2006 Blog Archive


Because I share her drive to organize and think it’s a fab idea, I’ve decided to follow the example of my friend Rii’s blog archive. Mostly, I wanted to organize all my posts of 2006 for my own benefit, but well, I don’t know, maybe someone will be interested in reading back or revisiting a post or discovering one they missed . . . What? It could happen.

I’ve tried to organize the entries according to the following subject headings, but some, of course, overlap other subjects and could easily fit in two or more of these broad categories. Where this has happened, I’ve stuck them somewhere that makes sense to me (good luck figuring out some of them!). Oh, and if anyone knows how to hyperlink within the same blog, please tell me; I had these headings hyperlinked to their respective headings and subheadings below in Word, but it didn’t work when I pasted it over.

Politics and Society

Musing About ’08

Random Observations and Miscellaneous Ponderings

Strange Goings On

Relationships and Love

Sports and Recreation


Blogging, the Internet, and Computers

Movie Night

Places to Go, Things to See and Do

Television Programs

On a More Personal Note

Found Funnies

I’ve decided to exclude moment-specific blog posts such as tags, Fuzzy happenings, and birthday/holiday wishes . . . those were meant for that moment. Anyone wishing to read them, may do so by paging back to them, they are still there. A lot of my blog posts are topical, inspired by a news story of the day, but these have the merit (to my mind) of not being stuck forever in that moment in time.

As you all know, I rarely post “found” stuff, but on two occasions in 2006, I did so, and because these are still good to read (i.e. they still make me laugh—the church one makes me laugh so hard I cry and my sides ache; I have a sick sense of humor), they appear in this archive.


Politics and Society

American Flag Burning Protests: Oxymoron or Just Good Old Free Expression

Americans Abroad: How Not to be an Ugly American

At Each Other’s Throats One Day and Bestest Buds the Next: Politics as Usual

Christmas: 1 — Political Correctness: 0 . . . or not?

Coulter Culture: Ann Coulter Challenges Left Wing Political Correctitude

Guilty as Charged: So and So Showed No Emotion

Holocaust Memorial and “Not Me” Syndrome

Hyper-Vigilance and Public Scrutiny

Immigration Reform: U. S. vs. Them

The Implications of Homegrown Terrorists Working with Al Queda

Let Your Voice Be Heard

Mandatory Health Insurance: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Mayday, Mayday, Mayday

Moussaoui Sentence: Life in Prison

Musing About ‘08

Musing About ’08: The Men and Women Who Might be President

Musing About ’08: The Obama Factor

Musing About ’08: White Guilt and the Presidency of the United States of America

National What? Circulation? Or Security?

Obama, Superman, and Iraq: What to do? What to do?

Questions, No Answers, On Reparations

Race, Class, and Privilege: Young Mother and College Student Reports Rape by Duke Lacrosse Team

Removing the Crosses from National War Memorials: Separation of Church and State?

The Right Side of White in Higher Education

Some Fun Facts About the Amnesty Bill

Sticks and Stones

Tourism Boycott in MA and AZ

Vertically Challenged: The New Minority

Weddings and Marriage and Civil Unions (Oh My!)

What the Fluff?

When Soldiers Kill Civilians

Whose National Anthem?

Wiretapping, Privacy, and National Security

Random Observations and Miscellaneous Ponderings

Age Appropriate Attire

Breaking the Barbie Mold: Swimsuit Shopping Season

A Brief Musing About Men’s Underwear

China’s New Adoption Policy: Fat Ugly People Need Not Apply

Come along Dorothy. You don’t want any of those apples.

Commuting Etiquette

Confessions of a Recovering Infomercial-holic

Do These Stairs Go Up, Too?

Folk Art Freaks Me Out

Holiday Heart and Magic Captured on the Screen

If Money is Good, Pretty Money is Better

Jelly Shoes, Big Hair, and Body on Tap Shampoo

Let’s Hear It for “the Girls”

Magic Elixirs: Some that Work, Some that Don’t

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Murder, Corpses, and Decomposition . . .

My Life, My (Company’s) Time

Nightmare and Dream Jobs

Perceptions of Time

Pet Euthanasia: Stay or Not?

Post Veterans Day Pondering: What’s a Veteran?

Reading and Shaving and Talking on the Cell Phone, Oh My!

Real Time Location of Celebrities

A Sandwich by Any Other Name

Self Definition: “Who Are You?”

Skippety Do Da: Shoe Talk

Strange Taste

Steel Magnolias and Southern Identity

Superstition, Science, and Chaos

Surgical Corrections for Bad Genes: No Stomach for This?

Tom Cruise: Does Scientology Need a New Celebrity Spokesperson?

To Sleep Perchance to Dream

Where Have I Lived? . . . Eh?

Strange Goings On

Driving While Dead

How Did That Lightbulb Get There?

If Thy Finger (Or Marriage) Offends Thee . . .

No Condoms in Jamaican Penal Institutions

Overheard Conversation: “clocks spring forward . . .extra hour of sunshine . . . ” Huh??

So Funny You Forget How Ineffective Our Education System Can Be

You Won’t Find This in Any Baby Name Book

Relationships and Love

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Love or Lust? Can’t We Have Both?

One Woman’s Trash is Another Woman’s . . . Pleasure?

“Selfish” Needn’t Be a Dirty Word

Spring Sensation/al

Sports and Recreation


Samson’s Hair: Johnny Damon’s Back in Boston

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Blogging, the Internet, and Computers

About Internet Explorer 7

Blogs, Blogging, and Blog Buddies

Coffee, Cats, and Contemplation (Oh My!)

The Lap(top) of Luxury


Public vs. Private: Blogs, the Internet, and Expectations of Privacy

The Use, Misuse, and Abuse of “LOL”

Movie Night

Movie Night: Flags of Our Fathers

Movie Night: 1997’s Titanic

Movie Night: Starship Troopers

Places to Go, Things to See and Do

Animal Instinct

Does Size Matter?

Fuzzy’s Feel Good Viewing Guide

Haunted and Haunting Edinburgh Castle

Holiday Heart and Magic Captured on the Screen

Jim Warren’s Art

New Stephanie Plum Novel: Brain Candy

Oysters on the Half Shell

That Big Pile of Rocks

Uncommon Boston Common

Television Programs

Forward to the Past: Frontier House, 1883

Is the Playboy Mansion Haunted?

“Off” the Air: Will & Grace Finale

Why I Love One of Television’s Most Hated Men

On a More Personal Note

Clash of Wills

Consumer Debt and Me

Crabby Much?

Follow Your Bliss

The HazMat Team Stopped By Today

Honesty, Candor, and Manners

I Didn’t Know Peacocks Can Fly

If I Only Had a (Right) Brain

Miscellaneous Travel Musings

My Grandmother

Peapod Home Delivery Service: Miracle for the Infirm (and Lazy)

Sleep Deprivation and Turkey: Keys to Curing Insomnia

Found Funnies

Andy Rooney on Women Over 40

Don’t Let Worry Kill You — Let the Church Help


The picture was drawn for me by Fanta, and I just love it!


17 thoughts on “2006 Blog Archive

  1. *cries* I don’t want to archive my blog, I want the blog fairy to do it for me, it’ll take too long!
    Well done though, and happy New Year. 🙂

  2. An admirable thing to do and very organised, just a little scary!! I’m afraid my newly set up Tag cloud will have to suffice for me, I refuse point blank to be this organised.

  3. OK Fuzzy girl, organised is one thing, but you haVE TOO MUCH TIME ON YOUR HANDS(caps key again) HERE.hhahahahha. I tried to read the curch thing at the end, but it wouldnt go bsck to taht one. maybe it didnt grabe it. happy new year.

  4. Gee, Tally, who do you think did mine? You just have to close your eyes, put a coin under your pillow (best do that before you close your eyes, though, or you might stub your toe), and then wish really hard for the blog fairy. I think I clapped my hands, too. LMAO. It’s not that bad, really, I did most of it when I had a cold last month and was lounging around on the couch sipping honeyed milky tea. Then I just kept up from there!

    This is cracking me up, Mitch! Do you know I contemplated going back and adding tags and thought it was just a bit over the top, but here you go back and add tags and think I’m over the top. Too cute. Actually, I’ll begin tags now that it’s 007, just didn’t want some done and some not in the last year. How’s that for anal retentive? Still chuckling over you going back and adding tags to all your posts but not copying and pasting the url’s while there! Teehee.

    Oooooh, and that one is SOOOO good, I think I’ve fixed it now, Spartonmom. And oh, yes, far too much time on my hands, but that’s all over now that it’s the new year. 😦 Huggs to you and hope you’re home safely now!!

  5. There should be a group for the anal retentive. I don’t do this, but have my other things that drive me crazy that have to be just right, like making lists. My mother was like this too, way before computers, so I guess it is inherited. That’s it, its not our fault we are this way. 🙂

  6. Hei Fuzz.

    GREAT STUFF – well done!! I like this and will be able to getin a jiffy to read the ones I have missed the last while working me little blonde brain cells to nearly overheating.
    HuGGiz for Your Organized Honest Self from me organized Dignified self. Rii xx

  7. I make lists because I can’t remember things, Pris, not because I’m anal retentive, though I am that, too, about some things, like my computer and blog–I like to keep things organized online, love the tabs on IE7, have files and folders and all sorts of things to organize all my stuff. Makes me happy. Huggs, Pris!

  8. Yay, thanks, Rii!! I just saw you posted yours, too, and I know I missed a lot of your early blogs and then some over the summer, so I’m very much looking forward to catching up! Honest organized hugs to your organized and very dignified self!!

  9. I make lists, too. Not because I’m AR (I hate that bloody phrase) or that I’m forgetful. Just that I’m slightly prone to obsessive behavior. Always suspected that I’m mildly prone to OCD.Now, I just have to arrange all my TV/DVD remotes in a tidy line………..LOL

  10. Thanks, Mitch. Just thanks. Oh, and I used to keep all my books organized by subject or genre and then alphabetized within those categories, but then after moving a lot, I got over that (though I think I would secretly still like to have them that organized, I can’t be bothered now they’re all on their shelves). 🙂

  11. How cool, to be organized. But my organization skills are such that I do need a secretary or a fairy or gnome or something or someone to obsess for me. Since the only thing here lately that I obsess on are gritty floors.

  12. Hey Mavis, well, this wasn’t meant to make anyone feel organized or disorganized or whatever else organized; just wanted to put all my blogs in one place and then have them for easy reference. Kind of like gritty floors only not so much fun to obsess over. LOL

  13. my suggestion would be, try copying your archive blog into a new blog editor like you were going to do a new blog. maybe just try doing a couple to see if it works. i’m not sure how you want the footback tags to work. anyway, you’ll probably have to post it as a new blog to see if it works, you can always delete it once you find out.

    i hope i’ve helped.

    Politics and Society

    blah, blah, blah (no offense, but i can’t fit all that stuff into a message. just my way of saying there’s a bunch of stuff written here.)


    blah, blah, blah

    Wiretapping, Privacy, and National SecurityReturn to top of page

  14. Oh! Kerry, I somehow missed this comment; I’m so sorry!! But yay! I’ll totally have to try this out. Thank you so so much!! *hugs*

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