Snow Pics and Randomness


In all the excitement of my blogiversary and St. Patrick’s Day, I barely even noticed that we had a nor’easter up this way. Well, okay, I did notice, hard not to, but I hadn’t posted the pics . . . until now.

So first of all, we have the not so slushy area of the sidewalk (as yet unshoveled or salted or anything else by the city), and my foot. My left foot, as it happens. Then the more slushy mess a bit ahead.


Now hold onto your seat because it gets even more exciting in the next three shots. First, we have a plow truck, a novelty I’d not seen until I moved up here. Turns out that a “plow” truck is just a regular truck with a big shovel thing stuck to the front. Loads of people drive them during the winter, and I think they make money at it. Neat, huh? The second and third ones are the result of the snow plow truck thing. Yep, just heaped up snow with shovel dents in.


Those fabulous snow piles are at the end of all parking lots and along the sides of roads. One year, we had such a snowy winter that one of our plowed snow mounds was still there well into the spring. It was pretty neat. This was before global warming, though, sure that wouldn’t happen now.

This was just a small snow storm, actually, though the biggest one this winter; well, guess it’s springish now. Except here.

Now these next ones I took just because I wanted to, so indulge me, please:

ooooh . . .

aaahhhh . . .

This last one is one of those creepy basement access double door things from all the scary movies ever made. So of course I love it:

And there you have it. Snow. And not much of it. Good, huh? Aren’t you glad I shared?


This next little item, I picked up at Rii’s and Jillene’s and thought it was fun enough to try one of my very own here. The deal is that I’ve composed a list of questions about myself, and you get to answer them. And sure, you’re thinking I got the better end of the deal. And you’d be right. See how good you are at this! One down, only ten more to go:

Get Your Own Quiz!, More Quizzes


37 thoughts on “Snow Pics and Randomness

  1. Brrrrrrr. *shivers* It has finally warmed up here after one of the coldest winters on record. Thanks for the photos! I now know to pack cashmere instead of cotton sweaters for my trip out there. Brrrrrrr. (worth repeating)

    Oh! Fun quiz! I got 6 of 10, but of course I think I should have done better… You have cats?

  2. I got 8/10 šŸ˜¦ I didn’t know your favourite season, or the answer to where you live šŸ˜¦ Boohoo!
    But i guessed Jensen!
    Love the pictures, wish I was back over that side of the pond!
    It’s utterly freezing here, confusing all the creatures that came out of hibernation early thanks to the spring-like weather we had last week. Hail stones this morning, snow and ice predicted tomorrow…brrrr!

  3. Please, send me snow as much as you can. There are too much sunshines here
    I’m waiting to know more about you. Let do it: Q&A ^.^

  4. Where is your photograph of the snowman you built and of you pushing the giant snowball down the road?

    Lovely pictures, but I just don’t understand why no snowmen!

  5. Nice post Cat Lady. I too was wondering where the snow man was. Guess he was busy with the snow blower! šŸ™‚ I got 8 out of 10. I was surprised that, due to how much you like the cold, that winter was not your favorite season. I think I missed your favorite TV show also. It snowed here in Ohio also yesterday. Hopefully, it will be the last of the season, and the colors will return.

  6. Oh I am so proud of myself…I only got the sex question wrong LOL – well what can I say LOL I won’t tell you which I picked LOL and I think the other one was your fave colour ?? anyway not bad really.

    Great snow pics I miss the snow so much – if I actually lived near any you’d never see me I’d be out skiing all day everyday…now that would be some life!!! Love the red cellar basement doors, you’d definately be expecting something scary to be behind those wouldn’t you!!!!!!

    Off to bed now…lots of love

  7. Cute blog, nice pics. I got 8 out of 10 on your quiz, failed miserably at the sex question and the favourite colour.
    Nice left foot you have, BTW!

  8. Too many questions, I scored 8/8 and then made two mistakes in the end, why can’t you love Spring :). Cool. What is snow, I think I will be forgetting snow if we don’t get some here. I like snow there, they clear the sidewalk and you see piles everywhere, here it remains for days, becomes icy and slippery.

  9. Brrrr…Amber shivers and shakes the snow off her!

    I only scored 7 out of Ten! I didn’t know your favorite season, holiday or what you think of sex….I thought sure I could get a perfect score! Bummer!

  10. Mitch is pleased to announce…….a perfect 10/10 on the Fuzzy quiz YAYYYYYY!!!! (that should have been a question, too: “What is Fuzzy’s favourite cheer? Yayyy!! LOL).
    Looking at the photo of your foot, made me wonder why you spent so much time hopping around on it? There’s a LOT of left-foot prints there LOL. As for the guy in the plow-truck….I know he’s really popular, everytime he apppears there’s a chorus of “freezer jolly good fellow” :-))
    It was tough deciding which of the final three pics was best, but in the end I chose “Berlin Wall In Winter” LOL.

  11. have heard it very invigorating when its snows to strip nude jump in and cover body complete with the white fresh stuff, would suggest you check to see neighbours have already begun this ritual before you start as you dont want to be a trend setter.

  12. Ohh Boo Hoo, I only got 8 out of 10. I thought I knew you so well which did I get wrong well your favourite season and not sure what the other one was. I picked Winter as know you love Christmas and oh I know it was the sex one. I thought you would have picked this answer due to your sense on humour. I would have choosen that one as correct for me as well as you. Dam will have to try harded next time. Maybe ill try this on my blog page. See how well you know me. Hugs and love to you and of course your three (got that one right, how could I get that wrong) x

  13. Hei Fuzz.

    Got 9/10 not bad!! Only your fav colour missing of the full house of correct answers.
    Take care and keep well. Rii xx HUGGIZ

    PS. Snow – do not want to see anymore of that stuff for this year, please…

  14. Well, it’s clear from these answers that I don’t talk about sex enough! I can only imagine what you people put for my answer on that if you got it wrong. Teehee. I’ll post the answers in a couple days, but you can see them light up briefly (and it is brief) when you hit it (or the wrong one). And you’ll get them, of course, if you read all my responding comments.

    :)) Azad, ftc prize to you!!

    Teehee, Jillene, yep, I have not one but three cats. Yes, yes, I teach English. Yes, yes, I’m never married. Yes, yes, let all the spinster cat lady English teacher jokes pour forth. lmao, actually you wouldn’t poke fun at me, but it is pretty funny that I’m a walking stereotype, huh? And don’t trust this New England weather, especially in spring; it can snow one day and be in the 60’s the next. I’d bring cotton and cashmere, just in case! :)) A few years ago we had a very large and memorable blizzard on April Fool’s Day, aptly called the April Fool’s Day blizzard, so . . . keep an eye on the weather. And don’t fly Jet Blue. A sign of a flake and they ground their planes. Teehee :))

    My fave season, Tally, is Autumn (or Fall, as we are more apt to say here), but I like Winter and Spring in pretty close seconds, so as long as you didn’t guess Summer, you’re golden. Actually, you’re golden even if you did guess Summer come to think of it. :)) And how funny is this . . . the “Somewhere, MA” is on my profile BUT you can’t read it because the font is . . . invisible. lmao I suck, huh? huggs for millenia and from the ana, bear, koala (cute!), and tiger (just like tigers).

    That’s excellent, Azad! way to go! :))

    Big smiles, Khanh Linh, yes, we’ll get to know each other, and then you’ll Ace the test. The prize is green beer, which I’ll give you some of anyway (and which Jillene is now glad she did not win Teeeheee). Huggs :))

    There wasn’t enough snow for a good sized snowman, Simon; he’d have been a sad little thing from the last bits of snow and be a bit brown and twiggy, so I decided not to go that route. I coudln’t even make a snow angel this time, as they were so good with plowing (everything but the sidewalks/pavement). Thanks for your fab comment, though! It’s always wonderful to hear from you. :))

    I’m surprised at you, Michael! But I guess I do love the cold weather, especially when compared to hot humid icky weather, so I can see how you’d miss that one. My favorite color is purple, but I guess that’s not clear either, as I prefer other colors for clothing, even my page. Okay, I get it, I’m an enigma. But that’s good, right? Huggs you!

    Oooh, loved those basement doors, too, Ali. I never really saw these except in horror movies until I moved up here. Sex, to me is natural. What’d you put? Come on, tell me!! Huggs to you, even if you don’t know that; considering your my new fab friend, you did outstandingly well, I think :)) Huggs

  15. well, i only got 7/10. and it seems that i got the same questions wrong as amber. oh well, i guess that’s what happens when you guess. šŸ™‚ i loved the question about which celebrity you wanted to meet. so funny! great photos, too. šŸ™‚

  16. And lest there be some confusion based on the first part of my last comment, I am *not* about to begin blogging about sex! Yikes!

    And thanks so much, Fanta, I’ve been very anxious about having my left foot accepted, so of course, I’m thrilled to hear that you like it. rofl. :)) Huggs to you Muske-Fanta

    Spring sprang and then retracted here, Diana, so there are some pretty confused daffodils out there looking a bit maudlin under the dusting of snow. :)) Thanks so much for your comment! :))

    I DO love Spring, Chris. I just love Autumn more. Only the slightest bit more, though, especially up here where Spring is so lovely with all the tulips and daffodils, etc. But Fall . . . ah, that folliage, that crisp clean air, that apple, pumpkin yumminess. And Thanksgiving is in Fall, I like that. My birthday is in Fall. Lots of good Fall things. :)) And yes, we’ve got very dangerous condidtions because the snow has now turned to ice as has any snow that tried to melt before it became below freezing again. Staying in is best. Hot chocolate for me. Yay! :)) Huggs.

    LOL, Amber, well, I don’t talk about sex, but you def should have known my fave holiday is Christmas; I totally love that one and start singing carols before Halloween! lmao. And three cheers for DD!! :))

    Most excellent and impressive Mitch! You got them all? yay! You. I told Khanh Linh the prize was green beer, but really it’s not. What would like oh winner of tournaments, quizzes, and all things questionable (um, not in the bad way). LOL Yeah, a bit of graffiti and that would look like the Berlin Wall. Teehee; it’s actually the banking on an overpass. I liked that starkness, I think. Thanks :))

    Hmph, Pilgrim, you try Snuggles test six times to get hers right, but mine not even once. You might know me very well, but you could have shown an interest. Sniffing into my soup, where’s MY tissue now, you big brute? (lmao, just kidding, of course!) LOL on the Extreme Polar Bear Club version you’ve dreamed up to get me arrested and thrown in jail. Thanks. teehee :))

    And you do know me well, Snuggles, so no worries there. Everyone seems to have been stumped by the sex one, and I’m sure it’s not important unless you’re a guy. ANd planning to have sex with me. So brush that one off. And as to fave season, you DO make perfect sense, and of course my fave season SHOULD be winter, I like the cold, and Christmas is definitely my fave holiday. Maybe *I* got that one wrong, come to think of it? lmao. Huggs to you forever, Snuggly Wuggly (or whatever Fanta calls you that is so cute!)

    Teehee, Rii, that’s cute since we have the very same fave color! Glad you liked it, got it from your page, after all! Huggs to you, Diggy Rii xx

  17. Thanks, Kerry!! You make me smile. Just seeing your avatar pic makes me smile because I know you’re so funny and . . . know so little about me. bahaha. Just kidding. :)) Glad you liked the photos, I sort of thought they were kind of lame, but I got too cold to keep searching for something photo-worthy. :)) Huggs.

  18. I scored 7/10 (before I read the comments). Not bad, as I haven’t known you very long, though I have to admit that there were a couple of lucky guesses in there! Enjoyed the snow pics. We so rarely get snow in this part of England. When we do, we are so useless at dealing with it that the whole place comes to a standstill.

  19. Well, I’ve just got 10/10 too! And I got the sex one right the first time I did the quiz. I think the photograph of your foot is so tantalising. But why the photo of the prison wall? Are these pics all clues? Do we have to work out what the story is?
    The wind has just veered round to the north-east here and I fear some of this is coming to the UK . . .

  20. The only thing more chilling than these photographs would be either the Abominable Snowman or Micahel Jackson entering surgery again.. šŸ™‚ Hope you drank a toast to neither on St. Paddy’s.

  21. Well Fuzz I’m probably last because I had no battery left today to get on line. But a loser since I didn’t score perfectly but I tried. Purple is a wintercolor, orange is a fall color, no fair being misleading. I’m not sure what sex is and I don’t remember reading any dirty stories in your blogging. I picked the right fellow to meet but who the hell is he? Close but no lucky charms this time, 7/10.

  22. I got 6 out of 10….that must mean that I am slightly above average in knowing Fuzzy!!

    Brrrrr!! Sure glad it has finally warmed up here. Just looking at that snow made me want to run and put on a coat. **Grins**

    Loved the photos.

  23. The pictures are really awesome. Dosen’t snow in Africa. As for the quiz, had 2/10. (at least still getting to know ya).

  24. RATS… I got the season one and the sex one WRONG… Ah well…
    Regarding the snow pix… is that your house by any chance or just a house pic taken at random? Just wondering, LOL… @@ hugs, G. xo

  25. I scord 8/10 on your test. I didnt realise it was somewhere you lived. I love the snow pics. And they have those creepy basement doors there? I dont do basements, we dont have them here. Is that first pic your house? its looks really big. At last they plow your streets, Ive heard in some parts of the country, they just let it melt.

  26. Hey Jon . . . I half expected a lovely rant about the horrors of testing from you. Wink. Yes, I know what you mean about snow making everything come to a standstill; they’re real cute up this way about hurricanes, too. Coming from a hurricane laden zone in which we didn’t even bat an eye unless a cat 4 was out there, getting close, I find this charming. :))

    Hey Neil and congrats, that’s damn impressive!! Yay you!! Prison wall, hehe, that’s actually an overpass wall support thing, but yeah, I liked that starkness of it.

    You got it, Sarge, no toasts to MJ or the Abominable Snowman. Huggs :))

    Purple’s winter, Heyman? Really? I had no idea. I love pink and purple close to equally, but have very few purple clothes (none, maybe) and lots of pink. Fave colors are tough because I like so many different things; I LOVE yellow because it’s so cheery and my fave flowers are yellow (daffodils, and I’m a traditionalist in that, not fond of all the “new” daff colors).

    Yay, Rainy!! Thanks for the compliment and the fab comments! :))

    Thanks for taking it, Mercy! I think that’s wonderful of you to be such a sport given that we have only JUST met. Huggs :))

    Yeah, I got one, Pris :)) AND I’m still waiting for my voice message from you, too!! Did you see it on my blogiversary blog? Nudge, nudge

    Hey GG, no worries, no one got the sex one, well, except Mitch and Neil, that is, so no worries on that. :)) And the color one is tricky, too, I’m not sure I really have a fave color, but we’re expected to and I do like purple a lot. :)) Oh, and no, not my house, just liked the look of it with the snow and thought it was New Englandy to share with folks not from this area. Huggs :))

    Hey Lisa, still not my house. Wink. :)) Yeah, basements are creepy to me, too, because there weren’t any in Florida, either, too sandy and there were giant aquifers under much of the area. Thanks for stopping by, and yes, they plow the main roads here, but sometimes leave the side roads. It’s all about money and politics, of course, but they are pretty much obligated to the main roads everywhere. :)) Huggs.

  27. So here we go, here are the answers to the Fuzzy Quiz (to save you reading ALL the comments):

    I live in Somewhere, MA (this caused confusion for people who know where I *actually* live!)

    My favorite thing to shop for is (usually) shoes (clothes and household items are also huge, but nothing else on the list even came close!)

    My favorite television show is Supernatural (well, that’s still on the air; I think I still have to say Buffy’s the best show ever. And Firefly is wondermous, too)

    I have three cats

    My favorite giant veggie is a brussels sprout (I found a huge one and blogged it awhile ago, for those newcomers)

    To me, sex is natural

    My favorite season is Autumn (aka Fall)

    My favorite holiday is Christmas (and yes, it’s been pointed out that this isn’t fair because Christmas is in Winter)

    My favorite color is purple

    The famous person I’d most like to meet is Jensen Ackles (had to add that “famous” because there are so many of you that I’d love to meet tomorrow!)

  28. wasnt sure whether to admit to this or not..but..i only got 6/10 šŸ˜¦
    Oh well…will have to try harder to get to know you then wont I? šŸ˜‰
    and btw..looking at your footprints…i would just love the way you walk! šŸ˜‰ hehe
    R x

  29. Not too bad for only knowing you a month or so…8/10 šŸ™‚

    OK what IS your favorite color and sex is what to you?

  30. No worries, Rash, it was just for fun . . . šŸ˜€ Those aren’t my footprints, Silly! See how they are ahead of me. LOL

    That’s pretty darned good, LO!! Purple and natural. What about you? (I truly want to know!!)

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