The Blog That Was(n't)


Here’s the deal: I had a blog. A lovely blog. A most excellent blog. A blog that is better and better in my mind with each passing moment. And then it got eaten. Now I do usually copy and save before daring to hit the “post this entry” button; I mean we all know that yahoo eats stuff sometimes, and we’ve all suffered the very real trauma and anxiety of having our carefully composed wonders disappear into the yahell ether. But it’d been going so well, no eating lately, that I, lulled into a false sense of security, just clicked the button. Stupid. Blank page entry thing appears. No blog. Crap.

So here’s the recap (and they’re never as good, right?). Something something Fanta something something fresh food. And then something wonderfully witty and articulate about jarred, boxed, and canned foods as compared to free range (expensive but I’m sure much more humane and healthy) chickens and hand rolled and cut pasta . . .

Raving about the wonders of no boil lasagna, though it’s laden with preservatives, toxins, and a variety of other cancer inducing agents. Convenient, though, huh?

Something something about preferring angel hair pasta to spaghetti pasta because the latter is so thick and icky, and also a confession about liking my pasta cooked to within an inch of its life. I dislike al dente pasta. A lot.

Then something something something about canned stuff and my using the last can of mushrooms and not having them for the pic:

And then a heartfelt and hilarious confessional featuring my admitting that I eat . . .

Yes, that’s right, it was all there for you to read. I’m only one step up from a naked grunting neanderthal about to partake in some fun loving cannibalism. Sigh.

Oh, but I know I said that I can make a good fresh meal and a decent creme brulee. But not in the same paragraph with the SpaghettiO’s thing. Hmmm.

I’m sure there was a mention of shoes, too, but I can’t remember how I worked that in, either.


66 thoughts on “The Blog That Was(n't)

  1. There’s your answer….the blog was so delicious that Yahoo just had to eat it……but I’m surprised it took the spaghettios as well, lol.

  2. You are hilarious! Actually the same exact thing just now happened to me. I had my blog all set to go with some great links and then I thought maybe I misspelled a few words so I copied and pasted to my wordperfect for the usual advise (which is good because I would have looked like an idiot misspelling “interested” ~ I tend to sprinkle in double consonants whenever I get the urge). I went back to edit it and it disappeared!! Fortunately, I had not closed out my wordperfect so I could retrieve it. Only a little more work putting it back in html format and redoing all the paragraphs etc. But it would not let me change the font or add my little whistling icon at the end. Argggg. . .
    I feel your pain.

  3. I am also like this trying to get meals in a can, but that is not good Fuzzy, we should adopt Fanta’s way and we can make fab Sphaghetti. Regarding the blog editing, it happens to me also, that is why I come in the end and blog it here. First I edit everything in, and then copy the HTML and paste it here šŸ™‚ Can’t trust Yahoo. Cheers šŸ™‚

  4. you can get mushrooms in a TIN!!!!!!!!!!!! UMM not sure I would like them like that. I love the fresh ones mind. The Ex was allegic to them and vomitted after eating them when he was younger, all the more reason to like them! HE HE!

    Yahoo is annoying sometimes I hate it when its like that! I love the face on the picture though its fab! Hugs to you x

  5. don’t you hate when that happens? it hasn’t happened to me in a while, so i’ll probably have an extra-long post next time that will get eaten. *sigh*

    and don’t feel bad about the speghettios. i love spaghettios. especially the ones with the little meatballs. if loving spaghettios is wrong, i don’t want to be right.

    ok, maybe that’s going a bit far. but only a little.

    and how many times can i say spaghettios?

  6. A Smiley face Spaghetti O’s….Hee Hee….

    I tend to stay away from the canned soups, etc., but I do use the canned tomatoes. My cooking adventures are pretty limited since it is only myself and my bird. And my bird prefers birdseed.**Grins**

    Some days I get so busy that it is just protein bars and for a hot meal I put a couple of pieces of bread in the toater.*wink* Although I do make delicious soup.

    All kidding aside I have found some fast food places have decent salads.
    Ok…so where was I going with this comment???…..oh, now I remember…

    …Fantastic blog as usual Fuzzy!!

    Thank you for sharing.

  7. wonder where it all goes, must be thousands of us that have done the blog of the year only to find its gone to the cyber space bins. I probably beat yours, as mine was destined for blog of the decade and it just vanished.Upset, heartbreak, suicidal, and misserable i did what neede to be done i stared at the monitor, hit the back button, stared some more, went “oh gosh” and then ate 5 chocolate bars as a punishment to the hyperspace god.

  8. Yikes I’d better get back to copying and pasting..cause I too have been lulled into a false sense of security.

  9. Hey Fuzzy, {post derailment alert!} DID YOU KNOW?!!!!
    We have a product here in Canada called Zoodles. Same thing basically as your Spaghetti-O’s… It’s basically pasta in zoo-shaped animals, anyhow I digress. About ten years or more ago, this goofy uptight woman tried to take the manufacturer, Libby’s, to court regarding the obscene label…

    Apparently if you turn the label upside down and look at the tree.. Well, see for yourself… LOL… I think she got laughed out of court.. Anyhow, the mere mention of Spaghetti-O’s and such makes me think of the incident with the Zoodles label. @@ hugs G. xo

    PS ~ Yes, I need a life. Feel free to come and derail any of my posts at your convenience!! :^P

  10. Errrmm….did I miss a Fuzzy blog somewhere?? Wasn’t you going to do one that included a voice-widget, blogiversaries and assorted other stuff? Or have I got it ass-backwards (as usual)? LOL

    Hmmmmm….food blogs are always interesting (beinf a food-o-holic). I agree with everything you said about pasta. But Campbells?? Del Monte?? I didn’t realise civilisation had reached those shores!! LOL. Only kidding.

    Can’t get the thought of a grunting naked Fuzzy out of my mind now!! Why did you have to say that???

  11. Fuzzy, the real crime here isn’t Yahoo losing your Pulitzer prize winning blog. While that is truly sad news, the real problem here has to do with the fact that you admit to ingesting Spaghettio’s! Run woman, as fast as you can, to the closest authentic Italian Restaurant, and tell the Maitre ‘D that you need help! Be strong. You can do this!

  12. Oh! Oh! I’ve had that happen to me! It so utterly sucks. But I’m sure Yahoo! is vomiting up the Spaghetti-Os somewhere in cyberland. Bleeeaaaahhhh! Of course, confession is good for the soul. I wonder what I could offer up… Oh! It’s right in front of me! I just ate almost half a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Dublin Mudslide (Irish Cream Liqueur Ice Cream with Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies & Coffee Fudge Swirl) just because I’m feeling depressed. Haven’t done that in a long time!

    I, too, love those Barilla instant lasagna noodles. I figure if it’s the only thing I eat that has all that chemical crap in it, then it’s not enough to give me instant cancer along with the instant lasagna.

  13. I had that happen to me twice with the same Blog entry, yesterday. Third time was a charm. And on reflection, considering the venom and profusion of profanities in the first two efforts, its lucky neither of them posted!

    And we’re doing left over pasta with a fresh sauce for dinner tonight. A little tweaking of ingredients – i.e. adding 2/3 of a glass of wine! – turns even a cheap jar of sauce into a wonderful meal!

  14. Truly, it is a horror. Can’t remember that line – that snippet…and oh Thank you Yahoo for killing my spirit this night. Bleck.
    Still, this was a great one Fuzzy. And yes…yes…I love those lasagne noodles you don’t have to boil. Perfect! Oh, the shoes were probably relating to spaghetti straps? or a premonition about losing the post and karate kicking Yahoo with 8″ spikes?? Was that it? LOL Hugs

  15. I had that type of Linguine tonight—that is WEIRD!!! But I had spaghetti…it was gooooooood! Hated my sushi the other night and maybe I should think about upping my level of blogs–yours are Much more interesting….my studying levels are suffering reading yours….

    Don’t you see it! It’s a holy message from above the line. It’s an image of Hesus in the sketiooohs. Ya’ll be praised. Frame up that wonderous image for all to see. Millions will becoming to see and believe, oh believe yeas. Oh Fuizzzy you have brought the world to its knees, you’ll be famous above all blogdoms. Praise him yeas, Sister Fuzz yeas

  17. I sniff something …fishy ..ummm…familiar?? **sniff sniff**.. Ohh it’s Kate, two timing! lol

    Errrr. fuzzy that sucks. My biggest fear has been emails.. Because I can type them very fast, churn out so many random thoughts, touch many subjects… and in the end little editing and away it goes! But if it vanishes for some… that’s a nightmare.

    Congratulations on being able to produce a fresh piece. Food looks nice. Take care, I am known to steal food (to my online friends not to those I steal from, that’s why I am still breathing *wink wink*)


    sorry, sorry… pardon me…. just lurking through…

    LOL!! Now that was a great blog…. I laughed, I cried, and I felt your pain….. BRAVISIMO!

  19. this is the funniest fix i have read in so long. Im crying here. Mario batali uses canned tonatoes in his cooking, so i have an issue with those. not that i really care weather he does or not. the pasta thing, i will eat it with butter salt and pepper, if i am only feeding myself. but then you went and said you actually eat those prefab canned wayy too over cooked preshaped o’s. OMG. I cant stand the feeling in my mouth of those things. And i wont try to change your opinion of them by telling you my opinion of the non exitant falvor.
    but really this was funny. sorry you lost the first one.

  20. lolol I’d love to poke fun at your spaghetti-o lovin’, but I’m a sucker for the packets of pasta and sauce that you just add some milk to. I don’t actually like them myself, but that’s mostly cause I don’t like the sauce, although i would eat it if i were starving:P
    Now back to work on your super-blog….um, I mean, back to work on your dissertation! šŸ˜›

  21. Having been in relationships where the only thing the men could find to complain about was my cooking, I am not saying dippity do! Here’s to the spagheti-o eaters of the world who have real lives and things to blog about. šŸ™‚

  22. Hei Fuzz.

    SHAME about the bummered posting!!Terrible, so tis. Happened to me quite a bit til I got street-smart on the posting in the Y aka copy everything or do as Chris does.

    Canned food!?!! HORROR… I like me food fresh, fresh and fresh with the good quality ingredients.
    Do take care and keep well. Rii xx

  23. lol, that’s such a marvelous comment, Em!! Thanks :))

    Oh, Nancy, that was a narrow escape, and I’m so glad you didn’t lose your blog. I was really frustrated and not a little pouty about it, I can tell you. But everyone’s been so nice about this super lame immitation blog, that I can’t pout too long about it. Thanks for being you. :))

    Oh, I wasn’t eating Spaghetti-O’s, I was eating boxed pasta topped with my “homemade” sauce made from canned stuff and jarred spices. Much better. lmao You are the funnest, Fanta. :))

    Chris, you are just such an amazing guy when it comes to all the tips and hints of the bloggin world! You should write a book; I’d buy it in a minute. Thanks for your fab comment, and yes, I know we should eat more fresh food, but who has the time (or the money, that’s very expensive stuff here in the States, huh?). Huggs :))

    lmao, Snuggles, you guys just don’t have anything good and canned in the UK, Spain, or Finland, it seems. Yep, canned mushrooms, fabulous invention, just open the can, drain out the water stuff, and plop the mushrooms in your sauce. Easy as that. No scrubbing, no cutting, no slicing, dicing, nothing. I almost always cook with canned, unless I’ve got fresh from salads or if I’m cooking something that depends on the mushroom flavor. And yes, the pic is funny, I found it on google image, of course, and have you seen what Heyman did? He added the red nose to the spaghettiO face, too funny! Hugs to you wondermous Snuggles! xx

    Aw, Kerry, you coulda said it at least three more times!! And thanks for the vote on the spaghetti-O’s, I’m getting my butt beat over this one. Oh well, I can’t help it if we have good taste and no one else does. ;D

    Ooooh, Rainy, I love a good soup, I really do. I don’t make those “homemade,” either (no surprise), but I do love those Knorr’s mixes, especially their split pea with ham. Yum!! And I really love a good salad, have been eating a lot of them lately as I’ve been craving them for some reason. Probably going all winter with little fresh green stuff made my body demand it, you know? Thanks for you always fabulous comments! :))

    your comment had me roaring with laughter and craving chocolate, Pilgrim! Especially as this is the second time I’ve tried to comment on comments only to click the wrong button and delete not only my own comments back but also someone else’s comment (sorry Mitch :)). Needed a giggle and some chocolate after that, I can say. Thanks :))

  24. I sure hope you can read my really bad spelling. I just went back and read what i wrote. OMG. I had to have been really tired, or maybe I was laughing too hard. but that spelling is bad, sorry.

  25. Yes, Mavis, do be careful and copy all your entries before you click that button. Just in case. And especially with your Scotland posts, which we’re all waiting for with eager anticipation! :))

    lmao at your derailment thing, that’s great, GG! I’ve not heard of these Zoodles, but they sound lovely. I’ll have to go and check out that tree thing, I totally forgot after losing yesterday’s attempt at return comments! Huggs you, and so very glad you’re back!! xx

    Hey Mitch, you’re a rock star for recreating your comment, I very much appreciate it. And no, you’ve not missed a posting, my blogiversary isn’t until tomorrow, though as you know I’m all excited and happy and nervous about it. Will be doing the big blog and the voicemail widget thing and have even decided to include that other widget thing that Kerry and Tally have, too. Dunno how exciting it’ll be to read, but it’ll have something for everyone, that’s for sure! And teehee at the naked grunting Fuzzy, that caught me off guard, and I actually gasped reading that the first time! šŸ˜€ Thanks for your super comments (times two). Huggs :))

    Michael, omg, you are the funniest! I love this comment of yours :))

    It’s wretched, isn’t it Barbara? Thanks for your comment.

    lol, Jillene, that’s funny about the vomiting! :)) That icecream sounds decadent and wonderful, whyever didn’t you finish it off? Saving it for me, I bet, huh? šŸ˜‰ Naw, I think we’re safe with our Barilla noodels, instant and otherwise. Huggs to you wonderful Jillene! :))

    Omg, you wrote THREE of the same blog entry, Dudge? You should get some sort of an award. I would have pulled all the hairs from my head; I was already cursing and turning very warm from the one being eaten. I like to toss some wine into sauces, that’s true, and also into the cook! :)) Thanks for your great comment.

    rofl, Gaby, spaghetti strap shoes and karate kicks! No, I don’t think I was anything like that clever, but that’s good. Funny as heck. Yeah, I wouldn’t make lasagne if I had to boil the noodles, drain it, peel it apart, toss and drop it because it’s still hot and/or slimy. Nope. No lasagna would be made. Many huggs to the funny llama I just love to see every single day! :))

  26. Yay, Max! I do know just what you mean, I can only eat the ones with the little weenies in. Can’t stand the meatbally ones or the plain. Of course this makes it sound like I eat this stuff all the time, but I don’t. Just a few times a year. It’s my decadent treat. Well, one of the many. :)) Can’t wait to see you next month; you’re still coming, right? Email me details?

    Oh, Kate, your blogs are fine! But thanks for the lovely compliment. And I know what you mean about studying levels dropping as a result of blogging. I posted a month or so ago that I’d be blogging less to work on my project, but all I did was stop posting a blog of my own every single day. I still blog just as much! Gaaahhh, but I need to stop it, well cut back drastically, so I can get my real life stuff done. Thanks for the reminder! I’ll nag you, if you nag me. :)) Huggs

    lmao at the lordy Spaghetti’O’s but my very fave is that you made the red nose pic from this one. You rock, Heyman, you so verily do!! Huggs :))

    Hehe, you wouldn’t have to steal from me, Elmo, I’d feed you all the Spaghetti-O’s you could stand. lmao. Thanks for the fab and funny comments :))

    lol, thanks for stopping by and for the empathy, Janice, it’s much appreciated. :))

    Yay, Lisa, I love pasta with just butter and salt on! Yum. And I’m sorry you hate Spaghetti-O’s; I will remember not to cook up a big pot of them when I have you and John over for dinner. Just raw oysters and beer for us. Yum. Oh, wait, you don’t like those. How about just Cadbury chocolate? Now I know you like that! ;D Hugs and love you! :))

    Hey Tally, oh, I love those packets, too. Pasta or rice or hummus, whatever, just add water / milk, and I’m all over it. ;D. Super blog, that’s the way to think of it~! Aren’t you the most amazingest ever! Yeah, if I could think of it as FUN and exciting to do . . . or even if I could write it as casually, but that I can’t. But yeah, superblog it is. Yay You!! Hugs TFT for days. And crossing fingers and toes for SPN getting on CW . . . .

    Oh, I can cook, Pris, but don’t tell anyone, it’s much more fun for people to think that I can just open Spaghetti-O’s and maybe when I’m feeling really adventurous boil up some water for an egg or something. lmao. I’m sure you’re a fine cook, and I can promise you, that any guy who says he’s leaving because of your cooking is a neanderthal pig that you wouldn’t want anyway. It’s not 1950, you know? Grrr. Huggs to you because you are PRICELESS and you don’t need some damn man whining that you don’t cook like his mommy. :))

    teehee, Rii, that’s it, you are officially invited to come over here and teach me how to cook with all fresh all the time. I would love that! :)) But you’re right about saving the posts before posting; it’s so annoying, and I usually do, that’s what made this even more annoying. It was the first time in months and months that I hadn’t saved first. So it was my fault more than yahoo’s, if that makes sense. Anyway, guess it worked out, as no one seemed to realize they got fast, canned blog post instead of FRESH! lmao

    No worries, Lisa, of course I can read it! :))

  27. spaghettios, spaghettios, spaghettios, spaghettios

    there, that should do it. and i think i spelled it right each time this time, too. šŸ™‚

  28. Look Fuzzy, Yahoo! has to censor ALL pornography (SpagghettiOs are porno aren’t they? especially with that leering face!) Loved the blog though and you get an award apparently for the most ‘somethings’ in one posting. Well done!

  29. Thanks, Ceres, I guess I have my moments, but you’re right, I shouldn’t have let my guard down and that will not happen again! :))

    lmao, Kerry, you are the best!! (I had it all wrong when I first posted, and then with the can there felt I should probably get it right. teehee)

    that leering face is certainly porn worthy, Neil, or so I’ve heard, not having seen porn . . . she comments primly. lmao. Thanks for the great comment and the smile (non leer-y, non Spaghettio smile, that is)

  30. lolol I LOVE how your cats always end up in your shoe photographs…it’s cute šŸ˜€

    I’m terrible for snacking. I break open Alex’s cereal bars, or eat some brie on crackers, or some chocolate.
    I’m definitely more sweet than savoury, although I love crisps (chips).
    Your blog made me hungry šŸ˜

  31. Wow – I’m coming to your house next time I get the munchies as you are better stocked than anyone else I know. Course, I wouldn’t have made it past the Cadbury bar, I’m afraid – but sharp cheese and apple does sound like a wonderful combination that I’ll have to try sometime. And I hope you rescued that poor beaten up shriveled strawberry.

  32. Some of us are working out you know :), love these snacks. I like Cadburys too, they are scrumptious, but if they are not around I settle for Mars those almonds and chocolate are something šŸ™‚ I also like Cape Cod potato chips, the best in the world.

  33. This is terrible, terrible.. that tempting range of foods.. What would the Surgeon General say? lol.. And in the pic above I do believe the cat would eat your scuffies if possible!

  34. This blog is just so cruel…there was me just about to go to bed, thought i’d drop by your blog first and what do you do?? eh? what do you do? You only go and tempt me with all these wonderful munchies…im so not going to sleep now for thinking of food …do you get Cadburys chocolate there??? or did someone send it to you?? It’s just the best..cream eggs eww I hate them, my cousin put a whole one in his mouth when he was a kid and he couldnt breathe lol, put me off them that did.
    Ugh! Hope I sleep now…I want food x

  35. Yum,yum,yum….I’ll be back later to comment, I’m a little hungry now! LOL
    I love just about everything that you mentioned except the cheese and apple…lol (I like them both, but not together.)
    Love watermelon, a summer must and we always have a constant supply of goldfish in this house, and in all flavors!
    ***Mental note*** save all the black Jelly Beans for Fuzzy! (yuck me no likie!)
    I hope each day is less painful for you and that you are back good as new, very soon. I really want to see you in your lovely new Crystal Shoes!

    And remember it’s not only the shoe that’s fab…it’s the woman wearing them (you)….awwww….LOL

  36. i’m so glad i had a nice big steak for dinner or i’d be in craving hell right now. i saw that blueberry yogurt at the top, though, and now i’m wishing i had some for dessert. i think i’m going to have to try one of those cadbury friut and nut bars now, even though i’m not crazy about raisins. i’ve been noticing them about lately, so i must need to try them.

    my kids would love you, too. they adore goldfish crackers. absolutely adore! and mandarin oranges. in fact, i think the only thing you pictured they wouldn’t fight to have is the dried apricots and maybe the pirouettes, although i could be wrong about those.

    great blog! now i’ll just have to make sure i don’t open it up again around the kids or i’ll never hear the end of it. lol! šŸ™‚ *hugs*

  37. YUM! Granny Smith apples and cheese! šŸ™‚

    Those shoes DO look comfy and LOL about Banbury. What a cutie! They never seem to stay put for the pics you WANT to take of them, but always appear when the pic is not of them. šŸ™‚

  38. Just as I was settling down to get ready to get ready to try to go to sleep soon, I thought I’d jump over here and read your post. And you had to go and mention food. I thought I’d gotten food out of my mind, at least for this evening. Celeried out. No apples in the house. Cheese without apples binds…so THEY say. Harumph. I have NOTHING evil in the house, dammit. Just have celery. erg. Oh! you have all the goodies. Ok. celery with peanut butter. argh. I HAVE to go shopping tomorrow. celery indeed.

    Hugs to you dear Fuzzy. Glad you’re getting better each day.

  39. No thanks to you fuzzy for causing the rumble in my tommy. Now my defences have been broken.

    Your cat really has this shoe thing dosen’t she?

  40. Yes, I know exactly what you mean when searching for the right snack. It is always in the evening for me. Unfortunately, that is what has gotten me twenty pounds over weight and made me a diet failure once again (sigh. . . .)
    I would have to include bananas on your list & maybe some chips & salsa.
    Hope your bendibility improves daily. :0)

  41. Wow you have just got some great snacks over in your neck of the woods and I love the shape of the fish crackers. They look fab. Fruit and Nut bars are nice and I have to agree with you and Tally on that one. Watermelon without pips is just not watermelon to me. Glad to know that you have fruit in your fridge and not just twislers. They don’t look very good for you at all. You must have a very sweet tooth. Great blog Fuzzy and Marm was glad to see Banbury appearing as a star guest! x

  42. Yummmmy!! Your blog is totally making me snacky right now. Good thing I just at a Poptart (yuck). Strawberry..unfrosted :p

    However, the cheese and crackers (I’ve never tried an apple with it)…sounds soooo yummy. I can eat me some cheese!! Ohhh, and Special K with berries…yum. However, I like the triple berry cheerios too!

    Shoe Sunday….I’m sorry heels are out for now…sigh. But…those shoes definitely look quite comfy!! And I’m laughing because your kitty is in yet another shoe picture!!

  43. OMG…can I come to your house? Awesome selection of snacks. My husband inhales anything I buy so there’s never anything around when I’m in the mood! Apples and cheese is one of my all time faves too!

  44. watching tv i cant be bothered to get up and get food, if i did it wouldnt be healthy nik naks like special k…dhhhhhh bring on the chocolate and sweets.

  45. mmmmmmmm.Fooood!
    What a fantastic variety of snacks you’ve got. I adore dried apricots (AND mangoes) myself. And once in a blue moon I would melt down some sugar in a pot and when golden, throw in some Californian walnuts. Then place it on a slightly oiled plate to cool. It’s a fantastic desert that my Mum used to make when we were kids and had no sweets around in the shops. Horrible for your teeth but sends your taste buds to heaven!

    And that melon looks very appetizing indeed. Not to mention the canned Mandarin Oranges. They are divine! (Yes, me saying that. It’s OK. I simply love them. There. I said it. And it’s really true. )

    Now those shoes look fantastic. This is actually what I call “shoes with heels” in my world.

  46. lol, Tally, yeah, I decided to keep the cats in for a laugh! They really are the most curious creatures and if I move anything or change anything around, they’re right there wanting to know what’s going on. Yay! brie on crackers!! Yum. (grrr, now I’m getting hungry. Again. Sigh.)

    lol, Em, well, to be honest, a lot of that is due to my mother’s recent visit; she went a bit crazy buying food/snacks/etc. Thankfully. I love having all this yummy stuff to choose from, even if it does make decision making particularly difficult!! šŸ˜€ And def try that cheese and apple combo; I really do think the granny smiths are best for that, but think I’ll experiment a bit to make sure. hehe

    lol, Pinkie!

    Ooooh, Rainy, no, but that DOES sound good; I’ll have to give it a try, that’s for sure. šŸ˜€

    Yummy ideas there, Chris! Thanks šŸ˜€

    hehe, Sarge, he was in the middle of jumping across them when I snapped that, so he looks a bit odd (and yes, maybe scuffie hungry). teehee

    Hey Shell, yes, we do get Cadbury’s chocolate here (though that’s relatively new, don’t think we did even five or so years ago, except for the creme eggs at Easter), and it’s sooooo good. I do love it and think it’s every bit as yummy as the more expensive chocolates like Lindt.

    lol, Maggie @ me no likie. Yay!! That’s more for me. And you are too sweet, truly! What did I do to deserve such a nice and wonderful friend as you? Yay!! And I posted my crystal shoes from you yesterday (though I did decide to be good and share with Ang). Huggs you!! šŸ˜€

    Hmm, Kerry, if you don’t like raisins, you may not like the fruit and nut bars . . . but do let me know if you try it! šŸ˜€ I can get plain for you when we have our coffee together. yay!! And I am SO a big kid at heart in my snack choices (and probably in a bunch of other ways, too). *hugs*

    And that is SO true, LO about cats being in pics you don’t want them in and being impossible to photograph when you want to do so. LOL Huggs šŸ˜€

  47. Oh, Gaby, I LOVE celery with peanut butter. Celery is also good with cream cheese . . . yum!! Or dipped in blue cheese salad dressing. As you can tell, by the time I’m done with it, it’s no longer good for you. hehe. But it IS good. And thanks, too. šŸ˜€ Huggs.

    lolol, Mercy, sorry! Hehe, and yes, my cat sure does like to get into the shoe shots! šŸ˜€

    I love bananas, too, Nancy but only by themselves or on cereal; I can’t stand them in icecream or as banana splits, and I don’t like the “banana” flavor that they put in candy, etc. And YUM! I love chips and salsa (didn’t have any, though). And I’ll have try the Blue Bunny, too. Thanks for the fab tips (and yeppers, now I’m totally starved) hehe

    Oh, I DO have a major sweet tooth, Snuggles that’s for very sure!! I sometimes will CRAVE something sweet to the point that if I can’t find anything here, I’ll drive to the store in the middle of the night! It’s a sickness. And so bad for me (weight and teeth, etc). But that’s one of the things of me that I have to deal with. By feeding. LOL Huggs right back to you and Marm, as well. xx

    Ooooh, I used to LOVE poptarts, Ang, but haven’t had one in forever. Must get some (note to self). And without frosting? That’s awful! Well, good for you, but awful, too. šŸ˜€ And yes, they’re comfy. Have you noticed how things look even worse in a pic? I mean, I swear they don’t look THAT bad in person. But maybe they do, and I’m just in denial? Sigh.

    Sounds like you need to start hiding your snacks, Rivergirl! Maybe in your bedside table or in your car? Weeeeee! Must have apples and cheese!

    Well, after I’ve poured the contents of the sugar bowl into the Special K, it’s not really so healthy, you know, Pilgrim? Hehe

    Ooooh, that sounds wonderful, Fanta. I’m the laziest though when it comes to snack time (and most other times), so that would be too much work. And yay! I’m so happy to know that you actually eat something that came from a can . . . wooohoooo!!! Now I can breathe and relax again. šŸ˜€ Huggs to you my Fantabulous friend!!

  48. the raisins will be covered in chocolate. what’s not to like? lol! chocolate can make just about anything better. šŸ™‚

  49. Yum. I like cheddar -slightly melted- on warm apple pie. Something my grandmother introduced me to. I thought she was off her rocker, until I tasted it! I also like chocolate and (regular) chips; as in: One bite chocolate, One bite chip, etc.

  50. Yum. I like cheddar -slightly melted- on warm apple pie. Something my grandmother introduced me to. I thought she was off her rocker, until I tasted it! I also like chocolate and (regular) chips; as in: One bite chocolate, One bite chip, etc.

  51. I so agree with that, Kerry!! (though I have my doubts about chocolate covered insects)

    You know, Julie, I’ve heard of this before; it’s really good? I’ll have to try it. Like you, I thought it sounded crazy, but if you swear by it . . . šŸ˜€ And ooooh, sort of like salted peanuts and chocolate? Yum!!

  52. Blimey…..this sounded just so much like me, it was spooky. I can drive myself totally crazy trying to decide what to have. I think your mom was talking about me. It’s not unknown for me to spend SO long trying to decide that by the time I do…..I’ve gone off wanting anything LOL.
    I’ve come to expect that any shot of any of your shoes WILL feature a cat in some way or other, even if it’s just the fur on the slippers LOL.

  53. Yeah, I have to admit that I’ve slunk out of the kitchen in defeat, as well, Mitch. šŸ˜‰ And don’t you know, now that the cats are becoming a part of Shoe Sunday, they’ll begin refusing to make an appearance. Cats being contrary and all. šŸ˜€

  54. well, i did say almost. i don’t think i could go the chocolate covered insect route, either. blech.

    and how cool is your new graphic? i love it! šŸ™‚

  55. Just checkiing thought your blogs and came across this one again. I have a slice of watermelon in the frdge just like this one only mine has seeds. I really dont mind eating mine though! Hugs to you my great friend. x

  56. Oh, Snuggles, it’s soooooo much better without the seeds / pips. But I know what you mean about not minding eating them, I used to do that, though I’m sure it’s not good for us. Huggs you YOU my great friend! xx

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