Sunday Light Stuff on Monday and General Randomness



A little bit of this, a little bit of that . . . You may remember my posting some pics of Providence a while back? One of them was of the pedestrian bridge that connects the mall with the Westin, and I thought it might be interesting to show you the view looking back out from the bridge. If not, scroll down.

I also took a pic of Providence’s capitol building; please note that it’s totally crappy because a.) I’m too far away and b.) I took it from the sidewalk:

Now, I used to be fearless in my pursuit of crappy pics, and when I was in Paris several years ago, I just waited for the light to turn red (not that this stops Parisian traffic, mind), and wandered out into the middle of the Champs-Elysees:

See . . . far in the distance, all smoggy and blurry? That’s the Arc de Triomphe. Of course I could tell you that was just about anything because the pic is horrible. We wandered up past the Gap, McDonald’s, Body Shop, and a variety of other French shops (!?), and I got out in traffic one more time, with slightly better results:

Oddly enough, since being mowed down in the pedestrian crosswalk, I’ve been a bit reluctant to march out into the street, even for a fab pic for you guys.


Here’s Tally. Because I miss her.

She’s in the States with her honey, but she’ll be back again soon. Yay! But sad, too. It’s just a roller coaster of yay! she’ll be back and wahhh, she’ll be missing her love.


Okay, so for a bit of fun and while doing some pretty heavy duty procrastinating, I found this site that tells you which celebrities you are a good match for. Now, you can do that one of two ways (or more, dunno, I only did it two ways): you can find your “best matches,” which I did. My best match (at 100%!!) is Julian Lennon. Really. Weird, huh? I wouldn’t have pegged me for a Julian Lennon anything. Or you can find the celebrities you’d like to be matched with in the alphabetical listing. Now, I did this (three guesses as to whom I checked first), and found that there are a lot (and I mean a LOT) of dead people on there. Want to see if you’d be a good match for John Belushi? Elvis? Well, now you can. Then again, I guess I have as much chance of hooking up with River Phoenix as I do with Jensen Ackles. Sigh.

So, who’s your best match? And how do you match with people you’re curious about?


A while back, I blogged on ’80’s styles, and Gregg said he’d like to see a pic of me from then. A statement I’m sure he’ll come to rue in short order; now I warn you the following pics are . . . well, silly and ridiculous and embarrassing, but hey, why not? Right?

Please note the crazy ’80’s zig zag dress, freakish mullet slash perm slash huh?, and giant coiny cascade earrings; the shine is my own. Oh, and no idea who that guy is, creepy, though . . .

This next one gives a really good look at my crazy ’80’s ‘do with the brand new addition of mall bangs. The guy in the pic was my first love (awwwww):

I hated those chokers and necklaces with the little dippy point v-shaped thing; they never stayed centered, they just spun around and looked a bit crazy (as here). They came back not too long ago, and I ignored that fad, too (along with the leggings and crazy big hair again).

Okay, this next shot is later in the decade, I think it’s actually the ’90’s (and I still very sadly have last decade’s style); here, the laugh of the moment is that bizarre wrap-tie top thing I’ve got on; the dress was made of T-shirt material plus stretchy lycra or something equally nuts. That must have been the very brief blink and you’ll miss it minimalist period when I preferred to wear only one item of jewelry (here, earrings). Forget where that idea came from, though.

Okay, so that’s memory lane. Don’t hold it against me. I thought I was gorgeous looking like that (!) and just loved my big hair and freak clothes. What can I say? ________________________________________________________

The Providence Biltmore is a lovely hotel (okay, it’s decrepit and dilapidated):

But it used to be amazing; it was built in the early 1920’s and lived a grand old Gilded Age life, back when Newport’s mansions were the summer cottages of the absurdly rich and in/famous. My favorite of the mansions is Rosecliff (remember when we three went there, Max?); it’s truly lovely. The ballroom was used in the filming of True Lies, and the mansion and grounds were the sets for the filming of The Great Gatsby (Robert Redford version) and Amistad.


The first pic is of me and my best friend J taken sometime in the post-’80’s ’90’s, which for me was probably the mid-’90’s. Shaking head. Anyway, he taught me how to snorkel, and since Nancy is away on her cruise and taking Flat Fuzzy out for some snorkeling trips, I thought it’d be a fun pic to include in my randomness of today.



19 thoughts on “Sunday Light Stuff on Monday and General Randomness

  1. I love this post! Beats my 80’s pics by a mile. I actually have one in which I have this giant black and white checker dress and my husband had a black and white checkered shirt and I had red hair. It makes me cringe thinking about. Great post! Other than Tally….what happened to Tally?

  2. OMG, I didn’t realize I sounded like I was obitting Tally; thanks for the heads up on that one. And thanks, too, for liking my craziness and being right there with me. I tried and tried to find a pic of the black dress with pink down both sides and the sleeve that I described in my ’80’s post, but all the pics must have self-destructed! LOL Guess I wore a lot of pink and black. Come to think of it, I still do! Huggs

  3. Wonderful Photo Blog….Loved it!!

    Come on now…you were good looking then and you are still a beautiful person.

    I love to look at older buildings. Most of them will have unusual facades and statuary at the top. Nice Pics.

    I wonder why photos from other countries, ie France, Italy, always have so much character even when it is just a street scene??

    LOved your General RAndomness…**Salutes**

  4. Fuzzy lovely pics, it was like watching a home movie with narration. You look awesome as usual. How many hearts did you break with your looks 🙂 I saw the movie Great Gatsby I didn’t realize they were taken in Newport, but I remember now all those majestic mansions over there. They are lovely. Glad you are sharing great pictures with us. Have fun Fuzzy. Cheers.

  5. Hei Fuzz.

    Picture Book down the memory lane – great! Take care and do keep well. Rii xx HuGGiz

    PS. Just learn to zoom with the camera and you are flying!

  6. Hey Fuzzy,

    I did the celebrity thing and turned out with Vince Carter whoever he is? I clicked on the poster thing and he must be a basketball player as in all the posters he was in a basket ball outfit! I know, I know I can put two and two together and get four!

    I loved the 80’s pictures of you, you looked so pretty in all the photos can see why your stalker is eyeing you up! HE HE. LOL.

    Great to have anothe random blog from you Fuzzy, really loved it and the picture were good too.

    Hugs to you. x

  7. Ohh meant to say probably a good job not to stand in the middle of the street with your track record. Marm says lbkg,ktgkhyluo760976ujubn ,m,,n.cfnhnhk,#’~to Banbury. Was having a cuddle with me and she wanted to say hello. x

  8. LOL Rainy, thanks; you are always so generous with your praise, and it’s lovely to hear, of course. I definitely know what you mean about foreign countries and steet scenes! Huggs

    Hehe, thanks, Chris, but you are far too kind. Did you go inside any of the mansions when you were living in New Bedford? Or walk along the Cliff Walk? Gorgeous!! Of course the harbor is lovely, too. Huggs.

    LOL, Rii, had the zoom on for the Providence Capitol pic, was just too far away, I think. Huggs.

    lmao, no idea about Vince Carter, but it sounds to me like you have the whole thing Nancy Drewed :)) omg, that weird guy DOES look like a stalker! Teehee, didn’t think of that. And def staying out of the street nowadays; learned that one the hard way! Huggs to you. osaing ai[ 8 iryumv v ojfoiho orpd hvfgiupo[ noipeksklpotw to Marm from Banbury (I swear he looked like he was dancing on the keyboard like Tom Hanks in Big! LOL).

    omg, Kerry, he does kind of, doesn’t he? I knew I should have watched those Lord of the Ring movies (yep, had to google Viggo Mortenson); my ex is probably fat and bald by now, though!! LOL

  9. WOW fuz. I had never seen a picture with any quality before to know what you really looked like. WOW I can’t think of anything off color to say….. I’ve only known you to be beautiful inside. I don’t know if I can talk to you any more.

  10. She is still a cutie, but I can see why she has been reluctant to post many photos. Much of that and all those slobbering men will come out of the woodwork to court her (wiping the drool off my chin as I type). You are just lucky that you are an entire continent away. Pris is not nearly so safe, she is only a half!

  11. WOW Fuzzy…
    You didn’t look hideous… {WHERE did you get that from?!} Fashion is fashion is fashion, LOL… You look gorgeous {there’s our Word Of The Day (TM)}, complete with a 1000 watt smile!!

    So there. LOL… @@ hugs, G. xo

  12. That pic of your first love – he looks like a soap opera star – I just can’t think of the persons name right now – but quite hot. And your 80’s (and early 90s) hair fit right in with the time – so no worries there – you looked great. Although I’m surprised you didn’t have any pics including your shoes – or is that an interest that you picked up a bit later in your life? Love the shots of the Arc De Triomphe…and it looks like you were literally stopping traffic to take it.

  13. I just love Photo blogs.And I really dont understand why you were saying such things abpout yourself. You are a very pretty lady. I have seen worse in the 70/80’s fashion. I really thought you were very tame. At least your hair fit in the frame of the camera. Great blog TME, Do this again, its fun.

  14. Seeing this post of the “style” of the 80’s makes me sad. Well actually make me pine for the days when my hair was longer and less translucient!

    Nice blog though, (glad I binned most of my 80’s photo’s lol)

  15. Heyman, you are too kind!! And thank you so much for saying I’m beautiful inside, too. (I accidentally deleted the first comment I left for you, so I’m redoing it here . . . I wrote it yesterday, so have no idea what it said. But thank you! I know I must have said that!! Huggs to you, dear).

    Gregg, you are too funny!! Thanks. And I think that Pris is JUST the gal for you . . . well, if she agrees!! LOL

    Hey Gorgeous! You are fab, you make me rethink my view of these pics; maybe it IS just the fashion that’s hideous, and not me? Of course anyone in their late teens/twenties looks good . . . Huggs and love to you! xx

    Thanks River :))

    How funny, Em, when I was leafing through these pics, I noticed me noticing my shoes first (even before that hair), and they weren’t all hideous, just the styles of the day (as Gloria reminds me). I can’t do the soap opera thing, so I don’t know who you mean as to looking like my first love (awwwww–gotta cue the “awwwwww” everytime). Yeah, I had pretty good taste in men back then (it went south shortly thereafter! LOL), and not just his looks, he was a great human being, too. Um, probably still is. Huggs.

    Claudia, I think I stole the photo blog idea from Tally and Rainy; I’d not really seen that many before theirs, and while they are very different from one another’s I enjoyed them both so much that I wanted to try my hand at it. And of course mine is nothing like theirs. :)) Anyway, thanks for saying so, I may do more now that I have my cam and have worked out my scanner again. It’s a nice change for me, too. And thanks so much for your kind words! Huggs TME

    Thanks Azad :))

    Oh, Monty, I think you are very handsome with your translucent locks! Really. I wouldn’t go back to the ’80’s for anything. If anything, I wish I had been young enough to wear the fashions of the past few years, so much more flattering than the stuff we wore!! Thanks for saying it’s a nice blog, even though it made you sad (sorry ’bout that). Huggs.

    Thank you SO much, Fanta! You are the fabest. Huggs. xx

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