A Whole Lot of Nothing At All


So I haven’t been feeling very much like researching anything lately, and though I really wanted to write a blog on spontaneous human combustion, I just couldn’t wade through all the stuff about it. Do you have any idea how many websites are devoted to the topic? And how many seem to be well-researched and -written? A lot. Too many for me to bother with. I just thought it was an interesting topic and recall reading about it long ago and being morbidly fascinated with the concept.

So [insert informative, funny, and truly stupendous SHC blog here]

That done (whew!), I thought I’d share a few pics of Providence, RI. There are only a few so far, and all taken from my car. One of these days, I’ll park and walk around and snap some pics for you guys. Really. I will.

I was sitting at a traffic light and saw this “picture” and thought “ah-hah!” and snapped it. The building may or may not be part of Brown University. And it may or may not be a church. But it sure is pretty. The bridge spans the downtown river walk area where they have “fire water” in the spring (or is it summer?), just some burning things on the river that’s hardly a river at all, more like a narrow canal but without the locks.

Yep, traffic. But look, over to the left is the Westin and straight ahead is the sky bridge to the (drum roll, please) mall. Yay!

A narrow little bridge that always makes me feel ooshy inside when I drive over it:

(though not too ooshy to take a quick pic, huh?)

And who can get enough pollution? Or road construction? It’s a “two-fer”:

I didn’t take this next pic of Jensen Ackles (alas!); it’s for Tally. And me. Yes, okay, it’s for me. She’s got her eye-candy dosage taken care of this week (lucky girl!).

Speaking of . . . Tally gave me the link to make calendars, and I’ve made and shared a few. Here’s the link, if you’re interested: http://bighugelabs.com/flickr/calendar.php The first pic, above, is my March Supernatural cal. Yum.

And for Nancy, here’s the marvelous Matthew Fox (aka Jack from Lost):

I probably don’t need to say this, but I didn’t take this pic, either. Nope. My pics are of traffic. And pollution.

And one more pic I didn’t take . . . this one for Gloria, who despite a marvelous virtual date with Richard Dreyfuss still wants more (can anyone say “greedy girl”? LOL.) Happy to oblige, dear:

(I know it’s in black and white, but he looks so handsome here; just like you like him!)

. . . okay, so how obvious is it that I didn’t have a “real” blog today? And how sad is it that I felt compelled to post one anyway? Sigh.


23 thoughts on “A Whole Lot of Nothing At All

  1. Well Fuzzy,

    I think this is a REAL blog! You’ve covered a lot of topics here complete with pictures of your corner of the world! We get to play a guessing game {spot the University bldg. and/or church}, traffic and news report, eye-candy for all {where’s Richard Dreyfuss though?!? huh?} and even a link to create calendars which is cool!!

    For a faux blog it certainly contains a lot of information, doesn’t it? **wink!!**

    We’re always glad to ‘hear’ from you.. @@ hugs, G. xo {who loves your background purple sunset pic too!~}

  2. You make me smile, Jillene! Please stop by any time, feel free to shower me with praise and compliments. I urge you, don’t hold back. rofl. Thank you so much for your kind words; I’m glad you stopped by, too. :))

    Gloria you are so funny. Your wish is my command; your man has been added. :)) And thank YOU for your kind words about my blog that’s not a blog but might be one after all. You’re the best! Huggs. xx

  3. Hey Fuzzy, Love the pictures of the traffic fumes! At least you are getting the practice in! Unfortunately I couldn’t see the picture of RD! BOO HOO!

    I blog about this type of stuff all the time so I think that this is blog material. I think its nice to do something fun for a change and not something that you need to research. After all its your blog so you can blog about whatever you like. I enjoyed it anyways. Just think that I should do more researched blogs now and have a more serious side to my blog. Who knows maybe one day!

  4. Nice blog….it was like taking a Sunday stroll….peaceful and relaxing.
    I always like looking at photos of other places…real photos of everyday life.

    Hmmmmm….I need a new calendar…thanks for the tip.
    Yummy eye-candy….and calorie free…about the only kind I can eat until I lose some of the holiday glad tidings..LOL

    Thank you Fuzzy for sharing. When the weather gets better we expect lots and lots of walking photos. **smiles**

  5. So this isnt a real blog????? Hmmmmmmm. it the kind of blog that is easy to read and understand.I like this kind, no brain work needed. Please dont hink you have to do research to keep us entertained. Keeping it lite is always nice. Nice post for a sunday afternoon.

  6. I agree, this is real blog whether you say it or not. Pictures look lovely, I think you have got the Picture bug from Rii, nice pictures of Providence? I used to hang out there when I was in New Bedford, MA, loved that city. Calendar looks awesome Fuzzy. Cheers 🙂

  7. Teehee, you are MOST welcome, Gloria! Now I know that there is no such thing as RD overload, I’ll keep it in mind. :)) Huggs.

    Hey Snuggles, thank you so much for telling me that; I’ve put up a different one now, can you see it? And thanks for your support on the fun side of blogging; I think I take it too seriously at times and then worry when I’ve nothing of substance to say. Huggs!

    Yay Rainy!! That calendar link is pretty good; you can use any pic you want to make the calendars, of course. I just went with the whole Supernatural thing. Hehe. LOL, and yes, I’ll be posting pics as the weather warms. I’m definitely going back to that lavender house in Spring for that pic I told you I’d take for you. Huggs.

    Yay, Claudia! It’s nice to have a Sunday break, huh? I guess I now have both internal and external permission to do whatever I feel like doing here. Woohoo!! :)) Huggs TME

    Thanks so much Chris, your comments are always so lovely!! Huggs.

    Ah, now I know Bert!! So it’s RD for you, as well, then. Got it. Huggs.

    LOL, Azad, I guess they’re both real blogs, right? Gloria got it. But I was referring as “real” to my more serious minded “article” type blogs with research; they’re more time consuming, thought provoking things, I guess. And you’re most welcome for the calendar link, but I got that from my friend Tally, so it’s not really me. :)) Huggs.

  8. I haven’t had much time to play with the calendar link yet but thank you, again, for the eye candy (wink, wink).
    I love your traffic & pollution shots. Great work!! :0)

  9. I got down to the eye candy and forgot everything else you said, sorry, really, what did you say? Whatever would we doing with something like that? Hmmmm…..

  10. Heck, if I waited till I had something of substance to say – I’d never blog at all…They are great pictures….I am particularly intrigued by that “sky bridge” because we don’t have anything like that here. Of course, after that streetcrossing incident you had – it would perhaps be safer if all pedestrians traveled above the traffic.

    But I also find spontaneous human combustion to be a fascinating subject, especially if it was controllable…it’s freezing in my office and I can think of a few folks I’d like to burn for heat.

  11. Teehee, Nancy; I just wish I could have sent you the acutal calendar and not the DIY version. LOL Huggs to you, my wonderful friend.

    LOL, Pris, yeah, tell me about it. Yummy, huh?

    Oh, Em, it’s a wonderful thing connecting the Westin and the RI Convention Center to the Providence Place Mall. And yes, I’m a huge fan of it and wish there were more; I am really nervous crossing streets now. There’s more I could say, but it’s sort of public here. And ME TOO on the SHC; I kind of figured you might be interested because I remember how you liked my blog on the body farm and we talked about Patricia Cornwall. Maybe I’ll get around to it one of these days. I’m anal enough to have a list of topics to blog about, is that odd?, and that’s on there. Thanks for the comments, and the laughs (your office mates!!). :))

  12. Whoo..hoo..piccies…I love when people do these and from you BBB..its a special treat! More..more…(amber applauds and begs at same time! A bit embarrsing but effective in getting her way!)

    Hey…serious word here…the guy form lost….ick…yuck..hands Fuzzy here reading glasses for a closer look…now if we were talking about Sawyer….amber wipes drool from corner of mouth…we would be looking at a pic to really ponder over! And…the Dryfuss guy! You like him? Amber reaches through monitor and feel Fuzzy forehead for temperature..

    It is so interesting how people have such different tastes. What makes one person attracted to a person and not another. The how world loves Robert Redford. He doesn absolutely nothing for me. Now Steven Segal…wooooof..pant..pant…wow…yummy! Maybe that is a blog topic in itself. I think I will go write a blog about it! LOL!

  13. Soory about all the typos, BBB. I am so tired but cannot sleep and I think it is effecting my typing more then usual…LOL!

  14. hehe, funny you should say all this, BBB, because Nancy had a poll on her page about which Lost character we’d most want to have a romance with. The answer is Jack, but if she’d asked who we most wanted to have a hot sweaty sex fest with, it’s Sawyer. I also added that I thought that Sayid would be great for the long haul, deep committed love, sexy (well, when he’s not torturing people, that is!). Now, Richard Dreyfuss may not be my cup of tea, but he’s Gloria’s, so there he is. I think he’s cute and super talented, but Gloria’s not going to be fighting with me for his attention. Jensen Ackles from Supernatural (plays Dean) . . . now HE is hot. Young. But hot. I’m with you on the Robert Redford thing, far too blonde. I’m not a fan of blonde on men for some reason. I find Steven Segal too “buff” for me; I’m also not super attracted to the big meaty looking work out guys. All those muscles make me a bit nauseous, but I think it’s rooted in an unfair stereotype about muscle heads. Nothing is quite as unattractive to me as stupid, and I (perhaps wrongly) associate big muscles on men with stupid. LOL

    Yay!! This is such a fun topic. Why didn’t we ever talk about the hot men of the world before??? Hehe

  15. Now see, I missed this cause I was away, but I just saw Jensen in your tag cloud and had to go look. A belated THANK YOU….he’s so yummy 😀

  16. You are very welcome! I miss you when you’re not around even when I’m all happy inside that you are with your true love. But hey, what are friends for? :))

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