Shoes I Choose


I have this friend named Tally who has this friend named Eve who posted a blog about (happy sigh and dreamy smile) shoes. More specifically, she posted about her favorite shoe and then urged everyone else to do so, as well. Now, you all know that I’m not much in the way of a “joiner”: I’m not a fan of tags and do them infrequently, I’m not changing my avatar to a dinner roll or my favorite endangered tree, and I’m not likely to post on something just because someone (much less someone who is a friend of a friend– and thankfully, I can at least link to her, so you know it’s not one of THOSE friends of a friend, you know . . . the ones that are really just me. Where was I? Oh yeah, so I’m not likely to post on something just because someone) else does and says others should, too.

But we’re talking shoes here, People. And in this world that means something.

Some of my happiest memories are of shoes; indeed, some of my most lasting and loving relationships have been with shoes (um, yeah, tell me about it). I teetered around in my mom’s heels almost as soon as I could walk–I don’t think she’s quite forgiven me for breaking the heels off or snapping them in the middle because my little girl foot didn’t fit her adult shoes. She mentioned it this past Christmas with a bit of a tear in her eye. She’s a shoe person, too. But I think that may have been the eggnog; it tends to get to you at the holidays, you know? Anyway, my feet soon grew and they grew until they were three sizes too big . . . for her shoes, and I had to have my own. I’ve blogged about ’80’s shoe choices already, and I’ve blogged about the arrival of my (then) new black and hunter green pumps, and I even composed my own list of shoe do’s and don’t even’s, so this favorite shoe idea seemed just the thing!

The above pictured shoes are called Rouge, and they’re by BrunoMagli; I have to say, they are among the most comfortable pumps I’ve ever put on my feet. Even with a three inch heel. It’s a comfy shoe for walking in, and it looks well with jeans, pants, skirts, whatever. It’s my “go to” pump when I’m not “feeling” an outfit + shoe combination.

I spotted this pump . . .

. . . on the Banana Republic site. I think I’m in love, but I’ve never worn a Banana shoe. Anyone?

Yay! Shoes. Did anyone ever sing a song about shoes? If not, they really should. Or I could get the shoe song in my heart recorded . . . .


28 thoughts on “Shoes I Choose

  1. HMMM.. I had heard of foot fetish.. but footwear fetish is new to me! lol. Well, thanks for introducing this very unlikely subject. I stand enlightened.

  2. You aren’t alone here…let’s see– there was Marcos’ wife…she had hundreds and hundreds…and Jennifer Lopez…

    Now me…I prefer my one pair of hooves for my day to day. But I must say, there is something about shoes that intuitively define a person. I don’t even know how to verbalize it. I know when it’s the ‘right’ style, texture, quality. In school bad shoes were called “bobos”, so there was even a stigma then. (Sheez, I’m all over the place tonight with my thoughts…sorry).

    Seems intuitively you know fine ones too. Mostly only movie stars and celebrities wear Bruno’s.

    I also fancy special purses and must admit that Coach shoulder bags are my singular choice, always. They will last a lifetime and even have a guarantee. That’s more than I can say that shoes carry… Ever owned a shoe that had a lifetime guarantee? If so, let me know.

    Well this was weird. LOL and hugs to you this night.

  3. Wheee, they’s pretty, the Banana Republic ones. They look like the Laboutin ones all the celebrities are wearing.
    Me…I’m not great in heels, I have to say. I have one pair of really hot boots with a biiig heel that are pretty comfy, and I did have this gorgeous little pair of black suede pointy boots with a kitten heel…but Alex dropped ice-cream on them ๐Ÿ˜ and they never looked the same again
    *goes off to cry in remembrance of boots*

  4. Look at someone’s shoes and you can tell who they really are.
    Shoes are really an extension of a person, in a way, as it will always follow one’s personality.
    I myself can’t walk in heels, but I do admire the people who can (and make it look so easy). Maybe one day I will take classes for this, so I can look hot on a night out…
    But for now, I will have to stick to the maximum heel-height of 1.5 inches- nice and broad, to stabilize a “BAMBI” like me.

  5. I love shoes too and also remember playing in my mom’s heals. I am not so comfortable walking in heals any longer and usually gravitate to my most comfortable “Borns”. Although I have almost as many pairs of shoes as I do socks and still can’t resist a good shoe clearance sale.

  6. Hey Fuzzy,

    Not sure how you could walk in those heels, but they are nice. I am not really a girlie girl at work and where boots with a big heel that I can walk in to work most of the time. However, my colleague Cheng wants me to be more girlie so I might go out and buy a nice pair of heels for work. Need the new outfits first mind to go with them. As I always wear trousers! Think heels look sexy with suite though, especially trouser suits as well. Umm good job I have that lottery ticket then isn’t it.

  7. Hi Fuzzy,
    Being only 5 ft. 2 in., I used to have fun with heels when I was younger. I guess my shoe obsession peaked when I was a teenager ~ I was the first in my school to own platform shoes in Grade ten and had half a dozen pair of these alone and several pair of platform boots as well {ca. 1975/76}. Heels worn with suits in the office was de rigueur, but the last ten years of my life my regular footwear of choice are my Jack Wolfskin hiking boots. @@ hugs, G. xo

  8. LOL Eskimo, though I’m not sure if it qualifies as a fetish; it’s pure love not lust, after all. :))

    Oh, Gaby, handbags are a whole other blog!! Yum!! And if I’d had to guess, I’d have pegged you for a Coach carrying llama. I bet wearing your handbag on your hoof would quickly nullify that guarantee, though. Coach does make shoes; maybe they’ll be your cup of tea? I do love a Bruno shoe, I have to admit, but I’m no shoe snob that’s for sure; I love shoes, all shoes (well, most shoes). Teehee. And I love your comment (it’s not weird at all!).

    So sorry, Tally, lighting candles for your fab boots. Moment of silence. . . . Okay. My fave “go to” pumps are heels and now the shoes I covet are heels . . . come to think of it, I guess most of my shoes have some sort of a heel, even if it’s a kitten (which, btw, I LOVE). Something about being flat footed makes me feel clumsy, unless I’m in my fuzzy slippers, in which case I float along like a ballerina. LOL

    Now this surprises me, Muske-Fanta, I’d have pegged you for a heel girl; surely you exaggerate? Either way, it doesn’t matter because you are gorgeous even if you wear only flats or low heels (which, again, I also love). If you ever want walking in heels lessons, I’ll teach you in barter for my most fabulous portrait you drew of me!! :))

    OMG, Nancy . . . sales. Sigh. I love love love a shoe sale. When I was at my mom’s at Christmas I got a pair of Nine West pumps for . . . are you sitting down? . . . $17.00. Imagine! I’m STILL high on that purchase. And Borns are fab shoes!!

    LOL, Snuggles, the lottery is actually MY career plan, too, so we have yet another thing in common. I just have to remember to buy a ticket, seems you can’t win without one. LOL And you def don’t need new outfits for fab shoes; I wear pumps with jeans sometimes!

    I’m 5’6″, but most of my friends are very tall, so I’m more comfy in heels (well, truth be told, I’m just comfortable in heels, what can I say?). I don’t know Jack Wolfskin, and the only hiking I do is out to my car if it’s a busy day at the mall (LOL), but I bet they are super fab on you. :))

    Many huggs to each of you, and thank you so much for the great comments!! You guys make me smile. :))

  9. Fuzzy, after hairdresser today, spent 2 hours trying to find a pair of black shoes just like that, although my feet are a bit wide. I love shoes, probably have too many. My most impulsive buy was a pair of tan leather knee high boots, gorgeous, wore them once as so uncomfortable, now being dusted in the wardrobe:0)

  10. Hey there, Chrissy, and it’s so very nice to see you!! We’ve all been there . . . impulsively buying shoes that end up completely uncomfortable. Sigh. If I had all that money back . . . oh, the shoes I could buy! LOL

    LOL Mitch, I guess that’s only fair as I ran away (gracefully in lovely pumps) from your sports blog. Did you at least don some nice running shoes for your hasty retreat?? :))

  11. Shoes are something I need to keep from stubing my toe. My only interest is whether they are comfortable. I don’t believe in spending extra for a name. I bought a pair of hiking bbots 5 years ago and they were comfortable right up to the end of last week when the sole ripped off. I’ll miss those because they only cost $35. Then one time I had a brand called Merrils i think. They were on sale is the only reason I would have even looked at them. They only lasted a year. When I went to China a few years back and I saw some there. I knew they were knock offs but they felt pretty good. I think I paid 2 or 3 dollars for them. YA YA i know if it’s too good to be true it probably is. They lasted 1 month. Upon close inspection of the label inside said “made in North Korea”. What a deal! George, don’t use “we’ll import shoes” when negotiating on the nukes!

  12. my littel feet are so wide, I could never wear those bruno magli’s. I do love those pumps from banana. buy them. I would if I could get my fat little feet into them. there is a fat foot shoe store in town that is incredibly expensive, and i am plannig a trip there again. i want a pair of cute pumps I can wear with jeans, shorts or pj’s if i wanted. I see shoes and all in love with them, but my feet are too wide for most shoes. this sucks. I have seen some i wanted to buy just to have, cus they were so darn cute.

  13. Fuzzy…Coach shoes are hideous. Don’t know why though. You’d think they’d have that together what with their loverly bags.

    Heyman: Makes me giggle…stubbing toe…1 toe! heeehheeee. North Korea…LOL

    Claud: wide feet. I know. My hooves are huge…and I’m too tall to wear heels, mostly. Now being sad.

  14. roflmao, Heyman, you are too hilarious!! I love this comment, especially the part about the not using North Korean shoes as a nuke negotiating strategy. Hmmmm . . . I have to say, though, that when it comes to shoes, the name isn’t all you are paying extra for, that added quality does make a difference in both comfort and durability. As you found with your last a month dollar shoes (though, you clearly got your money’s worth on that one!!). :))

    Hey Claudia; yay!! You’re the only person who told me to get the shoes and in the face of no one’s dissent, I’m going to. I think they look great, and they ARE on sale . . . besides, I need to know if Banana shoes are good or not, right? I’d be doing a public service, really. lmao. Did you ever try zappos? They have a way to narrow searches based the width of a shoe and offer all manner of sizes. :))

    I’m not a fan of the way Coach shoes look, either, Gaby!! :)) I think they definitely need to stick to bags. And wallets. Oh, and cell phone cases. :))

    Huggs to all of you, thanks so much for your fun and fab shoe comments!!

  15. She mentioned it this past Christmas with a bit of a tear in her eye. She’s a shoe person, too. But I think that may have been the eggnog; it tends to get to you at the holidays, you know?” Isn’t that lovely, but then you have to ruin it with eggnog comment, she loves you Fuzzy. That’s lovely shoes, if you wear this, you will get lots of whistles :). C

  16. Hei Fuzz.

    I DO remember the older entries on this fabu topic of shoes in May!!
    Lovely pair of footwear – DROOOLIN!
    Take care and do keep well. Wear them heels with the attitude of a Princess, Gal.
    HuGGiz Rii xx

  17. Aw, you are so right, Chris; I do a lot of using humor to cover emotion. Wonder why? Anyway, thanks for your kind words! Huggs :))

    LOL, Rii . . . I certainly will wear them like a princess! I may even get a tiara. WooHOOO!! :)) Huggs xx

    Run? What’s that, Michael? (teehee) Huggs to you xx

  18. Oh! Oh! I freaking LOVE shoes, too! Today I had my friends Zoe (4 years old) and Riley (her 2-year-old sister) over for lunch. They took out maybe 2 dozen pairs of my shoes and wore them all over the house. Of course, their favorites were the CFM shoes. What kind of future does that mean for these girls?

    Oh, and I once mailed a pair of said CFM shoes to a guy I met here on 360, along with a quart of my bathwater. Both at his request. *giggles* Yes, I did meet him later. And we became good… uh… friends.

    My fave shoes at the moment are a brown leather pair of Mary-Jane style mules with 3″ heels. OMG!! They are soooo comfortable. And incredibly sexy, in an innocent sort of way. I’ve worn them on a dozen or so flights this past year ~ comfy, plus easy to get through those danged security lines…

    Thanks so much for this fun romp with shoes!!

  19. LOL at the children going for the CFM shoes! That’s great. Guess I was like that when I was a kid, too; it explains a great deal about how I turned out. And you simply must tell me more about this mystery CFM/bathwater . . . friend. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Shoes. Such fun to talk about, aren’t they? Huggs my kind hearted good soul of a friend. :))

  20. Fuzzy!!! I am still laughing over this and came back to read it yet again: “…I’m not a fan of tags and do them infrequently, I’m not changing my avatar to a dinner roll or my favorite endangered tree, and I’m not likely to post on something just because someone (much less someone who is a friend of a friend– …”

    @@ big hugs… G. xo

    PS ~ Dinner roll as avatar!! ROTFLOLLLLLLLLL!!!

  21. You are incorrigible, I swear, Gloria! And I absolutely love it and you. Thanks for the huge laughs; you’re just the best of the best, you know it? Huggs to you, and maybe a pat of butter, too. LOL

  22. It’s funny isn’t it, the things that make us snort and laugh… and it’s sad as anything when I giggle and snicker at myself, LOLOL… but YOU made me laugh first with your expressive phrasing!! I SO appreciate and enjoy you too, dear Fuzzy… @@@@@@@ xo

  23. I can’t believe you hit on that line! You’re talking about giggling and snickering to yourself . . . *I* was doing that when I wrote that line in the first place. I swear sometimes it’s like you’re my twin and we were separated at birth only you’re shorter. And blonde. And Canadian. Anyway, you know what I mean. :)) You crack me up and bring great joy to me, really you do, GG! Huggs for days xx

  24. …Oh Fuzz … We truly do *get* each other, don’t we?! …and I think that is fabulous!! @! hugging you back for days too… !! xo xo

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