Musical Things of Note from 1959


Happy Birthday, Gloria!! Your blog is about the price of things in ’59, so I thought I’d do mine on the music of ’59 . . . music’s your thing, after all.

Everyone who is not Gloria . . . enjoy! Well, Gloria, hope you enjoy, too. Of course.

The Good:

–The Canadian Music Centre is established

–Jimi Hendrix buys his first electric guitar

–Motown Records is born

Gypsy opens on Broadway

–People born during 1959 include, “Weird Al” Yankovic, Bryan Adams, Richie Sambora, Joe Elliott.

–“Mack the Knife” by Bobby Darin was a huge hit

The Bad:

–This is the year that the plane carrying the Big Bopper, Buddy Holly, and Richie Valens crashes on February 2, 1959; the next day, when the wreckage is found and the news spreads, becomes known as “The Day the Music Died

And the Ugly:

— The BBC bans the Coasters song “Charlie Brown” because of the word “spitball” (but reverses this decision that same year, putting this in the “good” column at last)


The information came from wikipedia and still wikipedia but Hot 100 unless otherwise linked.

For a listing of the top albums of 1959


13 thoughts on “Musical Things of Note from 1959

  1. Wow!!! The world didn’t end in 1958!! Most people think that as I was born in 1958, thereafter the world was not the same, definately not for the better!! LOL.

    That was a nice thing you did for Gloria. Kudos to you. Happy Birthday Gloria.

  2. One of the other great things for kids in the fiftys was getting under your desk, put your head between your knees and kiss you bultaco good buy. When the air raid sirens went off we all hid. How can anybody say things aren’t better now.
    For music I would reference a movie released not long ago about Bobby Darin’s life. It was well written and acting was excellent. In 2004, actor Kevin Spacey starred as Bobby Darin in the feature film – Beyond the Sea. Spacey also directed the film and sang Darin’s songs for the film, which were released as the film’s soundtrack. Kate Bosworth played the role of Sandra Dee with whom Booby married. Dee also starred in a number of her own films (about 24) and is best remembered as “Gidget” (1959). Then as “Tammy” in films during the sixties. She died in 2005 and Bobby died in 1973.
    Wikipedia knows all and tells all like the Great Wizard of OZ

  3. Duck and cover, Heyman!! Yes. And wikipedia is almost always my man behind the curtain, I must confess. I really need to see this Beyond the Sea film, too. Thanks for the great comments! Huggs to you.

  4. Dear Fuzzy,
    I am completely overwhelmed and brimming over with tears… I came in from a very ordinary day out in the world to discover some lovely greetings here on 360 and now your page with facts lovingly extracted just for me… Music stirs my soul, and this aspect of my life means so much to me… Thank you so much!! @@@

    You wonderful friends mean so much to me as well. Thank God I have you all, you are such bright, bright spots in my day, and my life.

    I cherish you all. @@ tremendous love and hugs, Gloria @@ xo xo xo

    PS ~ Thank you, Fuzzy’s friends for all your warm birthday greetings!! xo

  5. Yay, thanks, Rainy!!

    Oh, Gloria, I’m so happy that you like this (and did you see that Weird Al was born in your year, didja? didja? LOL I really did laugh out loud when I saw that because of the eBay vid. Teeehee). You are a bright spot in my day and life, too, and . . . well, what can I say. Thank you for being you and have the happiest of birthdays!! Huggs. xx

  6. Hei Fuzz and Hei BIRTHDAY GIRL GLORIA!!

    Brilliant thingie that you did to our DEAR Friend, so tis. Take care ye and do keep well, sez d Blonde drinking her morn brew and trying to think something clever to say but alas! not a thing coming up!! Rii xx with HuGGiz

  7. LOL Fuzz, yes I see Weird Al is a “Fifty-Niner” too! It must have been a bumpercrop year for oddballs, obviously {!!} Plus, we are both Late-(baby)-Boomers, you see. That’s where the the nickname comes from, Lateboomer. Part Late-baby-boomer and in my case, Late BLOOMER also, LOLOL!

    Hi there ‘Ikkle Finn!! {Waves across the globe at Rii!!} Yes, that was such a sweet thing for Fuzzy to do!! She’s quite a wonderful person, isn’t she? xo

    Hello AZAD, and thank you very much for the birthday wishes!

    @@ hugs, xo

  8. Hey Fuzzy,

    Late looking at this one but I have already wished Gloria a Happy STEW! LOL. Gloria knows what I mean. Brillant blog. I loved the song “Mack the knife” so great to know that this was NO 1! x

  9. No problem, Snuggles, glad you stopped by, as I always am. You cheer up my day!!

    Gloria did such a great job guest hosting the comments to her that I didn’t even need to respond to Rii and Azad . . . huggs to you all!

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