Celery Salt: Versatile and Yummy


I brought home some bacon, fried it up in a pan. Did anyone get the beat and start singing the next line in the song? No? Just me, then. Anyway, as I waited for my toast to toast, butter knife laden with Miracle Whip in my hand and slather-ready, I pondered the small container of celery salt standing near my soon to be sandwich.

Innocuous looking in its container and pretty much just dried celery mixed with salt, celery salt is a power house of yummy goodness. Oh, sure, blah blah salt is bad for you. And sure, celery salt is most famously used in Bloody Mary cocktails, but it’s also good in deviled eggs, in potato salad, on steaks, and of course on BLT’s. And a little dash of celery salt will make your cream of tomato soup zip to life.

Few people know this, but celery salt will also enhance your sex life, grow hair on balding heads, and whiten your teeth. Okay, it won’t do any of that, but it IS darned good on a bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich, and that’s nothing to sneeze at.


The pic is of Danbury Mint’s celery salt container in their Hummel spice jar collection. It’s cute, huh? And yes, I found the pic on eBay. And no, I didn’t buy it and stick it in my closet. And um, yes, I did think about it.


22 thoughts on “Celery Salt: Versatile and Yummy

  1. Hi Fuzz…
    Celery Salt… The Unsung Hero!! So versatile, so unappreciated. I’m going to have to remember about putting this into cream of tomato soup… I’m hungry now… and rambling…
    @@ G. xo … wandering downstairs to eat…

  2. LOL…enhance sex life, cure for baldness, and whiten teeth!!
    Now if we could find a product that did all those things….WOW!!

    LOved the blog…now I need to go buy some Celery Salt. *smiles*
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Whoa!! What happened??….only 2 comments so far??
    I think we need to start a Celery Salt awareness campaign…
    Let people know what joys can be attained by the mighty and unassuming celery plant when mixed with the salt of the earth….A Totally Winning Combination.

    I still think this is a warm and fuzzy blog.
    Thank you so much for sharing.

  4. Hi Fuzzy, funny blog, I am sure gonna check this Celery salt out atleast for sandwiches :). My friends say I am gullible I could have believed anything you say. Cheers 🙂

  5. Yay, Gloria, the unsung hero . . . I like that! You’re so funny. Huggs. xx

    LOL Rainy, omg, that is beautiful, the salt of the earth and the mighty and unassuming celery! Fantastic. But you’re right, the lack of enthusiasm over celery salt really needs to be undone. A campaign is just the ticket. lmao. Oh, well, there goes my “Thirty Days Of Spices” tour through my spice rack blog idea. lmao. Oh, well, I had fun, and you and Gloria and Chris had fun, so that’s something. And all because of celery salt. Never smiled so much about another cooking ingredient before! Teehee. Thanks for your support. I’ll be getting some Celery Salt is #1 buttons for us all to wear, and I think we should declare this celery salt week, too. okay, now you’ve got me started!! Huggs.

    Too funny, Chris, thanks!! And gullible are you? Do you have running water? LOL Huggs xx

  6. My mom and sister used to brush their teeth with salt and baking soda. Maybe if they had used Celery salt it would have been a much better experience. So in this case, it may cause your teeth to getr whiter. yep, thats it. Celery salt and soda to brush your teeth.

  7. um, no, you weren’t the only one to sing the next line. heh. 🙂

    i know i’ve used celery salt before, but i couldn’t tell you what i’ve used it in or on.

  8. Hi Fuzzy!

    Maybe it’s just me being a philistine but I’m totally oblivious to what celery salt is. I’ll definitely have a look-out for it!

    As to eBay: sad but true – I’ve bought things on there out of plain curiousity…

  9. Few people know this, but celery salt will also enhance your sex life, grow hair on balding heads

    Hmmmmm so why do i look like friar tuck on a chocolate binge?

  10. I should give a big bottle of it to my balding brothers! I like vcelery salt myself. My mother, on the other hand always used curry in everything! I don’t think curry whitens teeth or anything like that though. Love the hummel. I saw Tiffany salt and pepper shakers one time that were like a thousand dollars. I couldn’t believe it because they were so small.

  11. Oh Celery salt..not that is a blast from the past. I use to use that in my italian cooking. Never had it on BLT’s…Oooohhh sounds postively devine though. I am doing th weekly shop tonight and will look for it. We can have BLT’s and french fries one night for supper! Devine!

  12. Oh Fuz, thankyou you’re really magnificent, celery salt it’s sooo sensitive…..oh GOD you’re great…tell me again….ohhhhh

    Let me tell you what you say is so right. If I hadn’t used celery salt I wouldn’t have any hair left. Maybe if I’d used more I’d still have most my teeth. Thanks darling, can we meet like this again?? I’ll bring the celery salt in a bigger bag.

  13. Hei Fuzz.

    Celery Salt is the flavour of life is it?!! Sounds very convincing as a matter of fact. I am more Saffron, Cinnamon and things like that Gal meself like now. Rii xx HuGGiz

  14. Very informative. And funny. I just hope for the love of God you won’t buy that container from Ebay. I think it’s very cute, but only in a picture! And only if you look at it once (LOL!) I never used anything else in the kitchen but seasalt (combined with fresh celery perhaps), and now I am feeling convinced. I’ll be keeping an eye open for it next time I’m out shopping.

  15. Claudia, that sounds wretched, I think I’d rather have yellow teeth! LOL

    Yay, Kerry, I was hoping I could count on you to sing along! :))

    Too funny, Ricco, maybe it’s a girl thing? As to eBay . . . yep, it’s addictive.

    LOL, Meena, it’s not a big deal; just a slow day in my brain, so I thought I’d blog on celery salt. Teehee

    roflmfao, that is TOO funny, Monty!! hehe

    Methinks the Tiffany shakers are probably more attractive than these, though, Wyatt. These are cute, and that’s as in “too” Huggs.

    BBB, tell me you did NOT throw away your Miracle Whip when you decided to be diet girl again. Moderation, Sweetie!! And a BLT won’t kill you!! Huggs and love

    Teehee, Heyman, you crack me up!! SOOOO happy you’re back in Blogland, missed you.

    Saffron and Cinnamon are good, but they’re sweeter; sometimes you need something with a little kick, no? Huggs fab Rii!

    LOL, Fanta, I’m with you on the cute to look at thing. It’s a bit too cutesy for me, I think. I use sea salt,too, it’s the best. One of my wishes is for a garden in which I can grow my own veggies and herbs. I used to grow herbs in window boxes,but at this apartment, I don’t get enough direct light to do well, so . . . alas, all jars or transient fresh (bought from the store for one recipe). Missed you, too!! Glad you’re back. xx

  16. Oh, it’s nice to have space to grow your own veggies and herbs. Till you discover that you actually have more interesting things to do, and watch them fade away one by one on your weekly scrolls around the grounds(because you never have the time to water them, or, if you do have the time, it’s either too windy, too hot, too cold, too sunny or too cloudy to get out there with that ridiculous looking hose-pipe).
    Fanta=BAD gardener.

  17. If I was a religious person ,and belived in the Devil, Ii would belive that celery and it’s by-products were the work of ‘the evil one’. It is the foulest, most revolting substance to grace this planet. I’m not a person given to violence, but I’d happily advocate napalming every stick of this vile plant LOL.

  18. Hey you, I have never heard of celery salt either. Is this something you can get over here in the UK? I have heard of people brusing their teeth with salt to make them whiter though.

  19. LOL Fanta . . . in my vision of my perfect herb garden, it’s right outside my back door, under sunny skies all the time, and never in need of water. :))

    Cool, River, never thought about it with beans, but I can see that. It’s totally fab sprinkled lightly on a decent steak, too.

    Too hilarious, Mitch!! I know you’re just being funny and wouldn’t DREAM of depriving the rest of us of something we adore simply because you don’t like one of the ingredients. LOL

    Snuggles, don’t brush your teeth with salt. Please. It can’t be good. LOL

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