In Defense of the Amazing Race Beauty Queens


One of my favorite reality shows is the Amazing Race. I’m a travel bug who only rarely gets to travel, so I just love “seeing the world” . . . from my sofa. I’m also a self-admitted reality tv watcher who enjoys the “real” interaction between “real” people put into unreal or surreal situations. I’m not here to debate the “realness” of reality television (what’s the point, we all know it’s not real. We do know that, right?), but I am here to defend the two blondes in this season’s “all stars” rendition of the Race.

For those of you with viewing standards far above my own or who may not otherwise be familiar with the show, the Amazing Race follows a bunch of pairs of people as they race around the world with limited resources and following set routes, performing a variety of country/culture-related tasks, and strategizing their way to a million dollars. Now, I’m not sure how many pairs start out each season, but it seems like a lot — as with Survivor and American Idol, I can’t keep track of that many people, so while I may or may not have an early favorite all those people at the beginning are just walking talking blurs to me. But I like the two blondes, Dustin and Kandice this season, and I very much hope they win.

I watched the first season with the (then tagged) “Barbies,” and I have to admit that I liked them even then. As I watched that season only sporadically, I thought all the fan venom toward them might be due to things they said or did on those eps I missed. It could have happened. You know, I watch an ep, and they are strong and smart and sure, and then the next week they are catty or bitchy or whatever everyone was saying. So I didn’t get into it that year, didn’t defend them. They could have Jekyl and Hyde-ed me, after all.

But THIS season, well, I just have to speak up in their defense. Yes, they are gorgeous girls. So? I honestly don’t see a problem with attractive people, and between you and me, I think that there should be far more attractive people than there currently are. I don’t see a reason for the venom directed at these girls, I really don’t. They are smart and strong. They do their tasks with the least amount of whining and crying and yelling and sniping and moaning and groaning–actually, they do less of all that than all the other pairs put together. They aren’t in the least bit prissy or showboating annoying as beautiful women can sometimes be. Nope, not at all. And they do far less back stabbing than some of the other teams who are regaled as “clever” and “wily” players.

But watch the other women on the show (well, the ones on there now, Amber never whined or queen bee’d, either) . . . they drive me nuts with their constant (and I so mean constant) whining and crying. It’s hot. We’re lost. I can’t use a GPS. It’s so high up. I’m tired. I’m thirsty. Wah, wah, wah. First of all and in the interest of full disclosure, I would be the world’s worst whiny face during all that these teams go through; I’d be snappy and pissy and petty. And I’d be upset that I couldn’t pack a whole suitcase just for my changes of shoes (they seem only to be able to bring what they can smash in a backpack!! Imagine!! Ugh!!). BUT (and you’d notice this yourself if you watch the show) I’m NOT on it. I didn’t sign up for season . . . um, are we on 18 now? There aren’t any surprises. AND this season is all people who’ve run this race, played this exact game before, fgs!

I wanted to scream last week (well, every week) because the little person (I’ll call her Myrna because that may be her name) was wobbling about with the GPS moaning and crying because she couldn’t read it and didn’t know where to go and might there be insects or other wild life in the outdoors? She kept on poking her fingers all over the screen (despite being told repeatedly by the military guy with her not to touch it; how he refrained from shooting her is a mystery to me), and the other girl, dunno her name either, so I’ll call her Shelly, just kept going in circles sobbing and crying that she couldn’t. She just couldn’t. She didn’t know what to do. Waaahhh.

Whichever blonde, Dustin or Kandice, did the task (use a GPS to find lost soldiers and radio for helicopter extraction). . . did it. She just read the GPS, went to where each soldier was, was polite and enthused and actually enjoyed herself. She was fab. Then when they were in the car (in first place. Again. Because they’re GOOD at this game and don’t waste time being idiots or fighting with each other), she said that she loved doing the military stuff that it made her feel patriotic and proud to be an American. Well, that was it for me, I’m a fan for life. Such an endearing girl, and her friend is fab, too.

Now, this post may be premature because the trailers for next week have the (now tagged) “Beauty Queens” fighting between themselves and being petty (which I’ve never seen, in either season they’ve been on). Hmmmm. I think, though, that I’ll wait and watch the ep because they’ve been amazing during this race, they really have.


17 thoughts on “In Defense of the Amazing Race Beauty Queens

  1. I’ve actually only seen it once or twice, but it looked like a lot of fun…guess I’m just too devoted to my comp to watch too much TV ๐Ÿ˜›
    But it’s like SPN…look at poor Jo who disappeared into the yonder with only a “She’s run away” from Ellen, and never mentioned again. And why? Cause the fans didn’t like her. ||Either because she was blonde and pretty, or cause they couldn’t stand the thought of Dean *shockhorror* having a girlfriend. When clearly he’s *ahem* meant to be doing Sam ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. Oh, but Tally, Jo was horrible! I really didn’t like her, either, so notch me up with the fan squad who was glad to see her go (and don’t forget she did come back for that now Sammy’s a demon/possessed ep and when Dean said he’d call, she said no you won’t. So she got something more there.). I don’t think it’s bad for Dean to have a girlfriend (who’s not Sammy! Shame on you!), but I’d like to see someone . . . prettier and better. Wouldn’t he have been cute with the girl from the painting one? I know she was “too smart” for him. Oh, and with Sammy. But I think she was gorgeous and loved her way of being into the supernatural fighting without being butch about it (like Jo was). Boooo Hisssss at Jo. But huggs and huggs some more for you!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. We don’t have that one YET. We have few gaps now for another reality show though. Well, I can only agree – I’ve never had any problems with pairs of beautiful women. Yeah, who cares if they are beautiful?

  4. Hei Fuzz.

    I do like this as well whenever it is on here – that is to say.
    It as a clever show in that they have to do all sorts of things all over the place on the planet.
    I used to like the Treasure Hunt very much indeed with Anneka Rice, but unfortunately it is not shown anymore.

    Wonder if the trailers are just saying this in order to increase the viewing numbers by a mill or so?!
    Take care and do keep well. Rii xx

  5. Lolol @ “shame on you”. *Slaps own wrist*, I’ll behave, I promise.
    You know who I’d love Dean with? Faith from Buffy. I think they’d be great together ๐Ÿ˜€
    Best quote from last week:
    “It’s ok Sammy, I promise not to trade you for a pack of smokes”

  6. I have to admit that I have not seen an episode of it this, you have me curious, so I will watch the next episode! I have no problems with someone being beautiful! I watched the one with “Boston” Rob and Amber. I have to admit that I found her very attractive and that had a huge role in me pulling for her! Though in real life, intelligence plays a factor! Question for you Fuzzy, as you know there have been many studies done regarding the role one’s attractiveness plays in our everyday life! It has been shown that an attractive person is more likely to make more money, to have a better chance at getting the job she or he applied for, even is more likely to get directions or help when asking a total stranger. Oh yeah that question! Do you feel that we as a society tend to embrace people easier based on there degree of atractiveness? I have learned that one’s appeal involves so much more, intellect, humor and so many attributes. I love life and the uniqueness of each one of us keeps life interesting. By the way have you seen Amber lately! I can solve your packing problems, just take your Pumps, feeling sexy and confident and with your intellect, you are the front runner…Just thought, you might want to throw in some clothes too…Take care…Michael

  7. It’s weird, Neil (or not, depending on how you view women), but a lot of women seem to dislike these girls merely because they are beautiful. Seriously. Hmph!

    Oh, Rii, I’ve not heard of Treasure Hunt, but it sounds very intriguing! And yes, I’m sure the trailers are edited “just so”; very often they’ll mislead completely (as, I believe, with these two girls, but guess I’ll find out soon enough next week). Survivor is terrible about misleading totally in trailers; it’s almost a joke, really, because “and next week on Survivor” is never what really happens! Sigh.

    Teehee, I really liked that ep, I have to admit, Tally, though after the Hollywood Babylon one, I’d have liked anything probably. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Michael, you raise good points and ask good questions. Yes, I do think that attractive people have it easier in life (get directions more easily, have people help with doors or bags or whatever, don’t get as many traffic tickets, that sort of thing). Heck, just look at our presidential elections since the advent of television! No ugly pres for us, right? I read somewhere that Lincoln would never be elected today. And Ike? Forget it! No, I’ve not seen anything on Amber since she and Rob got booted off the Race a couple weeks ago; I’m sure they’re working on some new reality tv deal as we speak. I love those two (though he did take some getting used to, I have to admit). I totally think that we can be very superficial as a society, and I think that the Beauty Queens are suffering from a backlash of sorts . . . everyone wants to hate them BECAUSE they are beautiful and therefore have a lot going for them already. BUT as far as I can see, they’re decent girls with great attitudes and are smart as heck; what’s not to love about them? Disliking someone solely because they look good is just as superficial as liking someone solely because they look good, right? and lol @ taking along some clothes, too! There’d be little room with the shoes. Teehee!! I think they just have their tennies, you know? Comfy and all purpose. It’s not like they’re going out to dinners or anything like that; just dashing around the globe. You’ll have to let me know what you think of the show! ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. I LOVE THE BEAUTY QUEENS!!!!!! I rooted for them the first season they were on, and I’ve been rooting for them this entire season (well, I’ll admit to being for Rob & Amber too…but, they got the boot too early!). I’ve never understood the bad rap they get either…I’ve always chalked it up to petty jealousy. They do things by the book, they follow the rules, and darn it…the yield is part of the game…if you don’t use it…you’re an idiot!! Hahaha. I love this show and would sooooooo love to be on it!!! Except for the lack of wardrobe part…sighhhhh

  9. My TV viewing has been rather poor lately, but this show is one I’ve had interest in watching so that I could see different locations around the world. Travel is awesome when one can do it!

  10. hmmm, i think it’s not just the beauty, which is probably most of it, but the lack of back-stabbing. somehow that seems to be a strike against people on reality shows. if you don’t cheat and back-stab, everybody hates you. go figure. anyway, i don’t really watch reality shows, if i can help it. of all of them out there, though, this is probably one of the few i can stand without wanting to gouge my eyes out. (no offense!) i have a hard time stomaching the bickering, cheating, drama-queens that are on most of the reality shows. and the eating of gross stuff. we used to go over to my parents’ house for dinner a lot a couple years ago and every monday night would find ‘fear factor’ on the tv. the only person that liked the show was my dad, but still, there it would be. if that wasn’t the most god-awful show on television, i don’t know what was.

  11. Sometimes I feel like I’m living at the north pole lol We don’t have this show here, as well as many others. but the stuff u wrote sounds interesting, I may look for it in the internet!
    Well I just don’t devide people into “types”, a beautiful person may be smart, and ugly one – dumb, a man may be weak and a woman – strong, child – wise, grown up – entitled to opinions etc… and certanly vise versa. everyone has a unique personality and it’s way too complicated for me to devide them into any major categories.
    but if the blondes win – I’ll be more than happy… cuz I travel alot and I know how hard it may be at times for a pretty smart blonde who doesn’t like to be whining and crying! :-)) go girls, go!!!!

  12. I am totally lost in the TV world…but I am hooked on the DVD’s of Grey’s Anatomy. I will have to tune in and see what has got the Warm Fuzzy’s attention and check it out. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. Usually i wont watch that show……But now after reading this blog…..I am going to watch that show regularly…..AZAD

  14. Yay!! Me, too, Ang. And I loved Rob and Amber; watched them on Survivor and on both Races. I hated to see them go so early, too. That so sucked. At least the Beauty Queens are still there! Woohoo!!

    Princess Ceres, you’ve a good reason not to be watching crap tv, dear, so you’re excused. LOL :))

    Ick, I hate Fear Factor, and I hate when they go all Fear Factor on the Amazing Race or Survivor (eat the mounding plate o’ hairy pigs’ feet or how about a yummy worm?), so I am very with you on that score, Kerry! And what is it with dads and the tv control thing? So unfair!!

    Exactly, Jenia! You’re a good case in point; you’re a beautiful girl who also has brains, and I imagine you have some things very easy in life but that you are also the target of unfair jealousy and judgements based solely on your looks. Well, not here, I think you’re the rockinest Russian around!! ๐Ÿ˜€ Huggs

    Hey Priceless Pris, so happy to see you on the comments again! I’ve been getting into Grey’s Anatomy, too, and between that and Heroes (which I have to get up to speed on for Tally), I’ve got my dvd viewing all lined up. Yay!! ๐Ÿ˜€ Huggs to you, my friend.

    Aw, Azad, you make me smile! I think that’s so great; let me know what you think of it. I wish they’d go back to India (they went there a couple times!) because I’ve learned so much about it from your blogs and want to see if I can spot some of the places from your pics! ๐Ÿ˜€

  15. i don’t know about all dads, but mine is a true tv addict. he tapes EVERYTHING! and if he misses a show, you’d think the world was coming to an end. if we don’t let him have his way and watch what he wants, he’s unbearable to be around, and he’s almost unbearable to be around as it is, so you can imagine how much worse he can be.

  16. I used to watch this show all the time. But one season I was not happy with the some of the verbal and physicle abuse. I really did not like watching a man push his wife (girl friend). I also did not like some of the verbal abuse. It shocked me that the show aloud this type of behavior. I stopped watching that season. But I will say I used to like th e team with the short lady. But I will admit I do not like whining.

  17. Shuffles feet and mumbles something unintelligible (um, Kerry, I’ve FRETTED because I missed a show, really, it’s quite sad.). Teehee. Big huggs! ๐Ÿ˜€

    I was bummed that they didn’t win tonight, Bert, but I guess they still did well, and at least they handled their little spat well, like grown ups. I was proud of them. It was also good to see Rob and Amber, even though it was just a glimpse at the end. ๐Ÿ˜€ Thanks for the comment, as always!! ๐Ÿ˜€

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