Out of Touch and Randomness


Well, I took a few days off from blogging to attend to some work, and I find that so many of you have been so sweet and wonderful in comments and/or via email; I really couldn’t ask for better 360 friends, you all make me feel warm and fuzzy.

You know what doesn’t make me feel warm and fuzzy? People screaming at the top of their lungs into their cell phones. Really. What the . . . ? I’m at the ortho (yes, again) today, and while awaiting my turn at the X-ray machine, this woman seated next to me in the waiting room began a very loud, very shrill phone conversation. In Spanish. Replete with expansive gestures. She nearly knocked me in the head twice, and I nearly knocked her in the head . . . exactly once. She seriously didn’t even need that phone; I’m sure that whomever she was speaking to could hear her just fine without it. If they were in the tri-state area, that is. Annoying. I wish someone would get the word out that one can whisper into a cell phone and still be heard by the person on the other end. Or that those two muscle-y dangly things at the end of one’s torso are very good for walking away to a less populated area in which to carry on a shrieking, screaming, nails across chalkboard conversation.

Thankfully, the X-ray tech person came and got me just before I committed a felony. See, good things do happen to people who have bad thoughts. Narrowly escaping whatever might have followed my felonious hospital waiting room spree, I felt a bit relieved, a bit more warm and fuzzy. It helped that I could then go and wait for my doctor in his office rather than back out there again. Yay.


On my way home, I noticed a whole bunch of pastel houses; you may remember my sharing pics of that lavender house? Well, here’s a pinkish one:

And most exciting of all (no, not the traffic, though that’s apparently my specialty, along with smog) is the Dunkin’ Donuts you can’t see. I needed that this morning.

Then there was just this New England looking house, so I snapped it:

Then I saw a fixer upper that I couldn’t resist sharing:

Isn’t it funny how seeing something like that can wash away the last vestiges of a foul mood? I mean it’s good to not live there. Um. It’s probably not okay to be thankful I’m not living in a shack when so many people in the world are living in shacks. Or don’t even have a shack at all, but just a newspaper or a big leaf. Now I feel sad and like a big meany for being happy and gratitude-y that I don’t live in a ramshackled shack. Sigh.


Just in case they don’t have grocery stores (or florists) where you are, I thought you’d like to see the florist section of the local grocery:

See all the bunches of flowers to the left? It’s so nice to pick a bouquet and bring it home and put it in a vase and then . . . well, look at it. Cheers me up. Especially yellow flowers.


I updated my profile on my front page, but I thought I’d better tell you here, too (since it’s unlikely you scour my page for minute changes): I’m going to be very busy getting some work done over the next however long. I’ll be in and out of here; keeping up as I can, but I’ll not be back on a daily basis for at least a couple weeks (likely longer). I’m sure you’ll live.

Nothing says you miss me like you . . . um, telling me you miss me. So thank you for that. In advance.


20 thoughts on “Out of Touch and Randomness

  1. rofl! i hope you’ll forgive me for not stopping by and telling you how much i missed you since it wasn’t until i read this post that i realized it myself. i’m sure i’ll live, too, but it will be just that marginally less fun around here without you. 🙂

  2. Hey Fuzzy, I have missed you and wandered where you had been for the last couple of days, so thanks for popping in. Thanks for the lovely pictures of the houses you guys have over there. I love the colonial style houses you guys have and especially the balconies with the rocking swing chairs out the front they are so cool and can imagine me sitting on one of those in my house and reading a book on a lovely summers day. Shame they don’t build that type of house over here. Who knows maybe when I win the lottery I will get one built! Missing you already Fuzzy as you are great to have around. x

  3. I missed you, I missed you, I missed you! Love the houses, I photograph houses in my spare time, just because it compensates my need to be nosy and its fun! Glad you to know you are ok and kicking up there…thought maybe you were having a wonderful love affair. Oh, well I am still praying for you! 😉

  4. Oops I did not stop by till today..sorry. But you will most surely be missed Fuzzy Wuzzy. I love the colorful page. It is so bright and cheery and the pics are gorgeous! Well if you stay gone till March 9th….I guess I’ll see you when I get back from across the pond. I am so excited I am going home!

  5. Somebody here is getting ready for Valentine’s day :), do you know her Doc. I love those pictures, they look so neat and clean. Also those cell phones I hate when people talk loud. You have to listen to all sorts of nonsense. They should ban inside waiting room, thank god they took you at the nick of time, otherwise Fuzzy would be missing in action for a while. Have fun, work is important, you can come back at your convenience. Have fun. Cheers 🙂

  6. Hey, it’s nothing wrong with a phone conversation in Spanish! (LOL!)
    This was a fun blog, I hope you got a bunch of fowers for yourself from that grocery store/supermarket as we call it in Europe.
    It’s nice to treat yourself once in a while (some people steal flowers(!) from other people’s territories).I do it all the time.
    We so deserve having flowers all the time- don’t we?
    I missed you and will be missing you even more. 360 feels so empty without you.
    Take it easy Fuzz, and see you when you’ve got the time. We’ll all be here waiting for you.

  7. Oh, gorgeaus pictures too! They are so sharp-did you get a proper camera in the end or is this another one of these “disposabe digitals” that re not available to us here? Whichever it is, well done! The Renault with the crocked number plate is a funny one.
    And I have’t had a Dunkin’Donut in twelve years…I really miss that white softly crumbling icing that one of them has on top.YUM!

  8. So there you are…figured life intruded – kind of annoying the way that works. Love the pink house – I’m a sucker for gingerbread Victorians so that ornate porch trim is right up my alley. I’m a bit homesick for New England looking at those house pics. And as for the rude people on cell phones – I know exactly what you mean. They use the damn things everywhere – even while they are being waited on by salesclerks. In most of the dr’s offices I frequent – they don’t permit cellphones to be used at all…..so for me that’s the one place I find peace.

  9. OK, thanks for the random laughs, the interesting photos, the warning that you’ll be away. Do enjoy that next however-long. I’ll just tell you in advance: I’m going to miss you while you’re away. Does that work?? *giggles*

  10. So what kind of Camera did you get? Seems like you are having a fun time snappin all over town. I like seeing all the different houses there. So, does this mean you are back to work? I dont remember seeing if you were back to work, but your reference to work, again make me wonder if you are back in the classroom. Take care, we will be here when you come back.

  11. Hello to my Favourite Ms. Slippers!!

    I love the first two house photos ~ gorgeous!! …and the ramshackle one looks a bit comical, all askew like that! The pastel pink house looks cheerful, I think.

    Cell phones and their inconsiderate users, next on Geraldo… UGH… It’s as if people in general FORGET whatever manners they’ve ever had, don’t you think?! Gahh…

    I will miss you!! I will email you!! …and now I will leave you with my son’s latest sig line, “Take care, comb your hair!” LOLOL @@@@@@ lots of hugs, Gloria xo

  12. Hei Fuzz.

    Great to hear that you are still breathing and all!! The higgeldy-piggeldy house in need of some renovation would be an interior designer’s dream, methinks. Take your time and take care. Rii xx HuGGiz

  13. You all make me so happy and feel so good!! I love doing these picto-blogs now because you are all so supportive and encouraging. Huggs to each of you!! I know I said I was going to be breaking for a different sort of reading and writing, but that poor astronaut’s story pulled me away long enough to blog it. Sigh. Back to the grind . . . .

    And lol to all who took up the “miss me” stuff! You all ROCK!! ;))

  14. Well, I’m sorry, but as I always seem to be behind with reading and commenting friend’s blogs, I only just got here.
    I agree with you about people on cell-phones. particularly when you are trapped with them on public transport like buses or trains. I’ve felt like you did on more than one occasion.
    Oh, and thanks for the heads-up on what a florists looks like. I had no idea!! LOL

  15. I am so jealous of your bright sunshine and blue skies…
    it has been grey skies here lately.

    Nope…did not miss you at all….you were in my thoughts each day. *Smile*
    There is a photo of a purple house on my Day 6 walk. *wink*

    OK…guess I gotta have my say about people on cell phones…talking loudly in places where normal people without phones would not dream of talking loudly….

    Hey we need to start taking a stand!!

    So far I believe each one of us has been conditioned to not interrupt a telephone call…that it is something private….I also believe that people who are talking on cell phones have the same conditioning.

    We need to start interrupting these calls and politely telling the people to talk quieter….hang up when they are holding up the line at the grocery check out….and for god’s sake we do not want to hear all about their sex life while waiting for the bus or eating in a restaurant.

    Hmmmm….Fuzzy???….mind if I visit the florist section of your grocery store??? Ahhhhh…pretty flowers….all better now…**Big Grins**

  16. The fixer-upper looks like a potential investment dear. How about writing a check for that white one. You can start screening for your staff at the same time.


  17. lol, Rainy, love your comments!! I also agree that people on cell phones seem to have this idea that they are in a Get Smart “cone of silence.” Morons. I really think such people are selfish and very rude, and I like your idea of interrupting the calls in some polite way to recondition them or to teach them the difference between sitting home and sitting on a crowded commuter train (you’d think they’d know the diff, but apparently . . . ). Huggs to you; always love your comments, what you have to say. :))

    Thanks, Barbara!! :))

    I think that white house just looks bigger and grander in the pic, Gregg; it’s really just a regular colonial, no room for staff (if I had any!! LOL). Huggs

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