Life Happens, Time to Deal With It


Some of you, maybe one of you, may have noticed that I’ve not been around as much as usual. Well, you know how it goes, sooner or later ten hour daily sessions of blogging get to be too much. I love blogging, and I love laughing and sharing and arguing with and caring about each of you, but I’m clearly incapable of moderation. Remember back in February when I blogged a break?–February! And now it is April. Sigh. Sadly lacking in will power and discipline, I’ve just spent the time from not posting daily blogs on commenting and chatting with everyone.

So I’m just not going to be logging into 360 at all for a couple weeks. I’m thinking of it as a vacation, sort of. Just imagine that I’m lounging on some tropical (though amazingly neither too hot nor humid) beach, being hovered over by a hot cabana guy with a tray full of (nonfattening) snacks and yummy tropical drinks with little paper umbrellas (also nonfattening, the drinks not the umbrellas), and soaking up (non-cancer causing) rays. I’ll send you a non-postcard.

Have fun, and I’ll be back before you know it: tanned, relaxed, and ready once more for obsessive blogging. Heck, if it weren’t for this post, you may not have noticed my absence at all.


Some things to do while I’m away:

As you’re already at the illustrious page of Aubergine Whelk, why not check out Magnolia Whelk, Asparagus Green Whelk, and Burnt Umber Whelk

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34 thoughts on “Life Happens, Time to Deal With It

  1. I noticed and would notice. Although I do not comment regularly, I do read as many blogs as I can. All the friends I read, I read with interest. But between writing, computer woes, kids, work, mom, brother, and special chats with friends… I do feel I neglect my friends here too much and I apologize. I want to do better, but I try to spread myself a little too thin if you catch my drift. Have a nice rest Fuzzy. See you when you get back.

  2. Hey Fuzzy, I am missing you already and Marm wants to know if Banbury is enjoying the beach and break with you.

    have a fab time on your hols won’t you and Marm wants big cat treat from her man on your return. x

  3. Hope the girls also enjoy the break and of course didn’t want o forget sending them my love. Big big hugs and still missing you.

  4. I would write that I am going to miss you but since you are not going to read this, I won’t write it…but since I already wrote it, I can’t take it back, and you will read it when you get back..and then you will know that I am going to miss you…and know that I sent a CYBER message to you ….(sigh) (rolls eyes and thinks to self that maybe SELF has been on here TOO long)….

  5. of course i noticed you hadn’t been around much! i’ve missed our little chats and comments back and forth. but i know how all-consuming 360 can be. we should all probably take a break once in a while and experience life away from our computer screens. remind me later that i said this, ok?

    enjoy your virtual vacation! *hugs*

  6. Noooooooooo…I just met you & you crack me up!!(sighhhhhh) Well, I suppose, if you must…then you shall! :o)Enjoy your time….and stay away from that TV also!! cabana boys, eh? hmmmm…..

  7. This will be virtually a holiday. Do you really think you can do it? I’m sure that you’ll be working on finishing up your disert. and you’ll be back with a big party to celebrate. You’ll be missed and we’ll look forward to seeing you back ASAP.

  8. I think we all need a break every now and then. I call it detoxing myself….I am a recovering internet junkie myself…surprisingly it is getting easier every day but occasionally I like to dip in for a little Fuzzy fix. 🙂 Take care woman, we love you!

  9. Have a nice break. I will miss you. But i understand and have also been cutting back. Look forward to your return.

  10. Have a nice vacation. You aren’t slipping away to Hawaii without me, are you? I will be so mad at you if I find out that you did!! (LOL)
    Good luck with trying moderation when you return.
    This 360 thing is addictive. I for one, cannot stop. I stay away for a little while and I jump right back in.
    Anyway, have fun and I will miss you.

  11. Yeah…me too…same as Michael…Miss your great posts already, but you take care of YOU. We’ll be here. Virtually. LOL

  12. Enjoy your holiday1 10 hours a day? omg that is way too much. but by the time you read this, in a very long time, you will be the rejuvinated Fuzzy slippers. You will be relaxed and ready to take on the most argumentive blogggers on thenet. have fun girlie

  13. Yay, good on you girly. I knew you could do it 😀
    Do what you need to do and take comfort in the fact that I can’t blog either 😛
    Speak to you soon, hugggs…and you will be missed, believe it.

  14. Hope you have a great break from 360 Fuzzy. Look forward to your insightful and thought provoking comments and blogs when you return.

  15. sounds like a great idea but im not due a break from here till august, no peace for the bloggers. have a nice break.

  16. Have fun, Muske-Fuzz. You deserve a nice break. I hope to be here when you’re back, and I certainly will be missing you!!!

  17. I did notice your absence. Hope you have a good break and have a wonderful Easter. Hope to see you back soon, blogland isn’t the same without you :-))

  18. Of course I’d miss you! I missed you last week when you had stomach flu! (Must have been something you picked up from hot cabana boy, eh?)

    I know what you mean about the discipline. Right now I’ve allowed myself one-half hour to ‘catch up’ on 360 while my lunch warms up. Self-discipline is a slipper thing. I think about blogging on the topic, but then realize how utterly ironic that would be!

    Blessings to you on your holiday! I hope it provides every little thing you need! {{{HUGS}}}

  19. Yeah yeah… I did notice your absence. But having an uncanny intuition I almost always know what is going on. I almost read this blog before you typed it. I knew you certainly needed a break to recharge your batteries or focus on other priorities. Any human being would need that break after the long 360 chats and blogging binges.

    Peace to your stretched nerves. :-)) Heal well my friend.

  20. Have a Happy Virtual Holiday…I’ll not be thinking of you on your non-beach, with your non-existant cabana boy, drinking non-intoxicating cocktails, under a non-cancerous tropical sun…re: the discipline thing, it helps if you have four kids and a grumpy husband to tell you you been on too much…lol…I can lend them all out if required LOL…the hubby looks good in a pair of boardies!!!! Loves love…Ali xxx

  21. hehehe Fuzzy, I feel u! sometimes we need to have a break to enjoy 360 thing more after coming back! enjoy yr non-vacation and come back to us happy, well rested, beautiful and as brilliant as always! much luv!

  22. You guys are just fantastic. And amazing. Thank you all so very much for these warm and wonderful comments! I missed each of you so much and am glad to be back again (where I belong!). 😀

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