Pent Up Frustrations and (of course, Ang) Shoe Sunday


Okay, so I have been on an extended vacay during quite possibly the worst possible time, blog-wise. Ooooh, the yummy things that have happened and that I’ve yet to comment on (rubbing hands together in glee); each of them blog worthy in their own right but here only briefly visited . . .

Now you just know that I was gritting my teeth and swatting my own itching fingers away from the keyboard during the whole Imus in the morning “nappy headed ho'” controversy. What in the world was he thinking? Now, he’s always been a racist pig, so I don’t know where all the shock and surprise came from, but I do know that comment was beyond the pale (um, you know what I mean). But the man apologized. Grovelled, even. In fact, it was even more painful to watch than Michael Richards’ similar grovel fest not so long ago. How ridiculous to fire him! Even the young women he directly insulted forgave him and did not call for his firing, so why did it happen? And why did the gaze turn almost immediately to hip hop lyrics? It was really quite a thrilling and cunning cultural moment. Sigh . . . along with a moony smirky look of distant contemplation at the blog that might have been.

And then Alec Baldwin went all daddy dearest on his kid’s voicemail . . . what can you say about that? Bad Alec bad. But last time I checked (and I wasn’t allowed close enough for a full inspection), he was a human being. These creatures, I’ve heard, are known to screw things up from time to time, to say things they don’t mean, to yell and scream and be quite mean. Was it a horrible rotten group of things to say to a child (of whatever age, he didn’t seem to know how old his kid is)? Yes. Oh, yes, it really was. And was it “wrong” to do so? Yes. I think it really was. And you know I’m about to “but,” right? Give me a break . . . why crucify this guy for it? Come on . . . there is no parent among us who hasn’t yelled inappropriately at our kids (even though mine are only furkids, I’ve left them quite nasty voicemails, let me tell you). I guess I feel the same way about this Alec Baldwin thing as I did about Britney Spears almost dropping her baby on its head . . . you know what? That happens. In real life. To get on our high horses and pretend to be scandalized and horrified strikes me as a teensy bit . . . well, you know, hypocritical. Or do we just hold these people to a higher standard?

Rosie O’Donnel is leaving The View. Shrug.

American Idol did a good thing for the starving people of this country and Africa; they raised a lot of money (I think it was about $60 million, can’t be bothered to google it just now). Now I didn’t actually watch the show (having already given up on this season with all the Sanjaya nonsense), but I did see clips of Simon Cowell looking quite dashing in his nice white button down (despite the fur vest he had on underneath) and of a bunch of people (one of whom I could have sworn was Buffy actress Sarah Michelle Gellar) doing a fun disco dance. I do almost wish I had watched it now. You can still donate online, though, if you are so moved and have not already done so: American Idol Gives Back, donation form.

The democratic candidates for president engaged in their first debate last week, and again, I’ve so much to say, but will instead just mention a few points (well, here, anyway). One, Barack Obama looked nervous and out of his league, and this surprised me a great deal. I thought he’d look smooth and articulate and fabulous (as usual), but he didn’t. He was shaking and stammering a bit, and it was sort of nice to see him have human flaws. Two, John Edwards did not seem to be out of his league, and this surprised me no end. He was as smooth and lawyerly slick as ever. I kind of liked him. Then again, I’ve always liked him; I just don’t think he’d be a good president, and I (sorry, Sean) still don’t think he’ll make it in ’08. Three, Hillary Clinton got (unsurprisingly) slammed by almost everyone there, but she was so calm and good about it that I felt a whole new respect for her. Not only that, but she was one of the few people up there (Bill Richardson and Joe Biden being the others) who answered the actual questions that were asked, so that was a plus in her column, too. btw, on that point, Richardson admitted making decisions about people based on their race. Um. See? So much to say. The republicans are debating this week, so I’ll be back with something to say about that, I’ve no doubt.

And around blogland:

. . . I find most people (who are not you, of course) pointless and irritating, and there is no better way to alienate me than by being pointless and irritating. I reference here the truly magnificent Tally’s blog on pointless and irritating messages, but it really applies to all 360 drama related goings on from faking one’s own death to . . . well, all that is pointless and irritating out here in blogland. As Tally says, “grrrrr.”

. . . yay! vid Friday rocks; if you don’t catch it at the ever amusing and mahvelous Kerry’s place, you really should.

. . . the very wonderful Ang inaugurated the first Shoe Sunday five (wow! that many?) weeks ago, and it’s catching on (saw a trifecta of shoes at the sweet and phenom Snuggles’), so I thought I’d throw my fave “mojo pumps” into the mix. Pictured above, these shoes are magical in their ability to make me feel sexy and confident and fabulous. I don’t even remember how much they cost, but I do know they weren’t at all expensive and that I’ve received more compliments wearing these than any other shoe in my (probably too extensive) shoe collection.

Gaaaahhh, I could go on and on here (as you all know all too well), but I won’t. Suffice to say that it’s fab to be writing a blog and to be thinking of each of you who sent me notes or/and left comments. You make me smile.


And . . .

April 30, 2007:

One Day Blog Silence


27 thoughts on “Pent Up Frustrations and (of course, Ang) Shoe Sunday

  1. You’re back, you’re back! *skips excitedly*
    You’ve been madly missed. I can hardly concentrate on your blog cause I’m all “Fuzzy’s back”. Wheee. Too much coffee maybe?
    I am so with you on the Alec Baldwin thing…ok, so he doesn’t know his own kids age…so now I don’t feel quite so terrible that EVERY year I struggle to remember whether my brat’s birthday falls on the 12th or 13th…I should know, I just forget. A lot.
    Yeah, he spoke nastily to her…well, who hasn’t had a bad day and yelled and felt taken for granted and annoyed? Pffft. As you say, high horses….meh…enough, I’m too happy about your return to be grumpy πŸ˜€
    Welcome home, chicky, mega-hugggggs to you.

  2. Glad to see you Fuzzy, we missed all your funny and thought provoking articles. Including this one. I will come back and comment more. Great to see you friend, please write more when you have time. No rush and no push, you blog at your own convenience. Cheers πŸ™‚ Those shoes like nice where is the sexy girl with it πŸ™‚

  3. Glade to see you back. Are you just visiting or will you stay awhile? Did you accoplish you goals? You’re in style as always and you nipped the iceburg on alot of possible blogs. Must have been driving you crazy to hear about something and not blog to keep us upto date with the skinny on it all. I missed having you around. Welcome back. πŸ™‚

  4. (doing my happy,happy,joy,joy dance…twirling and jumping)You’re back, you’re back, you’re back!! And with style…whooo hoooo…lots of tidbits in your blog!! It’s silly, I hardly know ya…but, I missed ya! Lol @ “daddy dearest”….WIRREEEEE HANGERSSSSSS. OMG..and you sooooo did a Shoe Sunday!! Glad to have you back! *hugsssss*

  5. I’ve missed your smiling face on my blog ms.fuzz!!!! before i forget, absolutely LOVE those shoes!!!

    LOL @ you… people on this thing are very irritating, i’d have to agree. I have been VERY lucky with my friends list,… I’ve added so many over the last year, but I’ve deleted alot as well. I dont keep people on my list for the numbers. As you know, I blog about quite person things, so i am very picky and choosey as to who reads it, and If i dont think they are good friends, or trustworthy I just delete them! I get a lil shock of excitement when i delete people… is that wrong? LMAO! anyways, i’ve just had a rant, and totally lost the plot … but i’m glad you’re back Fuzzy…

    Hope you have a good week!!!xxxx

  6. Yey you are back in town, hopefully to stay for a while now I hope. I couldn’t really concentrate on the blog as I am shocked that you are finally back and blogging again. Love the shoes and my work shoes just have the knack of making me feel that way but haven’t had any compliments from the men yet only women, saying how girliy I look. I bet you look great in your shoes or pumps as you call them! BIG BIG HUGS to you and wlecome back x

  7. I have been looking forward to your return! I have read many of your past posting and now I know why you were missed so much. I feel blessed to be here. As for Alec Baldwin, I agree with you, he is human, though I do feel he has an issue with anger…His conversation with his daughter was personal and should have been kept private. I wonder who had a play in it’s release? You could see the pain in Imus, as you stated, the Rutgers Team forgave him and he did make a public apology, that should have been enough to salvage his job! It will be interesting to see who emerges as the front runner for the Democratic Party, I still think it will be a race between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton! Fuzzy am I missing something as I just don’t see a viable solution concerning Iraq! Take care..Michael

  8. Hei Fuzz.

    First things first: Great pair of shoes, so they are!!
    Second: WELCOME back. You were missed, Gal.
    Third: Baldwin was a bold boy, but I hear that he has contacted Dr Phil for a pill or whatever, so we will see.

    Take care and do keep blogging. HUGE HUGGZ from Rii xx

  9. Yippeeee! Our Fuzzy’s back!
    So glad to see you again, hope you sorted out what was needed to be sorted out in the meantime.

    Great shoes! But who cares about shoes when we have Fuzzy back! YAY!

  10. Yayyyy!! The Fuzz is back, and I don’t mean I need to shave!!! Nice to see you finally return from your self-imposed exile.
    Reading this made me realise I must live in my own little bubble, because I had no idea what any of those things were that you mentioned, until you got to the part about other bloggers. I shouldn’t be surprised, as I only look at the news maybe a couple times a week. I even managed to totally miss the fact there was a rare earthquake in the UK over the weekend, only found out when I read it on someone’s blog!! I really must pay more attention. Next thing , someone will be telling me I missed the end of the world!!! LOL.

  11. I put my comment on the wrong blog entry 😦 I said, I think you are distantly related to Imelda Marcos! Does anyone remember her?

  12. Welcome back – and great shoes :). I imagine they fired Imus because his advertisers pulled out – and in the land of radio and tv hosts you are only useful if you are bringing in revenue (unless you are married to the head of CBS in which case you can show up on TV whenever you like – but I don’t believe Imus had similar family connections). Alec Baldwin probably got more media attention from that message then he’d gotten for his work in a long time…..and the rest of it (including the democratic candidate debate I missed)….I just can’t “do” politics more than a year before the election as whatever they say now will probably have little if any bearing on what they say in 6 months. But I do applaud the concept because I’m sure many people feel differently.
    And there are pointless and irritating folks everywhere – at least in blogland I can click the ignore button and make them go away…..if only I could do that in real life.

  13. *thunders in, winter flab wobbling all over the place and thuds into you in a big bear hug* hi girl…LOVE the shoes, very slinky and sexy. I am now going to have to go and find out all about this Alec Baldwin incident…hmm maybe not…I do enough of my own ranting and raving and apologising mindlessly to my own kids to worry about what sort of parent some old has-been is..LOL..oops L3 i think…and Imus..who is that?

    Wyatt – I used to BE Imelda Marcos – you should have SEEN my shoe collection…..these days I have hung up my laces so to speak and my kids have more shoes than me although I do still like to collect boots!!

    I hope I never become pointless and irritating – oh well, I am sure some find me that way already but that is ok they can delete me if they like – I could never fake my own death successfully because I’d keep coming back to see if anyone actually noticed or cared…….not very clever is it…even if I got one of thos new identities I think everyone would see through the chinks anyway!!!

    SO so so so happy thta you are back…love and snogs Fuzzy T…Ali xxxxxx

  14. OK, so we know what you’ve been THINKING… But what have you been DOING on your vacay? Enquiring minds want to know! Or am I the only one who believes that the real, live person behind the page matters more than the page?!?!

    Great shoes, by the way. I can see why they make you feel sexy. Next time, let’s get a photo with your feet in them… Much sexier! Hope all is well in Fuzzy Land.

  15. It is good to have you back. I agree with you on Imus and Baldwin. How petty can people get. Yes, what they did is wrong but we all m ake mistakes . Get over it.

  16. I couldn’t sleep the night before last so I decided to catch up on blogs. I had my comment all ready but then realized that it was “one day blog silence day”. Now I can’t remember all that I was going to say so I will just say two things.
    1. I am glad to see you back.
    2. Good thing no one ever made my conversations with my kids public. People all have times of frustration when they break and say heated things. By the sounds of it, Alec’s anger was really directed at his ex and he reacted by pure emotion. Not good but none of the public’s business and shame on Kim Basinger for exploiting the whole thing with their daughter in the middle.

    Did I already say that I am glad to see you back?
    P.S. What IS up with Juliette? Gezzzzzz. . .

  17. Your Fuzzy personage is BACK! You do make me smile…and I missed you. Looks like everyone did my dear girl. Love the shoes. Very “hot”. And yes, what were you up to? Working on the fud? Oops. PhD. ? LOL Hope you’re back to stay.

  18. Fuzzy reloaded! Right . . .
    a) kids. We all say something unpleasant to ours at least once in their young lives (and still regret it into our old lives); we get tired (sometimes of them), distracted, or we just run out of nice ways to tell them to stop doing something ‘wrong’. But we love them. Then we bounce them on our knees and they very nearly fall off, but we just catch them in time. And we still love them.
    b) Sarah Michelle Gellar. Yes, I do wish I had watched her doing a fun disco dance.
    c) Presidents. I thought Hillary was by far the most assured, sensible, knowledgeable and presidential. But who wants that – people just don’t like her?
    d) How (and why) do people find time for pointless blogs? And why don’t they at least brighten them up with pretty pics like I do?
    e) On Sunday I shall be wearing my brown brogues that I found in a cheap shop off the market. They cost Β£30, are real leather(!), are still going strong 10 years later (although not so good now in the wet weather . . .) and still look great (oh yes they do – that was to her downstairs).
    Phew! You probably need another holiday now.

  19. How very strange! In my head, I had already responded to all these comments, but then when I just checked back, I found that I hadn’t. Sorry all.

    Yay Tally, mega mondo hugs to you, too!! Actually, too, you made me sigh with relief when I read this because I thought surely I’d be flayed alive for saying it was no big deal. So thanks!! :)) Oh, and this goes to another comment, but yes, I like the idea of Faith and Dean, too, though they may be too much alike! Hmmmmm

    Wooohoo, Chris, thanks! You make me blush. And smile. :))

    Heyman, so fab to see you, and thanks for your great comments and welcome back! πŸ˜€

    bahaahaaa Ang, yes, wirrrreee hannngggrrrrss!! Bad stuff. :)) And you are totally famous and fabulous for inventing Shoe Sunday! I’m so on board with that one!! Love it to pieces, oh yes, I do.

    Yay! Missed your smilingness, too, Blackie Girl, you sexy bitch!! So fab to see you, and guess what . . . yep, finally watched The Hours and am all set to blog about it tomorrow. Wooohooo!! πŸ˜€ As to deleting people, I just have to sometimes; I can’t keep up and feel all guilty if I don’t visit or whatever. Or someone goes all 9th grade on me, and then it’s click click delete with glee!! lmao

    Hey Snuggles! So fab to see you, too, of course. πŸ˜€ I know what you mean about compliments from women vs. men; I’ve not often been complimented by men on shoes (though hint hint to all guys, we really like the shoe compliment; it’s a keeper!). Huggs to you, Snuggles and love to you and Marm, too. xx

    *hugs* Kerry!! Thanks for keeping me in the when you’re funny loop. You rock!

    Gosh, Michael, I just don’t know about the viable solution thing; it doesn’t seem so, does it. I mean anything that’s going to work has to be fully supported by the country as a whole or it can’t work, and that just doesn’t seem likely at this point. Everyone is so far from reasonable or logical at this point (and I mean on both sides, not just the antiwar people). I will say that I wouldn’t want to be president of the U. S. now OR in ’08 . . . can you imagine what they must go through each day in terms of stress and briefings and what all else? I just couldn’t do it. Thanks for your always great comments, too! πŸ˜€

    lol Rii, yeah, I saw Dr. Phil on the Tonight Show talking about Alec Baldwin last night; I have to admit that I turned the channel (he kind of gets on my nerves. Dr. Phil, I mean, not Alec Baldwin). Thanks for the fab support and comments. πŸ˜€ Honest to good ness hugs to your dignified self xx

    Woohoo!! thanks, Fanta. Hugs to you, Muske-Fanta

    Aw, thanks so much, Rainy! I’m so happy to see you again and to know that there are relaxing and beautiful walks awaiting me at your place. Yay! πŸ˜€

    Hehe, thanks so much Mitch! πŸ˜€ I think that the things that stick with me aren’t always the most popular news items or that I don’t blog things I can’t manage (VA Tech, for instance), so don’t be too shocked you’ve not heard of that stuff (besides, it IS all American stuff, me being American and all). Thanks for making me smile! πŸ˜€

    Well, sure, Wyatt, who can forget her? πŸ˜‰

    Hey there Divine Emness! Oh, definitely sponsors pulling out/money, but my question stands . . . why? I don’t get it. But I guess the advertisers were just so worried about looking bad or losing a sale that they knee jerked on that one. He’ll be back on the air, though, I’m sure. Look at Howard Stern (not the crazy lawyer guy, the shock jock jerk); like a cockroach, can’t be killed or put off the air. πŸ˜€ Thanks for the fab comments; it’s always great to hear from you and to think and smile.

  20. roflmfao or a very rare L5, this is the best comment ever, Ali!! Too friggin hilarious and marvelous!! Thanks so much for the grandness of your response. And you are so NOT pointless or irritating! As if. And yes, delete is a good button, a very good button indeed. and lol, yes, I think I’d be easy to spot under a difference guise, too, don’t you? Love and snogs right back atcha Amazing Adorable Ali!! xx

    Woohoo! There’s my Jillene, how’ve you been? I’ll drop you an email to better address your questions, k? And yes, I really like these shoes, they do look better on, of course. But when Ang inaugurated Shoe Sunday, we pondered the wearing of the shoe and decided that might be too tantalizing for some people, those with foot fetishes, for example. No foot porn on my page! (even though I do have a couple pairs that give good toe cleavage . . . not that I like that because I don’t. In fact, don’t know why I still have the shoes. Hmmmm). Huggs to you, my friend!!

    Exactly, Bert. See again, you say easily and briefly what I take paragraphs and days to say: “Get over it.” :)) Huggs

    Look who’s talking Meenakshi! Missed you, too, Girl!! πŸ˜€

    Yep, Azad, did you miss me? I missed you! πŸ˜€

    Thanks, Nancy, and I’ve done that, too, planned a fab comment only to forget it before I can get back to the page. I should really just comment as I go, but I do see what you mean about the ODBS and all. Yay! Glad to be back too! How’s all with your gorgeous new grandbaby? And um, yeah! What is going on with her? Can’t wait to see tonight (though it’ll just make the mystery deeper, I’m sure! Yay!). Huggs

    lmao @ fud, Gaby. All’s well enough and ticking along, so things could be worse in so many ways. πŸ™‚ I’m glad to be back and to feel your gentle soul again! I missed you.

    Wow, Neil, you’re too fab. what a wonderful, thoughtful comment . . . on Hillary Clinton, I couldn’t agree with you more. On pointless blogs, ugh, just wrote one today! But . . . well, can’t really defend it except to say that it made me happy to write it. And excellent shoe-age! It’s so fabulous to hear a man talk shoes for a change. Bravo!! :))

  21. welcome back, dear! glad to see u around again! oh and the shoes r adorable, honestly that’s my thing… πŸ™‚

  22. You’re far too modest, Kerry! I’m sure you were just as funny as always (daily!), but were too shy to tell me about it. πŸ˜›

    Yay! Thanks, Jenia, so glad you liked them, and it IS good to be back, I must say. I’m just trying not to spend too much time online again and neglect everything else (so easy for me to do).

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