All About Stuff: Shallow is Not a Four-Letter Word


I like stuff; I like expensive stuff, cheap stuff, and all the stuff priced inbetween. I horde stuff, and am a stuffaholic, unrepentant and undeterred. Something to celebrate? Shop for stuff. Something to mope about? Shop for stuff (it’s then a very important aspect of one’s well-being and is often referred to as “retail therapy”). Guess that makes me shallow. Oh well, if I’m going to be shallow, I’d like to be shallow with lots of cute shoes, gorgeous clothes, and assorted household items to comfort and nourish me.

Now I’ve learned a great deal in my many years as a stuff collector, and I’d like to take a few moments to share my shallow stuff wisdom with all of you:

1. Buy what you like, don’t listen to people telling you that impulse purchasing is bad. It’s not. What’s bad is when you get home and think about what you wish you’d bought, wiffle and waffle about it, then finally turn up back at the store to buy it, and it’s . . . (gasp, horror) gone. Or if it’s clothing or shoes, they have it . . . taunting, mocking you in the wrong size or color or both!

2. Buying stuff makes you feel good. Don’t listen to anyone telling you otherwise, it’s normal to feel happy when you’ve just bought something you like a lot; it’s equally normal for that happiness to fade. Luckily, buying more stuff is just the ticket for a return of that happy feeling.

3. If you must think of stuff getting as a bad thing (and whyever would you?), keep some perspective. There are far worse bad things to have/do. For example, you could smoke, drink too much, have wanton random sex with risky strangers, partake in illegal drugs, pop legal pills to excess, and on and on. Let’s face it, stuff getting is only mildly addicting and won’t cause cancer, HIV/AIDS, brain damage, or death by “mysterious” causes, so . . . .

4. Remember to remove all tags as soon as you get something home; don’t just stuff it in your closet or under your bed with the tags still on. This is likely to cause embarrassment at some point should you, in your haste to dress and leave the house, forget to remove all the stickers, tags, and etc. (I can hear you snickering, Tally!)

5. Ignore the Joneses. Who gives a damn what they have? It’s not a competition, after all. Get what you like, when you like it. If the Jones are smart, they’ll try to keep up with you. (couldn’t lose my shallow persona, now could I?)

Following are some pics of some of “My Favorite Things” (cue Maria from The Sound of Music, please. Or not.):

Now this first item is for Nancy who recently posted on the wonders of snow; I, too, love snow, and this Yankee candle is just divine. It smells of that crisp, clean, just snowed but a lot so that the landscape is covered smell:

As you can see, it’s called Jack Frost. Yum!

Another candle that I like (besides the marvelous Yankee Candle candles) is Glade (yes, you heard that right, Glade.) Glade is also known as “Glahd-ay” and can be purchased at Target, aka Targe-ay:

This one is Mountain Berry and is FAB for spring.

Along with this cheaper can be just as good if not better than expensive theme is my personal choice in mascara:

Yep, it’s the pink and green for me (and I don’t mean Ralph Lauren. Here.). Sure, I used that in high school. And sure I tried a zillion different ones from all sorts of cosmetics companies and in all sorts of price ranges before returning to the tried and true. No clumps. AND it actually comes off again without pulling out what’s left of my eyelashes. Well, what more can I say?

And one more cheaper than not product that I love is called Frizz Ease, but be warned, there is a wanna be product out there that looks like my fave product, and I bought it:

This is the imposter. It does not work as well at taming the horrid frizz that occurs in the humidity (and just about any other time, but I’m not admitting that here). So don’t get this one. Ever. Get the one called Frizz Ease.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had horrible finger nails: weak, thin, bendy, and just plain disasters. When I want nails in the future, there is only one product for me:

This is by O. P. I. and it works! Follow the directions on your O. P. I. Nail Envy, and you, too, can have long, healthy nails. Until you stop using it or open a door or try to peel off a label, but hey, as long as you don’t do anything with your hands, you’re golden. Actually, this stuff does work, but I just don’t care enough about my nails to use it as I should and to avoid breakage as I should. Sigh.

Speaking of O. P. I., can I just say, mmmmmmmm. Their Berry Juice lotion is to die for yummy smelling, and it’s a lovely smooth lotion that absorbs well and doesn’t make you all slimy and greasy.

They make other “flavors,” too, but this one is my all-time fave.

Okay, one last girly one. Here’s quite possibly the best hand soap in all the land:

It’s by Asquith & Somerset (who also make a quite marvelous bubble bath) and has these lovely little exfoliating beads in. It also smells of Raspberry and Melon (there are other scents, of course), and is divine!

Here’s my kitchen cow. If you squeeze his foot he sings “Hey Goodlookin'” and does a freaky little arm and leg moving dance to go along with it . . . “hey, Good Lookin’, whatcha got cookin’? How about cookin’ somethin’ up with meeeeee?”

As you can see, his little bow tie lights up, too. It’s almost impossible to be in the kitchen with my little cow singing and not do a little freaky arm and leg and butt wiggling dance of my own while I sing along. I call it singing. Others have disagreed. With vigor.

This next one is my current favorite cereal, and I really really thought I’d never grow tired
of or too old for Captain Crunch Berries, but I guess I did:

Of course, this is the jumbo box because it’s cheaper that way (see even shallow stuff addicts like to save a couple bucks). I was just chatting with Snuggles yesterday, and we discovered that we’ll both eat a bowl of cereal for dessert (afters?) sometimes. Unless “cereal” in England is “cake and ice cream” (?), I think that’s just unique enough to warrant a mention, don’t you? By the time I’ve emptied the sugar bowl on mine, though, it’s hardly “healthy” anymore. Another sigh.

A good while ago, I blogged on this magic lotion that makes sandpaper heel skin turn into baby bottom softness; a few of you said you’d get some and maybe you did. I still highly recommend it; here’s the stuff:

Now this is the “for Her” version, but I imagine you can use this to good effect if you’ve no lady lumps of your very own.

And last but not least is my daily vitamin (ahem, Tally):

This one’s for women and has iron and whatever else we need not to go too PMS-ey each month or lose our bone density or whatever the hell . . . can’t hurt, can it?

And here concludes our tour of my shallow mind and some of my favorite things . . . what are some of your fave things and why?


The first pic is of my favorite incense: it’s called Satya Natural and is FAB. I forgot to take a pic yesterday and only remembered when I lit a stick today, so that pic is off google image.


39 thoughts on “All About Stuff: Shallow is Not a Four-Letter Word

  1. I’m rofl’ing at Targe-ay…say what now?
    your stuff all looks so good…especially the melon and raspberry stuff.

  2. Thats great tips Fuzzy, why should we care about other’s opinions, buy what we like and no regrets later. I will definitely follow the fourth tip from now on ๐Ÿ™‚ it looks embarrassing walking with price tag, stickers :). I eat cereal with ice cream at all times, ๐Ÿ™‚ weird eh. Agree with รขหœยฉร…↓↓y… your blogs are great, must read. Keep shopping with cash no credit card though. Cheers.

  3. I love this blog Fuzzy girl! that is the best way to make yourself feel the best. Go buy stuff. Thav takin on that attitude latly, and it works quite well. Now, my favorite things, new pajamas, pretty smilling candles, good perfume, really good sheets. this is important. Anything to pamper myself with.

  4. roflmao! what a great post. ๐Ÿ™‚ i totally love your philosophy.

    if i’m going to eat special k cereal, i like the red berries one. i’m hungry for cereal now.

  5. *standing up to applaud you enthusiastically*

    Let’s hear it for SHALLOW! Only a person who is truly deep can actually revel fully in shallowness. And, like you, I also returned to Maybelline Great Lash Mascara. Love it! Thanks for this delightful romp.

    BTW, I really love those candlesticks right behind your featured items. Yum!

  6. I can’t really put my finger on exactly what in this blog started me smiling…I guess it’s just that the whole thing is so wonderful. Shopping is therapy, you are right about that. And I use Maybelline mascara as well.

  7. LOL, Tally, well, I didn’t make that one up; people joke about that here a lot. Reminds me of that show whatever it is with Hyacinth Bucket wants to be Bouquet. Thanks for the most fabulous compliments, but REALLY YOU are the fantastic blogger/fangirly/friend!! Hugs, You

    Oh, Chris, you are far too kind to me, and I just love it! :)) You are SO right about not using credit to buy all that stuff; this is definitely a recipe for incipient poverty, I think. Good reminder! Huggs

    Ooooh, Lisa, is anything better than a fab set of sheets? I mean . . . REALLY! Snuggling into the softest bestest smelling sheets in all the land is just marvelous, it really is. I’m not much of a pajama person, but if I were, I’d buy those up, too! Huggs :))

    Oh, Kerry, thank you SO much. I also love those berry Special K ones; they’re even better than with fresh berries; well, in terms of being all sweet and yummy. I like fresh berries, too. Even tossed some raisins in once, good! Huggs :))

    Jillene, I just LOVE the way you think! :)) Many thanks for your fabulous compliments and encouragement, and thanks on the candlesticks, too, I don’t know where they came from, though, as they were a gift. I just love that brushed steel soft coldness, though. Huggs :))

    Thanks so much, Em, that’s really great of you. Looks like a lot of us use that mascara; we know a good thing when we’ve got it, huh? :))

    Thank you so much, Chandra, that is very kind; I’ve seen your comments over at Chris’ and I always like what you have to say, too. Thank you so much for stopping by, and do come back again. :))

  8. My favorite is your kitchen cow. I can see you singing and doing the cow wiggle.LOL
    Whenever I go to a store and it has stuffed animals with “Push” buttons….well, I push each one of them.**Big Grins**
    Drives the other people crazy, but it is a lot of fun. I always end up buying something from the store as a way of saying “Thank You for letting me have some fun.”

    I am definitely a stuffaholic, but I have been limiting my shopping to looking more than buying. My apartment is much too small.

    Thank yo for sharing.

  9. Teehee, Rainy, that’s exactly how I found my kitchen cow; I pushed all the animal buttons and just fell in love with him. I ended up buying two, one for me and one for my mom! I spent more mailing it to her than the thing cost, but I really knew she HAD to have one, too. :)) I know what you mean about storage, too, it’s a real problem at my place, as well. But out with the old, in with the new, as they say! :)) Or like you, I’ll just look. Huggs to you, dear amazing Rainy! :))

  10. Fab blog again! actually i’m saying ‘fab’ alot lately..have a fab day,i feel fab,that was fab you ever do that too..go through a phase of over-using a word then suddenly its gone?! hehe
    Have left the tag on clothes many times while wearing them in public and not really appreciating why people are smirking as they go by! if it doesnt happen to them..yea,right!lol

  11. Oh Fuzzy, what can I say thisis just another one of your blogs that made me smile all teh way though it and especially singing along to the music. You are just sooooooo very funny adn have a great sense of humour to put this blog and every blod come to think of it together so well.

    Well some of my favourite things have to be cereal (yes that is the same as your cereal) I could just eat it, any tiem of the day or night and I have it for my dinner sometimes as well if I can’t be bothered to cook.

    My computer is another favourite thing and I think you know the reason for that, else I wouldn’t have met you or my other great 360 blog mates. I did purchase that on credit but thats just our secret ok?

    I think you are right you have to buy what you like when you see it else you just worry about it all the way home. I know I have done that and gone back and it was sold. Its nice to be an individual and I think you are a one in a million individual.

    Off to listen to the song again now.

    ohhh PS how come Banbury, Cali and Chelsea didn’t appear on you favourite thing list? You got some explaining to do young lady!

  12. Let me help you out now that I’m BACK!!!
    First it’s Tar-shea’, Jock Pena’ or Wally World. Never “Supra K”, K is for Krapolla ( I don’t think you will go there).
    I think your #3 point should be slightly modified but to stay within normal healthy bounds including the mental health issues for a balanced life of pleasure.
    Gee whiz is this everything your boyfriend every needed to know about your shallow desires in life. You make it too easy on him. Of course the cow is neffty but you need a moon shaped jar with Fank Sinatra singing “Take Me to the Moon” and you can keep your Moon Pies in there. Keep the RC colas in the refer. LOL;))

  13. Ha! You know what we did while we were at the mall after our accident? Yup, we went into the Yankee Candle store. I told Kelly that I needed to see if they still had any Jack Frost because I just needed to smell it. She knew why because she had read your comment in my blog. The clerk had to climb up on a chair and behind one of the spring scents was one Jack Frost. Being the bargain hunter that I am, I would have bought it had they marked it down (just the principal). But they told me that they keep it until next year. If you ask me, I think she was just hiding it for herself so that she could smell fresh snow all through the summer.
    I caught a hint of peppermint and vanilla. I should have bought it. Darn!!
    BTW, I use that same mascara. I think it is an excellent product especially for the price.
    Fun blog, Fuzzy. I may just have to blog about my stuff too (and I have a lot!!).

  14. Hey Rash, and sure that happens to all of us, I think, we latch on to some word or other and it’s all we say, then as you note, it passes. I don’t think it’s an issue, so no worries! :))

    LOL, thanks, Snuggles, you are too funny! And I very much appreciate your appreciation. :)) The cats didn’t make the list for a couple reasons, the most important being that I didn’t actually buy them, so they’re not stuff. The other very important reason is that they didn’t want to sit still on the table. lmao!! Huggs.

    Hehe, Heyman, well, my shallow stuff desires don’t really affect any boyfriend I might have but don’t currently because I tend to buy my own stuff and like it that way. Especially the sort of stuff listed above, (to generalize) I think that a guy would just grab the first lotion or soap he saw, and that would be all wrong. It has to be the RIGHT stuff, not just any stuff. :)) I don’t know what those places are that you’ve listed . . . ? Thanks for your fab and funny comments, and it’s nice to have you back!! ;))

    omg, really, Nancy? That’s so fab! And you liked it? Oh, me, too! Just for a special hint, too, for next year; at yankee’s website, they have the post season candles on sale; I got a bunch of those large jars for only $10.00 each and have stashed them away for next year. That’s less than half price as you know!! :)) And yes, DO a stuff blog; I actually stole the stuff blog idea from Tally; hers was a wondermous stuff blog, too!! And I love seeing everyone’s stuff, it’s so great!! Huggs :))

  15. I’ve met one or two genuinely shallow people and you certainly don’t strike me as one of them, so I guess love of stuff is not a sign of shallowness! When my wife goes to a certain store she always comes back with a few UPOs (unnecessary plastic objects – a phrase we got from the intro to a Nancy Griffiths song). For me, it’s books, stationery, gadgets, cds, dvds, software. Oh, and anything that’s a bargain. The other day, I came home with three sets of cutlery. We already have more cutlery than we know what to do with but this was SO cheap. How could I pass it up?

  16. I got nothing against buying ‘stuff’, in principal. It’s when (like now, for me) finances are really tight and you have to restrain the natural urge to splurge and be sensible instead that can be a bit of a ‘downer’.
    Had to smile at Jon G’s ‘UPO’s’ LOL

  17. I really liked the joke about the “cereal” being “cake and ice cream” in the UK. Kind of like when that English girl agreed to go out on a date with me, and then I found out “going out on a date” means “taking all the cash in your wallet” over in England.

    I too find some enjoyment in stuff, especially DVDs and books. I have more than a dozen DVDs I’ve bought that I have yet to watch, and almost as many unread books I own. Isn’t it funny how that goes?

    Sadly I am currently in the situation described by Mitch, and I have to be pretty tight with my stuff… although that is why we have thrift stores, right?

  18. I love to shop also . But because of having to pay a mortgage , car payments and everything that goes with a house. I have had to cut WAY back on my shopping. But I also like impulse buys. I have had some of my best buys as a result of the impulse buy.

  19. You could have save me a bunch of money if you had posted this a few weeks ago. I have always used maybelline mascara and recently thought, you know I make good money, I am going to go buy some good mascara…..Not! I went to estee lauder and bought a whole bunch of stuff, even the mascara….23 bucks for one tube. I kid you not…the wanted is 5 inches long and I have poked myself in the eye 4 times, it clumps, its already dry, and it sucks. Back to maybelline for me! Great post!

  20. OOH OOH! nIftY pOsT aLErT!! lololol
    John Frieda’s Frizz Ease… the most FAB thing for taming hair when it’s humid out… BAR NONE!! You and me, Fuzz, we’ll accept NO substitutes on this one… Heeheehee~~!!
    Have to say though, even though I’ve tried the Maybelline mascara I prefer my Lancome Definicils {been using these for decades literally} and get free samples of it in my ‘free gift with purchase’ bags at the cosmetic counter…

    I’ll have to try the Dr. Scholls for my feet, which sometimes get alligator-soled. @@ hugsssssssss… G. xo

  21. LOL I love this entry! I’m so glad you agree that impulse shopping can be a good thing! After all, there is a reason for the impulse! ๐Ÿ˜€ The impulse items of choice are usually books, lipgloss, dolls, perfume, or DVDs. I have expensive taste, but so do most women of quality. ;-p You agree, I bet!

  22. I, too, am a confessed “stuffaholic”. My most recent non-purchase that I regret not making was of…..wait for it…..smelling salts! What??? Uh-huh!!! A friend and I went to an old flea market “Oldies Market” as a matter of fact and I found in a case, a very small bottle of smelling salts with a funeral parlor logo on it. I like weird and different stuff, uncommon stuff, conversation pieces kinda stuff — like the fishnet stockings clad leg lamp in “A Christmas Story” — no, I don’t actually have one of those, but if I found one, I’d buy it!!!

  23. Hei Fuzz.

    GREAT blog!
    My favourite things are many and manifold, but I try, and fortunately,
    most times I am succeeding to pull back from buying by not going near the stores at all, at all!

    Me fav mascara is Rimmel Extra Super Lash – the one and only with the price that won’t cost an arm & a leg to boot!! Frizz Ease does not ease me curls – my hair is very curly but I prefer it straight(er). John Frieda has great shampoos and conditioners et cetera, though. Although, the best shampoos n conditions in me mind are the ARTec ones by a mile!

    Of your grand collection of goodies, I think that the COW takes the first place – unbeatable inspiration while cooking, I am sure!!
    Take care and BIG HUGGIZ from Da Ikkle Finn Rii xx who is tinkin of her fav thingies that are in different lands n continents to herself… ‘Sigh my heart but do not burst’, Swedish saying.

  24. Ok I didn’t read all of your comments yet but I will go back up and do so….you are the funniest girly I have met in such a long time I LOVE this post and ow in answer to some of my fave things I am going to have to go and find some so I can take pictures for you….so go to my page soon and I will show you some of my fave stuff as I too have HEAPS and HEAPS

  25. Aw, thanks so much, Jon; it’s nice to know there’s one other person (including my mom, that’s two) who doesn’t think I’m shallow! Teehee, actually, I’m probably not shallow, but don’t tell anyone, k? Bargain cutlery is a must buy, I agree, and lol @ the UPO’s. :)) Thanks for the fab comments! :))

    Yeah, Mitch, tell me all about it! I’m completely doing the window pressed to nose shopping at the moment and not the fill up the carts and baskets with wonderful goods, but it’ll all turn around eventually, won’t it? :))

    Omg, Sean, I’m dying at your joke, but how awful at the same time! Hope you hadn’t just gone to the atm or anything. Gosh, that sucks. But I’m sure that’s not all English girls, right Snuggles and Tally? Ali’s English, too, but she’s been in Oz for a while, so who knows what she thinks “date” means. LOL. Well, until things get lush again, at least you have some dvd’s to watch and books to read, that’s awesome. I still haven’t seen V is for Vendetta or the Grimm Brothers, though I’ve got both on dvd. One day. . . . Thanks for your fab comments :))

    Hey Bert! So lovely to see you again. Yes, I agree, actually, some of my best buys have been impulses, too, and most of my regrets are from not followiong that impulse and kicking myself later (shopping-wise, I mean!). Huggs to you, fab Bert!! :))

    Okay, can I just say LMFAO over here, Pris, I know exactly what you mean about the oar length mascara wand and jamming it in your eye! lol, I’ve done that a lot. There are some of those expensive mascaras that are all bass ackwards, too, you think you’re taking the top off with the wand, but it’s the bottom and the wand pokes up . . . ugh. Well, you won’t find that again, just go back to the pink and the green; it’s good stuff! :)) teehee, thanks for the giggles, Priceless Pris!!

  26. Yay, my Gloria!! I knew you’d get me; yep, that John Frieda stuff is the bomb, it really is. But that crap I bought (pictured above), not so good. And it’s sitting right next to the good stuff on the shelf and in the same sort of packaging . . . very deceptive, I say. Anyway, have some of the good stuff for summer (when the humidity kicks in and I can’t get away with the cheap rip off), so that’s all good. I like a lot of Lancome lipsticks, but can’t say I’ve tried their mascara, must be the only one I didn’t try, though! :)) And def get that foot lotion, it’s practically magic, I swear! Well, that’s not a money back guarantee or anything. lmao Huggs a many to you, GG xx

    Yay, Ceres! So thrilled you liked the blog, thank you! And yes, I absolutely agree that we women of quality do tend to have expensive taste. And so we should. :)) Huggs Princess!

    Oh, Wendy, I love this morbid side of you! Yes, funeral parlor smelling salts sound fab, they really do (not being sarcastic here) and next time you go to something like that, you really need to let me know so I can tag along!! :))

    Hi there Diggy Rii; actually my hair isn’t all that curly, it’s just thin and tends to frizz out in a big frizzy circle (like a clown), so I tend to over product it. Well, not like a clown. Well, okay, kind of, but only really bad hair days. :)) And DO TELL about your favorite things that are in different lands and continents to yourself; that would make a wonderful blog!! Yay!! Honest to goodness huggs to your wonderful funny and encouraging self xx

    Yay! Hi Ali, so grand to see you!! And I can’t wait to see your stuff; I’m hoping that Nancy still plans to do a blog on her stuff, too. That’ll be Tally, me, Nancy, and you. How fab!! :)) Huggs to you over there in Oz!!

  27. This is so great….but what scares me is that I could have WRITTEN this blog..I have more than HALF of that STUFF……sigh……

    so great…..really!

  28. Yay, Kate!! That’s too fab, and I’m so happy you liked the blog! Huggs :))

    Okay, Pinkiedahlia, you emailed me asking how I got the imeem song in the blog, but then it turns out that there is no way to mail you back. Or to leave a comment of any kind on your blog. If you’ve been contacting people, and no one’s contacted you back . . . um, you might want to look at your settings. If you want it like that, fine, but I probably won’t answer again (for I hope obvious reasons). Okay, here goes: to get the song there, go to imeem and create an account and select a song, once you find the song you like, select the embed option and copy that link / html, come back to your blog, check the html box, paste the link, uncheck the box and post. Or just post, you don’t need to uncheck the box first unless you want to do further editing of your entry. I do hope this helps. :))

  29. The only thing missing here is lava lamps and platform shoes from the 70s. I wonder if Fuzzy still has those old Peter Frampton albums.. lol

  30. bahaha, Sarge, so good to see you back again! And um, this Fuzzy, didn’t have a lava lamp until the new millenium, thank you very much, having been but a teensy thing in the ’70’s. Now the ’80’s? That’s a decade I’ve got stashed in my closet! :)) Huggs

  31. Hmmm… I have always been living by those rules. Otherwise I get bad dreams at night.LOL. I thought I was just being greedy! Now I realise I am just happy!:D

    • *sigh* me, too. I ended up spending more time yesterday reading everyone’s comments than I did my old posts. It’s so sad that 360 shut down and that there just isn’t anywhere else like it.

      I don’t even remember how all these old posts and comments got moved to here; I think I must have set up this wordpress when we got the news and imported them. I know I set up a blogger page back then, so maybe I did one here, too. However it happened, it’s nice to read the old comments and remember that feeling we all had. *sigh*

      • Did you hear about yahoo buying tumblr? It made me feel kind of sick considering they had a perfectly good blogging platform when they kept it up. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

        • yeah, I saw that. I never used Tumblr, but I think I looked at it once. I really just wish that 360 never ended or that there was something else similar.

          Granted, if 360 was still around, by now I would have lost almost all my then-readers due to my rabid right-wing “extremism,” but I’m sure I’d have found new ones to fill that gap. And been happier for it.

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