Shortcuts and Shoes


I’m one of those people who has no time (or patience) for those little tutorials offered to show us all the wonderful things that will ultimately save us time (and patience). Sigh. But I have managed to stumble across a few helpful shortcuts on 360, and I thought that it would be great (and fun) if you guys would share your helpful shortcuts, too. Then I’d never have to look not only at those tutorials but also the help pages. Yay! So here are a few shortcuts or just random things I do on 360 that make my blogging life easier:

1. I blogged on the wonders and joys of tag clouds before, but I didn’t mention (because I’d yet to discover) . . . dum dum dah . . . list view! It’s genius, and it saves me so much time going through other people’s blogs and finding things on my own, as well. In fact, I most recently used it on Neil’s page to find his really wonderful series on climate change.

In honor of Ang, inventor and inaugurator of the most wonderful blog day of all–Shoe Sunday, I’ll use the tag “shoes” as an example. So say you’re interested in what I’ve written about shoes (and hey, why wouldn’t you be?!), you go to my blog, click on the “shoes” tag, and there are all the blog posts I’ve done on shoes. Well, who wants to wade through all that (and no, never blogged on waders)? Just click the handy “list view” and voila! all the titles of all the blogs on shoes! How great is that?

2. I’ve been drawn kicking and screaming out of my blog hidey hole and had to find a way to keep track of all my wonderful friends. Now, when I say kicking and screaming, I don’t mean that I’m unhappy with my current blog life, just that it was easier and faster when I had fewer than twenty friends. I wouldn’t NOW change a thing, I love my list and actually (are you sitting down?) hope to find still more people to add to it so long as they are as interesting and fun as you guys. Anyway, back peddling complete, I did have to work out some way to keep up with everyone without going slap insane, so I came up with a shortcut (um, am probably just using the functions as they’re meant to be used, but not having read the instructions, didn’t know it).

Friend groupings on the home page . . . brilliant! You know how you can go to your “see all” home page and get that little drop down menu? Well, if you’ve tagged your friends list (well, the people on it), you can easily narrow that sometimes scarily multi home page pages to but a few. It does take some time to tag your contacts, but once that’s done, well, easy fun times ensue. I guess you can label your friends by the type of blog they do (political, fiction, personal, travel, photoblog, etc.), but as most of my friends are just as diverse and difficult to label as I (or at least our blogs are), I can’t do that effectively. So I group mine by how often they come to my page, and then I go to theirs (at least) that often. My categories, then are something like daily, weekly, frequently, sometimes, rarely, never. That kind of thing. That way, when I am rushed for time, I can click the “daily” peeps and make sure I hit their pages before doddering off to do whatever else needs doing.

I actually only use this system in a pinch, as I mostly just bounce around wherever I want whenever I want on a whim of the moment. Sort of like my approach to shopping. But it’s good to have in place for those rushed times when I do need it.

3. This one isn’t really a 360 thing, but it helps here. When IE7 came along, I not only blogged it but fell in love with the tabbing function. So of course I found ways to tab my blogging life easier. For example, I will open two tabs when I am responding to comments on my page because it is so much easier to click on a tab than to scroll up and down the page. How’s that for lazy? But it has the added bonus of meaning that I only rarely now miss someone’s comment. Yay! And of course tabbing makes researching blogs and including links all that much easier (though I haven’t really been in the mood to do a lot of research lately, but I’m sure I’ll get back to that one of these days).

4. And then just in general, I’d like to take a moment to honor the wonders and joys of Control + F. Dreamy smile and happy joy. Pressing control F on any website will bring up a happy little box into which you type whatever it is you wish to Find on the page, and then it will go and find it for you. Yay!! You can use this for all sorts of things, but it’s useful to me when I am searching for a particular blog someone’s done, have clicked the tag in the tagcloud, and have a long page of multiple posts to get through, I can “find” a name or term that I know was used in the post I’m looking for and save me reading all those entries (again).

5. Another nifty thing that comes in handy on those pages with wacked text font or the teeeeeensiest text is the Control + Scroll function. Using the scroll wheel on your mouse you can make a page bigger (or smaller) by using Control and wheeling to zoom in or out. It’s helpful. What I don’t know is how to make it go normal again once I’ve messed with it, so if someone knows how, let me know!

Speaking of letting me know . . . please do comment on whatever tips, tricks, and shortcuts you use on 360, or if you have better ways of using the functions than I do, please tell!


There was going to be a segment in here on shrimp (shortcuts, shrimp, and shoes), but the shortcuts section got a bit longer than I expected, so the shrimp had to go. It’s Shoe Sunday, so you know the shoes were here to stay.

Those red slides . . . what can I say about them? They are a dream, an absolute dream to wear. The heel (which is out of fashion now, btw) is the skinny rectangular heel that is so steady and sturdy that you hardly know you’re in a heel at all. At my age, I no longer care if the heel is out of fashion, btw, and I shamelessly wear these to this day! I love them with jeans or khakis or with a three quarter length summery floral dress. For some reason, I think they look . . . um, slutty with shorts or shorter skirts/dresses, and that’s so not the look I go for. I think they might work with capris, but I’m not going to try it . . . just in case that trashy slutty look lurks behind my denial.

Back to the shoes . . . I must say that I have this weird tic about buckles and don’t usually like them on my shoes, but this pair is just too fab not to love. Does anyone else feel compelled to match their jewelry to their shoe (or belt) buckle? You know, silver jewelry with silver, etc.? Or is that just me? hmmm . . . WWSD (what would Stacy do?)


23 thoughts on “Shortcuts and Shoes

  1. Ooooh, they be pretty shoesies 😀 I’m not a shoe coordinator. You have to bear in mind, I live in the country and spend half my life tramping through mud. So I tend to go with “coordinates with mud”.

    I never knew about the CTRL+F function…huh…you learn something new everyday. I’m crazy about Firefox, that has the multiple tabs feature too. I don’t like IE7 because it makes annoying noises at me.
    Personally, i either make my blog in Word and paste it in, or I write it all out and before clicking “post blog entry” I highlight it all and copy it…just in case Yahell has a spazz and loses it, I can just paste it right back in.
    I’m just getting to grips with HTML, it’s scary but so, so good!

  2. And lmao @ ” just in case that trashy slutty look lurks behind my denial.”…bless, as if you could ever be trashy and slutty, you’re far too cool.

    I love the tag cloud too, but think I wayyyy overuse it. It’s immense.

  3. i do love the tags and one of these days i’m going to go back and tag the rest of my posts. someday.

    unfortunately, i don’t have any shortcuts, other than if i have a lot of comments to go through on my blog, i will write my comments out in notebook to paste into comment box all at the same time. it keeps me from having to scroll up and down over and over, which bugs me a little. i think that’s as close to a shortcut as i have.

  4. Ohhhhh, I learned something today!!! Control F…cooooooool!! Thanks for the tip! I love tag cloud…I even use it to find stuff on my 70post blog…lol.

    Love the red shoes! Ha…I laughed when you wrote about “coordinating”….I had a teensy problem last night. The jeans I had picked to wear last night had gold rhinestones on the pockets..but I wanted to wear my sparkly silver shoes….hmmmmm, a fashion conundrum! Sooooo, I picked a long enough shirt that covered the gold rhinestones!! Haha..problem solved.

  5. if you use to many shortcuts you will eventually return from the past and see yourself posting a blog in the future that you hadnt actually thought of but managed to shortcut your way there, be careful it can get scarey.

  6. My heart sank when I saw the word ‘shoes’ in the blog title!! You are the fifth person who has blogged about them this weekend off my list. Is there a sort of’ shoe-fever’ that comes along with Spring?? LOL @ Tally’s “co-ordinate with mud”.
    Think I’d rather have read about shrimp!! One of my all-time favouritest foods :-))
    I use pretty much the same shortcuts and handythings (my own nane for them) as you do. I wasn’t too sure of the usefulness of tags to start with, but now I love them. I try to keep my tag-cloud manageable by restricting myself to a single tag per post. It’s sometimes difficult to do!! I agree with you about tabs on IE7…what a godsend!! It’s never made strange noises at me either LOL.
    Had to laugh at Pilgrim’s comment…..I think I actually did that once!!!

  7. Hi Fuzzy, I wish I had something to offer that would be useful to you and your friends. I will take notes however of the shortcuts that you and your blog provide! One of my weak points obviously is posting something on a regular basis! I have a million ideas and thoughts floating around in my mind, I have started many blogs only to pull the ripcord halfway through it, questioning if it is blog worthy! I will use your posting today to help me organize my thoughts and use it, to jump start my blogging… Thank You…Michael

  8. Hey Fuzz,

    I love those shoes and they ae fab. They have just the right sixe heel for me and I think they would look fab with capri trousers to go on wear them I dare you? As for teh tips. I think I have knicked tips from pretty much everyone on here really being relatively new to this bloggin thing. I do always have more than one tab open though like you I find it very helpful. Big big hugs to you and the crew. x

  9. hmmm/ I posted a WONDERFUL comment…yahooo erased it…

    I am mad…your blog was great…I will be on less here. but you will be in my heart as much as possible..stop in and see me.. (sometime big fellow)))jeez that is a line from a MAE WEST FILM!! yikes!! I have to work more hours at work…

    xoxoxo Kate the shoes are FABULOUS DAHLINK!!

  10. Good tips. I am not a fan of tag clouds though. On many pages they seem too intrusive, shoving the scrolling off the main reading area too far to the right, or sometimes you have to go through 50 lines of tags just to read an email message way at the bottom.

    I suppose it depends how they are organized. If they work for some people, more power to them. My next blog has a few Yahoo360 tips. I will link to your “Friend Tag” idea. It is a good one.

  11. More great shoes…I’m sorry to hear that heel is out because it does look comfortable. And I don’t match my jewelry to my shoes/belts because I rarely wear silver…it doesn’t work with my skintone – but that doesn’t matter on my feet. I’ve got my friends sorted….the rest of it – I am grateful to the folks who have gone back and fixed their tags from the past – but I don’t know that I’ll ever find the time to catch it all up, sigh.

  12. Wonderful informational post here. Fuzz, I do like learning new tidbits whenever I can. Thanks for the post here.A day may come when shoes become paramount to my needs, but there are other things I will consider. Good ol River Rats need considering outdoorsy topics and the techniques should work just the same!

  13. Hi 🙂

    Your tip #5:

    To make it normal again click on View then Text Size and select the size you use. I think you will find it will be medium to bring it back to how it was; other than that it’s your choice. There may be another Ctrl short-cut to resize; if there is I can’t remember but to be honest I use a roller-ball so it’s as quick taking the ‘normal’ route because there is no hand-movement … just a roll of the thumb.

    Hugs and love to you fuzzy


  14. Fantastic info! I’ll have to try some of it out next visit. Thanks. I tend not to coordinate my shoe buckles, Fuzzy, but I do go for the slutty look in the mornings. Have to try that tip out. Thanks for that too. I’m a bit like Mitch here – shrimps somehow do it for me more than shoes. And you don’t have to worry about coordinating!

  15. Doc nice shoes again if I think of presenting shoes, I am going to come and seek your advice. Your tutorial is fabulous, helps us organizing things. I am doing few of the above, but have to do more when time permits. Tag Clouds is a boon, helps us to search individual blogs, Rii does a great job, I am just half way, tagging, it definitely helps and organizes, also it helps to refer your blog articles for later use. Without that, one has to click every individual blog, pain. Regarding the third tip, you should use Firefox, I have an article, you will find it useful and handy and much safer, it is the best one compared to IE7 which is unsafe lets many sites to browse your computer without your knowledge.

    Regarding the scroll function, do the same way, hold Control + Scroll down to minimize the size, you should be fine. I just found out this here, 🙂 Thanks Fuzzy for reminding us to organize, more others follow it will be easy for them and others. Cheers 🙂

  16. Hmmm…. I feel absolutely useless commenting on 360 tips cuz know nothing bout them. Like u back in the days, I have a list of 30 friends which is very easy to handle and never thought of making it any easier. But in case if or when it gets larger – I’ll use all of the tips u posted, thanks for sharing, dear!
    Now speaking bout shoes I feel much more comfortable lol. I love the one on yr pic, it’s just… perfect. And I also wouldn’t care about the heels getting out of fashion, such model will always be up to date no matter what year it is. Plus we all know how comfortable the r. as for matching, I have wild taste when it comes to clothes but very conservative when it’s about shoes, bags and accessories. THEY HAVE TO MATCH and I’m ready to keep on screaming till everybody will hear! So u aint alone, dear, and btw…the more we r getting to know each other the more I realize we have a lot in common! Muahhhhhhh have a beautiful day, Fuzzy!
    p.s. that’s my 3rd attempt to post a comment, I lost the first one, wrote a completely different second one and will keep on pasting till it will finally work. I never give up LMAO

  17. I love getting tips…360, shoes…doesn’t matter, anything to make things easier is always nice. I depend on the the latest updates from my friends list more than anything. Sometimes, I have missed a few, so this is not always fallible. I always wish they would let you move your friends around on your main page. That would be nice.

  18. Love the Red Shoes.

    This was a great posting. Thank you for all the added tips. I really liked the one about the Control and Scroll function.

    Thank you for sharing.**Huggs**

  19. Nice list of shortcuts, even if the shrimp had to be axed. I must admit I have always used Mozilla Firefox as a browser, as it had tabbed browsing before Microsoft copied it. So there! 😛

    The categorisation of friends is something that I have known about, but never got my lazy ass into gear to do. It not only helps with checking up on peoples pages, but you can allow different categories of friends access to different photo albums for example.

    I am not a big fan of the shoes [sorry], but I do share your nuanced approach to accessorising :). I wish I had known about Shoe Sunday earlier though, as I will have to dig out some pics of my most cherished footwear.

  20. Wow, Gang, thanks for all the great comments! I’m not sure how to respond to each of you without getting all repeat-y, so I’ll duck out with the cheap (but rare) group comment: THANK YOU all for being you and making me laugh and think, and let’s face it, those are the two things that make life worthwhile. Oh, and love, I guess. And chocolate.

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