ABC's of Me Alphabet Tag Thing


You’re on a long boring car trip, you’re killing time in your office (aka “working”), or you’re at the beach trying to get a tan (bad you! that stuff will kill you) . . . what kinds of things do you like to do or games do you like to play? There’re “I spy,” the car plate one (which I’ve never played but have seen in movies), the what’s that cloud look like one, and I’m sure a whole host of others I’ve not heard of.

My personal favorite is the alphabet game. For those of you who may not know what the alphabet game is, here’s a short version of the rules: you pick some topic, author, actor, television show, and you and whomever you’re playing with work your way through the alphabet with words related to the chosen topic. Say Tally and I were playing and we’d chosen . . . oh, I don’t know, Supernatural. Well, whoever went first would have “A” and would have to come up with a Supernatural-related word beginning with “A”; I would say “Ackles” for Jensen Ackles, one of the very hot actors on the show. Then the next person (in this example the fabulous Tally) would have “B” and might say “Bloody Mary” which was an episode title from Season 1 (and which I found amusing because she’s English and “bloody” is a curse word there) and on straight through the alphabet. Now there are variations on the game, and the rules need to be agreed upon, of course, before you begin; for example, someone might play this game not allowing a mix of “real” life (aka the actor who plays Dean) and the show.

As I enjoy this game when things are dull and boring in real life, I was drawn to it when I saw the ABC tag on Rii’s page, so I said that I would do it. So here I am doing it. One thing, though, is that she says we can’t use negative descriptors, with I think sucks, because sometimes I am “apathetic” and am now forced to think of something cheery and good that begins with “A.” But I will persevere . . . .

Here are the rules: For each letter of the alphabet, pick a word that best goes with you. It can be a word that describes you physically, a description of your personality, something you like or anything that you feel suits you. But keep it positive. It can be easy for so many to find their faults in themselves before their positive traits. So give yourself a pick-me-up and give it a try.

Here is the alphabet: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z (wouldn’t it be hilarious, if in being a smartass, I left out a letter or two?) Typing that did remind me of the “rule” that says that people can’t begin the alphabet after “A” and pick it up all the way through. I don’t know if this is true or not, but you try . . . start with U and finish it up. No back peddling.

Okay, on to the tag:

A. I like to think I’m . . . amusing

B. bashful (just like the dwarf, and I think it’s okay to use that term since it’s part of the title of the book/movie. Or no? Now I’m stressed, and I can’t even use that for “S.” Sigh.)

C. clever (okay, this is harder than I thought. I feel all horn tooty. Crap.)

D. devilish (that can be good, right?)

E. enlarged, elephantine, enormous . . . why do all the “e” words seem so . . . big? Um, need a positive one, though . . . elfish? Is that even a word? And if it is, what does it mean? Evil? Maybe, but that’s not really positive to most people. (tempted to peek on Rii’s for ideas, you know she came up with THREE for each letter!) Umm, Elvis? No, definitely not. You know this one is hard . . . I’ll come back to it.

Ooh, got it on “T”; how about edgy?

F. Fantastic fabulous Fanta. Oh, wait, that’s someone else. Um, me . . . frail? Definitely not. Fun.

G. Gorgeous. No, again, that’s someone else (waves happily at Gloria). Goofy (that’s good, right? I like goofy people anyway)

H. Honest

I. Imaginative

J. Okay, I got one, just like that (snaps fingers but nothing happens because I can’t snap my fingers and make a noise). Jolly. Is that a good one? Can a normal sized, still young feeling woman be “jolly” or is that reserved for Santa Claus/Father Christmas?

K. Keen (that has enough meanings to be puzzling)

L. Loving

M. Merry

N. Nuts (nuts can be good, as long as it’s not gone straight jacket nuts, right? I mean a little bit of being nutty is good. Right?)

O. Orange-y (well, my hair’s kind of reddish brownish orange-y, so . . . . )

P. Pensive (I think a lot); I’m also prissy. Not sure either of those is all that positive, hmmm. Passionate, then, though I suppose this can be negative when applied to ideas or politics . . . . Getting all pensive again.

Q. Quippy (I like quips. Duh)

R. Real

S. Sassy

T. Truthful, which is an overlap with honest, but I didn’t see a rule against that, so don’t get testy. Maybe tasteful?

U. Unstupid. Okay, maybe not. How about urban?

V. Verbose

W. Well-rounded (whatever that means!)

X. “X” marks the spot (that’s about all I can do for x, don’t you want to beat me at Scrabble now?)

Y. Youthful

Z. Zany

That was actually quite fun. If you want to do it, do it. If not, no problem, totally understand.


29 thoughts on “ABC's of Me Alphabet Tag Thing

  1. See, I wanted to use “cheater” for C, but couldn’t because it’s not “positive.” Hmph! lmao, thanks for the comment, Blackie, always good to see you ’round here, Girl. Huggs.

  2. Hei Fuzz.

    YAHOOO!! For doing Becki’s Tag today.
    It is OK to use the same meaning but different letter on the tag – I did it!
    The main thing is to have FUN doing it, methinks. I love letters, words,
    these kind of thingies since I was very small.
    HAVE A GRAND WEEKEND. HuGGiz from Da Ikkle Finn Rii xx – you know the Normal One – HEEEH

  3. Shall we make comment on your selection of words or just suggest some changes LOL. I gotta go find a dictionary, i gotta find real words that aren’t offensive, made up or irreverant….
    Do you expect us to actually put this in our own blog????????????

  4. Now, Rii, I told you that I’d do it, so you had to know that I would! :)) I’m the same with letters and words and the like; just love it all so much! Thanks for your fab comments and encouragement. Huggs :))

    Hi Azad, yes, this one is slightly different than the one you did, as I got it from Rii’s page. I did yours on your page, remember? It was fun, too. Huggs :))

    Comment as you wish, Heyman! :)) And you can or not post it on your blog . . . I don’t do all the tags I see on my own page; sometimes I do them on the tagger’s page (as with the one Azad had on his page); sometimes I just bow out all together. Just depends. You are certainly under no obligation to do this on your page, that’s for sure! Huggs to you :))

  5. Heh… Fuzzy,
    You just KNOW even though you posted that alphabet with the ‘all letters present and accounted for disclaimer’ I had to run through the list to see if you had !! JUST to see if anyone was snoozing.. !!

    If I have time, I’ll give it a go on the weekend… Back to ripping and tagging… @@ hugs, G. xo

  6. mmmm interesting blog….heres my forced attempts to be positive..or delusional
    A adorable 😉
    B beaming…well..nice teeth anyway!
    C clean
    D distinctive
    E Essence
    F free
    G generous
    H heartwarming
    I Inviting
    J idea..just the word came into my head! 😉
    K kissable
    L leisurely
    M munchy
    N natural
    O open
    P proud
    Q quiet
    R Reliable
    S sensitive
    T thriving..well,in some ways!lol
    U unblemished…not!
    V vintage..well,my taste in houses,cars and the junk i collect! hehe
    W wobbly..well,my taste in women…see blog 😉
    X xenial….bloody hell…had to get a dictionary out!
    Y youthful..i think i have good genes!….hey you too..snap! lol
    Z zesty…was just eating an orange so it seemed appropriate!

    delicious hugs xx

  7. Fuzzy, that was fun, fun, fun blog :), that fits you to the T. You added Fun for F, what about Fuzzy, that warm and cozy feeling 🙂 This is like a biodata of your personality. Glad to know you Doc. Cheers 🙂

  8. What really bothers me is that you can snap your fingers, but it doesn’t make a noise? And another thing girl, I would have come up with another word for “S”.

  9. I had to write again Fuzz. Your letter game reminded me of a game my kids played in the car when we were on trips. They counted all the cows we passed that were on their own side of the road, keeping score against the other child on the other side of the car, counting the cows on their side of the road. The trouble was, if we passed a cemetary, and it was on your side of the road, all your cows died, and you went back to zero!

  10. I would do this, but I have sworn off tags, of any kind. I commend you for doing it though. It has to be tough to find a descriptive wqord for yourself for each letter, in a positive manner. I just dont have the patience for this.

  11. i would totally do this tag if it weren’t for the whole “keep it positive” rule. geez. of course some rules were meant to be broken… *evil grin*

    but not today. 😉

  12. Verbose, indeed! At least you have the brains to keep us entertained! Now THAT should have been your B word: BRAINY!

  13. Wheee, this is fun 😀 And I want to play Alphabet SPN!

    A- Animated (well, after I’ve had my coffee)
    B – Bookworm-y
    C – Clumsy!
    D – Dean-lovin’
    E – Easily Excitable
    F – Fun, I hope 😛
    G – Gleeful
    H – Hearty Eeater (does it count?)
    I – Inquisitive/Introverted
    J – Juvenile (at times)
    K – Kinky (sometimes)
    L – Loving and Left handed
    M – Mischievous
    N – Naughty
    O – Obtuse, at times, Obscure
    P – Playful
    Q – Quick – thinking
    R – Ribald
    S – Studious/SPN-loving
    T – Tenacious
    U – Unsociable on occasion
    V – Vexatious
    W – Watchful, Wary
    X – Um…X-rated…or something (?)
    Y – Young at heart
    Z – I’m Zany too 😀
    I enjoyed that!

  14. lmao @ Gloria going over and over the alphabet! I did it, too, but don’t tell anyone! :)) Huggs.

    Munchy, Rash? Huh? But your words are all good (well, I don’t get the munchy thing), and very descriptive. Thanks for playing along; you’ve just won this lovely toaster. :))

    Yikes, that’s scary, Chris. But glad you enjoyed me baring my soul for the world to see. 😉

    Scintillating, Michael? Or sinful, scandalous, secretive, silly, saucy, sappy, . . . ?? What, what? And I love the cow game! I’ve never heard of it before, but it’s fab, especially the dead cows at the graveyard part . . . appeals to my morbid sense of humor. :)) Huggs

    hehe, Lisa, well, I like anything wordy and word oriented, so this is just up alley; otherwise, I’ve sworn off tags, too. For at least a year. :))

    Ooooh, do a neggy one, Kerry, then you’ll start a new tag; it’s be much easier, more fun, and hilarious to do a negative one. Well, at least as much fun, anyway. :))

    Teehee, Jillene, that’s nice of you . . . I think. 😉 Huggs.

    Yay!! Tally, that’s a fab list you have there; you’re my word hero. And yes, it’d be SO fun to play Alphabet SPN, but you’re the only person I could play with . . . hmmmm, I know, when you get to the States, we’ll play on the phone! Yay!! You had two e’s, and I want to be vexacious. :)) You are DEFINITELY fun, and how did I not think of dean loving for D? So sad now. (okay, not really, but I should have, huh?). Huggs

    Verbose means that I talk on and on and on and say very little, that I use a lot of words to say not much at all, that I have a way of dragging out things in wordiness rather than just getting to the point, you know? Like sometimes, I’ll . . . lmao . . . THAT is verbose. And it is, yes, me. And bashful, yes, that’s me, too. I’m very shy around people I don’t know, in large groups, and even on the phone/webcam, etc. I’m only good typing. Go figure. :)) huggs BBB

  15. Hey Fuzzy,

    I think that this is going to be a nightmare. I struggled to try and find the five posative things to say about myself before I go to bed on my single blog the other day. Sorry won’t take part in this one. big big hugs to you though. x

  16. You are so brill Fuzzy, I loved it and I love you for doing it, but I guess you can tell that by checking your mail! Hugs to you and the gang x

  17. You are VERY welcome, Snuggles; it was fun and very easy to come up with twenty-six plus good things about you! :)) Huggs

  18. I only just saw this post….LOVE it….sassy…ssssss…very very good…. lovin’ my new friends style *wink*…clever lady

  19. kk well here goes….unsure……tenacious *wink*…s…definately sassy….r..rambunctious…q…querulous…p..pernicious…o..omnipotent (well you all have to be able to have a chance too lol)…n..nebulous…like the clouds…m…married (my thang)…l..lemme think about it some…k…kissable…(what else?)…j..jurassic (after all I already had my 40th)…I..idealistic…h…hmmm hedonistic…g…gregarious….f…well…fairylover….e..ecclectic,egoccentric, enigmatic….d…dastardly (harharharharrrr)…c…concientious (how DO you spell that?)
    b…blessed a….need I say more than ALI!!!! Lol ‘s fun!!! Love from W Oz Fuzz

  20. I cant believe that more of your friends didnt play…its quite fun thinking of words that fit AND suit yourself too

  21. Yay! That’s totally fabulous, Ali!! Guess some of my friends aren’t very wordsmithy, and that’s okay, but I find this stuff fun, fun, fun. Okay, I had to laugh at jurassic, and I have to ask, when was your 40th? Had mine in October, and never felt “old” until then. Sigh. But I’ll get over it, I’m sure. Not being jurassic, guess I’m doomed to that from here on out, but being upset about being jurassic. Soon I’ll embrace it and do a geriatric jig or something. lmao. Okay, HAVE to ask about the fairylover, is that as in fairies who glow in the garden or as in fairies who glow at Cher concerts? If it’s the latter, yay! Me, too. Yes, had you pegged for a hedonist, and as a wanna be hedonist, you’re my new idol. :)) Thanks for the great comments, best new friend Ali.

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