Cups, Cows, y Calzado


Okay, I don’t speak Spanish, but I’m pretty sure “calzado” means footwear, right? (Help Fanta and / or Tito) I sure hope so because you guys know how much I like my alliteration.

So here we are late into the weekend, and I’m only now getting around to my blog. Sigh. It’s been a difficult [insert length of time up to one year], and some days I just can’t. You know? But you know what cheers me up? Pink pumps that I will never ever wear, that’s what.

These shoes go in the “What was I thinking?” category of shoe shopping and their purchase was an accident (in retrospect. Okay, the word I’m looking for here is “mistake”). These are, to me, the cutest ever shoes. Truly. And there is ruching at the back, too . . . so nice. One day I will get all adventurous and do an insert like Ang did, but you can picture it if you try really really hard.

My mom always complains because my wardrobe is predominately black (and not in the emo way–did I use that term correctly, Tally?); I have far more black skirts, sweaters, slacks, and shoes than any other color (or non color if you want to get technical. Ish). Black is easy because it always matches and requires very little thought in the pre-dawn hours of getting ready to go to work on very little coffee. Black is also far more flattering on me than . . . oh, say, bright pink.

In my mind, I could wear these fuchsia-ish pumps with all black. Really. That’s what I was thinking.

So I bought them.

I should have taken a pic of the shiny virgin bottom of these shoes; they are just as fresh off the assembly line as the day I bought them. But you know what’s funny, when I was looking for a pair of shoes for Shoe Sunday, these shoes . . . that color, that style, that heel (omg, do you see that stiletto?) . . . made me smile. And they made me think of my mom because they’re not black, and I’m sure she’d approve, and today is Mother’s Day, after all.

I know that shoes are not everyone’s cup of tea.

(Here’s mine, btw:

) is it weird that I just paren’d a pic? Do you think this is a sign that my paren problem is getting worse?

So I am also sharing with you today my very first vid ever. Well, the first one I did on purpose. I did accidentally vid a fence and I think some parking lot back in March when we had that nor’easter. But you didn’t want to see that, trust me.

Now the quality on this is crap, but I don’t care. I love this little kitchen cow. I shared him with you guys before, and I remember he was kind of a hit (this could have been in my mind, though), so I thought you might like to see him sing and dance. He makes me happy, and it was very difficult to stand still(ish) and vid him because I seriously wanted to do my own arm flapping, butt wiggling dance and sing along with him.

As an aside: does anyone know how to make the sound louder? Off hand, I mean, I do have that encyclopedic manual they sent with the camera and can always look it up if I decide to go into the vid cam business or need to kill a few months reading that thing.

Okay, this last item is just cute . . . anyone who has or ever had cats will know that you cannot move anything or put anything anywhere without the cats coming to check it out and see what’s up. I’m not sure why they do this, but I suspect it’s because any little thing is cause for excitement and investigation when all you do is sleep twenty of every twenty-four hours.

36 thoughts on “Cups, Cows, y Calzado

  1. Ohhhhh…pink stilettos! (I love themmmm, but I agree…they probably match almost nothing!) But, darn…it would be fun to wear them. I totally laughed at your “shiny virgin bottom of these shoes” woo hoooo!

    You video’d your cow!! And was that your giggle at the very end?? I just have a cheap almost throw-away-able video camera…but, maybe someday I’ll try doing something with it. (I don’t have a singing cow to tape though…hahahah)

  2. *preens at introducing “emo” to your blog”…and used so perfectly too πŸ˜›
    Those shoes are gorgeous. I@m so similar to you. Nearly all my wardrobe is black, with the odd foray into…oooh, grey. And khaki green. I’m just not bright colour person…but I do have my green boots that i hardly ever wear, they just look so damn pretty, and that’s what it’s all about!
    I love that cow, btw, it’s udder-ly adorable *winces at own pun*.
    And your cat is so sweet. I’m both a dog and a cat person, they’re both lovely in their own ways.
    Huggggs to you, mahvellous person. πŸ˜€

  3. lol, yeah, Ang, I thought I cut that off quickly, but that darned cow always makes me happy, what can I say? And yeah, if you think of anything I can wear these shoes with, do let me know! Rolling eyes at self. πŸ˜€

    Yay, Tally, I learned a new word and used it in a sentence. I feel seven again. lol I’m not a bright color person, either, in fact, the clothes I have that aren’t black are (mostly) chocolate brown. Or dark green. Oh well. And I love your cow pun; heck, I love all puns! And lol @ at your heiroglyphic corrections. But I do know what you mean. Huggs to you, more mahvelous person than me πŸ˜€

  4. Hey Fuzzy, Can’t help you with the pick pumps, but I bet that you will come up with something great to wear them with someday! Lmao about the cat, that is so true they have to check out anything you move, I also have found that if you bring something new in to the house, they will give it the once over treatment! I wonder if that is were the old saying “curiousity killed the cat”. Hope you had a great weekend…Michael

  5. Nice shoes, in my broken Spanish I think Zapato means shoes, Calzado is also right for footwear. But most of the time they use zapatos. Fanta should be the best one to translate it. These shoes look fantastic from a male’s point of view :). I am sure you will look great in it. The video is awesome, hope to see more of it, maybe video blogs, will be thrilling to watch.

  6. Loving the cow hes so cute… I did a vid of my surfing Santa cos I think its funny too. Love the style of the shoes, not sure I could walk in them though looks painful ouch xx

  7. Oh! Oh! Fabulous shoes! I have to say they are lovelier than anything I own. I am officially green…

    I do things like that. But I have a waaaaaaay too extensive wardrobe. When I was in my 20’s, I designed clothing for a living. So when I find a fabulous pair of shoes in a strange color, I just whip up a mini-wardrobe to go with them. In fact, the woman who introduced me to 360 is wearing clothes I made for her in the photos on her page! Wanna cool pink dress?!?

  8. why can’t you wear them? i have a pair of salmon colored slings that i bought years ago. i didn’t really have anything to wear them with, either, but that didn’t stop me from wearing them with a navy suit i wore to my grandparents’ 60th wedding anniversary party. i think that was the only time i wore them. whether they actually looked good together, i don’t know. probably not, but it was about 12 years ago, so who cares anymore.

    loved the video! very, very cute! πŸ™‚ when you uploaded it, did you use windows movie maker? i think you might be able to turn the volume up in that, but i don’t know. i’ve only ever used it once.

  9. I’d imagine those shoes would go just fine with your black wardrobe….matching hot pink to hot pink might be a bit of overkill anyhow. Like Chris said – I generally hear zapato(but I think our office maintenance person is probably teaching me colloquial Spanish). I glanced at calzado and thought at first you were offering lunch (calzone).

  10. Hey Good lookin’, what ya got cookin’???
    I really love these shoes Fuzzy! But I guess it would be hard to find something to wear them with, maybe you can go buy a nice pink (fuchsia-ish ) top to wear them with (or skirt), it seems to be that- that color is in this summer!

  11. OH WOW…those shoes are the greatest and will look HOT with a tight little black number…..don’t question it just DO it… the shoes….I though Calvados was a liqueueueueur (L3) oh calzado…doh.

    hehehe the cow is hilarious…you are such a dag but Ilove ya still

  12. hehe, Michael, yeah, I think that must be where the saying came from! πŸ˜€

    But Chris, zappato begins with a “z,” so that wouldn’t work with my alliteration thing. lol And very nice to know you men think the shoes are nice; me, too!! A vid blog? Oh, I don’t know about that, but maybe some sort of other vid sometime, thank you so much for the encouragement and support. Yay!! πŸ˜€

    Ooooh, Shell, a surfing Santa? I must get to your page and find that one! I suppose they don’t look all that comfortable, but they’ve been great the few times I’ve worn them around my apartment (for three minutes). lolol

    Oh, yes, Michael, the little black dress is essential because we can wear it anywhere, dressed up or down. And these shoes would look great with one, now that you mention it!! Huggs ;D

    It’s weird, Jillene, because I’m a big proponent of “buy what you like” (especially with shoes) and have always thought and experienced that I’d find something to wear it with if I liked it enough . . . until now. BUT if I had a pretty pink dress . . . hmmmmm! ;D Huggs to you (and I still want to catch up sometime soon, k?)

    Oh, Kerry, I know you don’t do the shoe thing with the same enthusiasm I do, but the salmon mules with navy sounds fun and pretty! And I love the don’t care, who even remembers thing because that is so true; I agonize over what I wear, etc. but then looking back who can remember what they had on? Especially on their feet. Hmmmm, good point; you may have just changed my life (and that only a small exaggeration!). πŸ˜€ And I’d have to turn up the volume on the computer? Okay, I’ll try that then. I didn’t use moviemaker, I just uploaded it from the camera to the computer and then it popped up magically on the media player thing. I’ll have to keep playing with it to figure it out; I hardly know how to work with pics in paint, so it’s all on a learning curve for me! Thanks for the tip, though; I’d have been trying to work with the vol on the camera! Geesh! :))

    Calzone, Em! Yum. Yes, I am (as usual) hungry. Ugh. I think that hot pink IS hard to match, that’s one of my probs with wearing these, though I am seriously thinking about what Kerry said, I mean what does it really matter? Hmmmm . . . food for thought.

    Thanks so much, Maggie, me, too! And I do like the idea of getting a skirt or top to match . . . means shopping, and how great is that? LOL And is it really in this summer? Yay! See how fashion forward I (accidentally) am? teehee

    I LOVE them, too, Ali, and somehow just knew that you would, too. πŸ˜€ A dag, huh? What’s that? I looked it up online and it’s something about being unsophisticated? You think my rube country cow is unsophisticated, huh? Yeah. Ok. Good call. L4 Hugs you! πŸ˜€

  13. you know, if you could find a black top that had a little bit of a hot pink, or fushia, or whatever, on it, say in a pattern or something, then you might feel better about wearing the shoes and still matching. you’d have the skirt to separate the top and the shoes so it wouldn’t be as noticeable if they didn’t quite match. just a suggestion.

  14. Tee hee, the kitty likes the shoes. And you drink your tea like I do mine. With milk. Except, for me, it’s only like once a year. I imagine you drink yours more often.

    Much like you probably buy shoes more often, which is also a once-a-year sort of thing for me.

    Sadly, there’s another joke I could continue with in the once-a-year sort of theme, but I’ll quit before I have to add an “adult content” tag.

  15. Hehehe the shoes r great, I like the model and the color can light up even the darkest rainy day! πŸ™‚
    as for the cats, I do believe they consider themselves to be “the men of the house” so anything we do – they just have come check up on it to make sure we did it right lol.
    I was watching my mom’s cat for years and that’s a conclusion I came to after all.
    have a wonderful week, Fuzzy, stay blessed and enjoy every second of it!
    Heyyyyyyy I’m so happy Rash is back, do u think we can convince him to post more pics???

  16. I saw the ‘S’ word…and was about to run screaming for the hills….but decided to stick with it. Firstly, can you please tell me what the EMO is??? I’m away from blogland for a few days and this word takes over in my absence!! My first thought was Emo Phillips the comedian, but no….too old. Then thought maybe it was a large (dyslexic) bird from Australia. But I’m guessing it’s something else.
    Can’t help with the sound, each camera has different control systems. Loved the vid though, it was fun. How about you being in the next one??
    I think the cat was actually helping you with colour co-ordination. It seems to be saying “look, mom, pink DOES go with black” LOL.

  17. Oooh, Kerry, that’s a good idea! I do sometimes sneak in an “almost” match in my purse / shoes, so I know just what you mean here. Thanks πŸ˜€

    Alas, Sean, I seem to have signed up for the once a year program on that, as well. Moment of silence for our respective . . . um, (what’s the word here? lol). And you’re the only one who mentioned my cup of tea, which apart from the shoes and vid was my favorite part of this post (bahahaa), so thanks for that. And yes, milk and lately sugar, too. I never used to like sugar in tea, but have begun putting some in and now I can’t stop (not as in can’t stop until the sugar’s all in one cup, but as in now I like it better that way). πŸ˜€

    Sundays are Shoe Sunday, Azad, so every single Sunday (well, until I run out of shoes to post) I’ll be talking about shoes. Shoes are fab and good and . . . well, probably a girl thing, but still, did you like my kitchen cow? ;P

    And you are so right, Jenia, I’d never thought of that about cats being the men of the house . . . they certainly think they’re in charge, just like men do, anyway. teehee!! And yes, I do hope Rash will post some of his Paris pics, that would be wonderful, huh? Huggs to you and hope you have a grand and marvelous week. It’s good to see YOU back, too, btw πŸ˜‰

    lmao, Mitch, great comments!! I was stumped on the emo thing, too, so I asked Tally who came to my rescue by explaining that emo is those kids all droopy and dressed in black that lurk around storefronts, I think what we call “goth” over here (or used to back in the day). I didn’t go find her def, so if it’s wrong and you read this Tally correct me, please πŸ˜€ Hehe, I may vid me doing something or other one of these days, but I can’t imagine what; no one wants to see me dancing my kitchen cow dance, I can assure you! ;P And yay! Cali helping with the color coordination, I think that’s a purr-fect observation! teehee. It’s marvelous to have you back, Mitch. πŸ˜€

  18. LOL, of course “calzado” is perfect, Fuzz. You nailed it again, Missy πŸ™‚

    The title of course would go : “Tazas, vacas y calzado”

    I love your cow and the giggle at the end. Cute! Of course, I remember the picture from some months ago, but the video has got more of an Umph factor.

    Aren’t pussycats a God-sent? Imagine if it was a dog (or three) that you owned, maybe he would have marked the fuchsia shoes if you know what I mean…Thanks goodness the cats only check them out!

    My Mom also has a problem with the overall colour of my wardrobe(black). I don’t do it because it’s flattering, I just love black and simple shapes-in black-in general.
    I like special accessories (not the tacky ones but unique ethnic stuff that is generally silver), and they look amazing against black. Plus, the added factor is that you can wear a bright coloured silk scarf or a pashmina, or some fuchsia coloured shoes when you want to throw in a little bit of “spice”. Sometimes I feel like a million Euros when I do that.
    I will never stop loving black.

  19. Is “Paren” a real word? I hope it means you do not drink tea with milk:))
    Oh, please God let it mean what I think it means!

  20. Hey Fuzz, those pink shoes look ab fab and I bet the guys would say “hey good looking what you got cooking” just like your pig if you had those on with your black gear so you go girl and wear them with pride. I have pink shoes and I love um.

    I love the tea picrture as well guess what I am doing now, sitting here drinking a cup of t longing for some oreaos! Wink! Have no biscuits in my house as I have ate them all! BOO HOO.

  21. Hiya fuzzy πŸ™‚

    To be honest there are a lot of ladies who say how hard it is to be a lady as opposed to a guy. When I look at your shoes well darn if that doesn’t totally convince me !! I mean … ladies actually cram their feet into them???? Yep, you ladies have it rough if that’s the sort of footwear you are attracted too

    All tongue-in-cheek of course πŸ˜‰

    Hugs and love


  22. Hey Giggle Gal.. LOL…
    Guess WHAT?!?! I used to own a pair of LIGHT PINK shoes almost exactly like yours!!! I think the darker pink is gorgeous too, and I think Jillene’s idea is great, having a pink dress made to go with these… My two cents’ worth… @@ hugs, G. xo

  23. oooh if you get a pink dress made you’ll look just like a lollipop…don’t do it….WAY too skanky unless syou are a catwalk model….don’t worry Fuzz I’m a dag too…I still like denim overalls LOL

  24. Aw, Fanta, I could read you talk about fashion all day, truly! You make it sound like an art, and I suppose it is in your hands! But I’m still fingerpainting on the walls and need all the help I can get. πŸ˜€ Thanks for the fabulous kind words about my post; you make my day! Huggs Hottie(st) πŸ˜‰ Oh, and no, “paren” is not a real word; I use it as short for parenthesis or parentheses. . . just habit, really.

    Your pink shoes are very cute, Snuggles and comfy, too; these are just very pink. lolol Uh-huh, scribbling down “oreos” and waiting for more notes . . . Giant huggs, girl xx

    Hi FrankiE! Actually these shoes are very comfortable (though I should fully disclose that I’ve not worn them for more than a few minutes at a time and here at home, so that’s hardly a good test). You’re too funny! Huggs and love to you, dear.

    You did, GG? OMG, what did you wear them with? I was thinking if they were a lighter pink I could wear them with a soft kellyish green sweater I have and jeans . . . cute. But with this bright pink, I dunno . . . I like the idea of all black, but maybe a skirt or dress as the pants just didn’t look right when I tried that. A pink dress would be good, as long as it was sort of flowy and a bit longish, like mid calf, something so it wouldn’t go all sleezy, you know? Love your two cents, Girl!! Even if they do have funny little bits of wheat on them and the Queen. rofl @xx

    Hey Ali, well, I was sort of just chatting about that, and I SOOOOOO agree with you on the not going sleezy skanky. LOL, I’m not worried about the dag thing; I think it’s cute! I think YOU are cute, so lots of hugs and snogs, my gal pal!! πŸ˜€

  25. I think you were right. Those shoes would look great with a black skirt and jacket but you would have to pair it with a white shirt under the jacket and accessorize it with something else pink like a necklace, scarf or headband (like the silky scarf kind. . .maybe pink & white polka dot.) Then you would need a large pair of movie star sunglasses.
    I can see it, can you?

  26. Hi Fuzz,
    I am hunting up a pic of me in the dress I used to wear with these light pink shoes and will send it via email … Good call on the flowy, mid-calf length skirt because the dress of this particular skirt looked exactly like that, long and swingy, ultra-feminine in a thin cotton. The top part to the dress almost had a tailored look, with a long fitted squared collar. Hard to describe, but it was soft pink with bits of aqua throughout, not severe looking but delicate.

    As far as the pink dress to match your shoes, I was thinking a sleeveless sheath that might come just to your knee, maybe with a sweetheart neckline, not belted. LOLOL.. OR!! a fab sheath same as only in WHITE, with a matching pink hairband or headscarf. OH the possibilities… @@ hugs, G. xo

  27. Nancy and GG, you girls are the BEST!! AND I know just which shoes I’m posting this Sunday, so get out your thinking caps for another “help fashion-impaired Fuzzy find an outfit to go with her shoes” session. πŸ˜€ I have a couple of scarves with fuschia in, and I like the idea of the black and white suit/shirt with pink accents, Nancy. That’s a must do. And now I really want want want a pink and white polka dot scarf or headband. OMG, I’ll be so chic (well, in the Bridget Jones kind of way when her scarf blows away and her haird stands up on end). Ooooh, and a sheath would work, with a scarf, too, or even a nice chunky bracelet, GG. I wish I were thin enough for white sheaths, but I’m afraid I’d look like the side of a building. Someone might graffiti me. Waaaahhhh. Thanks, guys, and I’m counting on you next week!! Huggs xx

    Oh, Blackie girl, I thought you would appreciate these!! πŸ˜€

  28. Love the photo of your cat in the shoes. So typical. I have one that goes positively orgasmic at the sight of my brown klunky sandals. He rolls over on them and drools…its soooo weird! And yes, I have to admit, I have a “What was I thinking” selection of shoes too….but somehow, I just can’t seem to part with any of them. (:

  29. How funny, River, one of my cats does exactly as you describe over the rug I have at the front door . . . she scrapes at it until it’s up at the corners and then rolls around on it, trying to get under it or wrapped up in it, and drools and writhes, it’s very odd. Glad to know it’s prolly just a cat thing, though. Yes, those what was I thinking shoes buys are hard to let go of at times; I did a big clear out years ago, and got rid of all the shoes that hurt or cut into my feet and haven’t bought any of those again . . . now, my WWIT shoes are all odd colors or styles or both. Do you do Shoe Sunday? I’d love to see your contributions!! πŸ˜€

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