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That pic just about sums up my whole week . . . “how does this work again?” But I won’t bore with you with the details of my week; instead, I’ll bore you with something else. So last night, at Blackie’s suggestion, I sat down to watch my never opened copy of The Hours. Well, that didn’t last long, as it turns out you have to think, and as Mrs. Dalloway is among my very favorite books of all time, I would have REALLY had to think. And we can’t have that. Not on a Saturday. Okay, not on that Saturday, er, yesterday. So, I picked up on the multi-threads, multi-lives thing that was going on, and decided to watch Love Actually, a bug that I got from Kerry’s movie reviews.

I just love that movie, I really do; it’s so hopeful and good, so after watching it, I decided to watch the dvd special features thing–a thing I rarely do, except on the television ones that I love (Buffy, Supernatural, Firefly). So I’m watching these, and at one point the director guy talks about his moving us into the paintings of the African women and the African men and showing us that they are talking about love and romance and marriage and all the things we talk about. I knew this, of course, on some level, but for some whacked reason, that just hit me last night. A sort of light bulb moment, really, and I wondered if we’re not doing more about stopping vulture funds because we really can’t quite get that it’s important to help people who are PEOPLE. Just like us, with the same cares, concerns, and worries that we have.

Try as I might, I couldn’t find a vid of the deleted scenes I’m talking about in the film, so I’ll have to describe them, which is never as good. Sigh. So, there are these posters in the film that urge us to donate to charities to help the impoverished people of Africa, and the first poster depicts these two women carrying these huge bundles of something or other and walking across an arid, empty area. As we zoom in, we hear the two women talking about someone’s fiance (okay, they’re gossiping. yay!) and what a loser he is, and then they begin talking about their own husbands and how one’s very good looking but useless, etc. Just the sort of thing we all do, talk about love and loved ones, right? The second poster shows a man looking out over his failed crops (looks like a very severe drought has wiped them out), and as we zoom in on this one, his wife comes up and is funny and supportive and loving, and she cheers him up a great deal. Just the sort of thing that happens in loving families and relationships, right?

So I thought about all this, and I wondered if the reason so few people have signed the petition or written to their elected officials in the U. S. House of Representatives or to their U. S. Senator is that they think it’s something that doesn’t involve them? Or that it’s about people who are just so different, just nameless, faceless unknowns who are so different from us that there’s just nothing to be done. But they are NOT different from us, they are just the same in so many fundamental and important ways, not the least of which is that they love and laugh and live just as we do. Well, no, they don’t live just as we do, but they should have that opportunity, no?


Okay, that was the soapbox o’rama portion of today’s posting. Following are some pics from a fun evening out with one of my blog buds (now gal pal) Wendy Joy. Wendy’s been on my friends list since the beginning of my blog; she was my first friend here, actually, and though we’ve long known we live very close to one another, we’d never met. We’d talked about it. But then nothing ever came of it, until this past week, that is.

Here’s Wendy:

Purty, huh?

And here’s me, Ms. Unphotogenic of All-time Winner:


Scared and scary looking, huh? Personally, I blame Wendy. Or my camera. Something has to be to blame because I am almost certain that I don’t look like that.

Meeting a blog buddy is a bit nerve wracking because you really don’t know what to expect. We met at this little Mexican restaurant that has a good rep for good food and good margaritas. Well, says I, what’s to lose there? Yay! Btw, I had a mariachi song to put in here, but then decided that I’d not include all the pics and do a whole narrative thing (too boring for you all), so do a bit of a Mexican beat in your head.

Here’re the wall decs and the yummy chips and salsa to start:

. . .

One fab thing about going somewhere with a blog buddy is that you can feel comfortable taking pics of things and not feeling crazy or stupid or whatever. It’s for your BLOG, so it’s all good.

Here’s our server Gaby bringing us Wendy’s take out for her kids:

. . .

She’s really shy, as you can tell by the hand over face action, so we had to catch her unguarded:

One thing that helped with the nerves at meeting a new friend was the fab pitcher of margaritas (oooh, get them with good tequila and Grand Marnier, so smooooth), but do be wary of the effects of these:

. . .

That blurry swaying thing is pretty much how Wendy actually looked to me walking back from the restroom (joking, of course: we
were responsible. Ish).

Also, you may be compelled to take pics of the guys at the next table or with random guys just walking by:

. . .

I had my bag with me (and therefore my camera) in the bathroom, and thought it would be fun to take a couple pics of moi. Um, yeah, right. Couldn’t figure it out. Then my arms are just too short (I have a horrid pic of my shiny face . . . up close and scary; I’ve decided to spare you). But in this next one, at least those of you who’ve been curious about my camera can see it really well here. And wouldn’t it have been nice if they’d put some of those cool hats and paper animals in the bathroom, too?


And here’s another good shot of Wendy:

So that was fun, and I really had a blast meeting Wendy; we talked and laughed for ages!! Yay!!


Okay, so the other thing that’s been on my mind lately is the new Jeff Goldblum television series Raines. It’s sort of a Medium meets Rescue Me meets Monk, and because of that many headed monster feel, it’s just not that great. Instead of being original and interesting, it’s derivative and confusing and a bit .. . um, silly. The guy speaks to visualizations of dead people who are not ghosts and who therefore can only know what he knows; he’s talking to himself, in essence, well, projections of himself. It’s kind of stupid, though there are interesting moments when the writers tackle stereotypes and cultural difference. But Goldblum’s wonderful in my mind (if a bit difficult to buy as a homicide detective). Okay, he looks a little silly running, to be honest. Lanky and tentative at the same time; I know he’s crazily almost freakishly tall, so maybe they could cut back on the weird running scenes? Anyway, it’s only two eps out, so it may improve. But I doubt it.


Okay, I’m not going to be out goobered by Gloria, so here goes:


Take that!! Bahahaaa!!


and THAT!

[snip] . . . [snip]

and that . . . and that!


56 thoughts on “Sunday Ramblings and Randomness

  1. OK, Well you got me tickled with the funny stuff and I enjoyed it. My sister went to Boston this past weekend for some kind of Floral show that was there. So she an a friend drove up from Newcastle and spent the day. I asked that she send some pics but she thought I was kidding and laughed me off! huh? The pics are great! Somehow I was expecting gray hair and spectacles!

  2. Firstly….a coincidence. If you’ve read my sunday blog, one of the movies I bought on my trip was the very movie you were talking about here!! Spooky. LOL.
    As for your saobox subject….it’s my contention that with many folks it’s a case of ‘out of sight, out of mind’. Hit them with pictures of starving families, or kids dying of AIDs in Africa, and foks will usually take action, at least dig out a few dollars for the appeal. But if there’s nothing being thrown at them from the neon-tube, they forget, fast. It’s also about conceptualization. Most folks have never suffered what these peoplesare suffering on a daily basis. We think we can imagine what it’s like, but only those who have and are suffering REALLY know.

    Great that you got to meet a blog-buddy!! It’s something I would like to do more. Although I shouldn’t complain too much, considering recwent events LOL. Hmmmm…’ve brought a new meaning to the tern ‘Fuzzy photos’ LMAO!! Although, I did like ‘Self-Portrait In A Bathroom Mirror’. it had a definate air of bemusement about it. LOL. Personally, I think it was someone impersonating you, coz you don’t look like you do in other photos I’ve seen of you.

  3. Aw, thanks, Blackie, and no, not yet! But I will; it’s still in the vcr, really. It is. I promise. LOL :)) Huggs

    Teehee, Threedog, the deep fried bat is the restaurant’s specialty, actually! Yay! :))

    Omg, River, gray hair and spectacles? Well, I actually have both, but thank God for hair color and contacts, huh? I’ll get out and take some pics of Boston for you, okay? :))

    Hey Mitch, yeah, I think you’re right about the in your face thing of the boob tube; over here, though, people just turn the channel. I was really surprised and thrilled to hear how much money was collected and how popular Comic Relief is over there. I just wish there was some way to get people to see that these days especially the world is so interconnected that we can’t really look only within our own borders anymore. No country is self-sufficient. Ugh. I could, but won’t, go on and on about that one. Yeah, I know these pics are shit. I’m truly the least photogenic person ever. True story: my best friend who I’ve known since college but don’t see often once picked me up at the airport and didn’t recognize me despite my having sent her a photo of myself. A recent one, too! Now, though, I think that I don’t look like those pics because I’ve put on a ton of weight since being run over in September. Lounging in bed and eating ice cream for three months will do that to a person, you know? And my hair looks like crap in these . . . too much hairspray, but it was either that or clown hair frizz. Oooh, the joy! Thanks, though, for your comments; it was certainly fun meeting Wendy, she’s great. And yes, YOU hardly have room to complain as you’ve just met your love via blogging. Yay you two!! :))

  4. Hi Fuzz!
    It sounds like you had a blast meeting your new pal up close and personal! Wendy’s a cutie and so are you. I don’t want to hear anything about being unphotogenic ~ ! Don’t argue with a Goober, you’ll never win… @@ hugs!! G{oober} xo

  5. How wonderful – meeting a blog buddy. It’s really nice to hear these things happen. And they work! I suspect you’re incredibly photogenic, but the pics in the mirror are all back to front, aren’t they? Hey, you look good to me (and I’ve held the monitor in front of a mirror too). Sounds like a great night out anyway, Fuzzy. Thanks for telling us. Why did they put an empty marguerita jug on the table?

  6. Oh, my God! I’m going for Indian food at Bollywood in Worcester with a woman who has a camera and might actually publish pics of me on the internet?!? Yikes!!

    It looks like you two actually had a lot of fun. Wierd how much you look like your avatar! And it’s cool that I now know who to look for in the hotel lobby! Thanks for the weekend update! See you next week!

  7. I have done the margerita with granmarnier init thing. those a re good, and im sure the fuzzy pic, hahahaha really is from the lady in the pitcher. How fun for you to get to meet your blog buddies. i am a little jealous here. all my best buds are on the east coast somewhaer, or further. I really need to get on my traveling shoes and join the fun. those are great pics BTW. Looks like fun

  8. wow, what a packed blog! ๐Ÿ™‚

    i think i’m going to have to pick up a copy of ‘love actually’ to call my very own. i would love to see these extra features. and i’ve had the same thought as you about why people don’t seem to be getting too fired up over it, though i haven’t been able to voice so eloquently as you. and i think it’s not just that people think it doesn’t affect them because they’re so different from them, but that they don’t think it could happen here. i look around and see so many u.s. companies laying off workers and moving operations to other countries. how long before we start suffering a crisis here where we need international financial help? i don’t think it’s unreasonable to say that it could eventually happen here. but what do i know?

    what fun that you got to meet a blogging buddy! i think about that myself. i think i have a couple that are reasonably close to me. maybe someday i’ll meet up with some, too. i got a real giggle out of you taking pictures of strange men in the restaurant. lol! silliness! ๐Ÿ™‚ it doesn’t look like they minded, though. ๐Ÿ™‚

    not heard of this jeff goldblum series. a small rant about television; i hate how there is a successful show that has a bit of originality to it, and then everybody and their brother decides to do a similar show. but then to combine several shows into one? ugh! it’s no wonder i’ve stopped watching tv, for the most part.

    ok, i think that’s everything. if i’ve missed something, i’ll be back. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. LOLOLOL ….Nice try!!! You’re still so cute !!! {You HAVE to admit that pic of me looks a cross between appearing stoned and retaining something anally… !!!!} @@@@@ xo

  10. That’s what you think, Gloria! I can out goober you any day; witness the latest additions to the post! Bahahaha!! Huggs from THE goober of the photo world xx

    lmao, Neil, thanks! I think you’re right it may be something to do with the reverse of the photo, can’t possibly be my face. teehee :)) And did go read Fabi’s post; she’s really good to look into and think so much about it; I’m proud of her (not that I know her, but you know) :))

    Yay Indian next weekend, Jillene!! Can’t wait. And no worries, I would never post pics without permission (well, except for those two guys at the next table, we even told Gaby she was going on my blog! :)) Huggs

    Well, Lise, if you do come out here to the East coast, I’d love to meet you and have drinks and talk and laugh and cry and yay!! That would so rock!! :))

    Kerry, yes, you have to get this dvd . . . are you ready? these two scenes have . . . subtitles!! You’ll LOVE them. teehee Yeah, it’s weird that no one cares, but I guess if no one cares about what’s happening in Darfur, it’s hardly surprising that no one would care about this; it hardly compares to mass genocide and rape, after all. Yay!! I’d love to meet you! But you should def meet those who live close to you; it really was fun. And let’s face it, you get a blog out of it, too. LOL And yes, I hate the rip off mentality of television execs. All those friggin’ cop drama shows blur together for me, as do all the hospital shows(though of late I’ve been watching Grey’s Anatomy. Sigh over Jeffrey Dean Morgan). Huggs to you!! :))

    If you do, River, let me know! We can meet up and each have a blog entry for the next day!! You could even write and play a song. Ooooh, that would be cool. :))

    Forget it Gloria, my new addition out does anything you have. I’ve got the Stoned and Anal thing all sown up with an added SHINE factor. Ha!! @@xo

  11. Very nice- attractive hair and (hazel?) eyes. Truly, as the saying goes:

    “There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs. ~Ansel Adams

  12. You rock Fuzzy. lol. You’re one of the most extrovert persons I have known, online or offline. Nice pictures. Last crazy giggly pictures is how I see you. You’re a giggly girl. Why don’t they make you some sort of politician/ Mayor etc.? I think you could brightly giggle your way to win. lol .

    Hmmmm… The Hours..? You talked about the movie ehh? I tried the book once, I tossed it away within 2 hours because I could not get into it. I’ve never read Virginia Woolf novel but some snippets of her writings. She writes so very beautifully. But I’m intimidated by her modernist style (as I read all those reviews that are meant to scare people). Same with others: Faulkner and that crazy James Joyce (Ulysses was bizarre enough wonder why he had to write Finnegans Wake??!). lol. But well, maybe on some fine day I will start to read them.

  13. Oh Fuzzy….could you BE anymore honest and open and sweet (to use Chandler Bing’s way of speaking?) You are great and it sounded like you had fun…and that is what life is all about…you are a beeeeUUUtiful person inside and out!

    Enjoy a wonderful week and wacky wickedness, woman! xoxoxo Kate! ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Miss FuzzyT….great post as ever…love the last big smily pic of you….”oh THERE you are Peter” (obviously a line out of Peter Pan and needs no further explanation)….now… only ONE jug of Margheritas? You are too funny. taking pics of yourself in the toilet…teeheeheeeeee….aw so now you got Indian this wekend too….I wanna come out as well….I reckon we go to a food mall somewhere and buy a little bit of EVERYTHING then go and eat somewhere really different…will have to think about that one….unless you come over here of course where we shall eat BBQ prawns and crayfish (lobster) whilst looking at the sunset..who cares where LOL. I don’t have any blogging buddies near me, which is probably a good thing seeingas all my really bestest mates think I would lead them astray if they lived near me – lol – I’m not so sure that that is a reputation that I really want to carry around with me….or does it just mean that they think they would have SO much fun with me…hmmm no matter which way you look at it…it still makes me rather a party animal doesn’t it?! Oh be buggered with it….lol.

    Looking forward to the next one…big hug and smoochy Ali xx

  15. This was fun! I love blogs like these with loads of pictures to go with it. So uplifting.
    I wish you could spare me a glass of that Frozen Margarita, though!
    I like your last pictures best, when you’re all happy and smiley. And that Gaby, she sure is a Big Mama! But has a nice smile too! Glad you had a great time. You deserve it Gal!

  16. Warm Fuzzy, you are just beautiful woman! I am so glad you have went digital and are posting all these great pics, its so cool. Wendy looks very nice, I will have to check out her blog and it must be nice to have someone locally to go have fun with. I hope you have lots more escapades! ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. You hear some awful horror stories about meeting folks online……and meeting Fuzzy confirms that! I AM SOOOOO KIDDING!!!!! We had a blast…laughed and laughed, thank goodness the place was relatively empty because we were definately the loud, obnoxious table. I have to confess, I was intimidated meeting Ms. Slippers, herself. Her blogs are so intelligent and thought-provoking and I can be such a flaky goof, I thought, “oh my god, what are we going to talk about” instead, it was, “what AREN’T we going to talk about!!!” Fuzzy is just so funny and outgoing. It was fun, so much fun!!! I am so very very glad to have met you, Fuzz — so glad!!!!!

  18. looking at your pictures its no wonder you would have both be the centre of attention even if you had been as quiet as mice, which i can see you wasnt. you have no reason to make excuses for photos as you are a very pretty woman, so we shall hear no more on that. Must have been great actually seeing wendy especially as you have spent so long talking to her via blogs, who turned up first?. Imagine if all friends on blogs got together, you would need a massive stadium and how long would it take to say hi to them all?

  19. Wow how did i miss this yesterday, you are photogenic, yeah right, you are cute, glad you and Wendy had fun. From your smile I can see you enjoyed it most. Did you guys do Salsa in the bar :). This is the best Sunday Rambling. Picturing Fuzzy doing the salt and the Margaritas, maybe Fanta can draw a picture, maybe that must have been the reason you had little trouble with the camera. ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. It was your stunt double in those pictures. That’s all there is to it, and that’s what I tell myself when I look at my own horrific pictures! ;-p You are cute, and your sweet self always shines through in your photos!

    It’s so cool that you got to meet a blog buddy in person! It’s a secret wish of mine (not so secret now!) to somehow, someday, meet the wonderful online friends I have in person. I can imagine a great bash where we all just gather and enjoy the company and fun. ๐Ÿ˜€

  21. You, Fuzzy, are a very pretty human.(grin) Wendy looks like she could be your sis! She is loverly too. This was a fun blog.

    Concerning the response regarding the “vulture funds”. From my humble llamanistic point of view, it is written incorrectly. The designer of the appeal has made it feel too overwhelmingly gargantuan, to get an individual stirred up and feeling like ANYTHING they do could matter or count. If they wrote it so that there was a specific visual victim, it might help; it might click into the hearts of man. But it feels like it’s a petition to dismantle oh, say… Wall Street. That’s just too big. My name can’t count, so why even bother. That’s just how it made me feel. After this appeal from you this time, I kicked the dirt and said, okay, well maybe my little squeak might do something. I went there and did add myself, but it still feels like a concept too large to help or handle. Kind of like global warming. Well what in the world can “I” do about that. It’s too big. Things get a ground swell when there is hope…or a specific target. Hugs to you.

  22. Hey Fuzzy, what a great blog just what I needed tonight so thanks. You are a really really pretty lady and very photogenic. The photos look like you had a fab time meeting Wendy and she is very pretty as well. A fab time was had by all, I can tell that from the photos. I just wish I lived near my blog buddys to share that empty jug’s contents and help finish the next one! Big big hugs to you my great friend. x

  23. Kerry, I thought I’d responded to the look so pretty comment (something about smoking crack and could I have some), sorry! :)) Huggs. But yes, did you get the dvd? It’s really a must have, and those subtitles . . . to die for (um, for you, anyway, but even I got it, so it must have been good.).

    Hey Sarge, and thanks. Yes, hazel eyes, doing the green thing more often than not but changeable. SUCH a woman!! lmao. :))

    Elmo, so I’m the giggle candidate, huh? Well, why not? Seems just as good a platform as any. And do try Woolf, she’s great, and not as difficult at Joyce but just as rewarding (says I). I think that by the time Finnegan’s Wake was in the offing, poor Joyce’s syphilitic madness had set in. Or not. Just a thought. Faulkner, though, sigh. Such genius. But you know what, our man Hemingway had it on them, I have to say; not often seen as “high” modern (incomprehensible), Hemingway could write with the best of them. And these are, to me, the best of them. ;)) Give Mrs. Dalloway a read; I’d love to have someone to chat with about it!! Huggs

    Aw, thanks, Bert, it was indeed a fine day! Wish you could have come down from Maine to spend it with us! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Kate, you are toooo funny! Love the Chandler Bingness of you. Oh, and that alliteration . . . to die for!! lmao Huggs

    No worries, Ali, you’re just a fun and lovely woman that we would never want the night to end . . . I think the problem is ours, not yours! :)) Huggs to you fab woman!! :))

    I’ll share my margaritas, Fanta, if you share your fizzy wine. Yum!! We’ll have a grand time!! thanks for you fab comments! Huggs xx

    Hey Priceless Priss, well GOSH, wouldn’t it be grand to hang with you? And yes, the camera is so much fun, and I think when I learn how to use it, it’ll be even better, but it does add variety to my blog, which can only be a good thing! :)) Huggs, you!

  24. Wendy! You are the bomb!! I loved meeting you and truly had a marvelous time!! Yay!! So silly to be intimidated to meet me, though, but I do understand what you mean by that. Hell, River, thought I was in spectacles and had grey hair (doubtless an apron and some “sensible shoes” too! lmao). Huggs fab Gal Pal!! And just let me know when you’re up for another round o’ margaritas! teehee

    Oh, Azad, thank you so very very much! That is just the sweetest thing ever. :)) Huggs to you, my friend.

    Thanks, Pilgrim, and yes, wouldn’t it be wonderful if one or more of us could win the lottery and make that happen? Imagine us all meeting somewhere . . . we’d all want it to be somewhere we weren’t though. :)) Thanks for your fab comments.

    Thanks to you, too, Princess Ceres; I would so love to meet you, and I think your secret wish is shared by many of us! :)) Huggs to you Princess Smarty Pants lol

    Teehee, you are so wonderful, Llama Lady! And yes, I do see what you mean and think that about so many issues myself (including Darfur, and perhaps ironically, about the Japanese fishing trade). But you have such a good point about the dismanteling of Wall Street seemingness of it all, the just hugeness, and that’s not it, but I so understand what you mean. It resonates with what others have said about capitalism and this being an inherent evil we must accept as part and parcel. Sigh. I so hate having to accept things like this, and definitely don’t want to unseat capitalism (which has many fine characteristics, after all). You are so wise and wonderful. And thank you so much for adding your name. That means a lot. Huggs for ever! : ))

    Hey Snuggles, well, I do so wish you could have been there, too!! For sure we’d have had a fine time emptying that pitcher and the next!! LOL And yes, actually, that guy gave me his card (I thought he was cute, too! Of course. Or why would I wrangle him into a photo op? Lmao) You know me too well, dear Snuggles!! Huggs to you and tickles to Marm and Banbury sends his love to her (as always).

  25. I’m glad you two had a nice time…the pictures are great – and just to repeat something that I’m sure you’ve heard many times – do you moonlight as Gillian Anderson’s stunt double? And the vulture funds are something that I’m torn about. You see, from a financial perspective – why would any company/bank loan money unless they thought it would be repaid? It’s kind of like the subprime lenders…..yes, they prey on the weak – but without them – the weak wouldn’t have a chance to borrow money and improve their situation. So it’s not as simple as the petition puts it. Vulture funds buy deliquent debt at a discount and then attempt to collect it. If they succeed, they make money for their shareholders – if they fail, they lose money.

  26. Read Mrs. Dalloway ehh? That I shall do anon. This and To the Lighthouse have been on my wish list for ages and I will give it a go. Faulkner surely was a genius and a super drunk too who could not even receive his Nobel Prize in a sober way and garbled out his acceptance speech. James Joyce… Well, his daughter, whom he loved to pieces, had Schizophrenia and spent her life in hospitals. Does that reveal something?

    Hemingway stood against all of that modernist storm that critics loved. ALONE. I loved the way he got back at his critics saying, if they cannot write a decent book themselves they have no write to criticize other people’s books. This is what he says about Faulkner, “Poor Faulkner. Does he really think big emotions come from big words?”

    lol. Talk about clash of egos which writers so very often get into! But Hemingway did have a tremendous gift for conveying powerful emotions in a an odd restrained way that only increased their impact.Then there are Hemingway’s tragical truths he silently slipped in to break hearts.: “If two people love each other, there can be no happy end to it” Hmmmmmm…

  27. LOL, yes, Em, I’ve had whole classes of students call me “Scully” I’d love to have her job, I must say, or her partner (nod to Tally on that one). Hmmm, that’s an interesting angle you mention, so are you saying that Romania would never have loaned Zambia the money if Donegal hadn’t been going to come along later and buy out Zambia’s debt? In essence, then, Romania’s contract was with Donegal, International? I’m not sure that’s how it goes. But I do appreciate your input, of course. :))

    And Elmo, my dear, you mention some aspects of Hemingway’s character that are a bit less than attractive, I’m afraid; he was a jealous and insecure man at times, and he alienated a great number of people who helped him along the way. It’s really rather sad. As to Hemingway and his critics, well, there are all manner of books out there (one called just that) that can give you a much fuller view. And it’s a bit silly to say that one can’t critique a book unless one has written one, don’t you think? I mean how would anyone talk (or BLOG) about anything if we were all held to that standard? Heck, we couldn’t have this conversation now, which would suck because I love talking about writing and writers and books and reading (though I’ve not written a fiction book, nor have you to my knowledge). And really, Hemingway had a lot of ideas about a lot of topics that he wrote about without having actually oh, say, run a country or overthrown a dictator or um, died. And I don’t know if schizophrenia is hereditary, so no help there. But I do indeed share your appreciation of these writers’ work! Oh, the use of language! Sigh. :))

  28. Methinks, people find that there is something appealing about self- destruction. Of course that’s what I was alluding to… Hemingway’s spite! Sounding a bit Hollywoodesque or mushy (but not untrue), I would stress, it’s often other people’s imperfections that actually make us fall in love with them. *Wink*

  29. Wow looks like you guys had a great time. It’s nice to see more picts of you so that we can get a better perspective of you. Great response to your blog and yes I too think you’re a beautiful woman.
    Keep on with the Vulture Fund thing. I think its important too.

  30. Oh boy! Thanks so much, Heyman, for your lovely comment. Giggling here. You are very sweet. Big huggs to you! :))

  31. Yikes!! it’s the amazing disappearing Fuzzy!!!Now you see her, now you see more of her, now you don’t see her!!! LOL

  32. teeehee, yeah, Mitch, I’m kind of shy about having my face out there for everyone to see (for a few reasons, but the obvious ones apply), so I took them all down and turned my profile back to public. And yeah, I needed something to take the place of that bemused one of me and my camera, and that seashell cartoon was just wonderful! Glad you liked it. :))

  33. Just so you know, I have that mariachi song stuck in my head now! :0)
    How fun to meet a blog friend. I have often thought how fun it would be to meet some of my friends in person. My bog friend, Skins, (who I also know personally) just met a blog friend on his trip to India.
    You two (well at least Wendy) look like you had a lot of fun.
    I haven’t seen J.G.’s new series. I would probably just watch it to see him. I would call him “lovely tall” ahhhhh. . . . .

  34. Hei Fuzz.

    I had a chance to have a lookie @ them gorgeous pics of your gorgeous self
    for only a mo before they were wipped off the scene!

    You do look really really lovely, so you do. Must have been so nice and nerve-racking as well to meet somebody on the 360, I’d say. Do keep keeping well, safe and sound as a bell. Rii xx HuGGix

  35. No Fuzzy – I’m just saying that if Romania lends money to Zambia – it’s because they expect to get that money back (with interest). When that doesn’t happen – when Zambia decided to default on the loan – what is the right thing for Romania to do?

  36. Oh, I understood you, Em, but it did sound as though you said that Romania wouldn’t have loaned the money if they didn’t think someone would buy out the bad debt. And to there, I am with you, in a way. But the truth is that Donegal and like companies are not “backing” debt; they are buying it and then keeping the profits. Romania didn’t get back the amount of the original debt, which was $15 mil; they got and will only get the $4 mil that went to Donegal. All the rest is this “interest” to which you so casually refer and with which I have the problem, the moral outrage. The problem I have is the AMOUNT of interest these companies are making. If Donegal gets the high end of the expected award (not the $42 mil, they asked for, but less than half that), they will be “earning” (hmph!) five hundred percent (500%) interest. If they are awarded the lower end at $10 mil, that’s over two hundred percent (200%) interest. Actually, this may have been settled by now (these figures are from my original post, highlighted to the right, and in which I addressed the “it makes good business” sense angle from my perspective).

    And Zambia was in talks with Romania about the loan, they weren’t just not going to pay! Romania and Zambia were in the final stages of negotiating the debt settlement (between themselves) for $3 mil, but then Donegal came along and bought it for $4 mil from Romania, so Romania lost money on the original loan AND made only a million dollars in the deal (this is the countries, I am talking about; it’s when the corporations get involved that I take issue because Romania doesn’t get a penny of that “debt with interest”; Donnegal gets it all.).

    Anyway, these vulture fund companies are making an unconscionable amount of so-called “interest” at the expense of real people in real countries. The loaning country doesn’t get that profit, they have no guarantee of debt repayment from the lawsuit against the original debtor. These vulture companies help no one but themselves. And I think that this practice needs to be stopped! What’s so wrong with laws restricting the amount of profiteering that can be done at the expense of countries who are already struggling financially (or they would have these debts out on the open market for sale)? What’s wrong with protecting countries that are already so poor that:

    In Zambia one in 5 people are infected with HIV, life expectancy has dropped to 38 years

    * Young people aged 20-25 actually have less education than their parents’ generation

    * 40% of Zambian women are illiterate

    those figures according to:

    But honestly, I don’t want to debate this with you; I had really intended my question to be aimed at people who found this process morally repugnant and still did nothing. People who agree with the practice clearly aren’t signing the petition because they . . . well, agree with the practice. I guess I should have been more clear in my question in the original post. I get that if you are “for” vulture funds, signing a petition to stop them makes no sense. :)) Thanks for you renewed comment.

  37. Oh crap, I lost my comments to everyone before Em. Sigh. See what happens when I babble for longer than these little boxes will allow? I had to cut her response out, and paste it to a new comment, but in doing so, I FORGOT to save my most marvelous comments to Nancy, Rii, and Wendy. Sooooo sorry, guys!!

    Okay, Nancy, I babbled on quite alot in your comment, actually, so it’s probably best for you that it got lost! lmao I was talking about all sorts of things, none of them important, though. Thanks so much for your comments and for making me smile with the mariachi comment! And DO watch Raines, it’s okay and may get better, but the very best thing of all is that JG’s in it. Yum. and Yay! Huggs to you!!

    Hey, Rii, and thank you so much! I dislike having my pictured posted all over the web, so I took it down. I wanted to open my page back up to the public. Thanks so much for your fabu comments, I love them, and yes meeting blog buds is awesome, if scary at first. Wendy was great, though, put me right at ease, right away. Huggs to your Dignified self from my honest self! :)) xx

    lmao, Wendy, you know me too well, you just KNEW those weren’t staying up there, didn’t you? Well, keep them off the web, please (as I know you will), and I’ll email you the rest if you want. I forgot. Rolling eyes, my memory sucks about some things, I guess. Huggs to you!! :))

  38. Shucks.. I am gonna miss those hazel eyes…

    But devil’s advocate time:

    1) Isn’t it more unconscionable that Zambia mismanaged its economy (and debt) to such an extent that the social ills you list have occurred? Zambia was once a relarively prosperous country until the “African socialism” of Kaunda and his corrupt cronies ran its economy into the ground.

    2) The Vulture company does not simply rake in profit. It must bear the risk of a default or other non-payment by the Zambians, a not inconsiderable risk. In fact, this is precisely one of the problems Vulture companies face- non-payment by constantly wriggling Third World governments.

    These governments can claim sovereign immunity of many state assets, meaning it is doubly difficult to sue them and collect. Governments can also wriggle out of paying the full amount by devaluing their currency and other manipulations. See for example: which discusses these issues in detail.

    3) I have no love of the Vulture companies, but the bigger fault seems to lie with the corrupt governments that created the dire situation in the first place. These same inept regimes then compound their earlier mismanagement by agreeing to the terms proposed by the Vulture, including pledging tax receipts. They shaft their people twice- once by running up a high debt and twice by agreeing to the harsh terms of the Vultures. The fact is that no one need deal with Vultures. The regimes in question can tighten their belts and overhaul their finances.

    4) I think Vultures need to be a lot more transparent in their operations, so everyone knows exactly what is being taken over, on what terms, along with all the other special side deals like immunity waivers in case of lawsuits. There could also be measures put in place to prevent minority buyouts of debts which could block unfavorable Vulture transactions.

    5) BUT, reasonable as these restrictions are, the main issue is not Vultures but Third World corruption and mismanagment, and the continual use of US taxpayers money to bail them out time and time again. To hear regimes like that of Zambia crying about “unfairness” is a little like a KKK member appealing his terrorist conviction because there were no black members on the jury.

  39. Fuzzy, I’m so, so disappointed! Damn my ISP and their unreliable service. I’m offline for less than two days and the pics of you have been and gone ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I too love Mrs Dalloway btw, and To The Lighthouse. Funny, I haven’t read either for a few years now but I was in Bloomsbury for that Iliad conference last week and thought of them then. Any chance you’ll be re-posting those pics?

  40. There you go, Sarge, looks like you have your whole new blog all lined up and ready to go!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Look forward to seeing it and your commenters’ responses. As to the hazel eyes, tell you what, you email me your pic, and I’ll email you mine . . . what do you say? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Aw, sorry about your ISP, Jon, I hate when that happens, really! I’m sure that I’ll be posting more pics sometime, though, so no worries. Not much to see really, just me. I left the others up. And good Woolf choices, there, her stuff is amazing; really. Take care!! :))

  41. Darn, missed all of the pictures! Everyone is talking about the pictures, but I did not know you then! I have read many things about you and your take on different issues…You are beautiful indeed…Michael

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