Mirror Mirror on the Wall


Ever since reading my friend Pris’ blog post entitled “The Mirror”, I’ve been feeling all deep and pondery, so I thought I’d ramble a bit about it and about my ideas and see what happens. Pris’ post ponders (ooh, how could I resist the alliteration?) our reflections in mirrors and whether or not these are “true.”

Personally, I’ve thought about this before because I truly don’t think that I look the way I . . . well, look. I think there are days when the mirror tells me I look fabulous, but I truly don’t, and I think the reverse is also true. People see something different, it seems, than I do. What’s up with that? Does the mirror do more than reflect back our “mirror image” so that our hair is parted on the opposite side and our freckles or acne or big hairy warts all show up on the other side? How is it that I can look at some part of me in the mirror and then look at that same part (like my foot or something) in person, and it looks different . . . bigger or smaller or whiter or longer?

Pris also wonders about photography and capturing people’s images, and as I know many of my 360 friends are photographers, either professional or professional-quality, I wanted to ask about that; how is it that one person (never me) looks amazing in photos, while another person (yep, me) looks truly horrible? How can one person be photogenic and not another? And then there are flukes in which an unphotogenic person has a good photo taken . . . .


11 thoughts on “Mirror Mirror on the Wall

  1. Good subject to ponder. I know that I can primp myself up while focused on the mirror image of me and then a pic can be taken and I have to say “who is that and what did you do with that gorgeous figure I saw in the mirror?” I don’t know Fuzzy, maybe when we look in the mirror we can arrange our expressions to be flattering and then when we are sitting for a photograph since we can’t see ourselves, we might be all nervous and it shows up in the snapshot of us all weird. Hmmmm pondering thoughts.

  2. Mavis, hit my feelings right on the head! Thank you Mavis! That’s what I want to know, what happens to the person I thought I just left the mirror with and just what is with the flattering poses? Why can’t we always be our best? Thank you Fuzzy, it felt good to come over here and read your blog on this. I am looking forward to what your wise friends come up with too.

  3. Thanks for the really interesting Blog. You aren’t the only one who isn’t very photogenic and I managed to escape all the photos at the evening Christmas Party and got told off for it! The reply from me was that I would break the lense! I like being behind the camera. Hugs to you.

  4. Okay, woman, you are just fishing for compliments here. Your the only one who thinks you don’t look good in a photo. The professional one you sent me if gorgous…a real looker…the one of you on puter on bed is so lovely and I think captures your spirit totally. I blogged on Pris about this so I will digress! LMAO..Not often I don’t take up the opportunity to ramble!

  5. I have never liked having my picture taken; when I see the picture I always feel like I look awful! Sometimes, preception is everything. Perhaps we are just too self-conscious. :p I prefer to take the pictures as well rather than be in the picture. You look very nice in your blog pic, so I don’t think you have anything to worry about!

  6. I think that you’re right, Mavis, I know that I gather myself up in a certain way when looking in the mirror, a way that I likely can’t recreate without the mirror’s guidance! Huggs.

    I think it’s such an interesting topic, Pris, and I’m still thinking about it, even as I compose my latest entry. It still makes me wonder about how we see others, especially those we have strong feelings for. Love being blind, hate shining a spotlight, that sort of thing. Very cool stuff. Thanks for bringing it up. Huggs.

    Teehee, I run from the camera, too, Snuggles, I know from long experience that I’ll look a fright once the film is delevoped (one of these days I’ll get a digital, but it doesn’t matter, I look awful on those, too.) Huggs.

    BBB, trust you to see me fishing for the compliment! Teehee. For once, I wasn’t, though. But thanks for your kind words. The real test will be when you see me in person, though. LOL Huggs for days, BBB

    Thanks to you, too, Ceres. Self-consciousness certainly plays a role, but it can’t explain the fact that I’ll look at pictures of myself and not even recognize me! That’s something else entirely. Or I have a very inflated perception of myself. LOL Huggs.

  7. Oh you must get a digital camera, at least that way you don’t have to pay to develop the horrible pictures and you can take them to you hearts content until you get a good one of you. Thats what I did with the pictures of me on my blog page, either that or I am far enough away from the lense! he he. You are beautiful anyway and I don’t think you need to hide behind the camera really. Hugs to you and yours (cats that is) x

  8. Mirrors: the reflection itself is a true image of reality, it is our own personal perception of the image that changes it. It all comes down to the old philosophical argument about Objective Vs Subjective reality.
    Photographs: while to a certain extent perception comes into it again, here it is different because of all the planned AND random factors involved in the taking of a photograph. I’ve found that those who are either photogenic or enjoy having their photo taken tend to be more relaxed and still, thus the photograph comes out well. Those who do not like their own image anyway will employ all sorts of avoidance techniques, thus any photos obtained are usually at an unflattering angle or with a less than relaxed expression.

  9. Aw, thanks, Snuggles, you are too kind. And one of these days I will get a digital camera, so I can scare you all to death with dozens of pics of me! LOL

    I don’t know Mitch, it’s weird to look at something in the mirror and then see the same thing in the same light at the time and in the same frame of mind differently. Has that happened to you? Pris put it better than I have. As to the photographing, I’ll have to accept your experience as you are a brilliant photographer! I do think that being uptight and uncomfortable explains a lot of my bad photos, but all the “candid” come out the same, as well.

  10. LOL! The pic of Mike and me was one of my few photogenic moments. I think I am allotted one decent photo a year. Somehow, I managed two last year as my driver’s license picture isn’t too bad either. πŸ™‚ Oh and I just tried to take one of myself the other day. EWWWW Deleted immediately!!! What huge bags under my eyes I had!!!

  11. I’m totally unphotogenic, I don’t know what it is. I swear, though, and have had others say, that pics of me just don’t look like me. Not at all. It’s so weird. People don’t believe me, but it’s very true. I take crap photos. Sigh. And yes, I’ve tried and tried to get one, but like you, I just delete them immediately. I scare me. πŸ˜€ I’m sure you’re far harder on yourself than you need be, though, that pic of you and Mike is adorable!! πŸ˜€

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