Pictures. For no reason at all


I finally finished up the disposable digi cam I had, so I don’t have a regular entry today or much of much, just some pics from around where I live . . .

A lavender house (not kidding, didn’t touch it with Paint, this is the color of the house. Really.):

A picture I took while driving by this house; it looks pretty typical of homes in this region, but if you’re not from here, you may find it interesting:

(yes, that’s a traffic cone in the foreground . . . should have cropped that out)

I took this one because it looks like the house in Amityville Horror (yay!):

This is a better “Amityville looking house” but it’s hard to see. Squint a bit, k?

This is a fountain in the park that’s a town or two over from me:

It’s about 14 degrees (F, dunno about in C?), so they don’t have the water running now, but it’s still pretty. Here’s another shot with the light streaming through the bare naked trees:

(didn’t mean to make that sound like tree porn)

My dad came to visit at Thanksgiving, and he has this furry hat with flappy ears that my cat just loved:

A pic of my other cat because she looks so cute here:

And my third (that’s it though, and this fulfills my scary cat lady spinster quota):

Yes, I bought my cats one of those huge carpeted towers with little boxes to hide in and shelves to sit on and little hanging ropes and dangling ball shaped fuzzies. They prefer cardboard. Of course.

So. There you have it. Some pics.


Oh, and the first pic is of the air fresheners in my car. Spongebob Squarepants stopped smelling like a public restroom in the not so great part of town, so I had to get another (the Yankee Candle one, which has a yummy cinnamon smell), but how could I throw Spongebob away? Couldn’t.


Amber figured out how to get music to autoplay!! yay!!! Check out her blog for the link . . .


19 thoughts on “Pictures. For no reason at all

  1. Cool pictures Fuzzy, loved your explanation for Lavender House :). Cool cats, time for them to join (is like Myspace for Cats 🙂 ). The Cats look well behaved. Cheers 🙂

  2. Hey there you,

    Well done these pictures are great. See you had a bit more practice now then. He He. I love the style of houses you guys get over there and Banbury, Chelsea and Cali look fabulous. I shouldn’t worry Marm likes Cardboard boxes and my hand best as well. Hugs to you all. x

  3. Is that the name of your cats, Banbury, Chelsea, and Cali? We used to have a cat named Cali. I am down to Woody, Peachy Lou, Poopydoo, Cherry, Boodlebutt, and the new one Pantera (however, I like the name Ms. Pittypat, and I AM the one the feeds her all the time.) Thanks for the great pics and the look into the Warm Fuzzy World. 🙂

  4. Hehe, then they have you fooled, Chris, lol. No, they’re good cats, really. Especially when they’re sleeping! Huggs

    Hey River, yeah, three seems like a lot, I guess, but it’s just the right number for me! :))

    Hey Snuggles, I thought you might like to see the houses here, so I’m glad that you enjoyed it. Aw, thanks for the compliments and huggs right back to you and Marm xx

    Yes, Pris, they are in order down above Chelsea (in the hat), Cali (on the loveseat), and Banbury (curled up on the chair). That’s Cali batting at Banbury (who’s trying to snooze) in the bottom pic. I love the names of your cats!! How cute is that? And Ms. Pittypat is a good name! I’m glad you still have her and didn’t drop her off at your friend’s house (or mine!) LOL Huggs Priceless Pris.

  5. me likes the little lavender house, its kinda quaint, as for the road cone, it adds to the ambiance of the shot lol.

    Sorry but dun like cats so i leave that there, speak soon

  6. First…hold the phones…disposable digital camera…I have never heard of them. They say that the UK only gets things 10 years after the States! How cool is that…a disposable digital camera! I mean wow…I am like living in the stone ages here!

    I enjoyed the pics. You know its only after I leave New England that I can appreciate and see the charm and beauty within! I really liked looking at the houses. They looked so colonial! LOL!

    I adore cats! Your grey one with green eyes is amazing…here kitty, kitty. I have one cat, her name is Betty and she is a complete Bitch. Doesn’t like anyone but herself. Only at night with the lights off will she jump up on the bed for some lovin. If there is light she outright snubs you and ignores you! Hummphhhh…cats! LOL

  7. I have one of Ambers cats. It will wake me up about 3 or 4 in the morning to bo petted. You must pet till she’s done or she’ll bite you.

  8. Hey Monty, yeah, the lavender house does have some charm. I love purple and lavender, just not sure I’d want my house that color :)) Thanks so much for stopping by.

    Amber, I remember your funny blog last year about your cat! I was laughing my butt off reading it, if memory serves. But yeah, disposable digis. Very cheap, and then you can get the pics on cd for about $3.00 (I didn’t see the point in getting hard copies since it was a bunch of pics like this). They also (are you sitting down?) have disposable video cameras, too!! Not kidding. :)) Huggs

    Cute, Heyman.

  9. Fun blog Fuzzy….but then you know I love to look at photos. *smiles*
    Gosh I bet the lavender house is surrounded by flowers in the spring and summer. There is one house here that is painted in Christmas colors..kid you not.
    Cats are cool…and smart…just like kids…give them a box to play with and they’ll love ya forever.
    Thanks for sharing…loved it!

  10. I love the pics fuzzy. Those are cool homes. and i also am not a kitty person, so I cant comment on the kitties. they do look healthy though, your a good kitty mom.

  11. Hei Fuzz.

    Hahhaha- for the “quota”!! I am a fostergranny/mum to Becki, my daughter’s cat every now and then – like now. Lovely to see your part of the world in pics. KEEP them coming, please. Rii xx HuGGiz

  12. YAY!! Rainy, I thought you’d ducked out for a bit, and I was sad that I wouldn’t see you around until you finished your projects, but here you are making my day with your wonderfully warm and supportive comments. Thank you so very much. Huggs.

    Aw, ClaudiaSomethingSomethingHopperChick, thank YOU for the support, too; I was a bit nervous my first time posting my own pics, but you have made me feel better about it, that’s for sure. LOL on the cats looking healthy. You are too cute! Huggs.

    Rii!! You are just marvelous; thank you for getting and appreciating my attempt at humor! AND for your support of my first foray into pictoblogging (I think I just made that up, but who knows?!). I was just saying to Mitch yesterday, that I so enjoy YOUR blog posts about Finland and Ireland that I’d love to learn a bit about Wales from him. Wouldn’t if be fun if we all posted something on our town or street or whatever; something totally boring and everyday to us is actually interesting to people on the other side of the country or world!! Honest Huggs to your Most Dignified and Very Special Self. xx

  13. Awww @ your cats, they’re beautiful. And eeek at the scary Amityville-type house, that’s so creepy!

    I am jealous of your Spongebob air freshener 😀

  14. Tally, I have another (they come in packs of three), and I will be happy to mail you one. Really. The warning is that they do smell awful! You may want to let it air out first. Um, and yes, it’s an air freshener. LOL Heeee, I thought you’d like the Amityville houses! Yay!

  15. It was so very nice to take a tour of your area. But why aren’t there any people in the streets? Was it because of the cold?
    Love the cats, btw! And your new background!

  16. Oh, good point, Fanta! Actually, most of the pics I take are devoid of people; I regret that looking back at vacay pics, etc. because it’d be nice to see us then. I do usually wait for people to pass out of the shot, and it was very cold on that day in the park, so there was no one to wait for! I definitely will take some pics of people next time I’m out and about. I wish you would, too!! I would love to see even just a plain old street near you; it’d be terribly exotic to me. Seriously. Huggs to your most talented and generous and funny self. xx

  17. Awwwww….cute kitties!! I love them . But who left that giant bowling ball in the park??? LOL.
    If I lived near those ‘Amityville’ houses, I think I’d move!! LOL

  18. Yay! So glad you love my kitties. Me, too. And I certainly wouldn’t want to move IN to an Amityville house, but they’re fun to look at (and read about, of course; the movie versions sucked). :))

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