Girl Scout Cookies


It’s Girl Scout cookie time again, and I greet the season with mixed emotions. I really don’t need any cookies, and I mean REALLY don’t need any cookies. I’m still packing extra weight from the being run over by that suv thing and from the holidays. But it’s Girl Scout (hmmm, maybe like Girl Guides in the UK?) cookie time, and that means that all people regardless of their race, class, religion, or sexual orientation stockpile cookies for the good of our nation’s youth. And because they are easily the best packaged cookies (after perhaps Pepperidge Farm) going.

I was a Girl Scout back in the day, and perhaps I still feel a sistership with the organization (more likely I just like cookies). When I was doing the selling, we would go door to door in pairs. It was horrible. And very time consuming. But fruitful, Girl Scout cookies pry people’s wallets open like little else can. Nowadays, though, little girls knocking on strangers’ doors is bad. Sad, but true, the sexual predators and just plain kooks out there make it very unsafe. Free delivery. Not good in this context. So now the girls are getting smart and twenty-first century about it: they set up tables in the supermarket (my personal fave, as I’m there anyway, buying food), they set up “cookies stands” on the sidewalk and hold up big signs (like lemonade stands, only with cookies, and it’s the scout leaders holding the signs), and they even have websites.

Of course the tried and true, age old method is still in place, the one-two punch of cookie sales. First, the girls eat as many boxes as they can, then when it comes time to ante up and the girls are short, the parents are in the unsavory position of either sending their pig of a daughter to the cookie meeting without enough money to cover unreturned cookies or paying it themselves (the latter is counted on in this method). And second, the girls plead, whine, dance about, beg, cajole, and generally wear down their dads (sometimes moms, but the method is written for dads. hmmm, wonder why?) into taking the order form to work with them and getting all the people there to buy as many boxes as possible. Fool proof stuff. And good for the Girl Scout herself who learns both the power of guilt and the power of a good wheedle. There should be patches for each.

(for example, this Girl Scout may be on her way to find a quiet and remote place where she can scarf down these cookies, and if asked, she would honestly answer that it’s only fair that she try the merchandise so she can best sell it)

Okay, so that’s not true, but Girl Scout cookies ARE good, and they come in all sorts of yummy flavors. I was surprised to learn that in addition to the classic faves, there is also a reduced fat “lemonade” cookie. Interesting, but I’ll stick to the thin mints. Yum.


Some handy links:

To find Girl Scout cookies near you:

For a history of Girl Scout cookies:


29 thoughts on “Girl Scout Cookies

  1. you’ve just listed a couple of the reasons why i don’t like the girl scouts. i was a girl scout back in the day, but my dad was retired and my mom worked in a small office, so they couldn’t take the order forms to work and sell to their co-workers like the other girls in my troop. and i was shy, so going door-to-door was very hard for me. i was one of the only girls in my troop not to get a badge for selling cookies, and my scout leader used to berate me for it. it’s all a big scam, in my opinion. they don’t care about what it teaches the girls, they just want the money from the cookie sales and to hell with you if you don’t deliver.

    sorry to get all up in arms over it, but this is one of those areas where i tend to get rather upset. if i were ever to have a girl, i would hope she wouldn’t want to be a girl scout.

  2. Hey Fuzzy,

    I was in the girl guides but we never had to sell cookies or do anything like that. I was quite fat as a kid and can just imagine me buying and eating all the cookies. Think I could wrap Daddy round my finger and still can if I want a favour. He He LOL. Those cookie do look nice though would have to buy teh double choc chip ones for me and dunk them in my t. YUMMY. x

  3. Wow, Kerry, thanks for the glimpse at the dark side of Girl Scout cookie sales; I was just having some fun with it; I should have thought about how the activities that I so enjoyed might have really damaged someone else. If it’s any consolation, I never sold the most cookies in my troop or even ranked, so I wasn’t all full of myself about it; just full of mint thins. Thanks for popping in.

    Snuggles, you are too funny!! Daddy’s are great for finger wrapping, and it’s a skill little girls excel at. Huggs. xx

  4. Oh ya, well as a daddy I’ll just say this about that!!! it’s true.

    Thinking about what your friend has said about being put down was a terrible thing and the scout leader should have been called on the carpet for that. Unfortunately some people get put into managment possition whether Scouts or business that have no clue as to wha thy’re doing. The good side is that on the whole I think most local scouting is a good thing. If the parents will get involved it’ can be even better. Although as a dad it was sometimes a bit ackward. I wouldn’t trade those times for anything.
    I do know that the percentage that the scouts get is not enough for what they do. The cookie manufacturer is making millions of dollars and giving little back. I especially see this happen with the schools trying to raize money. Wrapping paper or some stuff silly gifts and one kid gets a bike. The rest are making about 10 cents on the dollar for their school club. What a rip off, but if no one wants to start a company and compete then your stuck with it as a parent. I suggested to the school that parents would be better off if we just gave them $25. they always had some excuse to carry on.
    It’ll take some effort on a bunch of parents to ever change any of that. I’ll not hold my breath. Fortunatelly around here we do occasionalle get door to door , we have had an exceptional neighborhood that keeps an eye out for everyone else. THERE ARE NOT ALOT of perverts and nutballs out there. If parents would stick with the kids they could still do the door to door thing. But there’s that thing about getting parents out there. So I’ll not hold my breath on that either.
    All in all i think scouting is a good thing and a good think our country should continue with. Tell the ACLU to stick up their…..

  5. Hei Fuzz.

    ‘Always Ready’ – to sell/eat the cookies!!
    Well, now what an interesting blog topic again. I was a scout meself and liked the nosh that we used to cook but we never ever had to sell anything to anybody. So I do wonder why did you lot had to do that? Where is the dosh over the decades of selling them cookies? Also, wonder if this the very reason that your nation is soo overweight – having bought them, you figured tis better to eat them as well. Hmmm.. Plenty of food for thought for sure.

    I read through the links that this has been going on since 1917 – great recipe was provided on the site, by the way – so that is 89 yrs of selling the ware. When did the obesity start to take over in your nation? Questions galore from the Ikkle Finn Rii xx with HuGGiz

  6. Wow….I have been on both sides of the loop as a scout and as a leader. I have had over 8000 boxes in my living room and sold till I couldn’t stand to see one more box. If the leaders are using the money for the right thing, the scouts are great, but I have also seen the leaders abuse the trust too. We always made enough money to fully support our troop without the parents having to lay out one dime, so for us it worked good. I will tell you this, those kids get more money off the cookies than any other group fundraiser so don’t ever feel like the money is not worth it. Most likely if you see parents at the store helping to sell, its a good troop. I am a thin mint and a trefoil junkie myself.

  7. Wow, you guys are SERIOUS about your Girl Scout cookies!! LOL

    Heyman, I, too, think scouting is a good and positive thing, but like all such things, there is a down side, and the people who fall through the cracks are the ones who are hurt. They need to work on a way to fix those cracks rather than tossing out the baby with the bathwater, though. As to the parents’ going door to door, I don’t know, but it seems that with most homes having both parents out working that even if they wanted to, they’d not have time. Cookie selling isn’t something you can do only at the weekends (and so many families have parents working two or more jobs, including nights and weekends, so that whittles away more time); it’s pretty serious business. Wink. Huggs to you!!

    Hey Rii, you know I came THIS CLOSE to writing up the history of both the Girl Scouts and the cookies, but I didn’t want to scare anyone away. I should just follow my instincts, huh? Glad you found the links, though; that’s what they’re there for. The obesity question is such a big one (er, no pun intended!), and I’m really not sure about a correlation between Girl Scout cookies and our obesity epidemic. I suspect, though, that it’s unrelated, as you note, they’ve been around a long time, and I really did exagerate about the cookie eating in a silly attempt to be funny.

    The usual “line” on the obesity thing here is that it’s a combination of fast food and people working too much to be active enough to balance out bad diets. Also up for criticism: television, video games, and advertising. It’s probably a combination. I know you don’t see kids out on roller skates and bikes like you used to (like I used to be as a kid), and you sure don’t see them getting up an impromptu game of baseball or touch football as in the old days. Sad, isn’t it? I think, too, that I read that the lower one falls on the socio-economic scale the higher those other scales tend to tip. Makes sense but is the reverse of the fatty kings like King Henry VIII (of course that wasn’t here, just an observation). Food for thought as you so punnily say!! Honest huggs from one ever curious and eager to learn blogger to another who’s most dignified and wonderful. xx

  8. Somehow I just KNEW you’d be a troop leader, Pris. :)) Thanks so much for the insider’s view, too, it’s good to have the balance, I say! I’m always happy to buy the cookies; I do remember what it was like to sell them and how good it was for our troop. Then again, I always buy anything any kid knocks on my door selling. I’m a sucker for that stuff!! Huggs for days.

  9. I also was a Girl Scout, and yes the concept came from the UK Girl Guides.
    When I was a Girl SCout we did not have badges for selling cookies…somehow it does not seem right to have badges for selling cookies…goes against the principles that I learned…badges for selling cookies smacks too much of corporate brainwashing.
    OK…I got off the track of my comment…but I have to say that it is not only Girl Scouts, but also Blue Birds, Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, etc…all of these youth organizations that are suffering because too much emphasis is being placed on money and not on the quality of the experience. In my day..(did I really use that expression..I feel so old)…we learned how to make-do with what we had available…that was half the fun..the challenge.
    AND yes…I LOVE Girl Scout Coookies.

  10. Very very cool post, Fuzzy!

    Here in Canada we also have Girl Guides (and little Brownies who fly UP to Girl Guides, *wink*) The cookies are to die for, and I could easily eat a box in no time… Whoops, did I say that?!? Heeheehee!! @@ hugs, G. xo

  11. No problem, River, thanks for the compliment. :))

    Hey Rainy; believe me, I know just what you mean about some of the expressions we use making us feel old; mostly I just feel old because I am. hehe. Thanks for posting. Huggs.

    Okay, Everyone, about the patches and the Girl Scouts. The activity of selling the cookies is actually pretty good for most of the girls in that it promotes some of the qualities that are needed in business and many girls will grow up to enter the business world in one way or another. The girls are responsible for the cookies they have, they have to sell them and keep track of the money, and they have goals for achieving levels of sales for honors in the troops, and yes, for patches. Goal setting, money management, deadlines, incentives . . . all prepare the girl for life.

    I don’t see the problem with it except in cases such as the one that Kerry describes, but that sounds more like a single person (her troop leader) was at fault. That was just wrong. I don’t know what we can do about that, but I don’t think that throwing the baby (as I said above) out with the bath water can be the issue.

  12. thanks Gloria!! I appreciate your compliment so much!! Huggs to you (though your Canadians and the Dutch post ranks far above this girl scout babble!! :)))

  13. I love these cookies, mainly the reason being I was able to contribute for a good cause. As Pris said if they don’t abuse the system is good. I hate charity being misused but I think it teaches kids that they can contribute for a good cause.

  14. I was a girl scout for only a short time. I don’t know what happened but I never had a uniform. I can’t remember why hmmmmm…one of those blank pages thing. Anyway, I get miffed myself at the overpricing of the products that companies provide for kids to sell, whether it be girl scout cookies or anything they get from the school for fundraising. As always you have posted quiet a provocative blog Fuzzy. Good job.

  15. Jeesh, moving to America is going to be so much fun. There I’ll be, trying to be good on my diet, and then some cute little kid is going to come to my door and make me buy evil cookies. Sighhh. It’s a hard life.

    I used to be a Brownie, like younger Girl Guides, our uniform was…just vile. Dark brown and yellow, now there’s two colours that shouldn’t be worn together. I was awful at it,I’m not into group stuff, and I would try and find any excuse to not go.

    But the food was good 😛

  16. Oh yeah…just one more thing I am missing here in the UK. Thin mints were the best! Sorry for the short comment, I gotta run, but wanted to read your blog before I got off line!

  17. I was a Girl Scout too and actually a Girl Scout leader for ten years while my girls were growing up. Being the leader for as many as 24 girls, I would get the entire troops cookies at my house and then have to separate the orders for each girl to take home.
    It was actually kind of fun.
    Did you know that each Girl Scout organization (our is Michigan Pine and Dunes) contracts their own bakery for their cookies (there are two official bakers)?
    Ours always used “Little Brownie Bakers”. As a result, some of the names are different. For instance, your Caramel Delight is our Samoas. My personal favorite are the Tagalongs (Peanut Butter Patties).
    Just a little F.Y.I. ~ :0)

  18. Its amazing the number of references you see to the sale of Girl Scout cookies on the TV programs that get imported over here.

    Being a cynical Brit I always had the idea that it was just a small town thing that the programs were having a little gentle side swipe at. I should have realised that Merkins are generally a lot less cynical when it comes to children and supporting their interests.

    I had no idea that it was such a big ‘business’ though.

    Over here the scouts have to find lots of different ways of raising money. There used to be a Bob-a-Job week, but that went by the board after complaints about exploitation of child labour. I’ll not explain – best to leave that one hanging.

  19. Hey Chris, yes, I agree charities that aren’t being abused from the inside are great! And these cookies . . . yum!!

    lmao, Mavis, who would have thought that a blog about friggin’ cookies (COOKIES!!) would turn into a political hotbed of drama and intrigue? Not me, that’s for sure. I was hungry. Saw a Girl Scout cookie table, thought I’d blog. And now my naive brain is cluttered with thoughts of capitalist machines grinding little girls dressed in green in giant corporate wheels while their proceeds from cookie sales are being funneled into a zillion illegal activities. Waaaah. I just wanted a cookie. lol Thanks for the compliment, though!

    Thanks for your comment, Amber!

    Hey Nancy, yay for you for being a scout leader!! I feel certain you’d never belittle and embarrass anyone as poor Kerry was. I didn’t know that about the bakeries, but how interesting!! Love to learn things like that; I may not remember them if asked in Trivial Pursuit, but I love hearing them nonetheless. Huggs!

  20. OMG, how’d I miss my bestest Tally? Yikes!! You know what inspired this blog? The Buffy about Band Candy. Not kidding, so your reference to little kids selling evil cookies is just TOO PERFECT!! lmao. You’re too wonderful for words.

    Hey Simon, great to see you here again. I love cynicism, and apparently when it comes to Girl Scout cookies, it’s rife over here as well. Normally quite cynical, I must confess to my shock that the fluffy little cookie blog went the way it did, but I love it!! Such fun. Bob a job? Yes, I can hear people howling about chimney sweeps and sweat shops. Sigh.

  21. I can’t think of anything I can add to this discussion, as it’s not one that I know much about. For some reason (and with this, I begin to feel my age) this reminded me of the bear in the sketches on the Andy Williams Show in the late Sixties, always trying to bum some cookies. “No!! No cookies, not now, not ever!!” LOL

  22. I don’t know the reference, Mitch, but it sure seems appropriate!! Though I prefer the Cookie Monster’s philosophy of “More cookies, cookies good” Huggs

  23. I know It GSC season, but we still havent seen any. I love the peanut butter ones. I love peanut butter anything. John loves the Campfire girls thin mints. We havent seen campfire girls for years. I guess they are different. I always get stuck buying at least three boxes, and more often than not, we end up throwing them away. John likes homemade batter. He eats them more than I do.

  24. Okay, this is going to sound nuts, Spartonmom, but I thought the Campfire Girls were made up!! How numbskull am I? LOL Huggs.

  25. oh girl scout cookies are the best. I like the thin mints and the peanut butter ones with chocolate. Oh i almost forgot the ones with coconut and carmel (can’t remember the name). OH they are good. Thank god I do not have any girlscouts around my house. Maybe this year I will miss the big sale and save my hips the extra weight.

  26. I know all too well what you mean about the extra weight thing. Sigh. But yeah, love the thin mint ones, too!! Huggs. (and it’s good to see you back! I’ve GOT to get some sleep, but I’ll swing by your blog tomorrow . . . er, later today!)

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