Blogiversary: One Year of Blogging


Okay, it’s here, it’s finally here: my first blogiversary!! I’ve been blogging for one year today, March 15 2007. This is all so very exciting to me, actually, as I can’t tell you what a life saver this entire 360 experience has been to me in so many ways. No, really, I can’t tell you. But I can tell you that I feel privileged to know each of you and that I know how lucky I am to have such wonderful friends (and random readers who may find this. Waving at random readers in welcome). With that in mind, I thought this day should celebrate you, because my blogiversary would be meaningless without all my wonderful blog friends!

If you like, you can cue one of my favorite songs as you read about yourself and all my (and your) amazing friends:

Ali—one of my newest friends, but someone that I took to like a fish takes to water or like a worm takes to tequila or like a gambler takes to Vegas or . . . well, you get my meaning. Ali’s tons of fun and I look forward to her fab comments on all my blogs. I secretly think she’d be a terrible influence on me if we lived near one another, and by “terrible” I mean great good fun!!

Amber—what can I say about Amber? She’s fun and funny and all that jazz. She’s been around my blog for almost as long as I have and long ago earned the title of my BBB (best blog buddy), though she likes to sit by the door so that she can come and go as she pleases, and that’s good as it keeps the air fresh and all that good stuff, and of course, once she returns, it’s always so wonderful to see Amber Angel.

Bert—rock solid with a heart of gold, that’s Bert. She’s just a dear and has moments of delightful hilarity that send me laughing so hard, I almost fall off the couch; one that comes to mind is her story about the Easter lily last year . . .too good. Bert’s a good egg (to keep that Easter-y theme), and I like her so much.

Ceres—an intellect, a student, a teacher, a humanitarian, a thoughtful friend. What a grand girl she is, and she teaches about such wonderful things in her blogs with grace and humor and passion. A very good blogger and thinker and 360 Princess is Ceres.

Chris V—there aren’t enough positive adjectives in the world to describe our Chris. He’s funny, thoughtful, kind, sweet, amazing. He’s a genuine, good hearted, peaceful person who makes the world better just for being in it. I have secret hopes that he and Ceres will fall in love and have my 360 grandchildren (okay, not exactly hopes so much as schizophrenic fantasies, but hey . . . ).

Em (the Divine Ms. Em)—whose comments over the past year have kept me on my toes, rushing to google for research, giggling uncontrollably, and sniffling sentimentally in my soup. Em’s a good and long time 360 friend, one I don’t see as much or as often as once I did or as I’d like but who always brightens the room when she does come in.

Eskimo (aka Elmo)—my, my, my . . . dear Elmo. He’s a riddle is Elmo. At one moment as kind as the day is long and the next . . . a lecherous sex fiend or radical rebel guy picking fights about religion and politics (now you’re all beginning to see why I like him so much, huh?). He’s got a good heart and a decent brain, so once we get him a girlfriend who likes her feet rubbed, he’ll be good to go.

Fanta (and FantaZart)—I’m her biggest fan. And not in that scary Kathy Bates kind of way, either. Witty, intelligent, and a woman of so very many talents, Fanta is just amazing. An artist, a chef extraordinaire, and a soon to be cookbook maven, Fanta is just amazing. But I said that already. Hmph. Must be true then. She is.

FrankiE—Now FrankiE I really don’t know all that well, but I can tell from reading his comments on Spicy’s page (who I miss very much, btw) and on mine, as well as from reading (and lately listening) to his blogs that he’s a good hearted, poetic spirited, and warm kind of person who thinks well of others. As I think well of him.

Gaby—easily the best llama in all the land. An enormous, giving, generous, loving heart has Gaby, and she’s intuitive and talented and artistic and kind and good. If I were going to need love, an empathetic heart, and protection from poachers, I would rush to Gaby and never ever leave.

Gloria—Gloria is GORGEOUS. Her spirit, her soul, her humor, her intellect, her sense of fun, her face, her taste in music, her taste in friends (!) . . . everything about her is just gorgeous. I swear that I think she is shiny and glowing, her page itself just feels good to me, like home in a way. There’s no one like Gloria, and I treasure her.

(Ranger) Gregg—now here’s a guy who can take you out into the National Parks of this land and show you things in nature that you’d never even thought of, and then within moments, he may be debating some aspect of our education system or espousing the joys of photography, trainspotting, or sports with his sons. Although he’s not around as much as we’d all like, Gregg’s a real part of my 360 family, one I wouldn’t want to be without.

Heyman—here’s a man who is an artist, a friend, a solid good man with a good heart and wonderful sense of fun. I admit that I didn’t “get” him at first, but now that I do, I wouldn’t trade him for another or for a whole host of others; he’s special and unique and just fabulous! He’s also thoughtful and thought provoking, both of which are qualities I appreciate a great deal. I honestly can’t remember what it was like to blog before I met him, and I don’t want to.

Jillene—The gentle spirit among us who thinks deeply and looks inward and feels and is in ways I don’t fully understand but that I most certainly appreciate. And best of all? Jillene has an amazing sense of fun and can be as silly and naughty as anyone ever. She’s someone you can wax philosophical with one moment and then giggle with at some guy’s great . . . bottom. I think she’s fabulous, I so really do.

Kerry—at first I was afraid of Kerry because she seemed so . . . oh, I don’t know, serious, but she’s so not. She’s amazingly funny, with a fabulous dry sense of humor that I just love, and she’s so smart and so much damned fun that I smile just seeing her avatar on my page, whatever it might be on any given day, that is. She gets me on levels that I don’t think everyone does, or that they politely ignore (which is no fun). I’d consider venturing into the heartland to have a cup of coffee with her (so long as she promised to put nothing powdered into it!) because I think so very much of her.

Lisa C—Lisa’s got an amazing heart, makes the most wonderful jelly EVER, and put together the absolute best quilt and just for me, too. Not an effusive woman, she’s solid and good and dependable and just plain wonderful. She’s got a wicked sense of fun, a lovely way with a story, and is a real treat to know. Lisa is someone that I think of as a friend in real life, and she knows what that means to me.

Mavis—she’s over in Scotland just now, so won’t see this, I almost feel that I shouldn’t talk about her when she’s not here, but she’s just so nice that I couldn’t not list her, you know? I will say, though, that I’m looking forward to her return because I know that her entries about her trip “home” will be uplifting, inspiring, and inspired!

Max Ambiguity—I know in real life and have for a good number of years. She’s wonderful and smart and funny and a good friend with a marvelous sense of humor. No need to gush on about her, as she’ll be here soon enough and I can tell her person. Stop twitching and shifting uncomfortably in your chair, Max, I won’t. Probably.

Michael—I’ve known Michael for years, and he’s someone who reminds me to stay balanced. He’s got a huge heart, too, and is funny and truly one of the very best people and friends around. I’m SO glad he’s taken to blogging lately, as it’s lovely to have him here in blogland, too. He’s a lovely human being that I’m very proud to know.

Mitch—to me Mitch seems like a mass of contradictions, but I think that’s what I like so much about him. He’s got very definite ideas about things, and that’s always good, and he’s got a quite wonderful sense of humor that I wish we could see more often. Best of all, he can string sentences together in a fun and interesting way and tell a story like there’s no tomorrow; he’s got a fine eye for the perfect picture and is absolutely tops in captioning them. I’m very glad that I’ve had the chance to get to know Mitch out here in blogland and am looking forward to reading more of his musings, amusing tales, and even (okay, especially) the occasional rant.

Monty—he’s the best translucent haired funny man around! Even though he’s another who’s not around as much as I’d like, he’s got a wonderful sense of fun and is just delightfully devilish. You have to love Monty, he’s practically irresistible.

Nancy—now here’s another one that I can’t figure out but who I like so very much. I get this idea in my head that she’s all prim and proper (which isn’t a bad thing, after all), and the next thing I know she’s posting hair gel pics ala Something About Mary and has me in stitches. I like that, keeps me on my toes! I was first drawn to her blogs because they are well done, well-written, and she has such fascinating stories to tell and has a clever way of pulling diverse topics and observations together that I admire, and I’m definitely looking forward to getting to know Nancy better this coming blog year!

Pris—I call her Priceless, and she is. There is no one as real to me or as real period as Pris. She’s honest as the day is long and sincere and good. I can’t really think of a way to tell you all how much I like her without saying things I maybe shouldn’t, but Pris knows how long she’s been my friend here and how much I miss her when she’s not around. She may not have known until now how very much I appreciate her, but that’s my oversight. And she knows now.

Rainy Day—I just love the photoblogging of Rainy Day; her place is like a peaceful oasis that makes you smile in its warmth and kindness; here’s another peaceful spirit with a flair for photography and a delightful sense of humor. Rainy’s no push over, though, she’s got an iron will, and that’s something to admire. For having a name like “Rainy Day” I can’t think of anyone more sunshiney and warm!

Rash (Doc Elvis)—Rash is new to my list, but we’ve had enough interaction that I felt I should include him here, couldn’t do otherwise, really; he’s a fun and interesting person with a lot to offer in terms of humor and experience and ideas and intellect and wit. I enjoy his blogs and his flirty
flirting and think he’s just adorable.

Rii—I could gush about how marvelous Rii is until the sun went down, rose, and went down again. In her hands, any story is amusing and riveting and fun; she shares history, travel, photos, and so very much more, and she’s just got the warmest heart and sweetest thoughtfulness but that devilish side, too, that is so much fun! Just an all around good and true person is Rii. And dignified. Can’t forget that!

Simon (red1hols)—although new to my friends list, Simon’s been in my favorites for ages; I’ve read many many of his blogs and loved each and every one. This is one intelligent man with one great sense of humor, and can he ever turn a phrase! I admire him in many ways, and not the least of which is his generosity and kindness: not only has he been relentless (in the good way) in his desire to see vulture funds stopped but he also took time to explain not once but twice to me how to footnote in blogs (not that I can do it, yet—but HE tried, you see). I just like Simon a great deal, not much to add to that, really.

Snuggles—what a dear, good-hearted, funny, sweet, thoughtful, caring person! It seems she’s been here forever and that I’ve known her for ages, but not in an old shoe kind of way, more in a comfy friend kind of way that makes me feel safe. As I have issues with trust, this is a huge huge (huge) thing for me, so she’s really someone special in my life. She’s supportive and encouraging and she lets me give her advice she doesn’t need because I’m so old and wise (well, old). Snuggles, to quote me, is lovely, through and through, and I just love her to pieces!

Tally—speaking of loving someone to pieces, Tally is so . . . Tally. I adore her; she’s funny and smart and witty and clever (and yes, I am very aware that they all mean much the same thing). I could talk to Tally forever and then still want to talk to her some more; she’s just that . . . Tally. I can’t explain it, really, but I felt all bondy with Tally straight away. And I’m not sure really what that’s about, maybe the Buffy and/or SPN thing? We have similar taste in a lot of things and seem to think in similar ways. No use analyzing it, though: she’s brilliant and beautiful and witty, and I think she’s awesome, and she’s certainly my top fangirly blogger friend, not to mention a good little soldier who’s just too precious for this world.

Wendy—Wendy was my very first friend on 360, and I remember that she posted a Maya Angelou poem in response to one of my early posts, and I was just blown away. Wendy’s smart and funny and very nice, and I’d love to see her more around blogland, too, but as she’s not always here, I’ll take what I can get. She also shares my morbid interests, so that’s an added bonus.

And to my very newest friends: Azad, Sean, Chandra, River Rat, Khanh Linh, Sgt. Ruthledge, the Syllable Queen, Kate, Jon G, and Pilgrim—I treasure each of you and am already very much enjoying our debates and discussions, our jokes, visits, and exchanges, and I can’t wait to get to know each of you better.

And to everyone on this very solemn occasion—though it wouldn’t have been solemn if I could have worked out how to make my camera video me “singing” my special song and dancing my crazy arm and leg moving, butt wiggling dance along with my kitchen cow, but as I couldn’t, it’s . . . back to solemn: I really feel so blessed and pleased to have the opportunity to know each of you, so thank you so much for being my 360 friend.


And next, as we’ve all been curious about each other and how we might sound (or maybe it’s just me?), I thought it would be fun to be able to hear one another’s voices. If you’d like to phone up, I’d truly appreciate it, but believe me, I know from leaving a few of these around blogland that they are nerve wracking to do. Also, if you feel you’ve nothing to say, you can always just wish me a happy day or happy blogging or whatever, doesn’t have to be anything fancy or “I have a dream” like.

I’ve snagged not only the idea from Mitch but also his instructions as they are just so good:

It’s a phone-based message recorder. Just click on the ‘Record By Phone’ button. You’ll see a little drop-down menu. Select the country you are in and it will give you a phone number to ring and a code. Ring the number, enter the code when prompted and record your message. Simple!! Don’t worry about the cost, for any of the countries on the drop-down list the call is either free or lo-call. Unfortunately, if your country isn’t on the list, you can’t record a message unless you ring into one of the numbers for a country on the list, that will mean international charges.


All the kids are getting the newest widget, so I had to get it, too:

If you’re wondering, as I was when I first saw it, it’s some sort of personality thing whereby you select your favorite picture in response to certain prompts. It’s fun.


The first pic is of the beautiful wonderful card that Snuggles sent to me via snail, and you can see that she made it herself and even wrote a poem inside! I’m just so bowled over and love it so much, and as it’s symbolic of so many wonderful things about and people here on 360, I thought I’d share it with you all.


44 thoughts on “Blogiversary: One Year of Blogging

  1. Oh I’m so glad to be first!!! One year and 1st comment by a slightly deranged individual who sees things in a bowl of Spaghettios. And you dressed for the occasion, so pretty. And a great jump on a million visitors. Your so talented and smart you will need your own servers to handle all the people coming to your bloggdom. Hoo Rayy. i am so honored and blessed to have met you here. You really make my day and it will always be a special day when you get around to talking to me. I hope we can be friends this time every year in the future.

  2. This is a very cool post on your blogiversary. You are very good at knowing all your friends. You really do take the time to get to know them, and that makes us all special. I tried to do the phine thing, but my phone wont do it, not my land line anyway. I will hav eto try with my cell, when I am more awake and willing to fight the phone lines. anyway, happy blogiversary.

  3. Hooray!! Congratulations on your one-year anniversay in Yahoo 360.
    Plus congratulations on over 50K views!!

    You rock Fuzzy!!

  4. *hugs* HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY!! i feel so honored that you included me in the list. 🙂 but i can’t believe you were scared of little ole me. i suppose the fact that the first blog of yours that i commented on had to do with the execution of saddam hussein might have had something to do with that. if it’d been about spaghettios or cadbury creme eggs, you’d have known better. 😉

    i am truly thankful that i took a chance and started visiting and commenting on your blogs. you see, i have a little confession to make. i was a bit intimidated by you. i always am when someone writes as intelligently and articulately as you. but you also have the most fantastic sense of humor and i have come to so enjoy seeing a comment from you on my blog or my front page. they make my day, i kid you not. 🙂

    now, about this trip into the no-man’s land that is the midwest, i promise to have half-n-half on hand for any coffee that may be consumed. hell, i’ll even go all out and buy the spaghettios with the little weinies, if you want.

    weinies *snrgght*

  5. Happy Day! Happy Blogiversary to you. And what a great and eloquent year you’ve had here. I’m still back-reading to catch up, but it is always such a treat. You paint with your words, you give us you, your life to a point, and always respect. I adore you dear Fuzzy Slippers. Your intellect pleases me greatly. Your heart is good. And best of all, your humor goes right into my funny place and gets me giggling. So much fun.

    I will try your phone thingy…as soon as I can find my voice. (it’s late and I don’t want to awaken anyone). What a neat idea. I tried to hear your voice, but duh…I couldn’t figure it out. I’d like to hear you. Always wondered what fuzzy slippers sounded like. (grin) I like the other thingy too. New fun toys.

    The most lovely thing about this particular post is that I can get a grasp of your friends and go visit them. You collect some bright and talented folks. Hugs to you, dear Fuzzy Wuzzy.

  6. Oh what a great voice! I knew the giggle – could actually hear it in your writings. LOL –Absolutely cracked up with your friend Kerry’s call. LOL Great stuff. Who’s the singer? LOL

  7. Thank you so very much, Heyman, you make me smile and warm my heart with your comment here, you really do. And you singing song on the voice mail thing is hilarious! Thanks so much for that, too. Many huggs to you, and thanks again for all the help with my camera and for ringing in the new year with me via 360. What a guy you are!!

    Thanks, Lisa, that would be wonderful; you’re a good friend, and I’m looking forward to hearing from you (not that we don’t already know what we sound like, but still! lol :)) Huggs

    Oh, thanks so much, Rainy, yes the 50k seemed to come rather fast, wonder if something’s wrong with yahoo’s counter thingy? Shrug. It sure is nice though, and actually, I think YOU rock. Huggs :))

    *hugs* Kerry, how funny that we started off kind of intimidated by each other, and now are just as thick as thieves (well, nice thieves who don’t steal things. Or hardly ever.). Love your comment here, and your voice mail made me laugh, so I had to listen to it over again, which made me laugh again! :)) Yeah, I do kinda like my spaghetti-o’s to have the wienies. You said weinies, hehe. snorgloghm. lmao. We amuse me.

    Oh, Gaby, you touch my heart with your comments! I swear when I read them I got a little teary eyed, you are just so warm and sweet and fabulous! And I’m so happy to hear that you care enough to read back through my blogs; please leave me comments as you wish to, for I will surely respond to them! You’re a prize, dear llama lady, that you are. And oooh, what a good idea to get to know my friends from my tributes; I tried to go back and put links in, but yahoo wouldn’t let me. I’d click the world/link icon, put in the link, hit ok, and the thing would disappear, no box to type in the text and no link appeared with the url even. Weird. But they’re all on my friends list, so that’ll be easy. :)) You are so sweet to even think that. As to the singer, that’s Heyman; he’s an artist, too, he paints cars (not like for Ford, he paints pictures of cars, and they look really real, too, like they’ll drive off the page!). Huggs wonderful Gaby! You warm my heart. :))

  8. Congratulations! Doesn’t time fly when you are having fun?

    The footnotes are really very, very easy.

    It is all done with the dark and mysterious art of HTML. You must vane seen all the bold tags and italic tags roaming free. Well, if you look in the darker corners of 360, you will find other tags lurking.

    You just get your tracking gerbil and a sturdy net and hunt them down.

    Wanders off, muttering ‘Aww Shucks!’ under my breath and blushing after reading all the nice things said.

  9. Awwwww! So very few people could have me grinning ear to ear before 7am, but you managed it.
    Happy Blogiversary…you better keep on blogging!
    Out of all my 360 friends, I would say you are the one I’d most like to meet. Cause we’d have a barrel of laughs (shhh, don’t tell anyone else :P) and I’m sure we wouldn’t stop giggling all night.

    I always look forward to your comments and messages and I can guarantee you make me laugh and smile every day.

    All the adjectives you used to describe me are applicable to you…you’re a legend, and I’m so very happy to have you as my friend, I can’t stress that enough.

    Huggs and huggs and huggs, and I”ll come record my voice later on, I have to think up what to say 😀

  10. I agree with Ally, I just woke up and saw this, that is so sweet of you Doc. Isn’t that a coincidence 50K and One Year blog anniversary, well done dear. Next year we will see 1 Million and 500,000 since I already set the bar 1 Million for this year. Glad to know you Fuzzy, as the legend Tina Turner says “You are Simply the Best” Cheers 🙂

  11. Oh! Oh! This was so utterly fun to read! I want to bring all your friends onto my list! You’ve described each of us in such heartfelt and compelling ways. Yes, I also love how you’ve gotten to know each of us, which says a great deal about you. I can’t wait to know you. (And I’m crying in my granola that I can’t do the audio thing right now… haven’t updated iTunes, so sound is not working on my MacBook at the moment.)

  12. Many congratulations, Fuzzy! I really look forward to the next year (and getting in your list. Hmmm, have to beware your astute analysis).

  13. What wonderful wonderful things you had to say about everyone — makes us all feel good! And, makes me curious to visit others’ pages. Thank you!

    You are a very open and warm-hearted woman, Fuzz!!!

  14. Happy, happy blogiversary Fuzz da da da da. . . (I don’t know how to add musical notes from my keyboard so please imagine them).
    It is fun reading about your friends from your viewpoint. Very interresting observations. I couldn’t agree more about the ones that I know.
    I love to come to your page. You are very diverse in your blogs which draws me to them plus they are always so well written. Congratulations!!
    I will add my voice later.
    Have a happy blogiversay kind of day!!

  15. congrats on a whole year,and im sure if you check blogging handbook that you can tell us how it saved your life, no you can,really you can. lovely gesture to mention all your friends, and dont fret i know im new here so didnt zoom up and down the list 20 times to see my name, and certainly didnt fall on the floor crying like a baby after i saw it wasnt.was very mature and thought i will be there next year. now sitting with thumb in mouth…pass me a tissue.

  16. Hey there Fuzzy, it’s meself!!!…….I’ve recorded a voice message for you. I had to re-record it several times, I was laughing too much….the last time it came out all wrong, so I hope you like it (I hope you understand it!!!!).
    Happy blogiversary!! That was a real nice thing, mentioning all your friends like that. It’s still aways to go (end of August) til I get to mine. It seems like I’ve known you forever, but it’s only been a few months. I count you as a good friend, despite (or should that be BECAUSE of) the fact that we haven’t always agreed on certain subjects, but that’s what makes good friends. You can have differences of opinion or even full-blown arguments and still be great buddies. Hope you’ll be around for a long time to come. I still reserve the right to hide whenever you do one of your ‘girly’ blogs though!! LOL

  17. Hei Fuzz – Dear Dear Fuzz Gal!

    This blog entry had me moved to tears with the sweetness and goodness of Your most marvellous soul and heart!
    You truly are one in a billion, Fuzz. I have loved coming over to your blog since last spring aka May 2006 and missed you soo much when you took off all those months in late summer…

    BE BLESSED with the mighty blessings! Congratulations on the blogversary and also, on the 50K views. WTG.
    BiG Dignified HuGGiz from Da Ikkle Finn Rii xx

  18. Hey Fuzzy,

    You are a really great and sweet person yourself and you have left such great comments about all your friends here and it seems that they all love you to pieces just as much as I do! Seriously thanks for the great comments and I am really and truely glad I stumbled across your page and I can’t wait to read another years worth of great fun, thought provoking, heart warming blogs on your wonderful page.

    I just love the little giggle at the end of your message, very girlie laugh you have there. You always make me smile with your comments and messages on my blog so thanks and I meant every word of the poem.

    Big big hugs to you on this special day and catnip treats to Chelsea, Cali and Banbury of course. x

  19. Have a very Happy Blogiversary indeed, Fuzzy! As a newbie, I was very fortunate indeed that you happened upon my blog so early on. You have made my introduction to blogging a very positive one. You are a warm and generous person.

  20. Oh poop – I wrote a whole comment and then got so excited by the phone message that it got deleted….it went something like this.

    Happy Blogiversary too you…Happy Blogiversary to you…I’ve downed all the Champers but I’ve saved some for you

    I love beginning with A it means I nearly always get to come first (quite some achievement for a girl I do believe *grin – giggle*)
    Love the worm to Tequila analogy FuzzyT….one is not quite the same without the other now is it..and that is just how I feel about you. You are gorgeous…AND intelligent…and caring…and you have this really fun sounding soft voice…what a combination in a friend…when are you going to come and visit me in Australia?

    Love to you girly….hope your day is as sunny as mine….catch you soon….mwah…Ali xxx

  21. Now have to really LOL….with an L5 thrown in too….I even did the voice message wrong…sat here waiting for it to come up and it didn’t so I went back and realised that I had done it all wrong…lol….so did another one for you….teeheehee..I’m a goose….must be a blonde day today *grin*

  22. You really are sweet….Can someone BE that sweet? (channeling Chandler Bing, from Friends here) I hope next year on your Blogiversay I warrant a whole paragraph….lol! I hope some of your friends are my friends as they all sound so neat in their own way!

    Look forward to getting to know you better, too, hon! Take it easy..Peace! K

  23. Hey Fuzzy girl! I see you’ve also done kinda recap of your friends in here and in the process tried to defrock me. But I don’t mind if it was done by someone as sweet as you. Returning the favor, I will summarize you then:

    I think you are smart, sweet, friendly.. a very positive, EXTROVERT sunshiny person. You were born to be a good blogger. You know, exactly, not only what people want (and how to deliver that) but also what you want from people (and how to hog it, smiling all the way) LOL.

    Well, there was a brief ember kinda ambiguous comment. But hey I love ya, cuz you make me! *Dirty Kiss* followed by a *Platonic Spank*

  24. adorable? flirting now?! 😉
    anyway,feeling is mutual fzy!
    yea not known you that long,but long enough,to feel guilty that recently i havnt been chatting as much as we did initially!… ‘I’ll be back’! lol
    wanted to say also,that i have to admit,that your blogs/360 page,is the best…absolutely! Fabulous melange of reflections and perspectives.
    Happy Blogiversary!!!!
    a lovely back to nature organic hug!
    lots of love your way.
    rash x

  25. Congrats..Fuzzy…for your blogging annivesary…
    Just came here through Chris blast message…
    Hope your wishes come true….

  26. Happy Blogiversary, Fuzz – and thanks so much for the kind words. I particularly liked having the opportunity to read a bit more about all the folks who frequent your bit of the internet. I do wish I had more time to spend here -heck I wish I had a couple extra hours in each day (don’t we all)….but I appreciate your patience and I’ll try to do better – because your blogs continue to be funny and thoughtprovoking all at the same time (just like their writer, I imagine)- they are definitely not to be missed.

  27. Fuzzy, Congratulations on your anniversary. I’m sure you’ve shared lots and lots of your wisdom over the year, and you always give me the opportunity to see things in more different ways, and you definately provoke thought. And when you want to, you can be as silly, frivilous, and as hilarious as you can be serious at other times. I appreciate all your help as I get my toes wet in this blog land. It is a sheer pleasure having you as a dear friend.

  28. Simon, you’re far too modest! And I’d just love to hear YOU say “aw shucks!”, shame you didn’t call in. Thanks for the footnote info yet again, something goes wrong with my understanding how to link from note1 to note1 at the bottom because I don’t exactly want notes so much as a means of indexing. Thanks again, though, for you patient help. Huggs :))

    Oh, Tally, you’ve no idea; I’d love to meet you, too! I just know we’d have a ton of fun and laugh and talk and giggle and pant over the Winchester boys . . . pause to enjoy thought. Thanks for your most wonderful and lovely comments and compliments; you are just marvelous! Huggs forever.

    Oh, Chris, that’s so sweet and super of you, and I just have to thank you again for your wonderful voice message. 🙂 Super huggs

    Aw, Jillene, aren’t you a dear! Well, of course, you must meet all my friends and they must meet you; I love that social aspect of 360! Warm huggs to you (and the count down begins! I’m so excited!) Huggs xx

    What a lovely thing to say, Neil, thanks so much! And yes, do keep my astute astuteness in mind. lmao!! :))

  29. Thanks so much, Wendy! I think you’re pretty awesome. And definitely visit their pages; these are some damn fine people, I must say. Huggs to you! :))

    Nancy!! Thank you Sooooo much. I love your page, too, and do enjoy reading your wonderful posts (though I’ve been a bit lax in making the blog rounds lately. Sigh). Many warm huggs to my fellow Lost addict! ;D Oh, and don’t forget to leave a voice message; I’d love to hear from you! :))

    Aww, Pilgrim, I AM sorry. You are very funny and you look quite attractive from your photo, and you’ve lovely daffodils, and your home and family look charming. And um, you make me laugh a lot. How’s that? Feel better? No worries, I’ve a suspicion that you and I will get along quite well and that you’ll have your very own gushing sentimental paragraph before you know it. :))

    Oh, Mitch!! You had me in stitches with your message, so I can quite see how you’d be on the verge of huge laughter in leaving it! OMG, you are too much (in the just the right amount kind of way). And yes, I couldn’t agree more about our . . . um, lack of eye to eye seeing on some things making us better friends. I’m really very very fond of you, and I think that goes in large part to your being such a wonderful open and caring person even to me who gets under your skin in the worst possible way on occasion! And yes, pleae reserve the girly blog right to hide, as that allows me to hide from your sport blogs!! Many warm huggs, Mitch! 😀

    Rii, you are just so special to me, and it makes my day to read your comments about my blog, it really does. I’ll never forget how friendly and supportive you’ve been and how encouraging you are about my blogging. :)) I think so very much of you, as you know. Many honest to goodness huggs to your most dignified self xx

  30. Bahaha, Kerry, you are the too funniest!! Still giggling.

    Seemed the thing to say, Amber, as it seems to be the case! I love it, though, and you’re always welcome here anytime you like to come back (or go or come back; I’ve put in a revolving door with YOUR name on it, so I have) Wink.

    {{{{ Snuggles }}}} You are the sweetest, and I just cherish you so very much! :)) Thank you so much for all you say and do and mean to me. Giant huggs.

    Hi there Jon, well, I’m very glad that I ran across your page, too; always love a fellow Idol chatterer, not to mention a fellow educator, so wow, a double win there! :)) Thanks for your kind words about me, too; you seem very warm and generous, as well.

    Ali, Ali, Ali you are soooooo funny to me and such a grand girl!! Your comments both written and phoned in really made me laugh and feel very warm and special, so thank you so much for that!! What can I say, you’re just the best new bud evah! (hehe, yeah, I liked that tequila / worm thing, too ;)) Huggs you!

    lol @ channeling Chandler, Kate; you’re too cool. I’m really loving getting to know you, and you’re just so fab that I can’t wait to know you better. Besides, you’ll remind me to keep my nose in the books . . . um, you will, right?? Right? huggs

    Well, Eskimo (but I like to say Elmo), you’ve really done a wonderful sweet thing here, and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your writing a paragraph about ME back. It’s so sweet and thougtful of you! Not at all lecherous. lmao! huggs and giggles

    Aw, thanks, Azad, and of course I would mention your name; I just wish I knew you better and could have said something more meaningful as I love your blog! Especially the ones with the gorgeous pictures of India; how I would love to visit your country one day!! Huggs.

  31. Okay, okay, Rash, I guess I was being a bit flirty with you; what can I say, you have that affect on me. And I’m not even all that flirty, really, so it’s even harder to explain. Shrug. Just count yourself lucky. teehee And yes, you should be feeling guilty for not chatting with me as much as at first (not really, it’s life, that’s how things go, I know that, and it’s perfectly fine. Really.). As to the organic back to nature huggs, um, huh? Are you going all earthy crunchy on me? You do still wear your deoderant, I hope, and aren’t wearing hemp pants and roping your shoes on with twine . . . okay, getting giddy here from too much typing and not enough reading. Thanks for your fab comments, Rash. wmd huggs to you (can’t bring myself to organic smelly back to nature-y ones. giggle)

    Thank you so much, Priyanga, that is very sweet of you. :))

    Oh, sorry, Em, I didn’t mean to come across so whiney, but I guess I do miss our daily back and forths. Shrug, believe me, I DO understand as both our lists have grown since those early days. :)) Thanks for your kind words, though, they mean a lot to me.

    And Sarge, I didn’t get my heavy breathing. Waaahhhhh. (thanks for the blogiversary wishes, too, dear). Huggs :))

    Michael, my wonderful friend! Thanks so much for making my day with your comments and voice messages. You rock! And I’m loving your blogs, though we really need to work on your taste buds . . . repeat after me: Spaghettios are manna from Heaven, I love Spaghettios, nuke me some O’s. lmao. Huggs Michael. :))

  32. FOUND IT!! Fuzz is a fellow LOVE BUG, YAY YAY YAY!!
    @@@ Glad you made me backtrack and read… !!
    signed, The Goober! xo xo MWAHHH!!

  33. I just had to leave you another message on here to thank you for the lovely card, you are a sweetheart and I have never ever met anyone as sweet as yourself in my whole 30 anda bit years of life. You are someone special to me and who I know is a very true and dear friend that I hope never ever to loose contact with now that I have found you. Big big hugs to you and of course the rest of the gang! x Come back soon won’t you, how long left on teh vacantion now?

  34. Yet another Snuggly message that slipped by me while I was on vacay! I’m so sorry, Snuggles, and you’re just such a true friend and sweetheart yourself. Huggs and love to you, Girl 😀

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