Blog Comments, Commenters, and Comments on Commenters


I’ve had reason of late to contemplate blog comments, both my own approach to them and that of others. When I first started blogging, I didn’t really understand the concept of comments, in large part because I had no friends on my list in the beginning. But also because I wasn’t sure what to do with the comments once they were there or how I should comment on others’ blogs. So I dipped my toe in here and there and commented on this and that, and I quickly discovered that my favorite blogs to visit were those that gave me some feedback on my feedback or acknowledged me in some way on my own page. That give and take is addictive, I think.

And I became a bit of a comment junkie. I commented here there and everywhere, and then I’d check again and again to see if my comments were being acknowledged. I obsessively commented on the comments that began sprouting up on my own page (and this was back before we had a handy list of them, back when you had to troll through your whole blog to find a stray comment!). There is just something about comments that I love, and I love them all: the good, the bad, and the ugly. Okay, not the ugly. I’m not very forgiving of ugly comments (though I am forgiving of the commenter). But other than those, it’s all good.

But then bad things happened in my brain, and I started thinking the only good friends to have were those who commented. And that was just wrong. Recently, Nancy and another friend (I’d like to link you, so if that’s okay, let me know) had negative experiences with comments and/or the blog page owner, and these really made me confront my own issues with comments. I realized that there are a whole laundry list of reasons that people may not comment, and that few of those reasons had to do with me or with their being or not being a good 360 friend.

Now I do know that some people on my friends list just never visit my page, and that’s okay because I probably don’t visit theirs, either. But my hit counter keeps climbing, so someone must be coming in, and it can’t be the same fifteen people who comment regularly. Um, it can’t be can it? Are you guys just clicking my page again and again, awaiting some new pearly goodness to drip from my fingertips? Doubt it. So people are coming in, but they aren’t saying anything. They may not like what I’ve said or how I said it. That’s one thing. But they may feel bullied by my strong stance on an issue (and let’s face it, I have strong opinions about most things I blog–or I wouldn’t bother with the blogging of it), or they may feel bullied by the other commenters, or they may think one thing reading my blog and then another thing reading everyone’s comments and then feel they are “wrong” or didn’t “get it.” Or whatever. The reasons for not commenting, I’m beginning to realize, are as many and varied as the people themselves. And yay! That’s okay, I love the many and variedness of all of us here.

I know there are pages that I visit that I don’t read the comments until after I’ve said what I have to say, and that works for me because I really do prefer to respond directly to the blogger in those cases and not to the commenters. I do this in part because I want to say what I have to say and not be influenced by what others have understood or seen in the post. Now sometimes after I’ve commented, I’ll go back and read the other comments and maybe comment again in response to that. Or not. There are other times I don’t read the comments on other people’s blogs because I don’t know the commenters or I’ve seen them around and don’t particularly understand them or (can I be mean?) don’t care what they have to say. Then there are just time constraints, life stuff that makes it impossible to read blogs plus comments on every page, every day. That’s my m.o. with those long and thought-provoking blogs. I behave differently on fun blogs and as Nancy has recently said enjoy the banter that can occur in comments.

When I first began blogging and getting comments, I would occasionally get upset when someone didn’t understand what I was saying or if they talked about some (to my mind) insignificant element of the post. But I’ve seen other people get snippish about that, and I realized that I don’t want to be like that, that I want people to say whatever they want and to respond to whatever is interesting to them. Heck, I know that when reading a blog, I may hone in on one aspect of it and run with that (I did that to poor Ceres recently), but that’s just how my mind works sometimes. And I see that others do the same thing. That change of mindset has been a blessing for me because it makes blogging fun again; instead of stressing me out that I’m not being clear or someone’s not “getting” it, I try to just roll with it now, make a joke sometimes, whatever.

Ultimately, what I’m beginning to realize is that it’s okay when people don’t comment, that it doesn’t mean they don’t like me or that they don’t stop by. It could be anything or nothing; sometimes, people just aren’t in the mood to comment. Or sometimes a long post will be read at different times and a comment may come later. And better later than never, even now with my whole new outlook developing, I do love it when I get comments on older blogs. I get a message that I have new comments, so I go and see what’s up. And ooooh, when it’s an older post someone’s found through a tag, my archive, or just paging through . . . it’s like Christmas, and we all know how much I love Christmas. Now, some people don’t like to read back and comment because they won’t be part of the current discussion, and that’s okay, too. But I like to read back and comment because I know the blogger will read it (and often respond! Woohoo!), and I like it when people do that on mine, too.

So despite all my warm and fuzzy understanding of people’s reluctance to comment, I guess I still prefer to comment back and forth with people, or at least to get a front page quick comment so that I know someone’s been here.

Anyway, once again, I’ve gone on and on, but I’d love to know what you think about comments and commenting on blogs. What’s your style? What’s your reasoning or thinking about that style? Has it changed? Is it in the process of change? Do you comment in response to commenters? And if not, why not? And if you do comment, do you go back and read the blogger’s response to your comment? I know I always do, if someone responds to blog comments, I always revisit that page/blog. If not or if they only sometimes do, I don’t go back at all. What’s the point if there’ll be nothing new to read?


That cartoon guy with his cockamamie theories and insane opinions is so me. Well, minus the his being a man (and a cartoon) thing.


50 thoughts on “Blog Comments, Commenters, and Comments on Commenters

  1. Hei Fuzz.

    I think that it is most marvellous to get comments and to get responds to one’s own in somebody else’s blog as well. The vast numbers I get as well passing through, but ‘only’ about 20-25 comments per posting, makes one wonder ‘why’ but then why not; one cannot and could not say a word on everything, not even me. The thing is not to get into too much sweat – if possible – over non-understanding of others on the main points at times. Some do get it all of the time and some never do. But so what, enjoy the words said and put forward anyway.

    I am doing a mixture of light n tougher topics in me blog for variety is a spice of life, methinks for both the writer and the readers. My style of respond to the comments given in the blog is that at times I do give each one a specific, personal reply and other times I do a ‘communal’ one.

    Take grand care of your honest self, says the dignified Rii xx HuGGiz

  2. First of all, yes you may link to me if you would like to.
    I do find the comments to be a little addictive as well. I get excited when I click on my “home” to discover that there is a new message and I am always happy when someone comments on an old blog. Some of those really old blogs are pretty lonely!!
    I am always amazed at how some people can write such an intellegent comment even when the blog didn’t set them up for it.
    Only when I am really busy, do I not comment on the comments and I will at least try to do a group comment to let people know that I have been there to read their comments. I personally think that is just good manners. Sometimes, I will check back to see if the blogger has commented on my comment only to have to check again later. But I promise, I don’t think I am rolling your counter up!! :0) I just think that there are many people out there who enjoy reading and maybe not very comfortable with the keyboard or expressing themselves in writing.
    BTW, sometimes when I have missed a couple of blogs on the same site, I will read them all first and then comment.

  3. Thanks, Azad, I look forward to your comments. :))

    Hi Rii; actually, I got a lot of my blogging style and manners from you. I loved how you read back through my blog and how you respond to comments, even to comments on your older blogs, so I began to do the same things, thinking if I liked it, someone else might, as well. And I know what you mean about sometimes individual and sometimes group comments; I do the same thing now that I’ve broken up the “all heavy topics, all the time” slant of my blog with some humor or photos now and again . . . it seems a waste to type the same “thanks” or “ooh, yeah” to each person individually, but then when there are substantive comments, I always try to respond, if not here than on their own page in a quick comment or via mail. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again; you are deserving of a best blogger award. You blog regularly, mix it up, are faultlessly polite to all your friends and visitors, are thoughtful and kind, funny and generous of your time and thoughts and talent, and you somehow (how??) manage to juggle an enormous friends list, making us all feel important. I’m in awe of your bloggerly talent. Must be all that dignity of yours. Many grateful huggs for setting such a fine example! xx

    Okay, thanks, Nancy; I wasn’t sure if that’d be okay. I’ve read back on yours a bit, especially when you’ve linked to a previous blog, and I’m touched when you mention it, too. I agree that it’s good manners to acknowledge people’s comments in some way; I wouldn’t ignore someone who was speaking to me, and in a way that’s what the comments are, someone speaking to you. But others feel differently, and that’s okay, too. :)) And I don’t think checking back for comments is going to make any diff on the counter thing! LOL I don’t care how many people come how many times, but I know that so far this month my page has been hit almost 9,000; no way is that the same people checking again and again. :)) How flattering, though, if it is!! Preens at thought. Huggs to you!!

  4. Fuzzy, I must confess, I sometimes come here and don’t leave a trace (apart from pumping up your counter by one). That is not because you are not a good 360 friend of mine, but because sometimes the thing you blog about I am not familiar with: like American politics, education in the States, and celebreties which are really-really not my cup of tea. I hope you forgive me.
    I do read through your blogs though all the time,because they are very informative, and I really like your writing style, which is very dynamic and positive.

  5. See, and to me, Fanta, this makes PERFECT sense. I feel that I wouldn’t have much to say about politics in Spain or about education there, either, so I completely understand what you are saying! I know I’ve read people’s blogs and found I’ve nothing to say or that all I would say is something . . . er, um . . . not positive, so it’s best that I don’t comment at all (you know that whole if you don’t have something nice to say come and sit next to me. . . no, wait, that’s not it . . . teehee). Thank you so very much for your compliments about my writing style and blogs; that means a lot to me. And lol @ my counter! That’s funny. Huggs to you Fantabulous Muske-Fante xx

  6. Well,I should say this is a very useful blog to understand people’s understanding of blogs and comments.Like Nancy,I get excited to see if there are any comments on my page.There are some regular friends who read and respond to my blogs and I become very happy to see their comments.I am not a native speaker and not a person of words because I am a little bit shy.That’s why I can write anly short comments and I do not write comments on comments.I simply like readin my friends’ comments and leave the word to them.I do not mean to be rude or ignore them by doing this.I hope they understand me.I do not get upset if they do not leave comments.I believe lots of people read but do not comment.Thank you for this beautiful blog Fuzzy.keep smiling sweet lady:)

  7. I must admit Fuzzy that sometimes I do like to read a blog and then comment staright away without reading other peoples comments. But then sometimes its nice to read what your friends have thought and there comments on things if its even to just get to know them better as a person. I must admit that if I am not sure about certain things within the blog then I read other peoples comments first to get the gist of what is going on especialy in things I don’t really know about. But your blogs are always so thought provoking to me, so I always pay you a visit.

    I do love to receive comments on my page and I always like to respond to every single person that leaves one if only as a kind of thank you as I think it is more personnel and gives you the chance to talk back about the comments that were left. However, sometimes if its a joke of something that you posted than a group thank you is ok. Its nice to know that someone out there is reading yourblog page, so not necessarily commenting is ok in my books.

    Hugs to you my favourite 360 blogger! x

  8. well…as a general rule..i tend not take the whole comment thing too seriously.
    people have their reasons for commenting or not.
    of course,if somebody has then it makes my 360 day! lol
    Even better if the comment reflects a true insight into the blog itself…or gives a different perspective.
    Like life,theres a difference between someone just saying yea or just nodding to your chat and someone really engaged and debating the point you’re trying to make.
    For what its worth,i absolutely love your blogs. Not read all of them,but just love your style and the ease of how you write about a variety of topics…jealous.
    You write the way i talk in real life over a beer or two!…anything,everything and nothing!
    massive hugs x

  9. i think you and i are very similar in regards to how we view comments, although i’ve found myself, recently, having difficulty in commenting on comments i’ve received on my blog. i usually try to respond to people’s comments on my blogs. it’s always nice to know that your comments have been read. but lately i’ve just been feeling so…i don’t know, apathetic comes to mind. it’s especially hard for me when i get a big grouping of comments before i’m able to check back. suddenly it just seems like so much effort to respond to everyone. i think it’s the weather. i’m hoping it’s the weather and that when spring hits and the sun is shining more, i’ll get out of this funk that i’m in and get excited about blogging and commenting again.

  10. Sometimes I like to give and sometimes take. Here recently, I would rather drop by your blog and read it than try and compose one for my 360. I have been doing a lot of work on my website, where I don’t expect comments and I just get to missing you, so I prefer to come read yours. Most of the time, I check your blog for changes 3 times a day. Sometimes I am in the middle of commenting and I have to shut it down to take care of something at work or post before I am really done. So there you have my habits. ****Hugs Warm Fuzzy**** btw…I am missing Ambers blog too, I just can’t get into the live space thing, I am such a creature of habit.

  11. Hmmmmmm, I read your blog. I want to comment, but should I, do I have anything constructive to say, what if I’m misundersttod, did I hit the counter on the way in, Fuzzy’s cute so I should say something, but what. Hmmmmmmm, maybe something will come to me later and I’ll comment then. Maybe I can read the others comments and come up with something witty. No I should comment and then read the other comments. SHIT! What to do!!!!!!!! I need a nap.

  12. I am going through the same thing like you do. Before I used to respond to every comment in the blog in the message, in the mail, I am always the final message sender. But now it is very difficult for me to be in 360 much, but I try to respond quickly to that comment and go visit their page acknowledging. Since I have short time, I try to visit my most common bloggers, you are one of them, atleast once a day, and leave a comment. Rii is excellent in that, she always responds timely. One thing we just give our best whatever time permits. But I love 360, I keep coming here whenever I get a chance, this is like my break. Even if it is one or two comments I feel happy like Nancy does. Anyway keep blogging, we love to read you. Cheers. πŸ™‚

  13. Well not to nit pick your blog or it’s expanse of related comments, but there are a few relative remarks I’m sure you would not take wrongly especially should I slip and make a smirking slight at something that may not be deserving of such rudeness. Not that I want to be rude because I don’t it’s just that I get so wrapped up in your highly intellectual discussions that I may find myself slightly under water table height if water were vocabulary words. Therefore I feel that perhaps your intent to drown me personally by talking over my head in a splish splash sort of way makes me feel quit inhibited towards leaving anykind of remarkable comments that any one could really understand if they cared to read a little further. Of by reading further would imply that one would voraciously consume your writings being that they do bring pleasure to the forefront of the mind. This maybe because you naturally cause the feromones to become excited and thus temporarily blind us males to any kind of response beyond the “Da” and “Kill” words that our natural being reverts to under times of great stress. So there it is. Thankyou very much.

  14. Hi Fuzzy,
    Comments and commenting… and style.. Hmm. I don’t think I have a set style! I honestly haven’t really thought about that before. Regarding comments and commenting, often it depends on whether I’m having a good day physically or not as to how quickly I respond. Migraine or not, I do read and re-read blog posts sometimes before I reply, and try to keep it in the same vein as if I was responding vocally. On my own page, I like to personally acknowledge and address everyone who is good enough to leave a comment, when I am able.

    In our circle, I love to visit and read blogs first before actually blogging myself, and within our community there is such a smorgasbord of personalities and blog topics that it makes it so much fun! @@ hugs, G. xo

  15. Oh! Oh! Look how beautiful and engaging you are! And look at all the comments you’ve gotten as a result of this lovely engagement! Brava!! Brava!!

    Two things come to mind as I read this: Once I met the boyfriend of a 360 friend. He said, “You write beautifully and passionately.” I asked how he knew this. He said, “I’m a blog lurker.” I laughed, then realized that given the number of visitors to my page and the low ratio of comments left, there must be a lot of blog lurkers in this world.

    In addition, I find that my capacity to comment on comments left at my page often falls off the priority list. When I have limited time online, I have to decide what comes first: Visit my friends’ pages and leave comments? Say Hello to those who haven’t been around for awhile? Write and post my own? Comment on comments? The last generally just falls off the list…

    Thanks for this great post, worthy of great consideration! And for the amazing crowd you draw in for discussion!! Yum!!!!!

  16. I have wondered the same thing about the hit counter going up… for example, a few months ago I was getting 1500 hits a week, from 15 or so regular commenters. Were each of them visiting 100 times in a week? That didn’t seem likely.

    Occasionally I have a lurker pop up and admit their presence. So that makes me feel better. Still, I wonder why they don’t comment at all… not even on the most innocuous of blogs, say a whimsical anecdote or photo blog.

    There’s another indicator of lurkers… I can have 25 total votes in the poll, but only 12 comments. Clearly 12 didn’t comment. Why not?

    If I find myself visiting a page and not being able to come up with a comment, for one reason or another, I will usually stop visiting that page before too long. Nothing against that person, it’s just efficient use of time. However, everyone is here for their own reasons. And good for them.

    So anyway, nice post. I was thinking, next time you should include a cartoon about blogging or something. That’d be really funny. You could put it right up top.

    Also, do you respond to people’s comments when they’ve left one on your blog? That’d be cool too, you should look into that.

    Now who is feeling silly? Huh?

  17. Hey Spicy (waving at you), yes, I think we all know that you are not rude! Quite the opposite, so that never even crossed my mind. You blog beautifully, so keep at it, wonderful Spicy gal. :))

    Hi Snuggles, well, you know that I always like to hear from you and get all excited when you come back from a day or so away! I know what you mean about liking to know that someone is reading; I feel the same way. And thank you so much for your kind words; you really are so special to me!! Many huggs :))

    Hey Doc, thanks to YOU for the marvelous compliments, too. This is so fabulous of you, especially as your own blogs are so thought provoking and rich. I agree that it’s nice to get those comments that take you to a new level of thought or bring up something that you’d not considered. That’s a part of the fun of this blogging thing. I’ve changed my mind on an issue here and there just from being exposed to others’ views, and I’ve certainly been given pause to think things through again, and I just LOVE that. It’s nice to change and grow a bit now and then. Hehe, I like how you say that about “anything, everything, and nothing” over a couple beers. Sounds like fun! Thanks again for your great comments! Huggs to you (you know the ones, those WMD ones. :))

    OMG, Kerry, I know just what you mean; I’ve been bopping around 360 and not paying much attention to the comments piling up in here! And now I’m trying to catch up. But it’s fun, if daunting. I also get in those anti-blog funks, though; sometimes you just have to take a few days or weeks off, ya know? It’s normal, I think, to burn out on it after a bit. :)) And if it’s not normal, it’s an abnormality we share. And that’s not all bad. Huggs :))

  18. This is the second time I AM starting this comment. The first one disappeared, somehow. I am not good at the front page comments, I never know waht to say. I dont do the hugs, kisses thing very well, and I just never know waht to say.
    I only comment on blogs I actually know something about, or have an opinion on. So, if you dont see me commenting on yur blog, it is because I either am behind, or I dont know anything aboout it. I sometimes go back and see if the blogger commented on my comment. If it makes a difference to me. I dont respond to every comment on my page, cus my brain just wont let me. I try to think of what to say, but I just go blank.
    A lot of the time I write, it is just my thoughts. If I get comments, I guess I am lucky someone read my page. Very seldom do I write about really hot topic stuff. Sometimes, fuzzy girl, I have a hard enough time posting my own blog. If I held myself to commenting on comments, I would go nutso.
    also, there are so many points in a page usually, that if one person picks out a smal point that didnt really matter to me, but was a side thought, it just makes my brain think in a different direction. Just like this blog comment.

  19. You know the other thing about comments I forget to comment on is this little box and how it gets all jumpy and annoying and headache inspiring after a while. New comment box needed.

    Okay, where was I? Oh yes, just finished up Kerry, and now . . .

    Priceless Pris, who I adore. You, too, sometimes like to do the read not post thing, and I think that’s fine, too. In your former life, you often went for long stretches without posting, but I always knew you were around. Though I did miss you when you weren’t around for those months, but it helped that I could swing by and tell you so!! :)) I’m babbling. What the hell did you say? Hang on, gotta scroll up . . . Yeah, I’m not leaving here, either, and I’m not doing a page over there; it doesn’t look good to me, and I have this page, and I can’t possibly keep up with yet another one. I miss Amber, too, though. :)) Huggs Priceless, keep being you; you’re GOLDEN.

    Michael, as one of the few people I know outside of 360, I’m stunned that you are so reticent about commenting! But hey, that’s okay, too. Anything you say works for me. Always has. Always will. You know that. Or you should. Huggs dear xx

    Hey Chris . . . just seeing you makes me smile! Thank you so much for you niceness and your being youness. :)) I get happy and excited when I see I have comments or mail, too, so I know what you and Nancy and others are saying. It’s part of the fun of the whole blogging thing, right? But don’t stress yourself, and take the advice you give me; we’ll all always be here, so you take care of your life, work, school stuff, k? Huggs to you :))

  20. Well, Heyman, what can I say? I laughed for a good five minutes when I read your comment, you are too funny. And sweet! Thanks so much for being you, you make my day! :)) Huggs

    GG, my dinner roll pal! I love our circle, but I’m just the opposite, I’ve found that if I make the rounds first, I never get around to posting a damn thing on my own blog!! Everyone else is so interesting and fun that I get wrapped up in that and then don’t get around to my own, so I do mine first. Then I work through front page comments, then I’ll either comment on blog comments or go visiting. Or both. Huggs to you, Gorgeous Gloria, you make everything shiny and new and happy. :))

    Jillene, you are too kind and so very encouraging; thank you so much for that. It means a great deal to me. I know how busy you are and I so very much appreciate your stopping by here at all! And that you take time to catch up just fills me with joy and gratitude! You’re a sweet wonderful spirit, and if you don’t comment on comments, it really isn’t important, you know? Because you let yourself be known and heard, and that is what matters!! Many warm huggs to you! :))

    And omg, Sean, can I just say that reading your line about the cartoon at the top was the second time today that I almost snorted tea out my nose (glancing accusingly at Gloria). You are too funny! And I love your comments a great deal. Though after reading about your sense of humor, I was wondering if you’d just write “no comment” and move on because that would be ironic and funny, like you, but you were even MORE ironic and funny than that. Yay! Yeah, I wonder why people can’t just point and say “nice photo” you know? Or even “crappy photo.” But I guess that everyone is just different and that’s been one of the positives out of all this, learning about each other and not to take offense. Thanks so much for stopping by, you are always welcoome here. :))

    Ugh, Claudia, Yahoo’s been acting funny as hell on me lately, between eating my albums and dropping my friends from friends to favorites and then hiding my mail . . . ugh! And of course eating comments. Oh well, they’ll get it all fixed, I’m sure. Anyway, you keep blogging just the way you do! You know I love you, TME, and I think it’s good that we have different styles and ways of being. You know? Huggs to you.

  21. This post was greatly educational and fun for me. I actually just commented today that I should post and answer one of those “Why I Blog” lists that I see here and there. This is better..more interactive. Good going Fuzzy!

    I’m relatively new at this. I never had a clue what I was doing or even trying to do when I first peeked into 360-World. I’d heard really spooky things about myspace, so I didn’t want to go there…and my experience with chat rooms was miserable. Small talk: How are you? How are you? Hello! Hey!…ad nauseum. But this was different. The winter season was coming and I had some free time.

    Somewhat paranoid about my personal life, I figured I would just roam around a good while before saying anything. After all, there are weirdos out there, aren’t there. (blink..blink) At first I started ever so gingerly leaving a few comments. When I discovered to my horror that you could write a person a comment and then NEVER go back to edit it, I was definitely intimidated. Backed off for awhile. Hmmmmm. This is more timestaking than I thought, I said to self. Hmmmmmm. Ponder, ponder.

    It wasn’t until I stumbled into here and another friend’s e-house that I realized that people actually commented back and forth with ideas in threads. Cool. Then…oh-oh. dunn/dunn/dunn, I ran into some folks that were complaining. Harshly! B*tching about people that didn’t comment. Whoops. I Lurk a lot. I’m not a professional writer. Eegads. I’m a painter!

    I’m now hooked, of course. Found it a way to share things I think are fun, smart, cool, silly, artful and dumb. I LOVE funny – funny people that make me laugh out loud or giggle or smile. And I love nuts…people that are a little crooked on the page. But! frankly, seriously rabid political and religious radicals turn me off. I’m an adult and certainly have made my choices and am informed…maybe way TOO informed about Politics and Religion! I don’t need lectures about either side, or any sect. No spins or party lines…in either direction. But a debate…well, yeah, pull up a chair and I’m in. Sorry…blathering.

    I wish I had been wise enough to read more information on the Help section first. I didn’t know about “favoriting” people…I found some folks and didn’t want to lose them by my random travels, so I’d invite them to be friends. After a few No’s, I started to get a little shy. Figured I had become too forward. Hmmmmmm. Ponder, Ponder.

    Anyway, I’m still learning. I know that I only have until March to indulge myself here steadily…(birthing season and painting starts again in earnest), so I want to figure things out. You’re helping me…others in the wonderful world of 360 are helping. Then today I read a lovely person’s post…(thanks for sharing her Fuzzy) —she invented the “Fish Out Of Water” rule. FOOW. See her post: click on Nancy up there. You’ll love it.

    Okay…I’ve taken up too much space here. Sorry about that. It was fun, as your posts always are. Hugs, Gaby

  22. It’s a funny thing, the comments. When I first started blogging, I’d pretty much pounce as soon as someone commented and be replying to it. And I wish I still could! But unfortunately I’m awa from the comp so much that I just don’t get to, and it’s more likely that I won’t get a chance to check my blog for several hours and find a whole load of comments I need to reply to (as this morning!). I try and reply in detail, and sometimes a little off-thread conversation will crop up via the comments.

    One thing I have noticed, and that is a totally irrational peeve…sometimes I’ll spend forever writing a blog…you know the sort, the one that involves uploading loads of pics to Flickr, you’ve been writing it in your mind all afternoon…you post it and get very few comments. ANd then you’ll write something totally off the hip, a really short blog that required no thinking…and you get a ton of comments! I will admit to getting frustrated with that sometimes.
    I struggle to comment on as many blogs as I’d like to. I think that’s a hazard of a growing friends list…sometimes I got to my home page in the morning and I’ve got 3 whole new pages of new blogs to look through and sometimes, there just isn’t enough time. I try and get round to everyones but it’s a total impossibility at times.
    And how on earth could anyone say no to you?!

  23. Gaby, I think you’re a very good writer! Look what you’ve got here, after all. :)) I had to laugh at the chat thing, that’s so true (and SO frustrating, must be one of the reasons I rarely im). And yes, Nancy is quite fabulous, and I’m happy to “share” any and all of my friends . . . the more, the merrier as they say. Thanks for your fabulous comment, Gaby. Huggs to you (and what do llamas eat? Do you like carrots? πŸ˜‰ xx

    Oh, Tally, don’t get me started on that one. . . yes, it’s very frustrating to spend hours and hours researching and writing a blog and then to receive very few comments but then to dash one off and get innundated. I LIKE the innundated, btw, it’s the other . . . 😦 But your blogs are always very funny and interesting and visually pleasing (how stuffy! but you know what I mean), and it seems you always get the same number of comments? But yes, my friends list is expanding a bit, too, and it does get problematic keeping up. And I *really* shouldn’t be blogging so much as I have been the past few days; I’ve so much to do. Sigh. Always always good to see my Tally (well, not “my” Tally, but you know!). :))

  24. Fuzzy, I just love your honesty, that is what makes you quite unique, I have similar experiences with number of views, but as you know after a recent experience I am learning too! I think one gets so connected on here to expect it to be like the real world, but at the end of the day we all only, (well most of us) know each other through paper. What I am trying to say is we don’t know some at all. It takes time to build a picture doesn’t it! I count a tiny amount of people on my freinds list as a freind. Love what you have written, will come back to it to read again. Food for thought. Take care.x

  25. Fuzz, As always, you have some of the best approaches to sensitive topics. Many folks out there can take things in such a bad way that an unhealthy discourse can happen. I am not a notorious poster but at times if an article inspires me, I will put in my two cents. Thats a human nature thing. But once I’ve put in those pennies.. well, there have been moments I stood back and said … hmm I might should have stated that differently or not even have typed it in the first place. So experience has taught me to be a little more careful with some of the topics that I get into and try or strive to be more benign in the things that I state. It’s not always easy to catch up on everything that everyone on my friends list has to say. I do this for relaxation and leisure time and those durations vary with the magnitude of our economies. Thanks for the posting! RiverRat

  26. you know what i love about comments, it’s the way that even the simplest of things can be misread or misinterpreted. I find it hilarious that people can find the most mundane of things so offensive, therefore I applied a simple rule to myself, “say it how you see it” that way if people wanna get back and ask for an explanation (as claudia did, damn I just remembered that, MEMO TO SELF: go to claudias page next) then give it, if they dont or if they throw a hissy fit, so what, the world wont stop turning by what I’m saying or by what anyone else says about me.

    seems like everyone is concerned about this at the moment and perhaps we should all just take a chill pill

  27. Hey Sexy πŸ˜‰ .. I don’t know what the whole mystery is all about. We all know that women need attention! lol.

    I personally, Never cared for comments, but I do want a few people to read and identify with a situation, thought. It enriches my own mind to have people’s views. But tit for tat comment is just worthless communication (in my opinion) I happened to chat with a friend yesterday and we mentioned each other’s blogs. She said, ”Hey comment on my blog and i will return the favour.”

    I know some people just like to have a communion of sorts and they get comforted with other people commenting. But this is so not my idea. I told my friend, just read the blog you don’t HAVE to comment! I write for myself and then everyone.. not just friends or people who approve of my thoughts. In fact, alternative or different opinion fascinates me.

    Coming back to you my sexy fuzzy: I am amazed how come you happen to think and feel on the same wavelength as I do. Sometimes, I read some blog from you (on subject I am interested in) and I wonder, did I write this?? lol There you go, you wanted attention I gave it to you. Where are my kisses now ? lol

  28. I feel bad sometimes that I don’t comment much, but Yahoo 360 is truly a pain for me. First I have to read your blog to see if I have any comment to make (that’s not the part that’s a pain), then I have to go to another page if I want to sign in, then go find your blog again, and finally comment. And then it doesn’t even notify me when you comment back! That’s why I prefer LiveJournal – I have the option of getting an email version of every comment to my posts, and every comment to comments I make elsewhere. The fact that comments can be added under other comments makes it more like a conversation too. It’s not that I’m trying to get you to change, that’s just my explanation of why I rarely comment. And FYI – more and more often I’m locking my posts there, so you have to be logged on to read the good stuff.

  29. Carrots give er…indigestion. LOL. Like corn. But I do love coffee beans. (chuckles) Well thank you Fuzz. But just because I wrote a tome here doesn’t mean it’s ‘good’ writing!

    Max…it does tell you when someone comments. Just go to the very top and click on “MY Blog” and then once in there…click on “Blog Comments”. It will give you a quicky of posts back to you. You might have to set up your settings for that…I don’t know. But if so, it’s worth it. You can also fix your settings so that all comments, blog comments and mail is sent to you. This is being said just to be helpful, not to imply that the other place isn’t wonderful. I’ve got my hands full here! (Hugs, Fuzzy–sorry to intrude.)

  30. Gaby – As far as I can tell, only comments to my blog will be sent to my mailbox, and as I don’t post there, nothing will be sent. Since we can’t comment directly to comments here, no message can be sent regarding comments. LiveJournal notifies me of all responses, not just ones to my posts.

  31. Once I have commented I tend to forget what was written and move on….otherwise you have to keep going back to see if anyone has responded to the commenters comment (?) I follow my conversations up by having IM convos if something needs to be addressed further…..anyway…now I’ve had my say *smile* I like your blog…and I stumbled on it via a very strange path that I followed…nice reading you…Ali

  32. Q;Anyway once again, I’ve gone on and on, but I’d love to know what you think about comments and commenting on blogs. What’s your style?

    A;I will give comments to all my friends blog..

    Q;What’s your reasoning or thinking about that style? Has it changed? Is it in the process of change?

    A’ Yes i will use particular style to give comments…sometimes it will change…

    Q;Do you comment in response to commenters? And if not, why not?

    A;And i will give replyto my friends who give comments to my blogs….

    Q; And if you do comment, do you go back and read the blogger’s response to your comment?

    A; Yes i always

  33. Hello Fuzz…

    I miss having the time to visit yours and so many blogs each day. As you know, I have to be very careful with my time and not get sucked to so much good stuff that is available out there. But I say and continue to say that you are a high quality blogger. It is fantastic you find the time to resond to each comment (and may I say make everyone feel more valuable than they set out to be). It would be so fun to read through every comment. Sometimes that is where the real insight lies, but time is of the absolute esssence. I have to admit that not having thousands of readers is an advantage! I can still respond to each comment personally and not chew up show much time! Thanks for being the great person you are Fuzz!

  34. Hi Chrissy and thanks for stopping back by; it’s always lovely to see you. πŸ™‚ And yes, I do understand what you are saying and agree completely; it is difficult enough to truly know a person in real life, but to try to do so here . . . very difficult, indeed. I think, though, that with time and effort, it does happen and can be grand! I treasure the friendships I’ve been able to forge here, but I do remain cautious because one just never knows. As we know. :)) Huggs to you

    Hey River, gosh, I can’t count the number of times that I’ve posted a comment and wished I could change it! I am too quick to respond, then I am too quick to add it, and I end up holding my breath hoping that the person gets what I’m saying, usually that I’m trying to be funny or that I said was funny as hell in my own head! :)) Love your comments, always, so just be free and easy around my place, k? Huggs to you.

    Isn’t it amazing, Spicy? I had no idea this would get such a reponse, but I am delighted that it did! Huggs

    Oh, Monty, I had no idea this was a topic that “everyone was doing,” but I just wanted to blog it, so I did. You know I do the strangest things, and sometimes it so happens someone else is, as well. I think you’re funny as can be, and I love your say it like you mean it philosophy, makes sense and keeps things real. Huggs πŸ™‚ Oh, and it’s GRAND that you’re back, too!! Missed you around here.

    Eskimo, wow! You’re so nice with the flattery! I’m blushing over here. :)) Thanks for your fab comments, and I think you write some pretty cool posts, so I usually have something to say, but it’s nice to know it’s not expected! Huggs to you.

  35. Max, excellent to see you and very good to know about your private posts; I’ll start signing in when I go check out your page. Which, btw, I love the new look of! Yeah, there’s no way to get messages here that someone’s commented on a comment you’ve made at their place, and that’s a great feature of livejournal; I also like that you can respond to indiv comments and start whole side threads that way. But I’m pretty well rooted here, as you know! Can’t wait to see you in April, though!! :))

    Hey Ali, you are too funny!! And of course, you are more than welcome here, make yourself at home. :))

    Thank you so very much, Azad! It’s lovely to learn a bit more about you. :)) Huggs

    Yo, Gregg, fab to see you again! I saw you’ve been busy, but it’s still good to see you from time to time. :)) And thank you so much for your fine compliment! I think you’re a pretty fine person, too, and am very glad to know you. Huggs

  36. Ooops, just noticed that when scrolling back and forth to respond, I missed your second comment, Gaby, as it was sandwiched between two from Max. Sorry! :)) Oh, I didn’t mean it was just long, Goofy Girl, I meant that it was articulate and expressive and fun to read (to my mind, the qualities of good writing!). And please! You do not intrude; how could you when you have keys to the place? πŸ˜‰ Make yourself at home, Gaby; you’re my new hero. Huggs to you!

  37. Hi πŸ™‚ Passing through and I don’t pass through anyone’s blog without them knowing I did. Interesting topic; certainly for me it is .

    I’ve read the whole thing (including your responses) and I think what stands out for me is, and always has been, my own particular ‘pet-peeve’. It’s my blog and it took me some time to realize that in all honesty. I’m not an entertainer; some are eloquent entertainers, I’m not because what I blog is first-and-foremost for me; if anyone wants to contribute with remarks that’s always a bonus to me.

    I realized last week that the responses I got were very thin on the ground in relation *not* only to the number of visitors, but to my friends list in particular. So I took the ‘radical’ step of stopping all comments; if my blog isn’t interactive with those friends I have, then there is no point. That is *no* issue to me at all and I am quite happy to carry on doing ‘my thing.’ I took out over half the names and what I have now is what I have. Of those I gave them full opportunity to release themselves with absolutely no ill-feeling; I’m happy that they chose to stay thus far and that they are happy doing so πŸ™‚ I’ll still visit them as often and continue to comment on their blogs; it isn’t about ‘tit-for-tat.’ I even remark on those who haven’t blogged ‘next time around’ just to let them know I was there.

    If I have any criticism with regard to friends list (and this is a universal issue) it’s certainly of friends that do not comment. What I don’t understand, I never have, is that it takes less about twenty key presses to say: “Hi, Loved the blog!” (or words to that effect.) OK, it may not say much of the post itself, but at least you get to know who passed through: a.) Those who feel they have no comment to make b.) Those who read it but are short on time; we can *all* be short on time and I thank everyone would respect that very much.

    Being free from being tied-down to my blog (in daily visits to those who never visited me) gives me a lot more time to do what I’m doing now; that’s why I am a pest on your blog …. hahaha. But, I should say that in the last week in going further a-field from my blog this topic is rife! And I should say that some are not being at all nice about it; in all fairness and in what I read, that comes from both the blogger *and* the friends. It is a prominent issue right now that’s been going on for some time.

    As for me? I’m quite happy carrying on without comments. I lose 20 – 25 comments per week at up to 1K visits? It’s no big loss in the bigger picture and I am STILL so happy carrying on … blogging for me. And I feel better too πŸ™‚

    Great topic! … And I’m sorry for the Epistle (pheww!!)


  38. Oh, I sure will, Azad, but it’ll be tomorrow now, as it’s late here and I’m about to log off for the night! :))

    Welcome, Frankie, it’s very good to see you, and I’m glad you’ve left your mark / epistle! :)) The only time I say nothing after reading a blog is if I’ve nothing to say, but in that case (rare, as I’m far too rarely speechless!), I will comment on the front page to some effect, but some people just aren’t comfortable doing this, don’t know what to say for one reason or another, and that’s okay, too. I was over at your page earlier, and found it rather frustrating that one can’t comment, but I’ll go back, read more and then shoot off a mail to you if I’ve something to say. But I do see your logic; I love the comments too much to shut them down. Even if I get only one or two, that’s so fab to me and exciting! Yes, yes, easily amused and pleased, huh? Again, thanks for stopping by, and for the thoughtful and thought-provoking comments! Please stop ’round again (and again!). :))

  39. I also enjoy getting comments and leaving comments. But I have learned that I just do not have the time to comment on every blog. I usually have my favorites and then try to visit the others when I can.

  40. I know what you mean about time, Bert; I’m finding it rather difficult to keep up with everyone on my list as it is! But I am so happy that you stopped by; I’ve missed seeing you around here. Huggs

  41. Wooo hooo…here’s one of your surprise comments on an older blog! Yeah yeah yeah…I clicked on the link from today’s blog and then had to read this rather long diatribe about comments! Hahahah…kidding!

    Excellent blog. I’m with you…the comments are addictive! I’m addicted to commenting and I’m addicted to getting feedback. Andddd, I’m guilty of returning to blogs to see if people commented about my comments…hahaha.

    I’ve watched the numbers…(yes, I’m a numbers girl…can’t help it. Btw, my car milage thingy is on 19995 right now…wooo hooo…it will turn over to 20000 on my way to t-ball tonight. You really wanted to know that right?? Anyway…numbers on here. It seems for every 15 hits, I get one comment. Hahah…yes, I watched! Dork alert.

    On the other hand…there are people that read & don’t publicly comment…they might send me an offline or whatnot. Or, it’s one of my neighbors & they mention it while we’re out.

    And the best part…sometimes, the comments are better than the blog!!! Hahaha Okay…I’m going back to today’s post :p

  42. lol @ long diatribe, no kidding, Ang!! Reading over it again now, I can see what I was struggling with . . . I didn’t know how to handle the silent friends on my list. I’ve worked out a system since then, though (it’s called delete the people I don’t hear from, and you can use it if you want). Like you, I do get people responding in private messages from time to time, and I think that’s just as cool as a public comment.

    Take a pic of your 20,000!! Don’t you just feel a numbers blog post percolating? lmao

  43. Hei Fuzz.

    Here we are back yapping away in this entry…!!
    It was such fun re-reading it again, by the way.
    HUGZ from Rii xx (Me crown is still on…LOL)

  44. rofl, Neil, you make my day!! hehe

    And yes, isn’t fun, Rii!! (your crown looks amazing on you!! ;D) Huggs xx

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