Crimson Crow: Harvard Names Its (First Woman) President


I said last week that I’d be surprised if Harvard hired a female president, and I said so with sarcasm (as is my wont); someone get me a heaping plate of crow, please. I’m thrilled and humbled and heartened to eat every last bite with relish. Drew Gilpin Faust has been named the first female and twenty-eighth president of Harvard University. She told the press that she is the “president of Harvard not the woman president of Harvard,” and that’s commendable, though of course she will always be the first woman president of Harvard. Yay!!


17 thoughts on “Crimson Crow: Harvard Names Its (First Woman) President

  1. Way to go, I hope she shows the dummy she replaces, what she and other women are made off. Great start by her, President of Harvard, not the Woman President.

  2. I was wondering about my title, Chris, and your comment convinced me to paren the “First Woman” part; I need it there because that’s why I’m eating crow, but it also doesn’t go there, but it does. Sigh. :)) Thanks for your great comment, as always.

  3. Let me get you a glass of champers to wash down that crow, Fuzzy… so we can toast Drew Gilpin Faust in her new position! She certainly looks thrilled in that picture, doesn’t she?!
    @@ hugs, G. xo

  4. No..No…NO…women should not lead countries, finnacial or acedemic instituations. Harvard just lost half of its credibility! (Amber makes mental note to cross Harvard off Brandon’s list of colleges!) You could have guessed my thoughts on this one, BBB. You know where I stand here. Women do not reinfornce the sense of stability and strength as a man does. Like it or lump it, its the way our culture is. Harvard seems less ivy league now and more community college.

    Amber runs from BBB’s page with lightening speed!

  5. Fun tribute. Lovely & lively! And perfect celebration for that crow-eating. Do you think it happened as a move toward ‘political correctness’? Whatever the reason, it’s a delicious piece of news.

    I had lunch on Friday with a man who spent years trying to introduce particular practices into Harvard’s medical school. He was way ahead of his time. Those practices are in place now, decades later, but he was shunned for his efforts.

    Ah, life! Thank you for your delightful post on this corner of it!

  6. Hei Fuzz.

    VERY manly/womanly of you to admit your wrong assumption on this.
    Faust – interesting name, methinks, and tis brings a namesake to me memory immediately after reading this entry of yours, I must say. HuGGiz to Your Dignied Self with or without the pie.
    Rii xx

  7. Yummy, Gloria, I’ll take that champers! You’re a good friend :)) Huggs

    Amber . . . what am I going to do with you? Blatant sexism coming from you? Naw, I’m not surprised!! lmao. You are too funny, and you make me laugh at your outrageousness. :)) Huggs

    Thanks, Jillene. Hmmm, a move toward “political correctness”? Maybe. It’s almost certainly a move to recover from Summers’ comments about women’s “innate” abilities in the maths and sciences, though it’s interesting they’d select a woman with a humanities background (I bet Arts and Sciences is having a very large party just about now). More puzzling is why Tom Cech withdrew his name from the mix; was she “second choice”? A lot of questions. But like you, I find the reasoning behind it worth a passing speculative thought (at the moment) as I move quickly to a celebratory “yay!” :)) Sorry to hear about your friend’s experience, though, isn’t that too often the way of it? Huggs to you

    Thanks Rii; and yes, isn’t it fun that her name is Faust. But I’m not going to wonder about deals with the “devil” today; just be happy. lol :)) Honest huggs to your dignified self xx

  8. Just goes to show that us women are becoming even steves in the working world. Good on her for getting a top position. Have to tell you that the Chief Executive of our council is a women! Its the second top job to the mayor so we are doing well in little old Devon. Hugs to you. x

  9. What side dish goes good with crow. I have never served it, although Im sure I have had to dine on the delicasy in the past. I try not to remember such things. I guess your eating it for a good reason though, they did finally hire a female.

  10. Is it more important that they hired a female or is more important that they chose a person that can do the best job. If you say a woman then are you not as bigoted as the guy that says only men should have that job. As it is with race, sex, religion or national origin; if you can’t separate your thoughts of one preference or the other than you are a slave to your prejudice. The truth will set you free.
    Fuzz you needn’t eat crow. Your expresssion is a result of frustration of other’s prejudices, not your own.
    I congratulate the Faust’s success as I think success will come to those who earned it.

  11. Hmmm… continuing with the booze theme, just thought… Crimson Crow sounds like the name of a reallllly cheap brand of hooch, doesn’t it?! ………………… >:^D

  12. That’s awesome, Snuggles! And yes, I think that a woman can do just as good a job as a man. :))

    Thanks for the comment, Azad.

    Spicy, “eating crow” is an expression that describes one’s humility and humiliation after making an emphatic statement that is later proved wrong. I’m not in the least humiliated, though, so I played on that aspect in the post. Thanks for asking! :))

    I think crow is best served cold and alone. Or is that me? LOL Thanks, Claudia, for your comments.

    You raise a valid question, Heyman, and one that I hope was at the forefront of the hiring committee’s mind in making their selection. I hope they hired the best person for the job. I have no way of knowing that, though, so we’ll see how it plays out. As for voting based on gender (or race or religion, etc.), my thoughts on that are pretty clear throughout my blog: I’m not voting for a woman because she’s a woman. Period. That makes no sense to me. But I’m so glad you queried me on that; I think that when it’s an elected position, the situation is different than here. Even though, I have to admit, I’d be happy to see Hillary Clinton in the White House, even if I didn’t vote for her. Maybe my heart and my mind aren’t always in harmony, huh? (what else is new?) Thanks for your fab and thoughtful comments! And for your support! :))

    Ooooh, G, it DOES . . . maybe we can get a bottle of Crimson Crow and draw a funky blue bubble bath and have a good old fashioned solo Valentine’s Day!! LOL

    Huggs to everyone; thank you so much for your comments. :))

  13. Your not cold (well you might be, not sure what the weather is like in your neck of the woods, but its warm here) and as for alone, Fuzzy you have all your 360 friends here to send you hugs.

  14. Would have been far more amusing, and far more to the point (considering previous blog) had she become president of MIT LOL. But good luck to her. I hope she makes her mark.

  15. Awww, Snuggles, you are the very sweetest!! Thank you so much for that. Huggs to you!!

    Hey Mitch; gosh, I’m glad you showed up and back-commented! I’d missed the more recent comments on some of these!! But yes, I hope she does well in her new position, as well. 🙂

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