Musing About '08: Fuzzy Democratic Ticket Ramblings


I had a light and fun blog post all ready to go (replete with pictures), but then I got sidetracked by an annoying little incident late last night, and ultimately decided to shelve the light and fun for another day (nudges Wendy). I also realized that I’ve been almost exclusively blogging brussels sprouts, Cadbury eggs, and other light and fluffy fodder, so one less such post wouldn’t really hurt you. And this is a good time to remind you, too, of the horror of Vulture funds and the fact that no one will stop it without our urging them to do so: please sign the petitions, if you haven’t already. Besides, how long has it been since I did some Musing About ’08? A good while, huh? So settle in for some American politics from the armchair of an American citizen with no political training whatsoever, but I am armed with my remote control for news show surfing, keyboard for googling (not playing the National Anthem), and voting card for . . . voting, so watch out!

Like a lot of you on this side of the Atlantic, I watched the Edwards’ announcement about his wife’s now terminal cancer, but unlike a lot of you, I cringed. Hard. And my logic may be fuzzy on this one, but here we go: to my mind Edwards has no chance of winning the Democratic nomination. None. And it’s not that he’s not charismatic, attractive, intelligent, and it’s not even that I dislike or disapprove of his policies or plans. Well, it is partly that I don’t have a full grasp of his policies and plans, and that’s the thing; he’s not getting covered, not seriously, and that suggests that the press doesn’t take him seriously. Not that this really matters, but if he’s not covered, no one’s thinking about him, talking about him, likely to vote for him. Furthermore, watching the Sunday news and meetings with the big peeps programs, you can see that few (if any) in Washington (that’s D. C.) take him seriously. And it’s not that he’s not serious; I believe that he is. I also think that he was probably a great lawyer, won a lot of cases anyway, and he can talk (he’s also Southern, that helps). Lead? This I’m not so sure of. He can co-lead, though, and Kerry’s selection of him last time around was good and useful for this (dare I say it?) shot for the second seat on the ticket (with Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama in the drivers’ seat . . . maybe. I’ll come back to this in a moment).

And that’s where the cringe comes in . . . during his talk, with his wife Elizabeth smiling bravely at his side, Edwards (meeting the press where he and his wife had their wedding reception thirty years ago, tugga tugga at the heart strings) says they’re optimistic about her untreatable terminal metastatic cancer, and that he’s not dropping his bid for the presidency. Hmmmm.

Now, it’s entirely possible that I’m touchy about the “c” word and maybe imbuing it with more danger and fear than it still deserves; I know treatments have improved over the years and that it’s not the death sentence it once was, but hers isn’t curable but it’s treatable, huh? I don’t know, I could be alarmist here. Personally, I’m a bit of wimp; I’ve got cancer even a little cancer on my . . . say toenail and it can be clipped off by a good pedicurist; I sort of want my husband around. You know, maybe buying me a new pair of fuzzy slippers or getting me some chicken soup. Or a foot soak. And “what if . . . ?” All those she must have. And what about how frightened she has to be, how awful this must be emotionally and mentally? I just can’t even imagine what she’s going through; I really can’t. And I certainly can’t imagine having to go through it essentially alone because my husband is campaigning around the countryside. And for an office he can’t and won’t win.

Okay, I probably wouldn’t say it to him like that, but I’m not her. She is incredibly brave, I think, and I’d almost (though not really) like to see her go for the top spot; she’s got a lot of admirable qualities, that’s for sure. And how would it be if this were reversed, and say, oh, Bill Clinton had incurable, terminal cancer, and Hillary said, well, that really sucks for us, and it makes us sad, and I’ll be there for him every step of the way . . . to the White House. Doubt she’d be getting awww’d and aaaahh’d and “atta girl’d.” So what’s Edwards doing? Cynical me says he’s batting for vice president, and he’s playing the sympathy vote for all it’s worth. The press conference was intended to explain his upcoming absences from political rallies, events, etc. on the campaign trail; he’ll be with his wife, and may not make them all. We’ll see. He may just not make them all, and he may just make the “important” ones and not the others (sort of a strategy at play, even).

Maybe someone in the Edwards’ camp sees him as a real contender (who just thought “coulda been a contenda”? Kerry perchance?) . Maybe they do. He’s a white male, and that’s always been a plus. He’s attractive, articulate, and he was a senator for a whole term, so that gives him more experience in national politics than a certain other candidate for President, who’s been a senator for three years (almost). So that’s all good. Naw, let’s face it, the guy doesn’t stand a chance.

So maybe he’s looking ahead to the Democratic nominee, who at this point looks like Hillary Clinton, but could be Barack Obama. Personally, I would love to see a woman in the White House; I mean as President of the United States of America, not picking out new dinnerware and baking cookies. But I’m not so sure about Hillary Clinton’s chances. Two things are not working out for her (well more than two, but I’ll stick with these): one, she’s Hillary Clinton, and a lot of people don’t like her for that. A lot of American voters don’t research candidates, they don’t follow the election coverage, and they don’t give a damn about polls. And a lot of voters very much dislike her, and some aren’t even sure why they don’t like her; they just don’t. Now, she did win over New York, so anything is possible, but that’s a steep hill to climb.

And two, she’s facing the powerhouse of grassroots upsurging that is Barack Obama. He’s wildly popular right now, and he’s really giving her a battle early on. And as much as I’d like to see a black male (or female) president, I don’t think he’s got the experience; he’s got even less than Edwards, who I feel hasn’t got near enough. I just don’t know that the turn out Obama would certainly get on election day would turn out for Clinton. Maybe a Clinton / Obama ticket, but that’s not happening. Nor do I think an Obama / Clinton ticket is going to happen; though that’s the configuration I’d more like to see. Those two will slug it out, and then slap Edwards on the ticket for the white male stability factor. No one cares what an
thinks or says or does, not this time around; it’s politics and it’s politics of culture, heritage, and appearance.

So what could happen to change all this? Well, people are saying (dunno who, just random people I saw on television, think Dan Rather was one of them, maybe on the Tonight Show) that Al Gore might pop up in October / November time to toss his hat into the ring. And you know what? Now that he’s shaved that horrendously unkempt Grizzly Adams beard, tossed his hemp sandals in the back of the closet, and yanked that stick out of his . . . behind, he may have a shot. I voted for him (stick and all), along with the majority of voters, in 2000, and if he can get his act together (and he has been!), then I’m likely to vote for him again. (was that people falling off their chairs I just heard?). I trust him to chill out on the global climate crisis thing once he’s got the vastness of American affairs to deal with, so . . . considering the current Democratic field, he’s got the best shot at it. Otherwise, people are going to be looking for a moderate conservative with a white male face.


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  1. Talking about the upcoming election makes me feel like I’m swallowing broken glass, so I appreciate your ability to comment on the subject. 🙂 I’m really hoping for a candidate who will have realistic plans for domestic issues (domestic issues have been pushed to the sidelines for far too long).

  2. dont follow politics let alone american, but im sure if i was there that i could count on your vote. Seems the way forward is always sleazy now and your right too, cant imagine ever trying to use the sympathy clause ever to further myself, if you cant do it on merit then whats the point. Knew someone who once told employers his dad had died,just so he could get a second crack at an exam he had failed.some people are beyond belief.

  3. well, i’m not really much into politics, but i’d heard about edwards announcement and kind of thought along the same lines as you.

    as for hillary clinton, i think it’s hard to say. so many people are anxious for a change and also, i think there are quite a few who still wax nostalgic for the clinton years, that she might have a chance. it’ll be interesting to see who else throws their hat into the ring.

  4. That’s a very good point, Ceres, all this focus on Iraqistan (a Dan Rather term that I like because it shows how we all just push that all together over there, when it’s really very complex) means that we aren’t looking at our own country and its problems. :))

    lol, Pilgrim, you’re too funny (have my vote), and yes, I do agree that going on merit is far better than on sympathy. And I would add far better than going on race or gender, too. 😉

    Oh, I totally agree, Kerry; people do feel that way about the Clinton years, and there are just as many (well, maybe not just as many, but a lot of) people who really like Hillary Clinton. I do. So that’s one. Also, Bill Clinton is amazing when it comes to public relations and politics, so that’s a help to her. I wouldn’t be surprised to see her on Gore’s ticket or vice versa (though I’m probably just being nostalgic myself when it comes to Gore; he’s said he has no intention of running). :))

  5. Strange, but I mused about this on Sean’s blog.

    My view is that the sympathy vote will only work while he’s losing. As soon as he’s ahead in the polls the gloves will come off. So whatever happens he is riding the losing tea tray down the hill.

  6. Yikes! I just popped over there, and sure enough. Well, I’d like to think it’s a case of great minds, but I suspect it’s just the cynic in us. Much as I adore our Sean, I honestly don’t take Edwards seriously, never have; I think that Kerry did himself a disservice putting him on his ticket last go ’round and wasn’t surprised they didn’t win. (of course I’m NOT a Kerry fan, either, so . . . )

  7. U’ve got some points, Fuzzy, good job! all I gonna say is that if I was an american, I would never vote for a man who’s “optimist about his wife’s untreatable terminal metastatic cancer, and that’s isn’t dropping his bid for the presidency”. I mean, it sounds horroble to me. it’s not only about the fact he’s not gonna be there for her when she’ll definitely need him so much, but also puts it aside getting focused on his campaign. So that suppose to mean he puts his country’s interests first,BRAVO!!!! but I would say u can’t truly love yr country if u can’t truly love yr family. u r a fake then. As for the other things u wrote, Fuzzy, honestly I know nothing about them 🙂 I know what’s going on in US politics area, but not in details. So I’ll just say I trust yr point of view and that I enjoyed reading another interesting, deep and informative blog u wrote. thank u, hun! And btw, I love the way u write! 🙂 I say that as an ex-journalist. hugssss!

  8. The problem my fuzzy headed professor, is the Dems will knee jerk according to what ever the polls say, they all do it. They will see to it whoever they think can win will get the DNC backing. What the American people think want or whatever are not part of their process. Power is their desire with power they can help us make all those difficult life living decisions that only they are capabile of answering. It’s rather obvious that the American people are incapable of making sound choices, aka Atlas Shrugged or 1984.
    Aw Fuzz there you go stirring up the hornets nest.

  9. Edwards is good looking, charming but plainly speaking, if she has untreatable cancer and they already lost their 16 yr old son tragically, why isn’t this family turning inward to their remaining three children who will need a strong parental unit and not a dad running off every weekend to rallies while their mom tries to fight cancer? I do not respect this. I think this is odd.

    I think that whatever his politics are, they are secondary to what should be FOREMONST in his life right now and that shows he is not the man who should be running this country. On another note he does not have enough experience for the job. I have not seen too many candidates who do.
    I dread this elecion–more fighting and mud slinging. It gets old.

  10. Ok, I didn’t really read your blog (yet). I just came by to see the FOOW.
    I love it. Thanks Snuggles & Fuzzy.
    I’ll be back.

  11. Fuzzy, I also thought about this one, this decision may be Elizabeth’s also, she might have asked Edwards to stay in the race. And if he drops out the Republicans might say he is a quitter, so either way he is going to lose. Whatever Elizabeth and Edwards thinks is best for them they should follow. Elizabeth must have seen her husband’s lifelong quest to become a President, so she may want that thing to continue and doesn’t want it to stop because of her. They have gone through a lot over the years, and I think they are more close than ever, it must have been a joint decision not just Edwards’s alone. He won’t be active like other candidates, but it will be really hard for both of them. Who knows he may drop out soon or she may recover and come back strong in this race.

    I don’t like any of the candidates, I want Gore to run, but he seem to be acting like Tom Cruise. He should shut up about Global Warming, he has said it enough. He should tell us is he going to run or not, if not we don’t want to hear from him.

  12. I am skeptical about Obama or Gore. Gore is possible but Hilary’s machine is in full swing and very tough to beat. I don’t really see Obama going anywhere- too inexperienced, and not enough financing.

    His job seems to be to pump up the base, then hand off to Hil as scheduled in the usual “unity” rally. My feeling is it will be Hilary and a solid male governor or legislator to cover her bases in the center. Hilary – Edwards sounds more likely than either Gore, or Obama in the picture.

  13. I think it’s far too early to discount candidates. You discount Edwards, because he is so far behind at this point, and then turn around and suggest Gore could win by entering the race in November. Al Gore, who has very high negatives (like Hillary, even among Democrats) and a lot of baggage.

    Edwards has a lot of work to do, to be sure, and he doesn’t have a chance unless either Obama or Clinton has some sort of meltdown. However…

    Who was the huge front runner in 2004? Howard Dean. For some reason he didn’t win the nomination. Hmm.

    I also recall in December 1999, John McCain was a “Who in the world you are talking about?” candidate, but he was just a series of dirty tricks away from the Presidency come February 2000. Remember, Elizabeth Dole was the woman of the hour at that point, even GW Bush was running behind. Bill Clinton wasn’t the front runner early in his campaign. I seem to recall Gary Hart had a huge lead in 1988 before he self destructed. And on and on and on…

    We’ve got a very long, very unusual campaign trail ahead of us. I’m not counting anyone out. Even Romney has a chance, I suppose.

  14. I don’t really follow it yet. But some questions:
    why is Obama hugely popular and Hillary in with a chance, but Edwards scores by being a white male?
    do voters really watch the debates, or have they already made up their minds about the present candidates?
    surely Gore should make even more noise about climate change – no one is listening yet! But is he really a politician? Doesn’t he end up putting his foor in it?
    Thanks. Enjoyed reading this. Will it be a regular over the next year?

  15. Glad you did this. I’ve done little odd snippets, but can’t muster up the umph to get brain or heart fully in gear yet about anyone. I’m still struggling with the anguish of two more years of true destruction with this POTUS.

    THE HEART DEPARTMENT: I have to agree with you about the Edwards choice. I was shocked that Edwards decided to keep running. Bone Cancer is NOT diabetes or herpes. I personally lost a friend to’s longsuffering and THE most painful, next to Lung cancer, from what I saw. They may have the BEST medical team that 2007 can muster, but the road to life is going to be long and hard for that dear woman. I could see it if he had to go out and make dimes to feed his family, but he does not HAVE to do this. As history has proven, the Republican machine will say and do anything to get the power. No matter what he does, they’ll attack. So what. Anywho.

    Don’t know enough about Obama. Gore? Not so much for me. He needs the P.Peace Prize first. As for Hillary…well, the men will never stand for that, and they have the money. I’d rather have Bill. Alas. Not to annoy any of your Red Staters, but he was brilliant. Dumb has lost its charm in the past two elections. ;>)

    As I see it, Objectivism and Communism are both unacceptable. I hope the Americans never make such radical choices with reference to Rand’s Atlas Shrugged and 1984. Still it is time to think about THIS country, domestically.

    I think the best way for this country to work well is when both parties are in power balancing out each other. This one party in all parts has been a corruption nightmare. I think it just might be so if the Left takes all too. We need the balance. But, we need a Democrat in the White House. Like I said, dumbness and “yeehaw” is getting very old.

    Good post Fuzzy, as always. Hope you keep this one going as the election season kicks in and we hear more ideas from all of them instead of their one-liner slogans.

  16. Politics. YAY!! I love the chat about it, I so really do. :))

    Hey Jenia, it’s great as always to hear your view; I’m especially interested in hearing your thoughts as a non-American, too, I know that a lot of “foreigners” aren’t comforable talking about American politics, so extra cheers for you!! (of course a lot of people don’t like to talk about politics, period, and that’s fine, too! :)) I definitely agree with you on the cancer thing and being with his wife; I’m not really keen on this decision, and I think that he’ll face as much criticism for it as praise, and for just the reason you and others (in his favor) are stating. And please, don’t take my word on all this! I’m not a student of politics nor do I have particularly “popular” views; as always, listen and read around for a full pic, but you know that because you’re such a fab and smart woman. Oooooh, and thank you so much for your compliments about my writing, especially as a professional. :)) Huggs to you, Girl. Take care.

    Yay, Snuggles! That’s just perfect. Huggs and love to you for days and days. :))

    Omg, I was just about to type, Heyman, that the Republicans are just as bad at poll fawning, but I guess our President is evidence enough that they can stick to their guns, even when the polls say otherwise. I really have a problem with polls, though (don’t even like ’em on my blog!) because they don’t tell you much; I’ve been polled once, an exit poll for the local paper, but I’m certainly not representative of my fellow Commonwealthers’ point of view. I dunno, guess it’s scientific or whatever, but they never seem to really reflect the truth. But I guess we’ve seen that enough times in presidential elections to know that out loud. Huggs dear xx

  17. I’m trying to take in interest in American Politics, since it’s going to be relevant to me before too long, but I struggle. It’s confusing enough keeping track of our own political candidates.
    I would say though that any family with such tragic stuff going on should be pulling together and helping each other through a difficult time. I would imagine being on the campaign trail takes someone far from home on a regular basis. That really sucks. Are people really going to vote for a man who would leave his dying wife and traumatised kids at home while he goes off and tries to score sympathy points off of it?
    It’s pretty cringe-making.
    Great blog, btw, I wish I had half your writing talent.

  18. Let’s face it, Kate, Edwards is a hottie. Right? Isn’t that what you SO want to say? And he is, I mean as far as politicians go, is there anyone more hot? And I totally agree that this decision is not wise or warm hearted or whatever. I mean it’s really a strange priority set to have, in my view, when you’re not really in public life anymore, except as a pres. candidate (former and current). I don’t know, it made sense to finish up in ’04 because they found out at the end and at that time it was curable and hadn’t metatastized. But now . . . ? I don’t know, just seems bass ackwards to me. It’s not like he’s the ONLY one who could possibly do the job or that he’s bringing anything to the table that no one else has or can in terms of experience or plans or . . . well, anything. Shrug. We’ll see how it all plays out; he’s got a good excuse to duck out now if the fire gets too hot. He’s young; he can always run next time or next time after that and so on. :))

    Yay, Nancy!! Great huh? I just love the fish out of water comment and can’t wait to use it. I’m going to start putting it on Tito’s page because most of his blogs are Spanish. Have to explain it to him first, though! :)) Huggs to you

    You’re so sweet, Chris, and you are quite right, she may indeed be insisting that he carry on because she knows it’s his life’s desire. That’s could very possibly be the case; of course we can’t know, and you are correct to remind me of that! :)) As to Gore, yeah, that Global Warming riff gets on my last raw nerve, too. He’ll tell us if he’s running or not, but he has to see what happens with Hillary first. From what the talking heads are saying, he feels a certain amount of loyalty to her (for obvious reasons related to her hubby) and won’t step on her chances/toes. We’ll see. I’m eager to see how all this plays out. Huggs to you, and thanks as always for your ever fab comments! :))

    Yeah, Sarge, it’s looking like Hillary now, I agree. Long time to go, of course, but she’s got THE bomb in her corner when it comes to popularity and winning people over and turning the tide of adversity and making things happen, so . . . I’d put money on her at this point. And at this point, yeah, Edwards makes more sense on her ticket as a second; again, early to tell. Maybe Gore. Hell, it’s not out of this world that Kerry will shuffle back into the competition; he’s still smarting from the last defeat. Thanks! :))

    Yeah, I’ve got a bad habit of doing that, Sean, I discounted Edwards back in 2004, I’m afraid. I suck. Ooooh and yummy Dean rememberage there. That was interesting stuff; I felt the poor guy got shafted, but what the hey. He said and did it. And McCain. oooooh, that was another goodie (in a bad way, for him). I don’t actually remember Elizabeth Dole running for anything, though, didn’t she just simper about the Red Cross? I could be blocking it out like a bad memory . . . not a fan of the Libby, I’m afraid (and I’d discount her in a second, too, this early and everything. See how bad I am at that?). And lol @ even Romney having a chance, you suppose. Dying here with the laughter. (and sincerely hoping not) It IS early, and that’s what makes all the talk so much fun!! I love armchair quaterbacking or politic-ing; makes me feel like a thinking member of society, I guess. Thanks for your fab comments, and for the reminder not to count our chickens. :))

  19. Neil, these are fabulous questions!! Truth is, we are so far out from even the primaries that there haven’t BEEN any debates. Honestly! This country has turned into the campaign channel: all campaigning all the time; it’s a real problem. No sooner is someone elected to office than they start running for their next term (U. S. House is only two years’ appt) or for the next office (a lot of U. S. Senators have their eye on the White House–Obama, Clinton), and on. It’s a wonder any damn thing gets done at all, to be honest. I’ve blogged a bit on Obama, you can read my view of his popularity by following the Musing About ’08 link in the blog post (if you want, that is), and as to Clinton, well, there’s been talk of her presidency since her husband’s FIRST term in the White House, it’s just getting closer and closer to fruition now. And I, for one, will watch the debates when they come around, and I really think that the blogging community will as well, or largely, a good solid group of thinkers, but I have little faith in society at large. It’s not an exaggeration to suggest that fifty or even more percentage of young adults (18 to say 24) don’t know who the vice president of this country is, can’t point to Iraq on a map, and don’t know the difference between communism and socialism, so . . . . well, that bit o’ cynicism says what I think loud and clear. Gore will likely be soapboxing the climate forever, it’s his pet hobby (like Hillary Clinton and healthcare, they all have one, really, it’s chic–some do believe in their pet causes more than others, of course, and I think Gore’s sincere, just can’t stand the debate to be so political when it’s not been decided scientifically–as you know from my comments on your blog about that issue). And yeah, Gore puts his foot in it sometimes, but he’s really not as bad at it as others (see Sean’s list of foot putters in). Yeah, I’ll be boring you guys with my Musings about ’08 until it’s ’08, so I apologize in advance. 😉 Thanks for your interest, Neil, and for your questions. I’m not sure I’m the best person to answer, but as you did ask . . . . :))

    Huggs Gaby. (first, what’s a POTUS? I think you mean Bush and am struggling with the acronym . . Piece of Total . . . Pain . . . help?) As to bone cancer, yes, I’d heard and subsequent to his announcement read that bone cancer is VERY painful and that the treatments for it are as intensive as you can get for any cancer because it’s so pervasive, so I’m interested to hear this from someone who’s witnessed it! Though I’m so sorry, of course, for your loss, that must have been dreadful. *hugs* Yeah, no worries about Rand or Orwell; that was hyperbolic, it’s how Heyman expresses himself (and me, too, guess that’s why I get him). I think the time for a Dem is definitely back, and that unless they really go buggy, we’ll see that happen. But like everyone, I’m anticipating a thoroughly entertaining time until November ’08. Thanks, Gaby, too, for your kind words, and yes, I’ll back chirping up from time to time about this, as things strike me (and as you say, once we get something substantial from anyone). I need to do a Republican overview, too, they’re some interesting Musings fodder on that side, too. Huggs to you, Lady Llama xx

  20. {{{ Tally }}} You don’t HAVE to take an interest in politics, of course (though I think you should, but politics to my mind are important and not just our country’s but the world’s), but I’m so thrilled that you are. It’s pretty damn confusing, that’s for sure, so no worries there, either. Just start now, don’t worry about history-ing up, that’ll just make a mess of things in your mind (well, okay, it would in MY mind, anyway). And yeah, some people WILL vote for him even though he’s all sympathy point boy. And yes, I agree, that it is cringe-making, but others don’t (see Sean’s blog, he and many of his readers have really strong cases for supporting Edwards). Awww, and you are far too kind and FAR too humble, thank you. Your writing is the bomb, though, so just stop! :))

  21. You bring up some very good points about John Edwards. Maybe he is using the sympathy card and I agree it wouldn’t fly if Hillary tried the same thing. I would LIKE to believe that John and Elizabeth have weathered enough hardships to make them tough contenders. I would also LIKE to believe that Elizabeth is pushing John because she knows it is the right thing to do. Maybe, just maybe, she is someone who can really put her country before herself and has pushed John to do this. I personally think that if you can survive the death of a child, you can survive anything.

    We may not have seen the last of Al Gore. Jimmy Carter said in an interview that he has called Al so many times to try to push him in the running that Al has gotten irritated with him. I have a lot of respect for Jimmy. And I would vote for Al again.

    What ever happens, I think we have the best group of democratic candidates in my voting history. I am excited to see how it plays out. As I said in Sean’s blog, I don’t dislike any of them at this point.

  22. i feel bad for that lady.. shes put in a very awkward position… she will need tender loving care from all her relatives, especially her husband, yet she wants him to be happy… would be a hard decision to make for the both of them …

    perhaps denial? sometimes we think we are invincible,indestructable,immortal…

    did you watch that movie woman!?

  23. Hei Fuzz.

    Interesting post and very interesting comments on this touchy subject.
    I have followed international politics since I was 9, and I must say that the *HOT AIR* of this candidate versa that one is the main election ‘point’ in all the various countries that I keep an eye on – when in essence there is absolutely no difference with them at all, for they stand in the issues alike. How come?

    Just watch them, when the hit the power, and see that suddenly all of the things promised, hot aired about, and so on fizzle into nothing and the highly pompous politicians that campaigned suddenly suffer from severe case of amnesia – they do not honour what their word!

    CHARADE is the other name for it. There are very very truly honourable and trustworthy people in politics in any country, the corruption is such that it cannot take and keep them but will either spew ’em out or turn the honourable into most dishonourable corrupted politicians, ever!

    Take care and do keep well Honest to goodness Fuzz Gal. DIFR xx HuGGiz

  24. OOPSS. More Blondi-points 4 Da Blonde!! Heeeh

    The line should read: “CHARADE …. There are very very FEW truly honourable and trustworthy people in politics in any country…”

  25. Gee! I am again behind on this one. Politics always gets me interested. My school time political science classes have given me some basic understanding of the American presidential races. Everyone around the world takes some interest in American presidential elections I think. I remember last time, an Asian barber from Hongkong gave me a shoddy haircut trying to catch up with John Kerry’s speech on TV which he religiously listened to despite his rather dysfunctional English comprehension.

    On the day election results were out… I was with this Malaysian- Chinese guy in my rusty car at around 1am, driving him home. Suddenly he remembered something, twitched in his seat and said, ”Turn on the radio, I wanna hear American election results!”

    I think 80-90% of the people outside U.S. are pro Democratic party. I’m fairly neutral, bit more republican actually, considering democrats have been producing cardboard characters and policies lately. Coming back to your blog. Yes, I did hear about Edwards’ wife’s cancer and was shocked. At the same time I did wonder what he was on about ”treatable but not curable” talk ? My understanding is that he’s already had a shot at the apple, now he should rest like Al Gore did. Not to mention his wife needs his love and support not the other way round!

    Ok I’m taking sides now. I’m all for Obama. He does seem to be a man with substance not just a black man with substance. Hilary Clinton? Clinton family too has had too many shots at the apple that culminated in two presidential terms and now Senator Clinton. They’re just being too greedy and it degrades them. I watched some funny video of Hilary hugging and kissing black people in the deep south and trying to do their accents. It all looked so fake; overdone to compete with Obama’s skin color. Where is daaaaa dignity man?

    What’s on the Republican menu? I would love to see Rudy Giuliani come to the battle.

  26. OK, I’m in on this discussion late, having taken days off from the computer. And since I have only 30 minutes today to catch up with my 360 friends, I’m not taking time to read all the comments which, upon skimming, look juicy as usual.

    One of your thoughts above, “if he’s not covered, no one’s thinking about him, talking about him, likely to vote for him” is one of the most disheartening to me. Yes, we live in the internet era where all sorts of information is available, but we rarely actually avail ourselves of it.

    I voted for John Hagelin in the 2000 election. That tells you what kind of person I am. And third party candidates get NO press coverage at all! Bleeeaaahhh!

    I’m definitely a fan of Obama. One of my dearest friends has a photo of him with her at some event she worked on with him a few years ago. She’s a very discerning woman who finds him completely brilliant and down-to-earth. At the same time, I’ve always been a diehard Hillary fan. I like her brilliance and resilience. I think she has made consistently good decisions for well-thought reasons. And I want to see our dear and sexy Billy as First Husband (or whatever we’re going to call him). *giggles*

  27. Nope, it’s not, Tally, but it’s okay by me if you want to shower me with praise! teehee 😛

    lol, Gaby, I’m going to stop asking what all these mean, as every single time I learn, I head thunk and shoulda had a v8. Thanks, though. Huggs ;))

    Like you, Nancy, I really feel for the Edwards’ family, and frankly, if it weren’t for Elizabeth (who I just saw on an old interview and liked her even MORE, if that’s possible, than before), I’m not sure I’d like him all that much. He comes across a bit too pat, too cavalier, but she humanized him in huge ways that make me believe her when she says he’s a wonderful human being; I’m not sure that comes across on its own. Of course that could be the curse of the very good looking at work, too; the stereotype that says if you’re ultra good looking, you have to be failing in some other way (like your character is weak, you’re stupid, that sort of the thing, to even the playing field for the rest of us . . . or at least make us feel better). I do try to catch myself in stereotyping, as it’s never nice, but boy! it’s hard to spot those thoughts anchored in that and then to think more clearly. It’s an ongoing effort for me. Sigh. And it’s funny you should say that about Carter, part of my support of Gore again has come from Carter’s quiet belief in him (well, not so quiet if he’s calling all that much! :)). I’m not sure Carter was the best president ever, but he sure is a good and admirable man (from what I can tell; anyway, I admire him). Thanks for your fab comments, Nancy, got me off on some tangent, but that’s good, right? Love the talking about this! Huggs :))

    Hey Blackie, that’s an interesting thought, too, that she is doing it for the greater good, and maybe she does think he’s got something so outstanding to offer that no one else does (if he does, now might be a good time to come out with it). The trouble with the top spot is that it’s only got so much power and that our checks and balances system keeps things, well, checked and balanced; the dem field is good and solid (with an exception or two), so I don’t see him as having this compelling moral need to save the country in a way only he can. He’s a cookie cutter democrat. As to the denial? I doubt that’s it, I don’t know though how that works, but cancer’s pretty damn scary and what she has is going to kill her; she has to know that. Right? Ugh. Tried to watch the movie yesterday but my brain got over sexed and I had to stop . . . lmao. Found myself thinking and had to turn it off in favor of Ghostbusters Two and then Love Actually. Hated the thinking thing yesterday,but am more in the mood today! I’ll watch it. I will; your recommendation was high, and I trust that. I did unwrap it and put it in the vcr and watch long enough to figure out who everyone is. Think it reminded me of Love Actually (the diff threads, lives), so I watched that one instead. Sorry!! :))

  28. Rii, you really do bring up a point that I’ve been toying with for a while and that is that there really is nothing special or different about most of them; they are all cookie cutter Democrats or cookie cutter Republicans. The party dictates where they stand on issues, and there is little veering from that. Republicans are more likely, these days, to have their own views on certain issues, ones that aren’t party driven, but even then, you wonder if they compromise. Like Rudy on civil unions; you have to wonder if he isn’t actually FOR gay marriage, but given his party’s stance feels he can only go against them sooooo far, so he says “yay” to civil unions? Ditto his fuzzy stance on abortion, makes me wonder what he REALLY believes. Also scares me that our system is creating “yes” men and those who just conform, not great for the whole leading of the free world job, methinks.

    Democrats, though, they pretty much follow whatever the party line is without thinking about it, that’s the liberal way . . . restrict thought. Odd, but that’s the way of it. That’s one reason you’ll rarely hear me talk about issues because there’s not much to say; we know what they think because their party tells them to (not in so many words, of course). So I talk about experience (at this stage) and popularity. As we move forward, hopefully something will manifest, but . . . we’ll see. I doubt it. It’ll be this one’s dirty laundry, that one’s deep dark closet, the other’s whatever. When Neil asked about debates, I really was a bit nonplussed; debates are pointless. All we see is who is better at speaking off the cuff, and so what? Presidents don’t need to be able to do that; they have press secretries and a whole staff of writers, thinkers, doers, to take care of that for them.

    It’s really been fun being me and blogging about a variety of issues at different times because I know that no sooner do I reveal that I’m a hundred percent behind gay marriage and everyone pegs me as a liberal; then I express my views on the troop buildup, what I believe we need to do in Iraq, and I’m the evil Bush supporting conservative. Even as citizens, we are expected to follow party lines, and that’s silly. I mean why can’t I support abortion and gun control AND a strong military and the Patriot Act? There is no contradition in there; I’m not saying that we should tap the phones of all the pro-lifers or shoot all the peaceniks, so what’s the big? But it IS a big . . . you have to believe what a party tells you to, and you have to do it across the board. I don’t. But I’m not running for office, so I don’t have to. The politicos, however, DO have to, and they do, so issues are pretty much moot; they’ll get argued out between parties. Well, Clinton’s war vote will be an issue, but only because it bucks her party’s stance (personally, I think she was right about it then and is wrong now).

    Nothing like a good old fashioned cynic, huh, Rii? Lmao. Thanks for pushing my brain to the next level with this group of thoughts, I think it’s something I’ll be coming back to. Huggs to your dignified self xx

  29. Sorry to hear that, Azad, but I’m very happy that you stopped by. :))

    Hey there, Eskimo, so glad to see you commenting! You always bring an interesting and intelligent comment to the table. And I think you are right, the way the world is set up right now, anyone NOT paying attention to American presidential races/politics is really not in touch with reality. Love us or hate us, this country matters right now in global affairs. Won’t always be that way, but now it is. Hell, terrorists of the al Queda variety are probably first to sit down and get a good listen to our presidential politics, stupid of them if they don’t; how could they carry on their mission to bring us down if they don’t know our basic presidential politics and who’ll be doing what against them starting in ’08. And yes, I couldn’t agree more on your characterization of Dems as cardboard, they are, they have been. And they likely will remain so for a good long while. Cool to know you’re for Obama; tell me more about his substance, though, because for some reason, I can never put my finger on that with him. I listen to him, and I feel like I’ve just had a wonderful treat, sweet and fulfilling, but I couldn’t tell you what he said or what he believes (unless it’s typical Dem stuff from the Dem “Here’s what we think, feel, believe” playbook. Hillary Clinton did the right thing; how it came across is open to interpretation, but she HAD to be there, and she had to do the baby kissing. Yeah, it’ll be more fun writing up the Republicans because they’ve got more going for them in terms of diversity of issues (rather than skin color and gender). I’m afraid that as much as like Rudy, he’s in the same category as Obama and Edwards for me, just not enough experience. He did wonders for New York (before 9/11) in terms of crime, economics, just about everything, and he was amazing during and after 9/11, but is that enough to say he can run an entire country? NYC is big, yes, it’s diverse, yes, but a microcosm of the entire country? Probably not; definitely not. Most of America is actually those middle states we don’t hear from, neither the East nor the West coast, and as such, I wonder if he’s just not a bit out of touch from his big melting pot of a city? (yes, choice of phrase deliberate). Mayors at least deal with budgets, commerce, and the multitude of agencies, businesses, unions, and the like: things that would be relevant experience to a President (unlike Senators who are legislators, not leaders). But we shall see. Thanks for the great comments, Elmo!! :))

  30. Hey Jillene, fab to hear from you as always (and no worries about time away from the computer, I’m about to do some of that myself!). And yes, I know it’s disheartening that we only vote for people the media covers, but there’s another angle to it than not surfing the net and finding the info. I’ve voted for third party candidates in the past, and most recently in Massachusetts, but I did so because I couldn’t in good conscience vote for either party’s candidate, and I suspect that this is what happens with Pres. races, too.

    People seem to look at other party’s candidates ONLY when there is no choice to be had between the top two. Nader split the 2000 vote, and I’m still pissed at him for that. I know that our country says “every vote counts,” and in a way that is true, when you toss your vote to a third party, you are making a statement, but no one hears it or cares what 7% of people do. And that vote can lower the numbers for one of the two party’s candidates, not can, WILL. So a lot of potential Gore votes went to Nader (including in the electoral college, so one has to wonder if Gore might have won both . . . and thus the presidency).

    Anyway, having said that, I have voted for a third party Presidential candidate before and likely will again. What happened in Connecticutt this last election is a good example of when and why I might; when Joe Lieberman lost his party’s (the Dems) support for his Senate seat, he entered and won the race as an Independent. LOVE that. I also love that he’s now an even more valuable vote because of the burn from his party. I would also vote out if a strong third party candidate emerged, as happened with that tiny Texan many moons ago; he actually could have won, I believe, if he hadn’t gone all waffling and soft about that his daughter’s being kidnapped question. There’s a time to put your country first and a time to put your family first; he got it wrong (as I believe Edwards has it wrong).

    Anyway, I think that a lot of the problem with MOST third party candidates is that they are usually cookie cutter Dems or Reps who just aren’t on the national stage as yet, so . . . what’s wrong with the cookie cutter candidate who might actually win? OR they are loose canons who are “making a statement” ala Nader than actually gunning for the job. So until we have one that is viable, I have to stick with the two parties. But that’s just me, and I don’t believe my vote counts as much as they tell me it does. I cast it, though, each and every election; I believe in it THAT much! :)) Wink.

    I totally respect your opinion, but if I wanted to put someone in the White House who is “brilliant and down to earth” . . . well, there’re a whole host of people I could choose from, one of them being YOU! For me, a presidential candidate has to meet more than that, I’m afraid, but I’m picky that way, so what else is new? :)) Huggs to you!! And can’t wait to see you next weekend; I’ll tell which third party candidate pried away my vote in a presidential election over a glass of wine!! :))

  31. Fuzz, I really haven’t read a lot about Obama. I have seen him interacting with people on TV and my gut feeling says he got substance. I think he has been warming up for this race for a few years now. I so totally agree with Sarge and you that Hilary got everything going for her. No doubt she is a woman of great communication skills, charisma, wife of former super popular president who rocked in white House for two terms… so much clout, so much power, so much money! Hell the Clintons may well clinch the third term and maybe fourth too like the Bushes.

    But I am always passionately for the underdog and that’s what Obama looks like in comparison to Mrs. Clinton. Also, he would have to fight too hard to stay in the race, that would only make him take risks and become stronger. We will see.

    As for Rudy…. it so often happens that unknowns or not so popular candidates win the party nomination. Last time I had NO IDEA that anybody could trump Howard Dean. He was everywhere! Time magazine did a big cover story and wrote several articles focusing on Howard Dean. He was the roaring voice of Liberal/ Democratic/ Left- wing America. I got no idea where John Kerry came from? Sure he was known to people, but compared to Howard Dean, he was a nobody.

    Also, inexperienced people have always become greatest leaders when thrown in the battle and a position of responsibility. When Dubya first came to power after the dimpled chards, like everyone else, I was laughing at him. He was the one who always had a sense of humor without being aware of it himself. He would call Greeks, the Grecians. I mean Dubya leading America (as you say most important country in the world that matters) seemed like a joke. I thought he would fall down, be torn apart and go home crying. But I have been amazed at his endurance, resilience. He has done two terms in the face of biggest negative waves against him. Honestly, he has done a good job for economy etc. Iraq was his bad luck that mostly was the plot of the bad bullies he was surrounded by in the administration. O well… he’ll be alright.

    Here comes Rudy. He was quite unknown and reserved before September 11. He has shown great leadership after WTC attacks. So, if we have never seen it, doesn’t mean they haven’t got it. Now, let me finish this on a funny note. This is bound to be an election of firsts provided one of these three become President: 1.) Obama (First Black President) 2.) Hilary (First lady and first former first lady president) 3.) Rudy (First bald president.) Am I right in assuming the U.S. never had a bald president?? I mean Rudy is not Dick Cheney Bald but still he is reasonably balding pioneer in the line. lol

  32. Howdy, Elmo, well, Rudy is FAR from unknown, as you know. Obama’s also FAR from unknown (except in any important way), so I’m a bit lost on your point, but I do get what you mean about it being EARLY days and anything can happen. Thank God I don’t make a living by doing political forecasting because I suck at it. :)) Actually, though, all I can comment on is the now, anything can happen, and that’s what makes this a fascinating election two years. As to bald presidents, well, Ford was bald or almost bald, and then don’t forget shiny headed Ike. But I ran out of examples then and shot off to wiki, here’s the link: Since the advent of television, looks have been more important in the election process. Alas. Thanks for your fab comments!! :))

  33. Ford was! Ahh so I see! Thanks for enlightening me. What I meant by Unknown was more in the sense of comparing them to known veterans, we often hear about in the news all the time, almost every election. Obama has gotten all the media attention only after the last election. Yeah, how about reading American History on the internet. Phew. lol.

  34. Oh, gotcha!! :)) Thanks, Elmo, and really, I guess it’s good to have the internet to keep up, but it must be super time consuming (unless you feed certain sites, etc.). Huggs :))

  35. I have heard it said that Edwards continuing in the race may be more beneficial for his wife in terms of not giving up, and/or retiring from their activities to just wait to die. I don’t know. I have also heard about continuing the “legacy” although i don’t think Edward’s accomplishments in politics constitute a “legacy”.

    As to others on the ticket ():
    I have read Obama’s book. Great discussion of principles and values, but very weak on policy. Does communicate a pretty coherent vision though.

    As to Clinton and her machine: i do not like Clinton, nor do i like Gore. I wait with fascination for the spectacle of the Clinton machine eviscerating Gore. Modern day (and pathetic substitute for) gladiator combat. Let the games begin!

  36. lol, Dr. Mark, thanks for the fab comments. Actually, that’s one angle I hadn’t heard or considered, that Edwards continuing his bid for the presidency will help his wife. That might make more sense to me if it were HER bid, but I guess if she’s invested enough in him and his career (and frankly, from interviews I’ve seen, she certainly is), it makes sense. And “legacy”? Huh? That’s a joke, right? A little early morning humor to see if I’ve had my coffee?

    I couldn’t agree more on Obama; I’ve not read his book, but I’ve read his speeches at his site and came to the same conclusion (blogged it a bit, too). I like Clinton and Gore, but who knows if I still will after the fur flies? It will indeed be interesting, won’t it. Reminds me of that Chinese curse: May you live in interesting times. Hmmmmm. Thanks for stopping by! :))

  37. Wow Fuzzy, you are quick on the draw and very diplomatic, I like that. I’ve often heard that the tallest candidate wins, never mind the real issues. I have no idea how tall anyone of them are. For the most part I feel there is a lot of truth that much of the voters base their choices looks and the general, short catchy phrases they use to express their stand on issues that mean nothing once they are in for the first four years. For a time, not knowing anything about all of my local candidates running for office, I just preferred to choose a woman. It burns me up when women are summarily dismissed with a wave of the hand just because they are female. And you can’t tell me that any of the candidates are running because of their virtues alone. Anybody has to be a little nuts to run for the biggest job in the land. Listening to the candidates speak when they do, Hillary is the only one that can answer any question thrown at her with an obvious grasp of having studied the issues with serious gravity and she spits it out with more accuracy than any other candidate of eith party. I don’t want to say that I don’t trust men to lead, but I am just not impressed anymore by the good old boy network. I just wish Hillary would have kept her own name Hillary Rodham, and frankly I really liked Clinton and feel he could have done so much more good for us, except for being constantly pummeled, and the importance of his intelligent choices being beaten down and distorted by Republicans that are just interested in fooling the people for their own gain. I would rather have an honest, intelligent, with a high sex drive make important decisions than some impotent moron trying to shove family values that are way out of date. The current leadership is frighteningly fascist and has set this country back into shame, hypocrisy and the continued “mediocrity rules” basis for a land that is the last of the largest nations based on liberty.
    My thought is that anyone aspiring to run for office needs to pass some grueling timed intelligence exams before they even have the nerve to run for a party candidacy, to calculate if they even have the intelligence to make constructive decisions. Much like the personality and intelligence tests created and given to prospective employees.

    And that is my very humble opinion, and a reason I love this place and Fuzzy’s natural diplomacy backed by intelligence.

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