And So It Goes

Kurt Vonnegut Jr. has died at the age of 84.

Beyond his ability to write a compelling narrative, interweave elements of the fantastic with the mundane, explore sci-fi alongside war genres . . . beyond all this, Vonnegut provided a running commentary on American culture, society, and politics. His satiric look at everything from his concept of Big Brother run amok with government’s misguided attempts to “equalize” everyone in “Harrison Bergeron” to his anti-war war novel Slaughterhouse Five reverberates across generational lines and political boundaries.

Beyond all that, Vonnegut orchestrated language like a composer, and he teased ideas like a courtesan. He was genius.

Now he is dead.

And so it goes.


Link to a complete list of his works:

Link to a list of critical works about his fiction:


What say you?

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