Tag Clouds and Other Things 360


I’m walking on tag cloud nine. How is it that I didn’t grasp the wonders of the new 360 tags? I just thought it’d be a pain you know where to put them up and couldn’t be bothered with that project on top of my archive project. But then Mitch mentioned doing his, and I thought about it. And you know how when something is on your mind (or conversely and perversely, you’re trying NOT to think about something) and that’s all that you seem to see? Like just after a break up, all you see is couples in love or when you’re young (or not so young) and you think you might be pregnant, and all you see are pregnant women and babies? That’s how it was with tag clouds; I’d click someone’s blog and my eyes would be drawn to their tag clouds.

That’s how I saw Tally’s and was instantly green with envy; how fabulous her tags seem, so fun and exciting, and before I knew it I’d clicked on one, and I was hooked and I’ve not looked back since (that was a whole two days ago, I do have a thing for hyperbole, don’t I?). I rushed to do my own, but it seems I’ve not blogged on anything tantalizing or I’ve not got the tag creation knack that she has because mine seems flatter, less full and fluffy fun and cloudish. But I still like it, and it makes me happy to see it there, with some words bursting at the seams with entries and some teensy little words quietly promising only one blog entry.

Not only does this make finding particular blogs of my own easy breezy, but another good use for these tag clouds is (probably what they are intended for) quick browsing someone else’s blog entries, you know someone who sends an invite or who looks interesting on someone else’s page so you pop over to see what they’re writing about. Last night, I stopped by a few people’s pages and clickety clicked on this and then on that, and it was fun to read only those posts that mention that word or have to do with that topic.

So now my new happy thing is tag clouds, so if you’ve got one, I’ll be over to click through it, so watch your comments page! Not sure if that’s a threat, a promise, or a warning . . . Rii has me hooked now on people’s whole blogs, like their whole person, rather than just that one day, seeing what else they’ve done or talked about or captured in pictures and/or words. So as I’ve had time and inclination, I’ve been doing some backwards browsing through my friends’ blogs as well, not just new people’s. I’m so glad I stopped being a bit befuddled by tags and hopped on the cloud train.

Another thing I’ve wondered about with regard to 360 is how our friends show up on our page. Sometimes some people are there, right on top, and then at other times others are there on top. It does seem that the ones who blog most frequently show up, but I can’t see any particular pattern. For example, I might post a comment on Amber’s page and still be at the bottom of her showing friends. Is there a rhyme or reason to it? Or is it just randomness? I’m sort of glad that we don’t have to pick our ordering of friends here like they do at myspace; I mean how do you do that without insulting someone or unintentionally hurting people’s feelings? These are my eight favorite friends, see how you don’t qualify? Yikes.

Also, I would like to be able to make music play on my page, I mean spontaneously like over at that other space, and not have it go off when you change to the blog or go to make a comment or look at their lists or whatever. It’d be good to make music the whole time someone’s at my page, all the pages of my page. There’d be a nice device so that people who don’t want to listen to Barry Manilow (just kidding!) can turn it off, of course, or change their own settings not to have the music play on others’ pages.

One thing that baffles me, though, is the spell check feature; I run it now and then, believe it or not (I know between typos and the all-time badness of my spelling, it’s impossible to imagine me actually spell checking. But I do. Now and then.) Has anyone else noticed that the word “blog” and its variations are not programmed in the spell check? Isn’t that strange for a blog-based feature? Nor are contractions recognized, and it’s blogging (not in the spell check dictionary, either), so it’s not all formal and devoid of contractions (or contradictions, come to think of it). And did anyone else notice how it mooshes up the paragraphs, deleting extra lines in between them? How peculiar this is to me. But then, no one asked me.

And of course I’ve got the photo album issue, but I think that’s just a glitch with yahoo at the moment because the group is inundated with people (me, too, I think) complaining about that one.


Btw, I DO like Barry Manilow, but I’m not evil enough to inflict him on others without warning! I’d pick something better; like now I have one of my true faves David Gray singing a fab song. Wouldn’t that be nice to hear as you read my ramblings?

Btw, part the second, the pic is one Mavis pilfered and then I pilfered it from her and has nothing to do with the entry. I just thought it was pretty awesome looking.


21 thoughts on “Tag Clouds and Other Things 360

  1. *Preens at being name-dropped*

    Thank you and I’m glad you enjoyed it! I can see me spending hours looking at yours.
    There is apparently a way to embed music, if you go to the Yahoo 360 Forum (on my groups), there is a file on it. I tried it but couldn’t make it work, but I’m no dab hand at HTML, i must say.

    I love your blogs.

  2. Pretty kewl. I hadn’t paid attention to the tags but clicked on a few of yours and it brings up all the blogs you have posted on that topic? Looking back on my stuff, some of it is kind of scary….one of those “what was she thinking days.” Like the doggy dumping one from yesterday. Its a sin I would just as soon bury…but maybe you could do a tag for your sins? I love to dig them up. 🙂

  3. Yay, so glad you didn’t mind, Tally; I’ve gone back and linked to your tag cloud now. Smiles. And wow, super big thanks for loving my blogs. The feeling is entirely mutual.

    LOL, Pris, okay, I have to admit that there are “what was I thinking” blogs that I . . . er, “forgot” to tag or somehow “missed”. LOL. Maybe that’s the fun of it, too, it’s up to us to tag ’em (or bag ’em).

  4. Ooops, and no way I can manage the html music making thing, Tally, but thanks for the tip. Why can’t things be simple? I like simple. Simple is good.

  5. And ooops, again. Yes, please. Do take hours looking at mine, Tally, and Pris, when you click, leave me a comment! How fun!! Okay, am now obsessing. Off to do something that’s not blogging. Huggs to you two.

  6. Hei Fuzz.

    Tag Clouds are the BEST! And having the ‘titles, topics’ already ready through naming them previously should make it so very easy to do the tags. I did mine very fast because of this, you see. Have a GRAND WEEKEND. Rii xx

  7. I know someone who has/had music on his page. His name is Frank.I have asked him already how he did it and as soon as I have an answer, I’ll let you know.
    Take care and have a lovely weekend!

  8. Sorry but I’m totally new to 360 otherwise I would try to help. On an off topic note thanks for poking around and I hope you liked my page. Cheers!

  9. Very much so, Rii! You have a grand weekend, your dignified self. Huggs. xx

    Oooh, Fanta, yes, please do let me know. And you have a lovely weekend, as well. Smiles and huggs.

    Hi there, DaddyO, no problem at all and thanks for stopping by here, too. Cheers!

  10. Hmmmm…I have read every single one of your blogs from day one! I will figure out the embed music thing for you BBB.

  11. I’ll try my best to explain the footnotes on my blog.

    It’s done using HTML so you need to have the view HTML box checked in order to enter the footnote HTML code.

    There are four parts to the code. Just before the footnote link you need to set the RETURN TAG. You need the FOOTNOTE LINK itself, the FOOTNOTE TAG and then the RETURN LINK.

    As this message facility will support some HTML, I cannot give you the proper code without some or all of it vanishing. So I have to substitute characters.

    Where you see ‘{‘ below replace it with ”.

    RETURN TAG : {a name=”return11″}{/a}

    The name in there has to be unique. I change them for every post because you can display multiple posts on the same page.

    FOOTNOTE LINK : {a href=”#Note11″ class=””}{B}(Note 1) {/B}{/a}

    The name in there is the name you use in the FOOTNOTE TAG. the B and /B use bold font like this

    FOOTNOTE TAG : {a name=”Note11″}{/a}

    Again the name is unique and has to be the same as you used to link to the footnote.

    RETURN LINK : {a href=”#return11″ class=”bodl”}{B}Click to return{/B}{/a}

    The name in the href field has to be the same as used in the RETURN TAG.

    I hope this helps.

  12. Aww, I’m so touched, Amber!! You’re really the bestest BBB ever. Huggs.

    Simon, thank you so so much for this; I’m not the best with html, but this seems very doable.

    hehe, I know how you feel Barbara!

  13. Well Simon has lost me and i didn’t even know what a tag cloud is but think I have just about worked that one out now. Least I know where to come when I want to do tag clouds! he he. LOL x

  14. Hey Snuggles, the tag cloud is that lengthy list of key words and terms to the left of people’s blogs. Tons of fun and easy to create (just type in key words where it prompts you to add or edit tags), they make blogging even more easy and fun. Huggs.

  15. Amber, this is what they tell me to do, but when I do finally manage to find the right html string (http to en), all I get is the dot. No playing, no nothing. Can you work it out?

    Posted by: “lolly” lollygobbleblissbombb@yahoo.com lollygobbleblissbombb
    Sat Jan 6, 2007 8:17 pm (PST)
    This is how I embedded music in my actual blog:as per message 8676

    1. Go to http://video. google.com/ and search for your favourite song.

    2. Click on Emai- Blog- Post to myspace.

    3. Click on Embedded html.

    4. Do not copy the whole embedded thing. Just copy a part of it
    looks like this http://video. google.com/ googleplayer. swf?
    docId=3221154943178 259408&hl= en (start with “http” and ended
    with “=en”)

    5. Go to your blog. Compose an entry or just edit the one. Choose
    View HTML source.

    6. Paste this link : <embed style="width: 1px; height: 1px;"
    type=”application/ x-shockwave- flash” src=”Music link”
    flashvars=”autoPlay =true” bgcolor=”#000000″
    allowscriptaccess= “none”>

    and replace Music Link= the link founded on video.google. com (for
    example: http://video. google.com/ googleplayer. swf?
    docId=3221154943178 259408&hl= en )

    7. Save or compose the blog. It should appear as a tiny little dot
    that is hard to notice and it’ll autoplay every time you go to
    the “Blog” page.

    P/S: Only 1 song per 5 entries appear or it’ll be chaos when each
    entry play its own song.

    The only thing I did differently to the above is copy the link onto
    a word document then take out “Music Link” and insert the link for
    my tune, then save it, then copy the whole link to my blog, click
    the html, then post it then save.

    Hope that helps you all. 😀


  16. Here at last, better late than never!! Thanks for the mention :-))
    Have to say I wasn’t much impressed by the Tag and Tag Cloud features at first. When the new improvements came out the one feature that I thought we REALLY needed was an ‘autosave’ function that actually worked, to stop losing a blog just as you’re about to post it after spending forever typing it. Personally, I’d rather not have to do it all in Word first, then transfer it over. Word doesn’t keep it in the format I want without lots of tweaking, so it’s just wasting time. But instead of spending some money fixing the code of the already in place ‘autosave’ feature that didn’t work properly, they just scrapped it and gave us other features that I personally didn’t find all that useful.
    Well, as we were stuck with it(tag feature), decided to play around with it, give it a try, and to my surprise discovered it quite useful. Ok ok, I was wrong about it originally!! LOL
    Still don’t like the spellchecker, partly because the dictionary database isn’t very good, and partly I prefer to spellcheck myself when I proof the piece before posting (not 100% accurate, I’ll grant but no worse than the ‘useful’ new feature.
    When Yahoo asked for comments on the new features, my main response was that “please remember that blogging isn’t just about functionality, it’s about PEOPLE”. I think they sometimes forget that. ’nuff said :-))

  17. Yay!! So glad you finally made it, Mitch, and yes, far better late(ish) than never. :)) The autosave thing would be great; they claim they have that now in the “recover last entry” thing, but that only recovers about five lines of the last entry. I hate to type in Word and transfer it over, too, so I just type in the “compose a blog” space and then do lots of “select all” and “copy” saving just in case. Well, now that I think about it, there are times I compose in Word, or I will edit in Word now and then. I do compose in Word when I have an idea for a blog but have already posted one for that day; I’ll write it up while in the mood then have something ready to go later on. Doesn’t happen often, but it’s nice to have those just in case.

    Gosh, being wrong now and then has to be okay, right? I’m in for it big time if not. LOL Spelling is not really my best skill, so I don’t dare trust myself completely on that one. Keep those comments coming; you always bring something unique and interesting to the table.

  18. I am SO into the whole blog concept! 😀 Now you know how far I’ve read to date. By the end of vacay, I will be ALL caught up! YAY!

  19. I am so flattered. And SO impressed. I’m in such a blah blog funk that I can’t summon up the oomph to keep up with anyone’s current blogs and here you are going through all mine. I’ve slipped behind in reading yours, but I know that I will get all caught up, too. Luckily, I found you (or you found me?) before you’d had a chance to post hundreds!! LOL 😛

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