Global Warming, Climate Change, Fear, and Hysteria


When does a scientific principle become closed to debate? No, this isn’t a riddle, Guys and Gals, it’s a legit question. So when? When it’s proven true? Or when powerful people who are not scientists say it is and then silence anyone who disagrees? Did we stop debating the earth as the center of the universe because it was proven incorrect? Oh, wait, first all debate was stopped because anyone who dissented with our role as the be all, end all, and masters of the universe was . . . um, silenced (often forever).

And now here we are debating anew our role as masters of the universe or at least of our planet. We are suddenly in charge of our planet’s climate; we say when it goes icy (the seventies) and we say when it goes hot hot hot (now now now). Our power is such that we can, in only thirty years, completely turn the planet’s entire workings on end. Wow. With that kind of control and power, it doesn’t seem to be a big stretch that we can mosey over to the thermostat and slide the mercury back to icy. Or how about a nice, temperate median? I know, let’s figure out what’s best for the planet and then we can set the temperature accordingly. Where’s the committee working on that? Get Al Gore, Sheryl Crowe, and that cute little guy who heads up the U. N., put on some coffee, and let them work it out for us. Oh, and let’s get a couple of scientists (maybe even a climatologist, though not necessary for this exercise), threaten their jobs and livelihoods, and add them to the mix.

Okay, so the planet’s warming up . . . uh huh. And in another twenty to thirty years it’s probably going to cool back down again (again). And we can all pat ourselves on the back and sigh with relief over our power and influence and the narrow escape we had from being burned to little crispy critters while sitting in our living rooms. That’ll be fun, a party, really.

Couldn’t we just wait and see? I mean what’s twenty or thirty years in the history of the planet? Nada, not a blink of an eye even. Now I’m the first to admit that I’m not a scientist (certainly not a climatologist), and I’m not an award winning singer or even actress, and I’m not a politician, so I can totally understand why I shouldn’t be taken seriously on this issue. So please, don’t listen to me. Check it out for yourself . . . and ask yourself and your sources some questions:

How responsible for the planet’s climate change are human beings?

Who was responsible for climate change before the Industrial Revolution? Did those wacky Neanderthals emit more greenhouse gases than we thought? Did those pesky dinosaurs really have opposable thumbs and industrialize behind our backs?

Is a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a degree of warming over the past couple decades really worth all the hysteria and fear that has otherwise sane, balanced, reasonable people shrieking and pulling out their hair in horror and alarm?

Now, it is my understanding that I had a hand in saving the ozone layer (it’s almost all better now! Yay!) simply by (mostly) avoiding aerosol spray cans; what can I avoid to . . . oh, say, change the entire climate of a planet whose climate was previously changing all on its own due to tectonic plates and a variety of other weathery climatey things?

How did we avert the Ice Age promised in the ’70’s and can we just do the opposite of what we did then to avert the coming Hell Age?


Here’s a show I watched last night:

Here’s Gore’s master (of the universe) piece:

And there’s other stuff out there, too. Of course. And lots of issues that I’ve not addressed but have discussed on Rash’s blog post and a series of very well done posts on Neil’s page.

And let me also add (for those who will knee jerk to the conclusion that I must hate the planet and want it to burn up) that I don’t have a problem with using “earth friendly” light bulbs (I do, even though–surprise, surprise–they cost FAR more than regular) and other items, and I not only don’t have a problem with but support a slew of other conservation efforts: makes sense to me to save our natural environment, its ecosystems, and life forms. But we should be doing that anyway, not because we’re whipped into a frenzy of fear and hysteria at a pitch usually associated with scary religious zealots.


34 thoughts on “Global Warming, Climate Change, Fear, and Hysteria

  1. Eureka Fuzzy dear i got it………So wat you are going to give for me…It should be different…..azad

  2. well, gee, if al gore says it’s happening, it must be true. after all, he did invent the internet. *sigh*

    the problem is, all the scientists that dispute the fear mongers, the scientists that say all the stuff we are seeing with our climate happened millions of years ago, before there were any people, are relegated to page 6 of section d in tiny print under a huge ad for the dry cleaners down the street. it just doesn’t make good headlines.

  3. Global warming/cooling is a natural process, it has been happening for millions of years. The Mediterranean sea dried out completely for a couple of times too. The difference was-back then-that there were no people around to whinge about it.
    So, I would agree with what the bloke said at the end of the video clip on CNN: “Get used to it!”
    Of course we should all do what we can not to damage it on purpose, not because we are told to do so, but because we are caring human beings.
    But at the end of the day, you cannot reverse a natural process.

  4. Yay, I’m so with you. I had just this conversation with a close friend the other day.
    We have Ice Ages. Some things die, some survive. The climate changes. Things adapt, or they die out.
    So yes, I’ll use less energy like a good girl, turn the heating down a notch, turn the lights off, only boil the water I need, but really…I don’t think it’s all our fault. It’s how the world works!

  5. Wow Fuzzy. I am glad you posted this. 360 is full of blogs virtually screaming that we are all doomed soon from the big GW. I was mulling doing a blog called “Global Hot Air” laying out the deep flaws in the current Global Warming hysteria. But since when do politicians, pundits or blinkered activists listen to facts?

    The comments above say it all, but one extremely valuable book I have found on the whole environmental movement, and its numerous false claims is one by Bjorn Lomborg called “The Skeptical Environmentalist.”

    He is no right wing conservative. He is liberal, but he is also an honest scientist. Point by point he compares claims against data and the claims are found wanting. Alas, it will be a cold day in you know where, before honest science is given its due.

  6. Wow…making us use our noggin today!! I guess I do what I can environmentally wise….I got rid of my Aquanet in the 80’s, I recycle, I walk a lot instead of driving (when it’s less than a couple miles). I know there are things that can be done better, things that can “help”…but, I’m honestly of the opinion that certain climate thingies (technical jargon, eh?) are just cyclical. Just the way of the earth doing it’s checks and balances. I know that’s not the popular opinion,’s mine. However, I do think all the little things do help!

    Lol, Kerry…I made a Gore/internet reference the other day in a blog…and a couple people sent me messages telling me it wasn’t true…I was like…..”dudes…it was sarcasm”!! Haha

  7. ang~yes, unfortunately sometimes sarcasm doesn’t come across so well when written. pity, too, as it’s my favorite form of humor.

  8. First of all I would like to extend my condolences to Doc for the un timely passing of his cow! I enjoyed your blog and could not agree with you more! After watching that clip by CNN, I am so tired of the over marketing of fear in our society today. Whether it is Iraq, Social Security or Global Warming, take your pick! The main selling point is to instill fear in to us to serve someone’s agenda. I too remember when in the 70’s when we were on a course with a “New Ice Age”! In a mere thirty years, it has pulled a 180 on us. Historically when we refer to time and changes in the earth, we speak in terms of mega years! Here in California, we have the Hayward Fault and the San Andres Fault….I live on the San Andres Fault and I am still waiting for the two plates to break apart and for California to fall in to the ocean! Scientist predicted this many years ago, however they have stepped back from that one. Working for a power company, I know all to well the role our fossil fuel power plants play in contributing to pollution. There are studies going on about the feasability of wind turbines and solar energy, yet there is no way that it can solely provide a power grid worthy of servicing our customers! I’m all for saving our natural enviroment and protecting our streams, lakes and oceans. Leon Panetta, who was Chief of Staff for the Clinton Administation lives here on the Central Coast and did us a great favor while in office and designated the Monterey Bay a Marine Sacntuary, this stopped the big oil companies from drilling off of our coast, for this I am thankful! As for Global Warming, it is not your fault!…Michael

  9. Good blogging Fuzz. Nice to see you back to speed.
    -You can tell when a politician lies, their lips are moving.
    -The most immediate solution for this scare is to elliminate all the cattle. They emit more bad gas than cars. 🙂

  10. YES!!
    Thanks for the mention Fuzzy. I commented (at length – oh dear – on Rash’s excellent blog too. Thanks for pointing me that way.) I agree with Michael too. Good to see a power company man commenting disinterestedly.
    I’m not going to repeat the long comment I posted on Rash’s blog, butyour last para is the key. Congratulations for seeing your way through the bullshit (or is that cowfarts?) and refining the issue to its essence. My only other comment is that of course the US should be taking more of a disinterested lead, maybe listening to you more, and helping get the Chinas and Indias on board too. I fear it won’t do that while it needs power industry votes and while it might sell more climate rectifying technology.

  11. Loved you pic by the way. It does underline the interconnectivity of everything on the planet – we need everything in your pic for the planet to work, including Man (but maybe not so many!).

  12. I recently started looking into what you have blogged about today, that the planetary climate varies and has been for as long as the planet has been around. Sure, it wouldn’t hurt to cut back on the greenhouse gasses, but it does appear that the planet itself warms and cools. It has not been until recently that people have been keeping worldwide records of weather patterns, so what we may see as current horrific weather conditions may have been going on for centuries…we just didn’t know about it.

  13. I don’t rely on any of their conclusions, I just follow nature. We should just help nature and grow along with it. The last 100 years have made it convenient but also we are generating too much waste, so we should cut down and not to harm nature. Regarding the lamps, the initial costs are high but you should overall savings in the long run. Check this here: Regarding Global warming whatever it is, we can use more renewable source like Solar and wind power and create less pollution. Every other species works well with nature, why can’t we?

  14. I am with you, we should try to conserve just generally as a habit but I don’t worry about what is going to happen to the earth…you can run but you can’t hide type theory. Even those with enough money to get off the planet, where are they gonna go and for how long? Just more to debate…like Iraq isn’t enough. Can you imagine the global warming going on over there?

  15. Hei Fuzz.

    Good entry, as always.
    First of all: Tis must be the coldest ‘Global Warming’!
    I am so freezing over here still as if it was winter, yet it is supposed to be May, but alas –

    I went and read several of Neil’s entries on climate and also, Rash’s entry. I remember the Ecological Days we used to have at school in the 70’s, and then, as it has been mentioned several times, it was Mini Ice Age we were heading towards! Nowadays it just the reverse. As far as Finland is concerned, the land is like one big freezer as it is, a degree more here or there would be brilliant so that we have a change to melt = feel the heat before it will be another freezer season upon us!

    I have other thoughts on this but tis for now. Rii xx HUGZ

  16. You of cource are correct. the world has done this change on its own for millions of years,and look, we somehow survived. I dont know why everyone thinks AG is the God of Green, but he was only a VP. I do beleive we will continue to survive for a few thousand more years, as long as the fanatics dont kill trhe rest of us for not wiggin like they want us too. And the lightbulbs, they do last a lot longer than traditional bulbs, but they contain Mercury and have to be disposed of in a special place. you are not supposed to just toss them like the regulare ones. We will probably buy them just cus they are supposed to drop your energy cost so much, but it has nothing to do with working with AG.

  17. Azad, CONGRATS on being first to comment . . . I’m not sure what’s an appropriate prize for that, but I definitely agree that you should get something special. What do you have in mind? 😀

    lol @ Gore inventing the internet; I love that and it’s a real go to statement in my sarcastic bag o’ tricks (I just saw some reporter try to bully John McCain into making a “read my lips: no new taxes” declaration and rolled my eyes at his idiocy, the reporter, I mean. Who doesn’t remember that one?). And you are SO right about the burying of anything that might be construed as evidence that this warming is nothing to wig out about; it took me literally hours yesterday to amass such data ONLINE, where it should be easily accessible. (turns out I didn’t need the data, as no one has commented in defense of fear and hysteria . . . gee, wonder why not since I put it like that?). 😀 Huggs.

    Exactly, Fanta, the climate has long been in flux, when it STOPS changing is when we need to worry; it’s an organic thing not something we can actually control. And yes, seas and rivers dry up, and forests burn up all without the help of humans . . . it’s the natural order of things. Do we impact the environment? Of course, but it’s not like we rule the world. Hundreds of thousands of species went extinct all without human involvement. Conservation efforts have had disastrous results right here in America when humans start messing around controlling things, ecosystems get bottom heavy and collapse right under our watchful eyes. We go to save a species and then it’s suddenly time to “control” that same population (which means kill them off until there are just the right number of the creatures, Goldilocks). Why do we constantly need to play God like this? Ooops, I’ve gone off again, Sorry Fanta got all off topic there. 🙂 Huggs to you, my friend.

    Exactly, Tally, and well said. Adaptation is key to survival. If the ice caps melt and there’s coastal flooding, um . . . move away from the friggin’ coast. Geez, I’m glad we weren’t around and in charge when the tectonic plates shifted and moved from one mass into all the continents! Wonder what we’d do to try to stop that? hehe, actually makes me laugh to think about it! If this planet didn’t change, and I mean huge sweeping species killing change, what would it look like? Um, not that we’d be around to see it, of course. These people trying to stop climate change are just peeing into the wind. Can and should we minimize our own impact, of course, but we’ve been saying that. Huggs Marvelous Tally!! 😀

    Dunno why, Sarge, but I got the idea in my head that you’d think I was a nutjob for this post/stance, so it was a wonderful happy surprise to read your comment. Not that it would have changed my warm fuzzies for you if you HAD hated this view, God knows we don’t agree on everything (thank God!), but just an observation. Yeah, Lomborg was on this show I watched, and he has a point about more people dying each year from current cold than are projected to die from the coming hell on earth. Thanks for your comments, dear Sarge.

    Aquanet, Ang (stops to remember and honor the pink can)!! Yay!! You know, I think you can actually buy that stuff again? Not that I do, but you can. I do confess to using several aerosol items (my current hairspray, staticguard, and Spot Shot). I’m a planet killer. Ugh. Isn’t it cute when you get those emails that are condescending and patronizing because whomever it is failed to see the irony, sarcasm, humor of what we said? Makes me feel . . . um, condescending. lmao

  18. bahaha, I just amused myself writing to Tally, so here’s a little comment blog interlude . . .

    The time is pre-continent formation . . . just one land mass, but we are all here (though of course there were no humans then, but no one screamed stop change then, okay, so no one was around to scream it. Whatever.). One land mass and the science is conflicted: some say that humans are responsible for land mass shifts, some say humans are not responsible, and some say humans are partly responsible. People flock to each view, with more of them taking the safer middle ground (pun, of course, intended).

    Humans are partly responsible and therefore not only can but will stop the land mass shiftage. But how? Let’s change the standard of living on the single landmass by having everyone move from their homes and live in the middle of the land mass (all that human jiggling on the edges was chipping off bits of land, after all, oops, there goes Australia . . . See? That proves that humans are responsible!!). There will be no housing, no buildings of any kind because they’ll interfere with the balance of people in the center who need not move at all or the land will fall apart beneath their feet. This move will of course cost trillions of dollars and no one will really benefit (except the people getting the trillions, who oddly enough still live at the edges of the land mass in lovely mansions, moving about in their fancy cars and even DANCING!!) because the land will still break apart and the people left huddled in the center will be . . . well, left huddled in the center, clinging to the past and the known and unprepared for the future and the unknown.

    Okay, sorry about that, I amuse me sometimes. Back to comments:

  19. Michael, yes, the over marketing of fear in our society! Love that, sounds like a fab blog title, topic. I guess we just pick our fears, though, like our poisons, huh? My pet fear is terror. Others have global warming or “big business” or AMERICA and AMERICANS (we’re feared around the globe. A lot.) or whatever else. Oh, and I fear heights, but that doesn’t get the press. And yay, thanks for the support re global warming not being my fault, that’s one of those things you know on some level, but still doubt. Yay!! Doing happy dance that I didn’t kill the planet with my whole being civilized thing (personally, I think it’s worth it to have what we have and warm us up a bit, SO many more shoe choices than if we were still huddled in caves). Huggs Michael

    Heyman! That’s a good solution, but we can’t have those dead cows lying around and decomposing, do you have ANY idea how much greenhouse gas THAT would create? Hmph! (Big smile :D)

    Hey Neil, well, if you mean Kyoto, I’m not a supporter of that, I’m afraid. General conservation, yes!! Anti-pollution, yes!! And yes, America is a convenient scapegoat (as usual), but truth be told, even if bin Laden had his way and we Americans were all literally wiped from the face of the earth, the planet would still follow its cycles. And humans, even without the demon American presence, would still do those pesky things that may or may not contribute significantly to those cycles like drive their cars, live in their homes, enjoy their manufactured products, travel, build, and engage in a variety of personal hygiene. Where’s Cher with a rousing rendition of “If I could turn back time”? The REAL culprits seem to be you Brits, who let’s face it, were almost single handedly responsible for the Industrial Revolution. (bahaha, I’m not into the blame game . . . largely because I don’t think there’s any blame to assign, just giddy and having fun!) Huggs Neil. 😀

    Oh, and thanks for the note on the pic, too, Neil. I got that from some American dot gov site. It doesn’t really address all the factors involved like the Milankovich cycles and irradiance of the sun, but it’s good enough for this blog.

    Thanks, Barbara, it’s always good to hear from you.

    Aw, thanks, Azad 😀

    Hey, Ceres, yeah, that’s part of the problem with the science, no one really KNOWS what’s been going on, that contributes to the hysteria. But they know enough from studying rocks, tree rings, etc. to know that the climate has heated and cooled at various times throughout the planet’s history; trying to stop that is just silly to me! 😀

    Hey Chris, well, the lightbulbs are fine, they are actually brighter than the old one (not as flattering light once a woman hits a certain age, but still, good for that failing eyesight! teeehee). Thanks for the tiny url, you are always so great with that stuff! You rock. 😀 And I definitely think we should continue to work on polluting less! I am not by any stretch saying that I think we should just pollute like crazy and kill species or disregard our environment, I just don’t think we are as powerful and influential as these scary folks would have us believe. Nature has a way of wiping US out, too, you know, just like any other species who’s had its time on earth . . . just a thought. 😀 Huggs to you, Fab Chris

  20. Priceless Pris, that is just Priceless: you can run from it, but you can’t hide. Teehee!! So true. Huggs 😀

    Aw, big warm fuzzy huggs to the Freezing Ickle Finn! Spring finally hit here, but it was so late in coming that I totally sypmathize with you. 😀 Do stay warm, Diggy Rii. xx

    Yikes, Lisa! I didn’t know I had to do something special with those things! I think I may have thrown them in the regular trash before, and I KNOW that one broke when I tried to replace it . . . wonder if I’m all poisoned now? Ugh! Thanks for the tip on that. 😀 And yes, there is that religious fervor / Inquisition feel to all this, and it’s probably not a wrong thought to worry (or at least joke) about being murdered for not believing the new gospel! Take care, and so glad you stopped by.

  21. I was watching a nature show on PBS a couple of weekends ago and they mentioned that because of the decomposed bodies of aquatic animals on the ocean floor, pockets of methane form and if large enough amounts make their way up to the surface, it causes global warming, just like 55 million years ago. IIRC, we’ve had a few Ice Ages and some thawings since then. I guess its just Gaia’s birhythms!

  22. i laughed out loud at your little aside about what our society would be like if we’d been around when the continents broke away. sounds very true, too.

  23. Hi fuzzy; it’s good to be back 🙂

    This topic has bugged me for a long time now. I don’t particularly want to get too deeply into it. But what I would start off with is this: How much damage was, and still is, being caused by rockets that literally ‘punch’ holes out of the ozone layer ever time they are launched? That is *not* echo-friendly, but who is going to be the one to say it should stop?

    I find it amazing that scientist can discuss the topic of one aerosol spray multiplied by a few billion people on average use of 3 times daily and come up with a result. And they do *exactly* that. And when they’ve done it, they apply the same principles to all manner of things that are contributory to greenhouse gasses and come up with the foretold ‘doom.’ Some are even setting the dead-lines (actual years and months) to when it’s all going to end in tears. I don’t know why, but when I get close to this issue I immediately think ‘Statistics’ … and we all know what they are.

    There is a scientific train of thought that is based on science *fact* that hotly contest the global warming issue. They state the whole thing to be a farce and that our Governments need to ‘get a grip’ and stop the doom-and-gloom predictions. They state our planet to be in a state of change, and that change is simply another step in the evolution of our planet since time began. Many (or is that most?) would strike this off and consider it to be utter nonsense; and yet the same scientific ‘rules’ that say we are destroying our planet also says we are in a natural state of flux; what they do is apply the same rules but differently.

    If we believe global warming is in-gear and is upon us, then firstly we need to stop the darn rockets; you can bet your last dollar that for all the talk of the ozone layer that *no* Government is going to tell you of what damage is caused this way; and how many billions of aerosols it equates to 😉

    Interesting blog; as always of course 🙂

    Hugs and much love to you fuzzy.


  24. Sorry to be that crass but what you say is mainly bullshit. Your first two paragraphs are nothing but some polemic – mildly witty. That your joking about how itsy bitsy humanity could be able to affect the earths climate doesnt proove anything. Its just some feullotinistic remark and thats it.
    Not very original either.
    As for the scientists or no scientists – let me tell you that about 90 % of all scientists who ever worked and published on the issue agree that a) we are at the beginning of a significate climate change, b) that what we face now is man-made and c) that its dangerous (not that much for you and me but especially for africans for instance). Even the pentagon agrees although they dont get a single buck more from that warning.
    Your second point (if one can call that mildly amusing first two paragraphs making a point) is that climate change is a natural occurence – the main argument of people denying the problem.
    Well, and? What about it? Dooes that per se exclude that part of it, a decisive part even – can (is in this case) man made? Of course not.
    What the people denying the problem – a loud minority – would have to proove in face of an overwhelming majority of scientists warnings would be that:
    a) CO-2 emissions dont cause a greenhouse effect. Or b) our CO-2 emissions are not significant enough. Or c) there exists no greenhouse effect generally. Or d) The climate change we face is not as bad as the majority expect it to be.
    None of that is what you do. Which is only a small wonder, because nobody did it that far.

    And I am writing all that as a senior manger of a power company, which will have to pay fighting climate change.
    I agree with you about that public – or rather publicised – opinion regarding the topic goes overboard sometimes – often even here in germany.
    But that doesnt make it a bad cause, because then we could stop fighting terrorism for instance.
    Said my piece…

  25. Dudge, yeah, I tend to agree, just the little lady adjusting herself, after all. Hehe 😀

    Teehee, Kerry, well, at least I’m not the only one I amused with that!

    Oh, but Frankie, the ozone isn’t a problem anymore, didn’t you get the memo? lmao, you’re exactly right! Thanks so much for your fab comments, and I must say that it’s wonderful to see you again! Huggs and all best to you. 🙂

    Yay!! Snuggles was here, and that’s all that matters! Thanks for stopping by wonderful Snuggles. Huggs to you and yours from me and mine.

    Hey U. K., so nice to hear from you, and I must say, so nice to hear from someone from the “other side.” Of course this is all bullshit, spot on, there. And you are quite right to note that no one has thusfar assessed human contribution to the “global warming” problem nor what we are to do about it. Sorry you don’t like my style, but you’ve not really added anything substantive, now have you? Thanks for stopping by.

  26. Fuzzy – I finally got round to posting my response [of sorts] to this. My inclination is probably the opposite to the majority of people posting comments here. I am broadly behind IPCC, although I have to confess I have not done more than cursory reading on the subject, taking in information from both sides of the debate.

    I think generally these days we are talking not talking about whether global warming is happening, but as you have pointed out, the extent to which we can influence it and also how worried we should be. I completely agree that there is some hysteria that is unhelpful.

    One or two points I will make here, that I did not mention in my post, are to do with specific comments you raised. Firstly on the issue of the 70’s Ice Age, there is commentary at the website below you might find interesting [if you can be arsed to trawl through it]

    In any case, to state that scientists have been wrong before about climate change therefore they must or are likely to be wrong about global warming, is a logical fallacy. I know you didn’t express it like that in your post, but the train of thought seemed to be implicit in the way you presented it to me.

    Ozone depletion, I didn’t really know an awful lot about until I read you post, and went off to read the Wiki entry for it. From reading that, it seems to me that there was an example of the international community responding to an enviromental problem with some success, led by the US actually. It seems swift action has helped arrest the hole in the ozone layer.Surely this is an example of the global community responding quickly to the mid eighties ‘alarmism’ over the ozone layer and putting in place remedial actions. Happy to be put straight on this if you have different info, it just seems to run contrary to the thrust of your argument.

    Great and stimulating post though. My only fear now is that you are going to swamp me with that pile of scientific citations you mentioned you had accumulated. ;P

  27. Fabi, can I just hug your smarty pants self to bits? I love your balanced and always thoughtful and decent approach to every topic, and I can’t even begin to express to you my respect for your intellect and person. (oh, and no “but” here, that’s all as it should be)

    The logical fallacy you detect is not really in my writing (though it is), it’s in all that you hear from the sky is falling crowd . . . we’ve industrialized and created greenhouse emissions and greenhouse emissions MAY be causing global warming. The Ice Age folks were just as adamant as the Hell Age folks currently are, and no, that doesn’t make either set wrong, but it does call into question the absolute answers that science offers. Or it should. Faulty syllogisms make me happy, and there are so many here, it’s not even funny: humans create co2. co2 kills the earth. therefore humans are killing the earth. Um. Okay. Just like when Socrates was a man. Socrates is dead. Therefore all men are dead. Huh?

    Naw, I’ll not shower you with data, though I do have some yummy links if you’d like to see them! (yay!); I’ll just thank you for being smart and honest and open. I don’t have kids, but if I could wish myself one, she’d be you. Well, very like you, anyway. 😀

  28. Wow. Did you just adopt me? 😀 Thanks very much for your kind words, even though we kind of disagree on this issue.

    Indeed there are examples of faulty logic on both sides of this debate. Non sequiturs abound. I suppose where I was coming from was this; Ice Age crew were adamant about a climate change issue and they were wrong, therefore anyone who is adamant about a climate change issue must be wrong. When weighing these claims against each other one also has to consider how authorative the science behind each claim is. I don’t think it is a like for like comparison.

    If you are using it in general terms to show that scientific theories can be wrong, well then yes I have to agree they can. I think perhaps more than anything else, the Ice Age stuff is more have a csolid example of media hype versus scientific theory though.

    Save the links for now. I have some major cramming to do for exams in the coming weeks, and doubtless we will return to the topic in the future armed with scientific links a plenty. 😉

  29. Yay, adopting Fabi! And it’s BECAUSE we disagree on this issue and you remain so level headed and balanced and intelligent; I already knew I liked you when we were in complete agreement. Disagreement is when things get tricky, no?

    Anyway, I don’t think it really matter if we agree about the severity or imminence of global warming or about the tactics used to get people on board with it so long as we are in accord about preserving our planet and finding alternative fuel sources. And we do seem to be in agreement there, though we may disagree about how much impact we can have on saving the planet if it’s really going to keep getting warmer until all the dire predictions come true (so many factors involved in producing a single weather event, let alone the vastness of our global climate). But honestly, I think I’ve said all I can say about my views on this topic without dragging out the scientists, so I’ll keep my eye on your page for the next climate post with science involved (or let me know ahead of time, and I can send them to you to be included in the post, either way).

    Somehow I imagine you’ll do very well on exams, but I’ll wish you well all the same. Take care 😀

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