling bees and are off to the word series! Giggling happily and sending you huggs.

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