Baby It's Cold Outside


I awoke to the news that the temperature outside is 8 degrees F (according to the trusty converter, that’s minus 13 C), and that’s pretty darned cold. A couple years ago, almost every day in January was around 20 degrees F, and while I remember my heating bill going through the thinly insulated roof, the main thing I remember is the pain of cold. No matter how bundled up I was, that kind of cold hurt: my eyeballs felt like they were going to freeze in their sockets and they stung and burned when I blinked; it was so cold that my nose wasn’t even running, but I could feel jabby little stabs in my nostrils; my fingertips would go pale and numb but still manage to hurt (really, not making this up). So when I learned that today’s actual high temperature (not windchill temperature) will be a not so balmy 13 degrees F, I decided rather quickly that I’d be staying inside as much as possible today.

According to Boston’s channel 4 news, according to the NOAA the windchill is how cold it feels outside, so while we have a temp of 8 degrees out there now, the windchill is minus 4 degrees F (okay, I’ll do this conversion for you, but it’s the last one: that’s minus 20 degrees C). That’s how cold it feels outside, anyway. Okay, I couldn’t resist the inanity of quoting channel 4 quoting the NOAA, but the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s website is really something (I’ve even bookmarked it). And while the NOAA site does indeed talk about windchill, I found the National Weather Service (NWS) had a better explanation (and by better, I mean I understood it):

Wind chill is based on the rate of heat loss from exposed skin caused by the combined effects of the wind and cold. In other words, how cold it actually “feels”.

They even had a handy chart:

How to read the chart: find the wind speed on the left hand side, then move to the right until you find the column for the temperature. That number will be the temperature that it will “feel” like. Example: A wind speed of 20 mph and temperature of 20 will “feel” like 4 degrees.

Temperature (F)
35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 -5 -10 -15 -20 -25 -30 -35 -40 -45
5 31 25 19 13 7 1 -5 -11 -16 -22 -28 -34 -40 -46 -52 -57 -63
10 27 21 15 9 3 -4 -10 -16 -22 -28 -35 -41 -47 -53 -59 -66 -72
15 25 19 13 6 0 -7 -13 -19 -26 -32 -39 -45 -51 -58 -64 -71 -77
20 24 1
11 4 -2 -9 -15 -22 -29 -35 -42 -48 -55 -61 -68 -74 -81
25 23 16 9 3 -4 -11 -17 -24 -31 -37 -44 -51 -58 -64 -71 -78 -84
30 22 15 8 1 -5 -12 -19 -26 -33 -39 -46 -53 -60 -67 -73 -80 -87
35 21 14 7 0 -7 -14 -21 -27 -34 -41 -48 -55 -62 -69 -76 -82 -89
40 20 13 6 -1 -8 -15 -22 -29 -36 -43 -50 -57 -64 -71 -78 -84 -91
45 19 12 5 -2 -9 -16 -23 -30 -37 -44 -51 -58 -65 -72 -79 -86 -93
50 19 12 4 -3 -10 -1
-24 -31 -38 -45 -52 -60 -67 -74 -81 -88 -95
55 18 11 4 -3 -11 -18 -25 -32 -39 -46 -54 -61 -68 -75 -82 -89 -97

Frostbite Times
30 minutes
10 minutes
5 minutes

If you’re not in the chart using frame of mind, you can always calculate windchill (btw, if this calculator doesn’t work once posted to my blog, here’s the link again (click here for windchill)):

Wind Speed (MPH) =
Air Temperature (��F) =

�� F

Personally, I find it easier to check yahoo! weather on my myyahoo! page, but hey, that’s just me.

And you know how you learn something new every day? Turns out that I had a frostbitey look to my fingers that frigid January and should have sought medical attention immediately. Remember that paleness I mentioned? Apparently, that’s not good. Frostbite is frozen body tissue (eww!) and often means the loss of that tissue or even the extremities themselves if the condition is severe enough. But I’m okay now, so I guess that I didn’t actually HAVE frostbite, just frostnip (again, not kidding). And this, as I inadvertantly learned, can be treated at home.

Unlike frostnip and frostbite, hypothermia affects your mind and can lead to hallucinations. Remember we heard about that when those poor mountain climbers died just before Christmas last year at Mt. Hood. That was the first I’d heard that people suffering from hypothermia actually believe themselves to be warm and cozy, that’s why such victims are often found curled up contentedly without their coats or hats or scarves and gloves on. On the one hand, sad, but on the other hand, isn’t the mind an amazing thing? But again, I digress (and on to a much better topic than I started with, damn and blast!), so back to hypothermia. It’s bad. Avoid it. Stay warm and safe and dry.

I’m off to do some research about our brains now . . . oooh, maybe about mirages, too, a sort of hot and cold mind game we play on ourselves in extreme circumstances . . . .

And for our Birthday Girl, here’s Garth Brooks’ “Happy Birthday” (no vid, of him, though, alas, so I’m adding two nice pics of Brad Pitt for you to look at–Snuggles likes country music and Brad, so . . . )


21 thoughts on “Baby It's Cold Outside

  1. FTC!

    Hei Fuzz.
    That much for the global ‘warming’, eh?!! You are colder than us here at the moment, so ye are. Keep drinking warm drinks.
    Hmm.. about the heating going free for the crows – my apt is toasty so am nearly too warm at times in here even though it is minus whatever on the outside!! Last year and also the year before we had long as in L-O-N-G spells of -30 and it was like the North Pole. BRRRR…
    Take care and do have a grandevu weekend. Rii xx HuGGiz to your honest to goodness self from dignified moi.

  2. thankfully it’s not that cold here, though i think the low was supposed to be around 10F. not liking the cold much.

    i’d not heard that about hypothermia. that’s kind of scary. just one more reason, in my mind, not to go out when it’s cold. brrr…

  3. Huh, that was lucky( meaning keeping your fingers). We wouldn’t be reading your amazing blogs if you didn’t have them…Or maybe. You would have found another way, I’m sure.
    Have a super weekend! Our weather is horrible and depressing right now.It is not as cold as in your part of the world, but extremely wet and grey. Yuk yuk yuk!

  4. LOL, Rii, well, you know those global warming enthusiasts don’t think like the rest of us; I mean warm weather “proves” global warming, but cold weather doesn’t disprove it or even mean anything at all. It’s cute how that works, I think. But how odd that we’re colder than you are in Finland!! And I know what you mean about overinsulating; I do it on my bed! I have heavy rich soft yummy flannel sheets and a Siberian down comforter covered in more flannel . . . very warm. TOO warm mostly, but I suffer through it. :)) Honest huggs to your fab diggy self. xx

    Hey Kerry, I agree it is scary, but I guess if you’re in that sitch better to feel warm and cozy than die frigid cold and knowing you’re dying. But I’m a whimp, I don’t want to know I’m dying, I want to be alive and then dead. Just like that. Nice morbid talk for the day, huh? Huggs.

    Fanta, yes, I’d find a way, I’m sure . . . maybe one of those voice activated devices that types for me. I can’t see me poking at the keyboard with my nose, toes, or a pencil in my teeth. Ugh. You have a marvelous weekend, too!! Huggs.

  5. Yes, the brain is an amazing thing with an amazing ability to cope with situations! The more we learn about our own brains and minds, it seems the more we have yet to learn! Have a great weekend! P.S. The icy benches look awfully cold, but the ice is pretty. 🙂

  6. happy Birthday to your friend Snuggles! Many happy returns of the day!

    My word, that park bench looks cold. I mean, cold doesn’t even come into it! Brass and monkeys come to mind!

    I just keep looking at that picture…wow!

  7. Now here is one that I have noticed through the years Fuzz. I had a good friend in Maine who I would exchange data and thoughts with. When there is wild weather out here, you folks are enjoying balmy conditions. Guess what the weather is like here now? The weather in the northeast is almost opposite of of what it is in the Northeast. On the west coast, there is a massive High Pressure area, to the east is a low pressure area that will be in your area tomorrow. The high pressure over the west coast redirects much of the continents circulation toward the midwest and east coast.

    By the way, sunny and nearly 50 degrees at 3,000 feet in the Cascades!

  8. Fuzzy, glad you are alright now after the frostbite problems, that is scary. We have cold compared to you and Rii, this is nothing we have. Later I will tell you how to manage cold, I have a Yoga Mudra exercise, I tried it here it works. Till then if you are a bad girl I will recommend Whiskey but since you are the funny, nice and Fuzzy, drink lots of hot chocolate. I used to hear the term in Mass whenever it is cold, just bundle up. Wear thermal wear. More the cold, more the layers. 🙂

  9. One winter in northern Iowa where I lived, I was told that the chill factor was -80. Now I know that was BS. It couldn’t have been more than -60 that day.
    It was in the 30’s today, it was terrible. Usually the media says to bring in your pets when it gets a little colder. What the heck do they know?

  10. Sorry its so cold out there, we are over our cold snap. It froze all the fruit and veggies that grow out here. the citrus is gone, crap, no oranges.As far as brad Pit. I feel a little strange saying he is hot. But he is, especially in the roman thingy. But so many people have said my youngest looks like BRad Pitt, it just feels a little wierd for me to say he is hot, ya know what I mean.

  11. No cold here yet. Not really cold, anyway, nothing into the minus figures. It doesn’t tend to get really cold here, as I live almost next to the ocean. Coastal areas always tend to be warmer than inland. I have only had to switch my heating on for a day and a half so far this winter.

  12. Hey you,

    Thanks very much for the Garth Brooks Happy Birthday song and Bradd Pitt pictures. He is looking good in those I must admit. You are soo sweet to post them on your blog for me so thank you very much. I must admit I do seem to have been really spoilt this birthday.

    Thanks Amber for the Birthday wishes.

    As for the cold, it doesn’t really get that cold here much but I always have cold feet and hands. Think it must be like Mitch R says as we live near the sea. Even when I am typing my blog page they feel like they have frostnip!

    A million hugs to you Fuzzy and thank you sweety. x

  13. Hey Fuzzy,
    There is NO way I’d sit on that bench up there. UH uh… Talk about numb bum. BRRRR… !! Hope you enjoy your weekend, stay WARM!! @@ flannel hugs, G. xo

  14. ___Warning__ Disappointing and cop outy “group” response to follow:

    Thank you all for your fab comments about this blog post!! Not much to say about it besides that park bench pic was snagged off the internet somewhere (googled it), so it’s not even mine. Bad Fuzzy.

    Huggs to each of you.


    Wanna swap, I can offer you about 6 – 8 celcius with drab boring grey skies and the constant threat of rain, I’ll have all the Ice and snow you can muster up.

  16. I’d rather be cold than hot any day of the week, Monty, so I’m feeling you on this one (well, not FEELING you! Your married!). But I’m not a fan of grey skies and drabness, either. Guess I’ll stick with the weather here, it’s much nicer now, in the 20’s (F), and sunny. :))

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