Reincarnation: More Fuzzy Musings


So the other night, I’m watching the X-files episode entitled “The Field Where I Died” in which Scully and Mulder are tracking (for some reason that is unclear to me but doesn’t really matter) a very Branch Davidian-Jonestownesque cult , and Mulder just knows where the bunker is in the old Civil War battlefield behind the compound and saves the cult from suicide. Well, in the beginning, they all end up dead at the end. Um, that was a spoiler, huh? Well, it’s a ten plus year old ep, so I guess that’s okay, isn’t there a statute of limitations on those? Onward. So, the episode turns out to be about reincarnation, specifically Mulder’s past life with his then love / now cult harem wife and multiple personality sufferer (along with this past life recall thing she has going on). So she doesn’t sound like a prize in this lifetime, a bit nuts, actually, but apparently, she and Mulder were truly in love back during the Civil War, and she is waiting and waiting for him. It all gave me goose bumps and made me boo hoo. So touching.

Reincarnation attracted my geekish attention when I was a teenager (on the younger side of teendom, like thirteen or fourteen, maybe), and I did what all good geeks do, I researched it. So I read rather voraciously in all books that I could find about the topic. All books, that is, except religious texts; I just didn’t want to “go there,” as I wasn’t looking to unseat God or anything, just find out about this reincarnation thing that had sparked my interest in one way or another (fuzzy on that all these years later). Anyway, it’s amazing how easy it is and how much information there is on reincarnation that doesn’t focus on the religious aspects of it, the who believes what and why stuff, that even to this day doesn’t interest me over much about this topic in particular. Guess it’s just one of those things that can be made to fit in and work with most religious beliefs (though some, obviously, better and more than others).

Anyway, so I read about people who had memories of their past lives, dreams of them (some lucid, very interesting), and all manner of tales that involved people speaking languages they couldn’t possibly know, knowing their way around places they’ve never been or read about, being unreasonably afraid of something in this life, and so on. And of course there are always the “well, he could have picked up ancient Sumerian anywhere” arguments, and that’s all good, too. I don’t have the answers, nor do I profess to. I just love the whole idea of reincarnation, I really do. And while I’ve never suddenly broken out in song in . . . oh, say, Greek, I have had those feelings of comfort and affiliation with places I’ve never been, people I’d never previously met. I guess that we all do, really, and we explain this in different ways, but I’ve felt that I was actually “home” in some places, and am drawn to certain cultures and historical eras over others, love some people instantly, and on. Who knows why?

Now, I’m not talking about that transmigration thing where you might be a fruit fly in one life, a dog in the next, and an antelope some other time. Even if that’s true or possible, I just don’t care about it. No romance and mystery there, right? What’s the life expectancy of a fruit fly? Shrug. Naw, give me human lives throughout the centuries; now THAT is interesting. Particularly when you add in the (usual) element of popularly accepted secular reincarnation (I just made that term up, I just mean what people like me think who aren’t preaching in a pulpit): the people who are with you, also reincarnate, so it is entirely possible that you and your true love (as with Mulder and crazy cult lady) may meet once more.

One of my favorite movies is Dead Again with the ever fabulous and amazing Kenneth Branagh and his then wife Emma Thompson. They are a couple who loved and lost long ago, and then are reincarnated to find one another and set the record straight, as it were. It’s lovely. Truly. And action packed and fun filled, and not to be dismissed is the most marvelous Derek Jacobi as the . . . well, okay, I won’t spoiler this one, if you haven’t seen it, it’s worth a peek. Unless this whole topic turns you off, in which case, catch these actors in Branagh’s excellent Shakespeare adaptations (my favorite of which is Henry V, and oh, is Jacobi brilliant in that. Sigh. But that’s another blog). Anyway, it’s definitely the love stories I remember from my youthful reading on the subject. The lost lovers, the accidental (or purposeful) deaths, the reuniting of two hearts and souls.

And it’s really quite remarkable how few people claim to have been Henry VIII or Marie Antoinette; most of the people who’ve been through past life regression or have these memories of past lives come to the front through other means think they were . . . well, just some ordinary person who lived an ordinary life. A mailman in Scotland, a seamstress in Sweden, a tenant farmer in America, a yak herder wherever they herd yaks. And in a larger sense, I guess that I am attracted to the idea of reincarnation for all the usual reasons people like these ideas: it’s hopeful. And it’s romantic.


Thought I’d provide a couple links, but with the following disclaimer: I’ve not read ANY of these sites, they just look cool:

wiki, of course (I included this one because it mentions reincarnation and Christianity. Interesting. But again, I’ve not read it, nor am I likely to do so. Sigh.)

And finally, I just want to say that I have a brand new admiration for you Kerry, how the heck do you manage to find just the clips you want on youtube? I couldn’t even find a vid of the X-Files ep. Period. Let alone a scene I wanted. Sigh. But yay you!!

Omg, can I just say that Kerry is phenomenal? She actually found not a clip of the X-Files ep, but the whole ep! Have you ever? Yay Kerry!! Three cheers for Kerry!! (secretly I’m very jealous of this incredible search ability that she has, but shhhhhh, don’t tell her)


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  1. And what about Meet Joe Black, Fuzzy? I have never been sure about this. Even in my past lives I was sceptical. But I do often sit and gaze longingly at the sea. Can that be nostalgia for the time before I emerged and became . . . er, a man?

  2. I’ve never seen Meet Joe Black, Neil, but isn’t that about a gorilla? And I’m not exactly talking about evolution, either. Um, maybe you were a pirate in a past life? Or a whaler? Ooooh, or a submarine commander? lol @ being skeptical in your past lives. Teehee. :))

  3. Since I believe that the spirit is immortal, I don’t discount reincarnation. I am actually fascinated by the thought of it too in a romantic sort of way. Of course I don’t believe that Emma Thompson would come back years later looking like Emma Thompson or Mulder would look like Mulder, but that makes for a better TV & movie viewing I guess (love Dead Again).
    Haven’t you ever met a child or young person who seemed to have an “old soul”? I have. How else can that be explained? Why wouldn’t God allow the soul to return to earth again?
    I believe that some people are more in touch with their spirituality. Maybe they are more prone to remember tidbits from a past life or experience déjàvu.
    When we visited Norway a few years back, we traveled through a region by way of a couple unexpected detours and I had this strong sense of belonging. I later found out that it was that particular region where my ancestors came from on my paternal grandpa’s side.
    That’s probably different than reincarnation; more like an internal homing device maybe.
    Anyway, great blog. I used to be a big fan of X-Files too. Never missed an episode.

  4. I don’t know whether it was an internal homing devise as Nancy mentioned (love that, internal homing devise)..or whether I actually did live in Scotland in a previous life, but you know I did have a very spiritual and etherial experience at the grave of Rob Roy McGregor. It was as if I had been someone very close to him personally. And I am not talking about just a warm fuzzy feeling at finding my roots. I actually had pictures in my mind pop up of sheep grazing in a wide valley and a young girl…and then at his grave it was almost a re aquaintence thing. I don’t want to presume to say I think I was Mary Helen McGregor, but it sure felt like a loving kind of reunion. Is that too weird or what. A good book I read is Reincarnation, The missing link in Christianity by Elizabith Clare Prophet. An amazing book that very expertly proves that The bible actually does teach reincarnation. And it shows how the early church fathers tried to hide this teaching even to the point of massacre and marterdom. I may have misspelled that. Anyway there is something for you to chew on.

  5. Haha…I know this isn’t the topic…but, I’m still laughing at your comment/comment about Meet Joe Black. Hmm…non-primate movie, my friend…one of the few Brad Pitt movies I will admit to liking. Ok..on the topic. I’m not sure about the whole reincarnation thing..and I dread the thought of being a dung beetle or such in my past life. My neighbor talks about this stuff a lot (she’s big on a lot of meditation, Eastern, etc. etc. stuff…so, I listen and absorb info). Anyway, her then 6yr old daughter was upset about something to do with a baby….and my neighbor says “well, I’ve already figured out that she (the daughter) had a miscarraige in one of her past lives”. Hmmmmm….okay, I’ll take your word for it. But, I’m open minded….and romantic….sooooo, why not?!?! One last comment….wouldn’t the internet have been amazing back in the your “13yr old investigating stage?” Hahah..I’m picturing the card catalogs and microfiche as I type!! :o)

  6. i have a fascination with reincarnation, too. it seems reasonable to me. i don’t think everything in this world can be explained rationally.

    i had totally forgotten about the movie dead again. i loved that movie. so romantic. *sigh*

    as for the x-files episode, i used to watch it fairly religiously for the first 3 or 4 years, but i don’t remember that episode. and i’ll tell you, as far as searching for clips, you have to sometimes use lots of search words to find what you’re looking for. and hope that someone, somewhere, had the desire to upload it and share it with everyone. just taking a quick peek at youtube, man, people have a lot of videos of x-files set to some song. gack.

  7. i was hoping to come back as a rabbit, so there goes the romance as i love the caramel bunny. Would be good to think part of us is recycled into new persona, if you find the spell im your slave for ever miss fuzzy count me in. loved x-files

  8. Interesting blog, Fuzz.
    Someone once told me in Thailand that you may come back as many creatures, but the last thig you want is to come back as a stray dog in Bangkok. They have the most awful life! And it’s thousands of them roaming the streets:(((.
    I was never really into the “X-files”, I always felt it was a little bit “dragged”. Not my Tea Pot. I mean, Cup of Tea…

  9. You brought a great point how we are affiliated to certain things, who know we might have been part of that history. Hindu religion talk about reincarnation, I don’t know much about it, I am gonna ask my dad, he knows more details. Will let you know later. Once I was talking with him, how we work hard to learn as many things, and will it be of use after death. He said yes, all the good things we learn we will be able to use it in after life, so knowledge is very important part of our life. The more we learn is better. I haven’t read a good book about reincarnation would love to know more, if you know already let me know will try to read it. Another fabulous blog.

  10. Yet another thought provoking post Fuzzy. Personally I do not believe in reincarnation. That probably has to do with my religious upbringing though. Although, there are instances that prove it may exist. Lincoln came back as a tunnell, and Washington has returned as a bridge!

  11. My practical side loves the idea of reincarnation – much more efficient to recycle than to just continuously pop out new souls. Plus it fits into my concept of karma – where eventually we all get what we deserve(so I wonder who George Clooney was in his earlier life). And I completely agree with the commenter – Brad Pitt was great in Meet Joe Black. Wow – something I could have a yes or now opinion on, lol.

  12. Reincarnation certainly is a romantic idea, isn’t it? The romantic side of me wouldn’t mind being reincarnated to find my friends and soul mate again. I have been told that I am one of those people with an “old soul.”

    However, there is one thing that keeps me sceptical about reincarnation; if a person lives previous lives, would we not become wiser people instead of repeating the same mistakes over and over again? We never seem to get wiser. I would rather focus on this life as it is.

    I have had those feelings of belonging and familiarity in different places as well, but I usually atribute those to psychology and the desire to feel secure and safe. It is amazing what the mind can do to help a person cope.

  13. Aha!! It’s been a while, but finally, a blog I can disagree with you on!!! LOL. Seriously, though…..I don’t believe in all this reincarnation stuff, not in the terms that you were talking about. Ok, I agree, it all sounds romantic and makes for good story-telling, but there really isn’t any proven concrete basis in fact, despite thousands of case studies. You made a point about people who have had ‘regression’ not claiming to be famous historical figures, but just average everyday folks. Well, of course they will!! It’s far harder to disprove a story based on someone of whom there will be virtually no historical record. Choosing a famous person means you’re gonna have to have incredible attention to detail to get away with it, someone is gonna catch you out eventually.
    However, there IS a sort of reincarnation, that is accepted scientific fact. To many it won’t have the romance or story-telling promise of human reincarnation, but to me it’s something far more fascinating. Although things die, humans die, animals die, planets die, even stars eventually die, all the particles they are made of, the atoms and sub-atomic particles, last an awful lot longer. And they get recycled. The atoms that make up our bodies are the same atoms that once made up earlier generations of stars. We are, literally, made of star-stuff. How wild is that??? Doesn’t THAT get you thinking?? If you want to know more, read up on works by Kip Thorne, Carl Sagan, Paul Davies, Stephen Hawking et al. The universe we live in constantly reminds me that truth IS stranger, and often more wonderful, than fiction.
    Ooops, sorry Fuzzy….I went off on one there!! It’s just something I have a passion about :-))

  14. I am not ready to sign up to believe in reincarnation. But I like to wonder about everything and it came to mind that if true, what does it mean if you don’t have the Deja vu thing? Does that make you a failed experiment that there is only one of or did the ultimate creator just happen to drop the mold? I go along with Mitch since you can neither create or destroy energy per Albert, I like the piece of a star in me please. Hummmm… oh well enough time on that. You are very creative in the types of subjects you bring to blogging Fuzzy. That was a fun one.

  15. Fun post, Fuzzy Girl! I can’t say that I ‘believe’ in reincarnation. However, I have LOTS of experiential evidence that it is a reality, whether I believe it or not.

    I LOVED ‘Meet Joe Black.’ I’ve watched it numerous times.

    And have you ever read anything by Edgar Cayce, in all your teenie bopper research? He was a Sunday School teacher ~ Southern Baptist or something ~ who read the Bible clear through once for every year of his life. He said that there wasn’t a single verse in the Christian Bible refuting reincarnation. But he found MANY verses which seemed to support the idea.

    Frankly, the whole concept seems to explain a LOT of things which are not effectively explained otherwise. That’s my little two cents’ worth. And remember: You get what you pay for! *giggles*

  16. Wasn’t there this Christopher Reeves/Jane Seymour movie “Somewhere in Time where he travels back in time or is transformed from present day and finds out when he visits this hotel that he was once in love with this woman in a picture, kinda is very tragic and makes you believe in love/old souls/. It was sad..another boohoo

    I, too am somewhat skeptical. However, having said that, who can explain when you meet someone and you get the feeling that YOU have met them before and you know like in two seconds that you are kindred souls! I have a friend Mike and a friend MARY like that–we just clicked in about 15 minutes of meeting eachother. Mike actually started talking to me in a courtroom one day during a trial in which we were testifying for opposite sides–and we talked like we had known eachother for years–and then stopped and just stared at eachother and started laughing! And then introduced ourselves. So many things in common. We say we are cosmic twins. There are books out there that say you experience things from past lives and then come back and transfer these lessons to the next life…that is why certain incidents or people effect you in odd ways. And that you grow and some people are old souls and some are young. I think I have a LOT to learn! Guessing teenage-ish soul here..dang!

  17. I’ll have you know transmigration is quite real Ms.Fuzzy, for some of us! I have come back better…I was a two-legger and remember wee portions of it. I think I was er…Margaret Truman. Vague memories of being a bad piano player then. But every book my past ‘mes’ ever read is here within my Llama self, so I’m a pretty smart llama, as reincarnated Llamas go.

    Speaking of memories: I once took a class in sculpting. My first time. The clay felt strangely familiar. I knew where to put the braces, how to do all of it. I was able to sculpt the model so lifelike that it spooked me out…no one believed that it was my ‘first’ time. It felt creepy. Ancient and familiar, but NOT good…there was something dark about it. Never sculpted again, though my prof. poked and prodded hoping I would take more of his courses in clay and marble work. Not a chance! I really do believe in going with your feelings. Oil paints are familiar too, but they feel right and righteous for me. Can’t explain it. Hard to figure. Do you feel new?

  18. That was rather an intriguing subject, thanks to X-Files for corrupting your brain with the pagan beliefs. lol OK.. Getting serious. Both transmigration and reincarnation are very solid eastern concepts, spread all over Asia/ Africa with different regional flavors. Yes, it is intriguing. Most people in their comments alluded to Deja Vu that we often experience (i.e. genuine deja vu, when we are sober and in normal health) Weird.

    Now, comparing it to the ”religious texts” both Old Testament and the New Testament completely reject any idea of reincarnation. Though there are bible characters (common people) who say stuff like is this or that Elijah or some other prophet’s reincarnation. But throughout Bible men of God: the prophets, teachers, apostles, Jesus.. never mention reincarnation. That’s about it, in brief.

    But I will throw my own wonderment in the mix. What about souls of dead people being around us or existing in the world. This is another big topic for horror,supernatural thrillers/ movies. There is some evidence in Bible that people could contact spirits of dead people (Strictly forbidden by God and prophets though… and also very strictly forbidden by our modern conservative preachers. I think it’s considered some kind of Black Magic or evil practice) That’s intriguing too. There have been a few examples where some men have claimed that the spirits or ghosts of great dead scientists, philosophers, intellectuals etc. made contact with them to guide and inspire them.

    Of course most of us would laugh at superstitious and rather schizophrenic stuff like that. I personally never have been in touch with any spirits or angels… But if there are some real good(angelic) ones out there who can tell me the winning lotto numbers, inspire me to write greatest novels, plays etc., I am waiting. :-)))

  19. Gosh. Just clicked on the link you provided… and it talks a great deal about Elijah’s reincarnation in NT times (as John the Baptist). I just had personal observation of this thing… I didn’t know people were writing essays on it. lol

  20. lol, Nancy, yes I know what you mean about the appearance thing being hard to deal with in tv and movies about reincarnation; I guess that the actors have to look the same (because they are the same), and it helps the audience stay on track and not get too confused. And yes, I’ve met “old souls” before and when I was younger would get that from time to time. I think it’s fascinating to talk about, and I do know what you mean about that homing device, too!! :)) Huggs

    Hey Mavis, lovely to see you here and so glad you enjoyed your trip home. I have heard about reincarnation (among other things) being culled from the Bible, or really, just not included in the first place. Or picked out later. The Bible has a long and complicated history, and wouldn’t you just love someone to gather up all the books excluded for whatever reason (showing Jesus as too human or discussion of reincarnation and possession, etc.) and bound up in a book? That’s a book I’d read with avid interest. :)) Huggs

    lmao, omg, Ang, what’s the ape movie with Joe Black? Come on, there IS one, right? Where’s Kerry with her movie expertise? Anyway, you may already know this but reincarnation doesn’t need to include transmigration (which would make you a dung beetle); that’s only what some religions believe. Others stick to human to human reincarnation, and others still reject the idea completely. I personally don’t know if there is transmigration, it doesn’t make sense to me if there is, but only because I’ve not really studied that angle (doesn’t appeal to me, either). Never went near the microfiche, but yeppers, those card catalogues. Sigh. That’s back when we needed to know the alphabet. Remember those good ole days? lmao. Huggs

    Yay! I loved it, too, Kerry, and reincarnation makes sense to me, too. And yes, isn’t it annoying how all these vids are being made and put to songs. They do it a LOT with Supernatural, too. Though I have to admit to liking some of them. Sigh. :)) Huggs

    Teehee, Pilgrim, I think it just happens to you whether you like it or not. No spell required. :))

  21. teehee, Fanta, you’re such a funny one! dogs and teapots. I could just hug you to pieces!! :))

    Hey Chris, yes, I would love to learn more about this from your dad, that would be super!! I don’t remember which books I read way back then, Chris, but there are a few recommended in these comments by people. The ones I recall most vividly were case studies of actual people who remembered their past lives via dreams or regression, and they did loads of research and background work to show the people couldn’t have made up or otherwise learned the details they described. It’s truly fascinating to me. People walking straight to their own graves or to those of loved ones when in this life they’ve never been to that village, let alone that cemetary. I wish I did have titles for you, though. :)) Huggs

    LOL, Michael, you always make me laugh!! :))

    LOL, Em! It’s just nice to see you here, with or without an opinion. You make me smile and feel happy! :))

    Ceres, well, one theory is that we are here to learn in our lives, but we have to come back again and again to learn those lessons we fail or that proved too difficult last time around. So yes, we are meant to learn, but sometimes we don’t learn enough or we may make the wrong decisions and choices when faced with particular circumstances. The soul is said to grow and learn and come back to try again. Once that lesson is learned, though, there are others. It’s ongoing education, in a way. You should love that! LOL And yes, I can see that one might feel secure or comfortable somewhere as a protective mechanism, but I do wonder how we’d then explain that feeling of ill ease and discomfort in other places? There are cities that I’ve been to that make my skin crawl and just “feel” wrong. That’s sure not protection. Anyway, it IS romantic to think about (and just think, if things don’t work with Professor Wonderful, there’s always next time ’round! ;)) Huggs Princess Ceres. I suspect you do indeed have an old soul. :))

    That is pretty fascinating, Mitch! But couldn’t that star dust just as easily be the atoms from some of that dried dung that Ang’s dung beetles were pushing around? I mean, of course, it could be, probably is. You’re talking about matter, and it’s true. I’m talking about spirit, not bodies reforming as new people. Unless you’re Dr. Frankenstein, I guess. LOL I’ll definitely look for these authors’ books, though, it does sound fascinating. :))

    Oh, well, that’s an interesting question, Heyman, I’ve never met anyone that I know hasn’t experienced deja vu, but it’s not something that comes up all that often in conversation, either. I wonder how many people do experience it? I know I do. What about you? :))

  22. Ooooh, Jillene, so much to talk about this weekend!! Yay. Yes, I’ve read some of Edgar Cayce’s books; fascinating stuff, truly. And yes, more and more people are saying that the Bible does have room for it; I think it works with Christianity. Maybe also with Judaism? I love your two cents, as always!! huggs :))

    Hey Kate, no I’d not seen that one, but I will. Cool. Skepticism is dandy, Chica, so no worries there!! :)) And yes, those sorts of immediate connections do make me think of reincarnation; just like when you meet someone and instantly loathe them. They probably starved you to death in some hell hole in your last life or beat you up or stole your husband. Teehee. Who knows? But it does explain those feelings, I think. We both have lots to read; it’s been so long now since I read all that stuff that I have only the vaguest memories of it, that’s why the blog is light on examples. :)) Huggs Angel Kate

    Beautiful four legged Llama Lady, so wonderful to see you!! And wow! What do you make of that pottery experience? That’s so fascinating, truly, my imagination runs wild with that! :)) Huggs to you, Gaby!

    Fabulous, thoughtful comments, Elmo! Thanks so much. As I said, I really don’t know much about and steered clear of the religious aspects of it, I tend toward a spirituality in my life, not a religious thing in the man-made sense of it, though I do, as you know believe in Jesus Christ as my Savior, etc. And lol @ the winning lottery numbers, if someone comes and tell ’em to you, send them my way, so I can get the mega million numbers!! Teehee Huggs :))

  23. Haven’t read all the comments, but in case no-one else did, can clarify the mix-up on the movies. ‘Meet Joe Black’ starred Brad Pitt as ‘Death’, who comes to ‘claim’ Anthony Hopkins, but gets distracted by his daughter blah blah. The one with the ape* you’re thinking of was called “Instinct”. It also starred Anthony Hopkins, along with Cuba Gooding Jr. *Not actually an ape, just Hopkins acting like one.
    Here’s are some links to entries for each movie:

    Meet Joe Black:


  24. When one of my sons, now ten, first learned to talk, he spoke constantly about his ‘other family’. He talked about himself as if he were an adult and always spoke in the present tense. The time period must have been quite recent, as he sometimes referred to taxis, which may have been the black London cabs. (He’s never been to London but of course he might have seen them on the TV.) He maintained a consistent narrative for well over a year, was always very matter-of-fact about it and I never got the sense that this was just the workings of an active young imagination. Gradually, after quite some time, references to his other family grew less and less frequent, as if ‘memory’ of them was fading. The other strange thing was that when my mother, who is an atheist, saw him for the first time as a newborn baby, she remarked that he had ‘been here before’. She meant it literally, it didn’t accord with any belief she holds, and she could only add that she could ‘see it in his eyes’.

    Of course, none of this proves anything but I do find it strange! I am drawn to the idea of reincarnation but maybe that is just wishful thinking. Philosophically, there are some problems with the notion.

  25. *falls over laughing* You are ever funny and sweet, Princess Fuzzy! It is true that a second chance would be nice in case I fail miserably, but I would like things to work with Professor Wonderful in THIS life! 😀

  26. hehehe such a romantic fuzzy wuzzy:P

    I do not believe in reincarnation. how boring eh? lol slightly unromanatic, but… that’s just me i guess 😛 I find sometimes that movies lead us astray in our thought patterns and throw the big “hmmm, what if” thoughts at us… i.e alien life etc… (oOooo maybe you can blog on that next .. LOL) uS humans, we get bored easily. there are so many different thoughts and beliefs… and i guess the main thing is, is to just respect everyone’s. I have mine, you have yours… your a sexy bitch, and so am i! no one is harmed !! lmao!

    mwah! I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and you never did say wether you seen that movie or not… lmao i hope to goodness you didnt think it was a flop! I lurved it! LOL

    ciao for now, fuzzy one!xx

  27. I think I feel an “assignment” from CHARLEY in which you, me and ANG go back in TIME and find out if REINCARNATION is REAL….

    hope no one thinks I am nuts…and no! I have not been drinking, but I would like to see if Mel Gibson’s Scotland hunks from Braveheart were really that well built and simplistic and protective and HANDSOME…so…let’s go!! lol! We are on the “case”!!!

    Who will ever know with any definitive certaintity? On one hand it would be nice because you could correct any mistakes you made in this lifetime and maybe get anhother chance,,on the other hand…life is what some consider a “One shot deal. and it is WHAT it is!”.
    Until there is some kind of test or factual way to figure this out..we will never know and our musings are what keeps FICTION selling.

  28. What I find weird sometimes in talking to some people is few ever claims to have been a poor peasant or ordinary schmuck in a past life- it is always some important king or queen, or warrior etc.. But then again I suspect I was talking to folks who didn’t really understand the concepts you mention above.

  29. Oh! See, thank you, Mitch, I really was confused about the Joe Ape movie, and this does clear it up. :)) And thanks so much for the links, that’s really great of you. Huggs

    Reading your comment, Jon, sparked me to recall a lot of that reading I did as a teenager, and one of the things I left out above (had forgotten until you mention your son’s experience) is just this. Young children having past life memories, or if one is unwilling to go this far, young children talking about people they knew, places they’d been, and experiences they’d had, when obviously at 5 or 6 or whatever, they had not. I think that this is fascinating, and it must have been quite disconcerting for you and your family! I don’t know how to explain that, as you say it’s not just an “invisible friend” or something they’ve imagined. (well, I do know how to explain it, but that’s the topic of the blog, right?) And oh, indeed, there are philosophical problems with the idea of reincarnation (which ever “version” of it one go by), but then this is true of most things dealing with the “unknown”: death, religion, after life, etc. We can’t seem to come up with the perfect explanation for any of these because … well, because we just don’t know enough. But it’s so much fun to think and talk about, no? :)) Thanks for your (always) fab comments.

    Blackie you crack me up!! I am so NOT blogging aliens next (well, unless I watch some movie with aliens in. Before I watch The Hours. Wink). And you are so right about us just respecting everyone’s views. You’re not only a sexy bitch but a smart one, too! Huggs to you xx

    Ooooh, Kate, you don’t know what you’ve just tapped into. That particular film, part of history, part of the world really “speaks” to me. Will that disqualify me from the new assignment? And hey, don’t we need a Bosley? In the meantime, I’ll just dream of looking up some kilts, especially those worn by anyone who is actually or who resembles Mel Gibson. hehe You are so cool, give me the hard evidence!! That discernment will help us as we continue to be gorgeous and fight crime, while flipping our hair and laughing a lot. Huggs :))

    Oh, Kerry, we’d still need you for your sense of humor and fun good person-ness. And especially for Video Friday!! :))

    So you don’t buy it, huh, Sarge? Is it just me or do some of these things seem gendered? It seems more women than men go for the reincarnation idea; whereas, it seems more men than women go for UFO’s and aliens. What do you make of that, O Wise One? Huggs. 😛

  30. I loved the movie Dead Again, but as a smoker, I hated that all too real part of the guy smoking through his neck. Icccckkkkkk! I would like to think that I had a past life as a 1940’s private detective or a 1920’s bootlegger!

  31. Hi Fuzzy, have you ever seen a movie, I think from the 80’s about two lovers and one or both die, but plan to meet again once reincarnated? I’m pretty sure that the man has to find his former lover before 25 years pass, or they can’t be together again. On his 25th b-day, he keeps just missing her and then at the last moment…happy ending.
    Great movie, am trying to find out the title.

  32. Hey Wyatt, I didn’t know you smoke! And yeah, that is pretty graphic and gross in that scene! Ugh. I love the music of the ’30’s and ’40’s and the whole gilded thing of the ’20’s, so I totally get what you mean about the past life during those times. And FAB to have you back, Sweetie!! Huggs.

    Hi Ted! 😀 I don’t think I do know that film, but it sounds like just the sort of thing I would very much love! Thanks so much for stopping by.

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