Closet Tales By An Undiscerning Hoarder of Stuff


So I’m sorting through a bunch of the things that I have stuffed in my closet, and I realize not only that I keep too many things for way too long (can you believe I still have a shirt I wore “clubbing” twenty years ago? Really. Not exaggerating here.) but also that given the limited amount of storage space in my apartment this is a huge problem.

My closet is a walk in, but it’s the smallest walk in imaginable: I barely fit (and this was pre-accident, pre-Christmas spread). Part of the problem is the bookcase that I keep in there. I don’t have enough drawers or under-bed space for four seasons’ worth of clothes, so I needed something to put sweaters and tee shirts on; when I first moved in here, I had an extra bookcase, so I stuck that in the closet and loaded it up with tops (and maybe stuffed animals–long since donated–had a bit of room back then). Another part of the problem is the hook that I have on the wall; well, the hook itself isn’t really a problem, it’s all the totes that I have hanging on it until they bulge out into the middle of the space. Sigh. The top shelves are piles high with luggage, shoes, purses, and “lounge” wear (sweats and fleece, that kind of thing).

All well and good, but as I was weeding through there, it was like Christmas all over again; I found things that I’d forgotten about,and I found things that I am sure I must have purchased while drunk. Or under someone’s spell. Hideous horrors were lurking in there, sucking up the space that some of the lovely things could (and do now) occupy). And I found things that had “sentimental” but no “fashion” value; a multi-colored dreamcoat my Grandmother sent me (it has to be at least a size 18–I’m not–on top of being quite . . . colorful), a few applique sweaters that my mom had gotten me but that I have not yet reached the advanced age one must be to wear such things (what did we come up with Tally? 80?), and a couple of ancient dresses that I wore as someone’s bridesmaid or maid of honor or to some holiday party back before electricity was discovered, wrangled, and sent streaming into everyone’s home.

One of the problems with all this stuff (and I do love stuff) is that because there’s so much crammed into such a small space, I don’t wear/use it because I can’t see/find it. I carry the same bag every day and wear the same three pairs of shoes most days (not all at once and depending on the weather). And those are black; the bag, all three pairs of “daily” shoes. Black goes with so much and is so low maintenance. Lots and lots of stuff and nowhere to put it. Feel for me.


The picture is of someone else’s closet. In a way it makes me feel better to know that I’m not alone. I would have taken a pic of mine, but I’ve not got a digital camera. Actually, now that I have you here, I was looking at some, but I don’t know anything about them and have no idea what to get. Any suggestions or ideas? The main thing I want it for is this blog, so I need to be able to get the pics from the camera to the laptop with minimal (preferably no) fuss.


33 thoughts on “Closet Tales By An Undiscerning Hoarder of Stuff

  1. First off, as far as I’m aware, all digital cameras come with a cable to attach to your computer, you simply upload them to a folder anywhere you wish. Easy!

    I’m so glad someone else has wardrobe issues. I have this whole pile of….stuff…that just never gets worn. I think in the back of my head is the thought that someday, I might want to wear that, and so cannot throw it away. But I have about 4 staple outfits, it’s quite sad really!

    So that huge frock I wore while 9 months pregnant remains there, in all its floral glory (what was I thinking? Blame it on the pregnancy hormones), that sweater that shows way more cleavage than I actually have is still lurking there too, as is the bizarre polka dot shirt I bought while under the influence of something many, many moons ago.

    One day I’ll bin it all. Honest.

    I think we decided on 80, yes, although I think you suggested lowering it to 60 😛

  2. lmao, Tally. You make me so happy and smiley. Heeee! Polka dots and florals? Love that! The clubbing shirt has gigantic vertical black and white stripes with elastic at the sleeve ends; it’s horrible. Oooh, is that true about the digi cams, they all just connect to the computer by themselves? Well, with me doing the plugging in? I don’t have to get a “dock” or some other software thing? Wow, that does simplify things. Woohooo!

  3. “a couple of ancient dresses that I wore as someone’s bridesmaid or maid of honor or to some holiday party back before electricity was discovered, wrangled, and sent streaming into everyone’s home.” ,,,OMG you are too funny! I wish I had a closet. The houses here in the UK only have clclosets. Tally can vouch for me here! LOL!

    I can’t find a way to have music automatically start on our 360 page, but I am sure it will not be long before yahoo recitfy that.

    Dig Cam….they are not created equal. Sonay and Kodak are best if you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg. I have a sony sureshot. You won’t need more then 3 or 4 megapixels. The more the pixels just means the bigger the picture. 5 megapixels is big enough for a poster…LOL! Hope the advice is helpful BBB!

  4. Hei Fuzz.

    This is such a fun blog to see the ‘fashions’ of your world!! I chucked out and gave away a lot with the moves – still have plenty of stuff in 3 countries n 2 continents – but have slowed amazingly down in hoarding..
    Still, I have even no stuff that really do not use that much. Hmmm… The collecting instinct is rather strong, I’d say in us females in particular.
    Take care. Rii xx

    I take me shots with HP Photosmart Digi yoke that is ab fab and soo peasy to use.

  5. I bought the “dummies guide to oranization” and it helped me clear out everything but the memory cabinet. I am working on that this month. Good luck on the closet, my policy now is that I only keep stuff that I love. If I get it home and and I don’t like, it goes straight to the salvation army box, no guilt!

  6. oh Fuzzy Fuzzy Fuzzy. I finally got John to clean out his closet and dressor, after 15 years. When he started puttin his stuff in my drawers, he had to do the task. i do it every year. I dont always get rid of all that I need to, but I do clear things out. Some one will want it, even if it is a drama club. I know, its hard to get rid of the stuff you wore years ago, but you will never wear it again. It s ok, LET IT GO. One rule i have heard and can actually live with is if you havent worn it or used it in the last six months, get rid of it.
    Now, as far as the camera. I have a kodak easyshare. I love it. they are so much more affordable than they used to be. Waht I would do is ask at a store or camera shop which one would be best and suit your needs. My camers is 5 megapixels. i have taken some really cool pics with it. My current page is one I took while we were traveling. we were actually moving when I took it. Good luck on your camera search.

  7. Yes Fuzz Dear…
    ONE word…


    Get ruthless with yourself and weed out all this stuff, and stick it on eBAY to sell!! Lots of people get a bit of extra cash clearing out. Concentrate on the stuff you will never use/wear again. Someone will want it! Good luck… @@ hugs, G. xo

  8. Thanks, Amb, and very good to know about the pixel thing; all the sites seem to push that as THE way to measure quality of the cam. You’re so clever!! Huggs and love to you.

    Teehee, Rii, yes, we do seem to be collectors, don’t we? I’ve improved in some areas; I don’t save all my plastic bags anymore. I had a whole cupboard full to bursting with them, and I never used them for anything, so when I moved, I threw them all away and swore off hoarding them. That’s a step in the right direction. Huggs. xx

  9. omg, I love those books for dummies, Pris; they’re really quite well done as a rule. I’ve not seen this one, though, and I should look for it. I really need to work with a limited amount of storage space (for example, there’s no linen cupboard at all, nor a place to keep mops, brooms, etc., so I use one of those closed door entertainment centers for sheets, towels, etc. It’s a pain!). And I have become a much better shopper in that I follow your “only keep things I love” policy right in the store. If it’s too tight, I’m not going to bother lying to myself that I’ll diet into it, or if it’s not JUST RIGHT, I won’t make up fixes (well, I’ll just wear it with a long sweater or high heels); I just won’t buy it at all. That helps with the stuff coming IN, but the stuff that needs to go out . . . that, I’m working on. Huggs, Priceless Pris!!

    Oooh, Spartonmom, I do like the six month thing, even though I could never go with it; I do have great things tucked away, I just can’t be bothered to dig them out and wear them because me closet is a disaster. Even if I could find something I was looking for, I’d need to iron it before I could wear it. And ironing is so not my thing. LOL Huggs to you, Lovely Lisa!!

    Perfect, Gloria!! eBay. Of course. I can make a bit of profit, always a good thing, and unload this crap, er, these delightful “retro” items sure to tickle anyone’s fancy (how’s that for a selling spiel? LOL). Great idea, thanks! Huggs.

  10. Hi Fuzzy, we all have stories like that, but just keep the valuable things and get rid of others like they say in Ebay or Salvation army. You will be happy to have all the clear spaces. I used to keep them for sentimentality reasons but then I felt better discarding them :). Regarding Digital cameras all cameras have USB Cables, so you can transfer back and forth, they have simple directions. Give it a try. You can buy good Digital cameras at bargain prices at, they say refurbished but they are equally good or you can try Cheers.

  11. Hmmmmm….this seems to be a girly-blog, so I’ll reserve comment LOL.
    Great picture that Fanta did for you, it’s really nice :-))

  12. You need to clean that mess up! I will bet you are a artist? am I right? I like your self portait. came over from one of your friends. come see my art blog if you like. Sir William

  13. Oooh, Chris, excellent advice on the cam; was just at checking things out. What a wonderful site. Wonder why I’ve not heard of it before? Anyway, thanks for the tip. And you’re also right about feeling better once all that clutter is cleaned up, I can be a bit slobby, though, even though I know it’ll make me happy to have it done. Huggs.

    Aw, that’s a nice reminder, Barbara. Thank you!

    So you are completely clutter free, Mitch? Lucky you! You might have commented on the camera, though, as I know you take fabulous pics. But perhaps you feel I’ve had good advice so far? No matter. Thanks for the kind words about the drawing; Fanta gets all the credit for that one, though. Huggs.

    Thanks, Mavis, ditto on the Fanta getting the credit, though. And a yard sale? Yikes. Too much work, too much dealing with random people in person. I’m hyper-ventilating just thinking about it. :)) Huggs.

    Welcome, Sir William, nice to see you here, and I certainly will come and see your art blog next time I’m online. And no, I’m not the artist, Fanta is; she’s really brilliant and has an art blog, too. Her art’s at “FantaZart” on my friends list, if you want to rub elbows with other artists. And thanks for the digi cam advice. Canon does seem slightly more reasonably priced than Kodak, but I like easy (not at all techie), so I’m thinking “easy share” sounds fab to me. Thanks again for stopping by!! Smiles.

  14. I have had the same issues with my closet. My problem is I have clothes for every size I may become . Small ,med, large and x large. I have been doing better and About once a year I go through and give a bag or 2 to charity. I also decided that even if I fit into the small clothes they are way to out of style. My husband always goes through his clothes after christmas. In fact I sometimes get mad and tell him to stop getting rid of the good stuff. I have a fear of not having money and needing some of this stuff.

  15. These folks who are saying get rid of the stuff are quite right…and if its good stuff – then Ebay is a great answer (once you have your digital camera). And on the camera – one thing to consider is the sort of batteries that it takes – those that take either AA or AAA size rechargables make life much easier – in a pinch you can even use regular batteries to power them. Nice sketch by the way.

  16. I could send you a photo of my closet and you would probably feel much better. In fact you would probably celebrate if I sent you a photo of my extra room packed full of too much stuff. But I won’t because it remains my dirty little secret. :0′

  17. OKOKOK!!!!!
    My solution suggestion is quite simple. Be like many men. (i’m ducking). What that means is don’t buy anything until the last one has holes worn in it. That way you just throw out rags and your closet has lots of room. For instance two years ago I bought a new pair of shinny shoes because I was to be a Pal Bearer at a funeral. The real reason is the shoes I had bought previously to that was in high school 40yrs ago. Though they were in excellent shape still I just couldn’t get my feet comfortably in them. The reason I call them shinny shoes is that all my others have been tennys or waffled boots for winter or whenI goto Colorado. I had opportunity to be down at the state capital today and realized I had only one shirt that had a big enough colored neck size that I could wear a tie with. That really was frustrating so therefor I’ve decided that there needs to be a change. From now on I want the Gov and Legislature to quit wearing suits and ties and wear Hiwaiin shirts like me. Of course it would be optional to wear the proverbial car t-shirt underneath and they can wear jeans even if they don’t have tears in them. Shinny shoes are out and tennys or sandels are required. Also no high heels.

    Not long ago I did some considerable research on a new digital camera. Buy something a little bit better than what you think your going to want. Don’t but too much camera because it’ll end up being a pain. For professional type shooting I recommend the Canon digital but I don’t think you realy want that much control and interchagable lens etc. If you got money Nikon is the best. Canon Sureshot are good but a bit above average in Price. Don’t get too small a pixel count as they always take crappy pictures. 5 meg will do great as there aren’t as many 3/4 megs still in production for the same money. Amazingly I ended up buying the Kodak z740 which I think is another number now. But goto Kodak web site and review their many options. What I like about it is the lens seemed to be above average , a Zeiss I think. It has settings of normal, portrait, fast for moving and back lit or evening. The big plus was that it had a movie setting which many do but this one is not limited by the camera. It’ll shoot as long as there is memory available. Kodak has a free program you can down load to help you get the pictures off the camera and keep them nicely sorted. They have an optional dock you can buy to make your own 4×6 prints. It does an excellent job. Other things which made me buy this model was that it didn’t use AA batteries (sorry Ms Divine). The rechargeables are expensive and they don’t last long. I bought an extra lithium battery so I could charge one while using the other. They really last. Also the camera uses a memory card so you can buy a size equal to the number of pictures you want to take. Memory cards are like digital film. once it’s full you can’t take any more picts till you back back to your computer. With an extra card, swap it out and your good to go for another 500 to 1000 pictures. I’m exagerating. A good quality camera, good picts easy to use and has multiple options as to how you can equip the camera when you buy it. If interested let me know and I’ll track down the correct model number for you.

    Have a good day and night. Don’t let the bed bugs bite.

  18. I so much enjoyed reading this, Fuzz. And I sooo feeeel for you!!!
    As for cameras, I’m using the Sony DSC-T1. It’s very tiny and I think it’s a God-sent. Could not leave without it. It has been part of my life for thre years now, it’s always with me.
    Would not trade it in or anything else.
    I have it in black, but I recommend silver if you opt for this model-or any model- as the black coating is starting to wear off (from touching my keys and pens in my bag, I guess), and the colour underneath is silver. Staring to look a bit ugly for this reason, but still loving it.

  19. Ah, cramped living space due to overflow of clothing as well as “stuff.” I have the same problem, and I have a hard time parting with this “stuff.” I always say, “I might need this in the future!”

  20. Fuzzy needs a camera urgently, as we can only help with the decluttering process if we actually see the items in question! It’s very very important for us to see what the fuss is all about.We might find that dress that was invented before elecricity-attractive. We just have to see it! (LOL)

  21. OMG, Bert, I can’t tell you the last time I had a size small anything; it’d be a great exhibit in the Smithsonian, I’m sure, as it would be old. Very old. But I do know what you are saying about having clothes for every size you might be; I’m the same, though the range isn’t as great as yours because I gave up on small and refuse to ever purchase anything in x-large unless it’s a small x-large as is too often the case with some designers. Huggs.

    Thanks, Em, and good point about needing the camera before I can do anything on eBay! LOL

    Woohoo, Nancy, it’s so nice not to be alone among all these sensible folk. It’s you, me, and Tally! Smiles.

    Wow, Heyman, this is amazing!! Thanks for the great advice on the camera; I’ll definitely be referencing this comment a lot!! As to only buying new when the rest is in rags. Shudder. “lmao” Huggs.

    Thanks, Fanta, you take lovely pics, so I’ll definitely keep all this in mind. Any idea what a Zeiss lens is? If not, I can just google it. Huggs (and major thanks again for the drawing; as you can tell, everyone loves it!!).

    Ceres, I’m the same way, as is Bert; we don’t know what might happen in the future, and we may very well need something that we thoughtlessly tossed away or donated. Caution has its reward. And its downside, of course, thus the state of my closet! LOL

    LOL, Fanta, you are too funny. You don’t think I would actually take a pic of my closet and post it here, do you? Yikes! I wouldn’t want to scare any of my friends away. Huggs.

  22. Actually, I am very clutter-free.I have to be, I live in a very small apartment, I can’t get much in here LOL.
    If you want a camera recommendation, here’s mine: Olympus FE130. It’s a good compromise between affordability and quality. It’s 5.1 MegPix. And the quality? Well, you’ve seen my pics :-))

  23. Do you really? Does it drive you crazy or are you not one to do the stuff thing? Anyway, thanks for the camera advice; I’m really looking for one as I think it’d be fun to add pics to my blog. Especially these girly ones that lend themselves to that. Yes, your pics are awesome! :))

  24. Hey Fuzzy,

    Can’t really say that I am a horder of clothes. I seem to get pretty fed up of my clothes quite quickly and then just recycle them to the charity store when I have a bag full. Great blog though x

  25. Hey Snuggles; gosh, I envy you this! How do you think it got started (and how can I learn to do it???) Huggs to you!!

  26. My goodness Fuzz…you are where it is at!

    SOrry I have been gone so much, but working full time, Tae Kwan Do for one, Basketball for the other and of course the colleg basketball season heating up. I am not giving myself much computer time!

    Cleaning up is always a hard thing to do. Before we move at the end of this year, I need to lighten up as well. Personally, I don’t have much! Give me my computer, a couple of MP3s, some candles and camping equipment and that is pretty uch the sum total of my life. Ok, so I have a little more. My youngest son on the other hand…we’ll we won’t go there.

    As for the camera, I would say Kodak has some really nice medium quality cameras. If it is not going to be a big deal to you, there are a lot of 3MP cameras, but having the 3X optical zoom just may not be enough for a lot of people. Personally, I need the larger 10X zoom. A little something to consider!

  27. Hey, I’m just glad you are back, Gregg. And thanks for the compliment, too. I really would like to have less stuff, in some ways, but it’s just not yet how it is. Oooh, and thanks for the digi cam advice! You’re an excellent photographer, so I know you know about this. You rock!! SO glad you’re back.

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