Random Stuff: T-shirts, Snow, and Johnny Cash


I really wanted to blog about the guy who got thrown off of Quantas airlines for wearing a T-shirt saying that George Bush is the world’s number 1 terrorist (really, it happened! How bizarre and wrong is that?), but my head hurts from all the politics and religion and heavy stuff of late, so I’m not going there. I’d love to go on a cruise . . . Nancy’s on her way, and how great would it be to stowaway. Well, guess that would be decidedly ungreat in this day and age. Ugh. More heavy stuff.

The weather, that’s always a good topic. Guess what Rii, it finally snowed here! I took a couple snaps:

As you can see, we didn’t get much at all. Here’s one more shot:

Another thing that’s been on mind lately (well, since reading Mavis’ blog on him) is the cover Johnny Cash did of Nine Inch Nails’ “Hurt.” I have to say that I love that song, and the first time I saw the Johnny Cash video I cried my eyes out. (well, not literally, that would be disgusting. But it does remind me of the Bloody Mary episode of SPN. Yay!) I don’t usually embed vids, but . . . Here’s Johnny Cash. “Hurt.”


The picture above is of Joaquin Phoenix as Johnny Cash in the marvelous film about Johnny and June Carter Cash . . . Walk the Line.


31 thoughts on “Random Stuff: T-shirts, Snow, and Johnny Cash

  1. FTC!!

    Lovely entry Fuzz as me not need to tink, tink and yet tink more with me sore tum… Fabulous that yeez got some snow, finally that is. Haven’t seen that movie yet but am working on it. Take care n do keep warm. Rii xx

  2. Oh, yeah, Rii, he’s a hottie! And great in the film. I just added a link to some trailers n clips if you want to looksee from your sick bed? May cheer you up and make your tummy feel better. Hope so, anyway!! Huggs to you Diggy Rii xx

  3. What language you and Rii are speaking, I used to hear the moms talking to their babies like that :). Glad you got snow, it is nice, a little is fine, too much brings problems. This song is real sad, I saw this video. Movie I haven’t seen yet but I will looksee (like you say). 🙂

  4. thanks for keeping it lite today. i love Johnny Cash’s Music. I grew up listening to him and many other country stars. my musical roots are in country. and Jauquin Is hot too. I like the snow pics. gotta get to sleep now. tired.

  5. You are right ,so many wrong and nasty things are happening in the world.I hate watching the news or listening to politicians.That’s why I am here on yahoo 360,I feel very happy and safe here with all my friends…As Rii said in her blog;keep smiling as it is very healthy:)))))))))))))

  6. I was never much of a Johnny Cash fan until I saw him before he died in the “Hurt” video. It peaked my interest in him and I saw him in a different light. I loved “Walk the Line” and I think that Joaquin did a fabulous job playing Johnny.
    The character traits that I loved most about Johnny were his vulnerability and his humility. There are not many celebrities who will expose themselves like he did.
    Too bad you cannot stow yourself away in my luggage.
    Are you familiar with the Flat Stanley Project? :0)

  7. lol, Chris, you are too funny!! :))

    nite nite, Claudia . . . have sweet dreams about long legged country hotties!! :))

    aw, thanks, Spicy; you’re such a bright spot out here. :))

    Same exact thing with me, Nancy! I saw the vid not even realizing it was Johnny Cash at first, but then I became interested. And when I saw the trailers for Walk the Line, I very much wanted to see it, and I’ve watched it about six or seven times since and bought several cds, as well–guess I’m an official fan. Only have to get the secret decoder ring now. :)) I so wish that Joaquin had won the Oscar for that performance, I felt that he deserved it. And teehee, I weigh considerably more than a basket of socks, unfortunately, so no stowing away for me; but you’ll tell fab tales and take pics, I hope? And no, I’m not heard of it, what is the Flat Stanley Project? :))

    Thanks, Pris!! Glad you liked it. :))

  8. I really wanted to blog about the guy who got thrown off of Quantas airlines for wearing a T-shirt saying that George Bush is the world’s number 1 terrorist

    Let’s blog!

    I so don’t find that offensive and actually mildly amusing and bold! Laughing my arse off actually. I guess when I get on my next plane I will leave my t-shirt home that says, “Ban Betty Crocker”!

  9. Thanks, Kerry.

    LOL, Amber! I think it’s ridiculous to kick someone off a plane because of what his T-shirt says. Ban Betty Crocker!! LOLol Don’t think you’d be kicked off a flight unless it was on Martha Stewart Air or something. LOL

  10. I enjoyed that movie! The story of how Cash and June met would have been very sweet and romantic…had it not been for the fact that he was already married. *sigh* Such is life, I guess.

  11. As someone who wears t-shirts that often make statements, I do sympathise with the guy on the plane. Just goes to show that freedom of speech can be more of an illusion than a reality.

    Johnny Cash?? Now you’re talking. A true legend. I like most kinds of music, but C&W never really did much for me…….but Johnny Cash did a lot to change my mind. Not only that, but he’s one of those rare talents who transcends genres. One of my earliest childhood memories is of my aunt playing the San Quentin album……I knew the words to those songs off by heart. Good stuff.

  12. I can’t believe the man got thrown of the flight for a t-shirt. It’s not like the plane was even going to America or was that where it was stopping for fuel? If it was going to America, I could probably understand, but then again he is still entitled to his freedom of speech!

    I do like Country music as you know from the Alan Jackson blog the other day but never really got into Johnny Cash, he was more from my Mum and Dads era. I was more into the likes of Vince Gill and Garth Brooks.

    Thanks for the light hearted blog again today Fuzzy, good to here some of this kind of stuff from you. Loads of hugs to you and the clan. x

  13. I like Johnny Cash myself. I recently bought the boxset with the DVD that has the Live From San Quentin special on it. My favorite Johnny Cash cd’s are the two he did live from both San Quentin and Folsom Prisons. Lately, I have really been getting into Hank Williams Sr. as well. He wrote some really awesome songs and at such a young age.

    I never liked coutnry, but rock has been not quite dead, but almost there lately and that is what got me into it. When I finally started listening I wondered why I hadn’t listened to it years before because it is so good. I still like rock, but country is also great.

    George Strait is coming to the Mohegan Sun in March! The Sun has had a lot of country acts. I saw Big & Rich there as well as Dolly Parton and Bonnie Raitt. The best show I saw there was when they filled the arena with dirt and had the rodeo and professional bull riders. What an experience that was. It was so cool living in New England and seeing people with cowboy hats everywhere for the day!

  14. Ceres, I know, that part was disappointing, but it all worked out in the end. :))

    Hey Mitch, yeah, I agree. That guy’s T-shirt is no reason to kick him off the flight, but as you suggest, freedom of speech is largely an illusion, anyway. And Yay!! Johnny Cash; I’m a huge fan, really. Have you heard the American recordings series? Brilliant. Covers, all genres, good stuff. Take care.

    Hey Snuggles, actually, IF the guy had been coming to America, he’d have had a better chance of wearing his shirt! How’s that for irony? Anyway, silly news story, I think, just goes to show how far things can go if they’re allowed to. Huggs.

    Hey Wyatt, I’m a big fan, love the Folsom Prison album better than the San Quentin, but that may only be because I’ve heard it more often? Anyway, have fun at Mohegan (love it there). I’m not sure who George Strait is or you may have run into me down there!! The rodeo thing sounds a unique experience, though I’m not sure I could stand the animal part if they roped them and that. Makes me sad. Take care.

  15. Fuzzy, get out your google fingers one more time. George straight is the original peice of all day eye candy. I saw him at at eh fair in petaluma way too many years ago. We were right up close, at the wall in front of the stage. I could see the rivits in his wranglers, and yes, they were Wranglers. OMG, he is hot. Too bad you waited so late to become familiar with country music. Its not all cryin and tears. There is a lot of really good country music out there.

  16. I KNOW!! I’ve missed out on a whole genre of eye candy warblers, huh? Well, that’s okay; I’m still young enough to get caught up. And I already have a good foundation because I like a lot of the country music my parents listened to when I was a kid (Conway Twitty, Patsy Cline, Roy Orbison, et al). George Strait is pretty hot looking, too. But why do they all have to wear those hats? I like a hatless look and a non facial hairy look, and those country men just look like they need a shave and a decent haircut to me. :)) Huggs TME


  18. oh heck they gettin’ dumb around the globe, T-Shirts are just a way of expressing your humour, anger or just any other emotion you want. The one I have on at the moment says “I’m a fairly odd mother” so does that mean I’ll get banned from the Womens Institute? (apart from the fact I’m a guy which wouldn’t help), but you get my meaning right?

  19. Def get your meaning and think it’s funny as hell!! The toss the guy off the plane because of his T-shirt mentality is ridiculous and reactive and just plain PC gone haywire.

  20. Sighhh…Joaquin is beautiful, and I loved that film.
    I think it was an odd song choice for him, and i think i probably prefer the NIN version, but having seen Walk The Line, i can definitely see where he’s coming from…his childhood looked pretty horrific.

  21. He is, he is, Tally. But did you see his crazy “is there a frog in my hair?” thing at some awards deal? creepy (and not in the good way). Yeah, looks like Cash had a crap childhood, that’s for sure, and a rough life all ’round, really. The vid is so poignant to me. And yeah, I knew what you meant on the odd song choice. :))

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