Flowers, Candy, and Equality: The Three Things Women Want?


I just learned from my good friend Chris that today is International Women’s Day. Huh? Okay, that’s one I’d never heard of before, but then he sent me one of his world famous tiny urls (very good things, check them out) so that I could go and read about it. Sure enough, around the world, people celebrate women on March 8th. Wow. I get a whole holiday just for having lovely lady lumps; how great is that?

Well, that’s what I’m trying to work out, actually. How great is that? I guess being an American makes me . . . um, skeptical of a Women’s Day (unless it’s that fab magazine, do they still print that and sell if for 89 cents? What a bargain!). Remember when we decided we should have Black History Month, so we declared February the month in which we’d celebrate and share black history, but then it was February, and that’s the shortest month of the year, even on a leap year, it’s a wee little month. So outrage and cries of a variety of racist and “othering” practices ensued. Until we all wished that we didn’t have a special month at all, just teach and learn and celebrate black history all the year ’round, right? And why don’t we call it “history”? Why set it aside like that?

It seems to me that setting aside a special day to honor someone for not being a white, western male is really just a bit backhanded. It’s like having a celebration for runner up or next best in show. We’ll be running the world, but here’s a nice month for you and a day for you, oh, and did you pick up your ballot at the door? We’ve allowed you to vote. Well, in some countries, that is. Now don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against white, western males. Nothing at all. Quite the opposite, actually. However, until we have an International Men’s Day; I think I’ll pass on the celebrate my humps day. I’ve blogged and blogged about white guilt and racism and how anything that sets people apart . . . well, sets them apart. And I can’t unsay all that; I can’t unbelieve it.

So while I love and honor and respect women and think we are smart, strong, and stupendous, I just can’t do it on a special day set aside like this. Mothers’ Day? Oooh, yes! (we do, after all, also have a Father’s Day). Women rock, but we don’t need a day; we need . . . [fill in the blank].

. . .

Equal pay! — says Rii

A roll in the hay! — says Snuggles

“Harder, faster, deeper… oh! oh! oh, God! Yesssssssss.” says um, orgasmically enthuses Jillene

…maybe a personal day of reflection as to how far women have come — says Pris

*not* to be told when is our day because we rock all year! — says Fanta

Chocolate, Kris, and *coughdeancough* — says Tally (who I’m sure doesn’t mean them in this order; it’s got to be *coughdeancough* then chocolate . . . )

Several days and not just one — says Spam-ber (Amber says a whole lot more and funny ones, too, but she gets only one here, and I’m taking the first one. Because I can.)

. . . more cowbell — says Nancy


A couple more links:

The U. N. and Women’s Day:

Turns out we have a Women’s Month, after all, March. Sigh:

Info on individual countries’ celebrations:

The U.N. has declared this women’s day as day to end violence with impunity against women and girls: What a shame we need a day for that. But it’s a worthy cause, just care about and try to stop it year ’round, that’s not too much to ask. Or is it? A bouquet of flowers to your favorite female is not going to stop global violence again women, and it’s not going to raise awareness of the problem. I didn’t even know there was an International Women’s Day, let alone what this year’s pet problem is. I may not be the most informed human ever, though, so take that with whatever amount of salt you deem necessary.

39 thoughts on “Flowers, Candy, and Equality: The Three Things Women Want?

  1. Hei Fuzz.

    The thing with this festivity is that why just one day that is called *Womens Day* – sounds like a morsel from the masters table to me!!
    I said to me male workmates, including the bosses – when they were wishing the happiness of the said day today: *Never mind the day, give us the equal pay!!* They got the message and nodded their heads.

    Great blog. HuGGiz from da dignified Ikkle Finn Rii xx

  2. you’re not the only one that’s never heard of it before. i signed up for some kind of holiday reminder service thingy a few months ago, and over the weekend, i had my first reminder for international women’s day. or maybe it was the second. whichever. i don’t ever remember hearing about it before. last night i googled it, to find out what the deal was with it, thinking it was something new, because there always seems to be some new “holiday” these days. you could have bowled me over with a feather when i saw it’d been around since, what? 1909? something like that. i’ve already forgotten. somehow the fact that it had been around that long and i’d never heard of it before made me a lot less impressed with the whole thing. if you’d have asked me why, i probably couldn’t have told you, but there you go.

    great post, fuzzy, and i think you bring up some excellent points.

  3. A role in the Hay! LOL.

    I think they have far tooo many days now. There’s a granparent day as well now, di you know that one? I’m not sure when that one is mind.

    Another great Blog from Fuzzy’s world. x

  4. I agree with you, Doc Fuzzy and da dignified Ikkle Finn Rii, this day should be celebrated every day, thats what I do for all festivals :). Few days ago, I saw in one blog “Say Hello to Mom’s day” πŸ™‚ You just say hello one day and that’s it. But sometimes we need such days so we don’t forget it. You Girls rock. Cheers πŸ™‚

  5. Yay you! Rii, that’s fabulous :)) Thanks for your great comments. Honest to goodness huggs to you my most dignified friend xx

    Weird, huh, Kerry? Apparently, we celebrated it here in the States in the 1910’s and 20’s then with the feminist movement in the ’70’s and then it was gone again. Who knows? But I’m like you, it doesn’t have much of an impact here at all, even knowing about it now . . . Thanks for the compliment, though, I truly appreciate that :))

    lmao, Snuggles, and I’m sure more than one of us will agree with that one! heeh. Yeah, I knew about grandparent day, don’t really do much with that one, either, even though it does cover all races and genders. Thanks for the fab comments! :))

  6. oooh, you snuck in there, Chris. πŸ™‚ Thanks so much for your always encouraging and thoughtful comments. I’m glad you think we rock, as I think men rock!! :))

  7. I’m noticing that there’s an ‘International’ aspect to your illustration up there, along with a suggestion for reaching out to women in conflict zones. This does seem like an important task, one I haven’t really thought to do much.

    What does this woman need? “Harder, faster, deeper… oh! oh! oh, God! Yesssssssss.”

  8. I don’t know…maybe a personal day of reflection as to how far women have come but I don’t know about anything bigger than that. There are of course countries where women are little more than property, but then they are probably not even aware of it. I have never heard of it either…but reflecting on it…why not, women should be proud of how far they have come. Either way, no biggie to me.

  9. Good Post there! I don’t think I have anything add, but equal pay for equal work is something that has been an ongoing issue, though I perceive that strides have been made to remedy the disparities. The world has changed considerably in the past 4 decades and more change is evident and will come. It is true that many societies have yet to experience much change, but a day is coming when the field is level everywhere. How about International Affirmative Action Day?

  10. We rock every day of the year, Fuzz. We don’t need to be told when is our day, that’s how I feel about it.

  11. Well I dunno about anyone else but I’ll take that as an excuse to eat more chocolate.
    So yeah, I need:

  12. Well, I’m amazed that none of you want shoes after all. I have heard of the day before because it’s commonly celebrated in the east (of the world, not America). Women are worshipped every day of course, but given a day off on 8 March (to get a rest from worship maybe and to buy shoes, chocolate and things). And is it true that there’s a grandparent day?! Do we get a roll in the hay? Make mine a cheese and tomato then.

  13. Good post Fuzzy. I never knew this day existed, and some good points have been made, by both you and the commenters. There are just too many holidays. If you work for the Federal Government, it is like working for the “Holiday of the Month Club”. When I was younger I worked in the steel mill, and the company was giving us another holiday, so we had to pick one. The union suggested Martin Luther King Day, in January. Many of the blacks that I worked with didn’t want that holiday. They said it was in January and cold. They wanted a holiday on a warmer day! Hey, you don’t always get what you want. Just ask Amber, she wants a guy who understands a woman!

  14. Have to admit I was totally unaware of the significance of the day until this evening while browsing various blogs. Not a single person, male or female mentioned it at work today, so I can only assume none had heard of it either.
    By one of those strange coincidences, I was studying stats at work today in relation to the continuing inequality between men and women, particularly in the workplace, due to impending ‘improvements’ to the Equality legislation in this country.. It’s surprising just how widespread inequality is in the UK, considering how long protective legislation has been in place. I just wonder, based on that, if Blair’s new improved Equality legislation will have a lot of impact? Time will tell, I guess.

  15. Love Fergie..LOL – Well I just wanna know when we’ll have Special Camelidae Day for the wondrous Llamas and Camels. We have great humps! Hugs

  16. I wasnt aware of this day. I didnt see any national campaign to celebrate us. Maybe I slept through it. This has happened to me in the past. Like Amber and many other really smart females, I can think of much better things to ccelebrate. If there isnt going to be a big hoopti do about the celebration, dont do it at all. or at least celebrate something like chocolate, or something

  17. Hi Fuzzy,
    I almost didn’t read your blog. I came over yesterday and looked at it thinking it was all about this “Women’s Day” that I had never heard of. The thought didn’t excite me. (sorry) I am glad I came back this morning and read it. I should have known better and I share your sentiments.
    I get tired of seeing groups of people get thrown a bone just for being a group. It just seems like a manipulative move either to keep the group happy or to boost the sale of cards. Either way, I don’t like to be manipulatied and I get tired of watching the rest of America get a buzz from stupid things.
    When we were a young financially struggling family, Roger was trying to get into the pipefitting apprenticeship program. He had to be put on a list. The list was composed of three groups; a white male group, a black male group and a women’s group. They took equal people from the lists regardless of their qualifications. The wait was long and, in my opinion, unfair (of course this was 25 years ago).
    I know your blog isn’t about equality, but honoring a specific group has really come down to that, hasn’t it?
    Just my opinion, but until we “ungroup”, we will never see equality.
    To fill in your blank, “we need. . . more cowbell”. (sorry again, that just popped in my head. From an SNL skit (LOL)

  18. Interesting blog always!..where do you get the ideas and the bloody time to write all this stuff?! lol
    not complaining your meandering thoughts and reflections.
    Womens Day?..mmm..have to admit not heard or it till now.
    Do agree with some of the comments above and have mixed feelings about the ‘need’ for identifying a cause or a group by having a ‘Day’. I guess some people will argue that there are certain issues that just dont get the publicity or news/media time and its only by advertising through a recognised day is the only way to highlight or get people to reflect….but i suppose you can then argue…for what purpose?!
    We have chatted about this before havnt we fzy,both of us have a fairly egalitarian outlook,and in terms of womens and i guess also race issues i’d rather have people succeeding on merit than what colour or sex they are….or as you put it..whether you have humps or not! lol
    Massive delicious sticky toffee pudding hugs! πŸ˜‰
    Rash x

  19. What is sad is we get so wrapped up in our own lives that we forget about the other people out there. This is just my opinion (flawed and crazy as it is), but I think if people took more time to remember that other people are just as important as him/herself, we wouldn’t need these days set aside in the first place. It was a noble gesture, creating these holidays, to try and get people to think about others and their contributions, but even with countless X Days, we fail to remember anyway. This says a lot about our society, I think.

  20. Hi Jillene, and yes, you’re right, there is a need to reach out to and help women the world over, in conflict zones, those having their genitals mutilated, those still be murdered in culturally accepted revenge and pride killings, and on. I just don’t think a day set aside does any of that. And lol @ your response to what women need :))

    Thanks for your fab comments, Pris, and I agree that we’ve “come a long way, Baby” but not far enough, and this “Women’s Day” to me underscores that fact; I keep coming back to Rii’s comment about scraps from the master’s table . . . Huggs to you xx

    Hey River, well, a few years ago the Boston Globe ran a story on its front page that women in America are still earning 74cents to the male dollar (meaning for equal education and experience and doing the same job, women make 25% less than men do). Obviously this is an outrage, but again, a day will not change that. A hundred of them haven’t changed that. (and on) Thanks for your comments; it’s always nice to see you here :))

    Couldn’t agree more, Fanta!! :))

    bahaha Tally, you crack me up!! Woohooo on the chocolate and coughdeancough (and on the Kris, though he’s all yours!) :))

    Thanks, Amber, for the comic relief! :))

    Neil, I’m a bit of a shoe junkie, so I do think that we need shoes, and not just shoes but cute ones and lots of them! :)) And is it an actual “holiday” that women have off (those who live in countries in which they are permitted to work, I mean)? Doesn’t change anything, I just find that curious. And a bit insulting (not YOU, the whole day off thing). Thanks for your comments! :))

    Oh for God’s sake, Michael, are you KIDDING me with this “I don’t want a January holiday”? I am sick to death of whining crap, I swear! Grrrrr. What a drag for them that he was born in January!! Perhaps they prefer to “celebrate” his murder? It’s in April. Much warmer then. Grrrrr. Thanks for your comment, though; YOU don’t upset me, just that white guilt stuff does, that sense of entitlement just for having black skin. Rolling eyes. Huggs Friend.

  21. Oh, Mitch, it’s the same here; women THINK we’re equal here, but we’re not. Not even close. As I said above, women are being paid a great deal less than men to this day, and I don’t know what will change it, but I’m pretty sure a special day to gift women with flowers and candy isn’t the answer. Thanks for your fab comments :))

    Yay llama and camel lumps!! Teehee, Gaby!! Huggs my llama friend xx

    :)) Lisa, yep, totally agree, and as Kerry says next, there IS a chocolate day, but I celebrate chocoloate the whole year round, so it’s not going to make a difference to me. Well, except to make my lady lumps a bit more lumpy! :))

    Right you are, Kerry, yay! chocolate!!

    Oh, no, Nancy, this blog IS very much about equality; you’ve said beautifully what it took me far many more words to not say as well!! Thanks for that and for your fab comments about “should have known better”; That made me feel so happy. :)) Thanks!

    :)) Hey Rash, yep, you know how I feel about this and vice versa. Love your sticky toffee huggs, btw, and am very glad to see you back commenting. Missed you, you know!! WMD huggs πŸ™‚

    Princess Ceres!! You are always a treat to hear from because you are wise well beyond your years (and I just like you!). Thanks for your fab comments. I agree with you a hundred percent!! Huggs to you

  22. Hmm, I’ve blogged on this. The original thought behind Black History Month was an internal celebration and reflection of black history, triumphs and struggles, just as Jews or Irish celebrate various aspects of their culture. Today it has morphed into a symbolic parody in many ways, a way for people to show public “sensitivity”.

    International Women’s Day sounds like the same in many respects- a way to demonstrate “correct” sympathies at the designated time, and appear on the side of the angels. It is also a way for various activists or individuals or bureaucrats to gain media attention and resources for their own agendas. If anything, “offical” government or public recognition of such celebrations co-opts them and transforms them into caricatures of their orignal purpose.

  23. Yay!! I really have to say, Sarge, that even though we’ve just met, it is always a pleasure to read your comments and to hear what you have to say about things; I like the way you write and the way you think. Anyway, I do agree with you on your final comments, and that’s definitely what happened with Black History month; it got co-opted by various groups trying to score points for their own agenda and side. It’s ridiculous to me that people, especially black people that head these groups and trumpet these “causes,” create these caricatures, become them in some ways and make their very points go unheard. I swear, it makes my blood boil to feel that racism is still alive and well in this country in large part because of these very black leaders themselves! grrr.

    As to women’s day, yes, I agree there, too, but women here haven’t tried to contort it since the ’70’s, a decade as you know of strident feminsism (that oddly enough made everyone hate women’s “equality” and “rights”; wonder if there’s a connect? Anyway,) so we’re not stuck with this added holiday. I believe you’re right that these things do emerge for good or at least mostly good reasons, and then what happens to them is the shame. Still not jumping on the women’s day bandwagon, until we have a men’s day; or better still how about a Huminity Day?

    Bahaha, had to laugh at the equation between this women’s day or Black History Month and Saint Paddy’s Day; I don’t know the origins of the latter, but I’m pretty sure that a bunch of Irish people and their descendents who’ve never even seen Ireland, swilling green beer and having a parade are not in any way honoring or even thinking about Irish history or culture. I’ve got a good bit o’ the Irish in me blood, but I don’t think of Saint Patrick’s Day as anything but a college and politician party. :)) Yay!! See THIS is why I love your comments, you always get me thinking. Huggs. :))

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