All About Eggs


So I watched Jurassic Park again last night; I just love that movie. I don’t know what it is about the film (other than perhaps Jeff Goldblum’s presence) that just makes me smile and feel happy. And no, it’s not the people getting eaten by errant dinosaurs. Well, okay, some of that is pretty funny, too . . . remember the lawyer getting eaten by the T-rex while he’s sitting on that toilet? Teehee. I like the whole idea of the film, too, not that I know the (or any) science to be able to gauge plausibility, etc., but then, maybe that’s why I can enjoy it; I’m not picking it apart and thinking “this could never happen.” I experience a complete suspension of disbelief and just settle in and enjoy.

But what’s a film without something to nibble on, right? And what’s this time of year without Cadbury creme eggs? Omg, can I just say that I love these things?! If someone said, you must now choose which you are willing to live the rest of your life without, Cadbury eggs or . . . sex, I’d be swearing off the sex. If someone forced me to choose between Cadbury eggs and . . . coffee, it’s good bye java joyride . Okay, not really. I’ll take the sex and coffee, please. These days it’s just coffee. And Cadbury eggs. And we all know that two out of three ain’t bad! In fact, it’s looking pretty darned good from where I’m sitting.

The thing I’ve noticed about Cadbury creme eggs is that everyone seems to have their own egg-citing style of eating them, rather like with oreo cookies. Some people just chomp into it and in three bites it’s done; others, like me, take their time. And even among the time takers, there are distinct variations. Personally, I like to bite the top off (I do this with Easter bunnies, too, btw, just lop their ears and heads right off . . . but not in an irreverent way); anyway, once the top’s bitten off, I savor the fabulous yummyness that is Cadbury milk chocolate. There are “better” and certainly more expensive chocolates out there, but I’ve got a pretty pedestrian palate and am happy happy happy with Cadbury’s stuff.

So once that’s done, I start poking around inside the egg with my tongue to get out all that white and yellow center, which, frankly, is just a bit too realistic looking for me, so I usually don’t look inside until I get close to finishing the center part.

And only then to know where to stick my finger so that I can scoop out the last bits. Yum. Then it’s just slowly eating the outside chocolate bit by bit, letting it sort of melt and dissolve on my tongue until it’s all gone. I usually end up with sticky chocolatey residue all over, but hey, so what? It’s for a good cause.

I was wondering what that center part is made of, but couldn’t understand the UK version of the nutrition box, so I decided that I just didn’t care. At the end of the day it’s a sweet and fabulous concoction of confectionery goodness made perhaps by some god seated upon a chocolate throne, wrapped in purple tinfoil, and waving about his scepter thingy while sparks of candy sweetness fly about and rain upon his worshipers. Hey, it could happen. (No idea why I made my Cadbury god is man, though, what’s up with that?)

Cadbury creme eggs are the best, the original ones, I mean. I tried the chocolate ones, the caramel ones, the various American wannabe versions, but when it comes right down to the best candy egg of all? It’s got to be Cadbury creme eggs. I think it’s rather cruel and torturous that they sell them only at this time of year, though, who’s in charge of their marketing? Can that be right? I guess in a way it makes sense, maybe I wouldn’t want them so much if I could have them any time I like. I guess that’s possible. I certainly wouldn’t have as many in as short a time as I do now, but I suspect that I’d spend more money on them if I could get them year ’round. But as is so often the case, no one called to ask me what I thought. Damn them.

See what happens when I start singing the praises of something I love and then end by waxing capitalistic? I ran out of steam and the whole serious blog I’d meant to write got lost. Oh well, I had intended to write about cloning and its geo-ethical ramifications, something I often think about when watching or shortly after watching Jurassic Park, so if you have anything to say about that, by all means. That’s the blog post that wasn’t. Otherwise, how do you eat your Cadbury creme egg? Or your oreo, for that matter?


hehe, the ever thoughtful and funny Heyman just sent me this fab Cadbury egg commercial (advert) vid, which I think was only shown here in the States, as it talks about the Easter deadline for the sale of these nummy treats:

P. S. Azad, if you watch it, you’ll see what a Cadbury egg is better than in the pics I’ve posted.


33 thoughts on “All About Eggs

  1. Yes thats awonderfull film..I too like that very much..Wats that Cadbury egg…I have never heard about that…AZAD

  2. Wheee, I don’t believe it…something we disagree on! I really don’t like creme eggs…well, I like the outside plenty, given that it’s chocolate and all, but that creamy sticky stuff inside is yucky!
    I do however, love oreo’s. I take them apart, lick all the middle out, then eat the sides 😀
    I love Jurassic Park, I thought the kids were nice and not the brats that sometimes end up in films, I first saw that when I was about 12/13 and I was so scared when that T-Rex was chasing after the car with Jeff in the back. Eeek! And the kitchen scene with the velociraptors, and the baddy getting his comeuppance with scary squealing mini-dino was cool too 😀

  3. Hi Fuzzy,
    The closest I’ve ever come to seeing Jurassic Park is listening to Weird Al Yankovic’s parody based on the song MacArthur Park. Like the EBAY song I used for the post ‘An Ode To Fuzzy’s Closet’ {remember?}, it’s funny. Have you guessed I’m not much of a movie gal?! Ah well. I AM a Cadbury’s Easter Creme Egg gal, though! How do I like to eat them, you ask? I bite the end off about a quarter of the way and suck out all the inside yummies. It’s a gross sounding manoever, but wonderful to execute! Cadbury also makes these special tiny chocolate caramel filled bunnies at Easter … four to a package about the size of a small choc bar. They too, are a sweet lover’s delight~! I also LOVE LOVE LOVE the Cadbury’s advertising at Easter. You know what I’m referring to. Heeheehee… The bunny that goes “BUCK-BUCK-BUCK” like a chicken!! He’s been with the company so long he’s earned a pension by now.

    Funny you mention Oreos. My favourite is actually the outside biscuits rather than the filling… so I pry apart the two pieces and scrape off the white stuff, THEN eat the biscuits. Have you tried the new{ish} vanilla sort? It’s just as tasty as the chocolate ~ very much resembles the flavour of a vanilla Girl Guide biscuit. Sigh. It’s 5:40 am. now and I am in need of a chocolate fix, with no chocolate handy!! Rats!! @@ hugs, G. xo

  4. Hei Fuzz.

    Question: Which one came first the hen or the egg??

    Cadbury is not good quality in chocs at all, at all in me books of delish tingies.
    I like the Swiss one called, Lindt, the very best because I like the high cocoa butter content in chocs and it being dark chocolate.

    Anyway, enjoy your creme eggs in the Jurassic Park and vice versa! Have a grand weekend, too. Rii xx HuGGiz

  5. I used to love them too..but not had one for years..omg!
    Reminds me of when i was young..or younger should i say ;-)…saving pennies to get one and then ending up smearing it all over my face,hands and everything else!..and then getting a clip around the ear! ouch!
    I see my nephews and neices loving them now..and its great watching them making a mess!
    But i have to admit i do know lots of grumps that hate them and go on about more posh ones…but i do agree,the cadbury ones are the best..for nostalgia if nothing else! hehe
    In the US you can only get them at easter did you say? you can get them at any local store..all year round!
    is it just me…with the fever..but your description of eating one…mmm…blushing thoughts! 😉
    I’d better go and get those antibiotics! hehe
    hope you slept well.
    Rash x

  6. The biggest moment that I remember from Jurassic Park was when the dinosaurs were coming and you could see the ripples on the water. Heart pounding terror at its best!!
    We went to see it at the theater as a family. Our girls were 11 & 13 and didn’t want to sit with us. They wanted to sit in the first row. Needless to say, our youngest was practically sitting on my lap for most of the movie. She has an active imagination and still thinks it is one of the scariest movies she has every seen (that and Signs).
    As for the luscious creamy taste treat. . .YES! I love them too. I eat them pretty much the same as you do except I don’t have the patience that you do to get out every bit of the center.
    Have you eaten the little Cadbury candy coated chocolates? They don’t have the creamy middle but the overall taste is the same with a fun hard shell.
    P.S. I like to look at the creamy center. I need the visual to validate the whole experience. :0)

  7. So, I won’t tell you that they come out here the day after Christmas and hang around til early summer! They even have a candy bar made of creme eggs but square and that is out year round and so is the ice cream!

    I tell ya what, I will trde you 3 cadbury eggs for 2 hersehy bars with almonds and a few marbles.


    PS. Oreos…crack them open, lick off the creme and throw away the chocolate cookie…oh yes and plently of milk!

  8. If you saw something like that come out of a bunny chick , do you really want to eat it? I’ll stick w/ the Oreo’s which is why I rarely ever buy them. I eat the whole bag. A very discriptive blog. :))

  9. I take my creme eggs like i take my tequila worm. Bite the head off, suck out the middle, then regret it for a while.

    As for oreo’s, why oh why can’t we get decent ones in the uk

  10. cloning and its geo-ethical ramifications? geez, that makes my head hurt.

    still, very entertaining post, even thogh i don’t like creme eggs, oreos or jurassic park.

  11. Hi Azad, well, a Cadbury creme egg is just a bit of chocolate candy, that’s all; there are a couple of pics up there and a link you can check out if you like. It’s really good, though, so if you have a chance, maybe try one. Or two. :))

    Nooooooooo! Say it isn’t so, you don’t like Cad eggs? Well, actually, that’s okay, that means there are more for me! :)) And oh, yes, love the scary squealy mini-dino getting his! (lol @ your description!) and was worried about dear Jeff (another super tall guy, did you notice that?), too. Those kids are lovely, sort of how I imagine your Alex is, actually! Smart and good and nicely mannered and kidlike without being pains in the um . . . :)) Yay! Love your comments always.

    OMG, GG, how can I forget the Weird Al dedication? It’s what made me feel bondy toward you in the first place! :)) If we weren’t both girls and straight and all that stuff, that would be “our” song. lmao I will definitely have to try your suck the center out maneuver, it sounds fun! Good thing I live alone, I think that these Cad eggs are like spaghetti, things you’d rather eat in private, you know? 🙂 And no, I’ve not tried the vanilla oreos, I don’t much like vanilla flavored things, so . . . well, I’ve still got a few Cad eggs, shame you aren’t closer, you’re more than welcome to them! :))

    Hey Rii, yes, I like Lindt chocolate, as well, especially their truffles. My mom is mad about the peanut butter ones, but I like the milk or white choco ones. I don’t like dark chocolate as much, for some reason, unless it’s with something else like coconut or rasperry or orange. I also love Godiva chocolates (again the truffles for some reason, though they have those yummy raspberry starfish!), but Cadbury eggs . . . YUM!! Thanks for your fab comment, and now you’ve got me craving a Godiva starfish! You! :))

    Year ’round, Rash? No fair!! And why haven’t you had one in all that time? I’m sure no one would clip your ear nowadays for being all chocolatey. I’m steadfastly ignoring your feverish mention of my innocent chocolate discussion. You men! I swear. :)) Hope you feel better soon, Sweetie xx

    LOL Nancy @ the visual validation, love how that sounds. :)) And oooh, that ripple water thing is just Hitcockian in its spooky factor, isn’t it? I love that part, and it really does stand out . . . anyone who’s seen the movie can see just those two plastic glasses of water with the ripple and know exactly what film that’s from. Brilliant stuff. Thanks for your fab and as always fun comments!! ;))

    Amber, Amber, Amber . . . I’ve got one word for you, you Meanie . . . KRISPY KREME. Okay, that’s two words. lmao You are too funny! Better watch out what you say to me, you know I’ll remember, and you’ll get a big box of stuff at Christmas, so if you don’t want hershey with almonds . . . say so now or forever hold your peace! And yes, I throw away the chocolate cookie, too, the only good thing about the oreo is the center!! :)) Okay, do you have ANY idea how much I’ve missed you, BBB? Any? SO glad to see you commenting again! :))

    Oh, Heyman, I can so relate to the eating the whole lot thing. I can’t buy those little “six packs” of these eggs or I’d eat them all in two days!! I have to buy one or two at a time and then make sure I don’t get more for a couple weeks, or I’d eat them all day every day and before long not fit out the door to buy some more! And that would be bad. :))

    You can’t get decend oreos in the UK, Monty? Why not? Do you live near Amber? I can send her some if you like, or she knows (I’m sure) where to get the good ‘uns (Amber?). :))

    Hehe, I knew I could count on you, Kerry to note the good stuff. I thought that was funny when I wrote it, but in that twisted kind of way that you always get! :))

    lmao Heyman, you are too funny . . . cloning AND Cad eggs/ Oreos. Only you. :))

  12. Hey Fuzzy

    Seems I am behind everyone else on this blog. So here goes.

    Fancy you biting the bunnies head off first, I never knew you could be so nasty!

    AS for Cadburys Easter eggs you have to be right on this one and I only like to buy Cadburys Easter eggs there is just something about them and the picture of the little chick that is always on the front of them over here. I never like Mars or Nestle Easter Eggs they just don’t taste like Chocolate. I am not a fan of this posh chocolate either, got to be cadburys for me. Might you sometimes I do crave a galaxy saying that.

    As for you only being able to buy Cream Eggs once a year then give your address and you will have to let me know in advance when your cream egg craving might come up as they might take a while to get to you by snail mail.

    I have to say that I am not a major fan of the cream egg and think the middle bit is a bit sickly for me and I have a sweet tooth. As for oreos, I don’t think I have ever had them, i’m guessing that they are kind of like Bourbon biscuits over here with cream in the middle between two biscuits if so then I take the top off then eat the cream with the bottom half. Ummm thats good sound rude if you had a dirty mind!

  13. Great blog again and hilarious and my favorite Chocolate topic, anything chocolate I love. And another curious habit I have, I take some chocolate with Coffee. I just tried a few times with Egg creme, next time I go there, I will get many of them and save it for a rainy day :). Cheers 🙂

  14. Cadbury CHICKEN????? NOOOOO it’s the bunny that lays the chocolate eggs. Didn’t somebody say something about a chick on the Cad Egg?????

    I doknow maybe I’m having withdrawls….

  15. Heyman,

    There is a chick on the Cadburys Easter Eggs, perhaps you should write to Cadburys to tell them to put a bunny on the egg. Ill back you up! LOL.

  16. LOL – You are so funny. “Just lop their ears and heads right off . . . but not in an irreverent way”…and oh yes, about Jeff Golblum…something magical about that guy…isn’t there. (Llama’s eyes drift off imagining him and his tall self).

    As for Cadbury eggs…I’ll have to re-investigate them. It IS the candy season, isn’t it. Oh-oh. How did we get candy with Easter, btw. Hmmmmmm. How. Tell me Fuzzy!

    Wish I had a chocolate marshmallow bunny right now. Oh-oh

  17. Jurassic Park…another great movie!!

    Cadbury Eggs are toooooo sweet for me….I love the chocolate but the center is to much. My favorite chocolates are from Belgium….Yummy!!

    With Oreos it depends on my mood, but generally I like to bite down on the cookie until the white filling oozes out and then I lick it. Finally I eat the rest of the cookie.
    Does that make me weird???

    Thanks for sharing this fun blog.

  18. Hey Snuggles, you Fabu chick, you! That center is certainly very sweet, and I can see how it might be too sweet for a lot of people, I can’t eat more than one of these eggs at a time for the same reason. Which is yet another reason to love them so much because I won’t get fat eating them, as I can’t eat enough to do so. :)) Huggs :))

    Yay! Thank you so much Chris, I truly value your opinion, so it’s always good to know when you like one of my blogs or laugh at (or with?) it. :)) Oooh, and I love choc. with coffee, that’s the best way to enjoy it, I think! Huggs :))

    Now, Heyman, Snuggles is English, remember, she hasn’t seen the advertising that Cadbury’s does here in the States, and you are BOTH right. So stop this bickering or I’ll send you to your room with no dinner (or chocolate eggs!). lmao. Thank you sooooo much for shooting me that vid; I love it. I’d forgotten all about it until I got it from you, but it’s a great addition to this blog, hey? Man. lol Huggs to you, dear.

    Teeehee, no idea at all Gaby; I’ve also no idea why we celebrate the death of St. Valentine by giving each other chocolate. The jewelry . . . well, that makes sense to me. lmao. Thanks for your fab and fun comments!! Huggs :))

    Thanks, Rainy, what great comments! I agree with the too sweetness of the center, but I guess that’s part of why I love them so much! :)) Huggs to you.

  19. Hey I loved the advert with the bunny, its fab. I have never seen that before, you were right Fuzzy.

    I wasn’t aware that I was arguing with Heyman, I think he should write to Cadburys at least they should but the bunny on the creme eggs if not the Easter Eggs. You can’t stop my chocolate. NNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Thats no fair!

  20. Wow, its funny how this silly stuff gets so many responses. anyway, the realistic inside is what keeps me away from these candies. I just cant bring myself to eat one. I cant stand slimey uncooked eggs, so the cadbury egg aint coming near my mouth. John loves them. I will eat any other cadbury candy, but not these eggs. When you were describing eating the inside, I wanted to gag. Ack, taht was too much. As far as cloning, can we clone really hot guys with tight……..ok, never mind. they would all be babies taht had to grow up. Why on earth would we need to clone anything? Its not like there is a shortage of people or anilmals. And why would we wnt to bring back an extinct animal like a dinosour? There is a reason they are extinct. I dont know all the reasons, but I dont think they need to be brought back. But you can keep your cadbury eggs, all to yourself.

  21. Look how many people talk back to you – WOW!!!

    I LOVE Creme Eggs, I ate one just the other day too *funnily enough*. Bit the head off scooped as much of the middle out with my tongue, plunged around with my fingers, got covered in sticky gooey stuff, licked myself clean and then ate the chocolate – its the BEST way – I always thought it was the ONLY way! Do you get “Mini Eggs”? They are my ultimate favourite, really mini chocolate eggs coated in a crisp sugar coating in various eggy colours – and absolutely divine…now given a choice between a bag of THEM and sex…..I think sex would HAVE to win out every time. L3!!!! Me and my kids LOVE Jurassic Park also – but only the first…the dunny scene is the funniest ever – the girls say best place to be when you are sh*tting yourself!! I STILL get nervy when the glass of water starts to ripple because of the loud footstep…I’m such a woose! Have a happy day…Ali xx

  22. So glad you liked the ad, Snuggles; I’d forgotten all about it until I got if from Heyman. And I don’t think you were arguing, either, I was being funny. Well, it’s probably NOT humor if I have to explain that is, huh? lmao :)) Huggs xx

    Cool, Chris! And how fab that you’d go and get some just to try my (and it looks like Ali’s) way of eating them. :)) Huggs

    Oh, Claudia, I sincerely doubt that it’s my silly posts that inspire all these great comments; I just have the BEST friends in all of 360. Seriously, I do. I’m so blessed and fortunate to have such great people “around” me. Yay!! Had to laugh at your response to eating the inside; I think it’s too icky looking, too, so I don’t look! But it tastes sooooooooooo goood, yum. Sounds like John and I could have a yummy meal of raw oysters and Cadbury eggs, while you sipped wine and tried not to look! Heehee And I am SOOOOO with you on cloning the hot guys, I’d go get a Jensen Ackles just add water kit in a second! Ooooh, where could I keep him? happy dreamy sigh. And I’m with you on the not cloning dinosaurs thing, seems a stupid move to me, too. :)) Thanks so much for stopping by TME!!

    L3 Ali! And I really hope you don’t expect me to learn that code on my (own) blog. lmao. Well, we’re apparently the only ones who eat them that way, though Nancy comes close. And no, your not the only one to mention these minieggs, so I will certainly have to be on the lookout for them, as I’ve not tasted them as yet. Gives me a mission for tomorrow. Thanks for your fab comment! Huggs to you over there in Oz :))

  23. There was a time when the Cadbury Cream Egg was the same size as a hens egg (A medium hens egg admitedly – not those huge ones you get from free range farms, but still a hens egg).

    Yet I have noticed that slowly but surely they are getting smaller.

    Now they are about the size of quails eggs. In a few years time we will be searching for them with a magnifying glass!

    Over here in the UK we had a huge recall on the Breme Eggs because they were made in a factory that also made products containing nuts. They had to recall in order to change the packaging to include a nut warning.

    Now I wonder if there is one of the Cadbury Fruit & Nut adverts starring Frank Muir on YouTube?

  24. I have never tried a cadbury anything….but if Fuzzy says its the bomb, it must be, so I am going to buy one and see what happens. I never seem to get past the pink peeps…I love those things…another habitual hangup….like checking Fuzzy’s blog to see what’s going on! 🙂 Have the best day Warm Fuzzy!

  25. Thanks for your comment, Simon, I admit, though, that I didn’t notice any shrinkage; I wonder if that’s due to their not being available all year ’round here? Upon being reunited, all my starry eyes can see is the egg, love being blind and all? Very dangerous for people with nut alergies . . . deadly stuff that, surprised they just changed the packaging (no one would read it here, and people would be gasping and dropping like flies. Well, not really, but still). I’ve never tried the Fruit and Nut bars, I’m not a fan of nuts in my chocolate; I like them separate. :))

    Thanks, Pris, well be sure to let me know what you think of them! Huggs Priceless xx

  26. Hiya 🙂

    The yellow of the egg is fondant. It’s made in a similar way to icing (I think made out of icing suger) and cooked into a paste. Fondant can be icing by the way; it’s down to how it’s finished and without baking. Then you colour it and flavour it; the difference between the white and the yellow? Density and colour, the ingrediants are *the* same. The only reason I know is because Cadbury’s used to run school competitions each year and the winner got to spend a day at a Cadbury’s Plant (here in the UK that is.) One year a friend of mine’s daughter won with her drawing and a question-sheet. She loves Creme Eggs so she got to see where they make them and was told it was fondant. In short? Sugar, sugar, sugar and more suger … hahaha.

    She worked on a essay in shool in showing and explaining hot they were made. That was a few years ago now, but to my knowledge nothing has changed in how they are made.

    You can get Creme Eggs all year round in the UK (or, as far as I am aware you can.)

    How do I eat mine? Very much the same as you only I don’t use my fingers (there’s something about being left with just the shell!! I think it’s the challenge of it … hahaha.) I once took on a challenge to put a complete one in my mouth, chew and swallow it faster than the other guy; he must have had a bigger mouth because he demolished his and I wasn’t halfway through mine :-/ hahahaha

    Good Blog; thank you 🙂


  27. Hey Frankie :)) Thanks for the information; I had no idea. If she did as well as you’ve just done explaining about the center, I’m sure she got very high marks (here, it’d be an “A”). :)) ooh, and yes, I think that’s the part that’s fun and challenging (in a doable way), emptying out the center without breaking the chocolate egg. You mean you don’t KNOW if these delicious treats are available year ’round? Hmph, so you don’t eat them often, I take it? I think it’s a good thing they aren’t available year ’round here, as I’d be bigger than a house! Thanks for your fab comments. :))

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