Insomniac Randomness


One of my very favorite things to do is read, and I read all sorts of books, too, not just literary criticism or even literary classics. Heck, I watch reality television, so it’s a good guess that I also read . . . um, not quite Literature, as well. I first saw the link to Shelfari at Tally’s and the widget at Kerry’s and that settled it for me: all the cool kids are getting them, so I had to have one, too:

I went a bit crazy with my book collecting, so there are a lot, a real lot of books on there already. But I’m not done, not even close. Yay! These go back to books I loved as a kid (series by Enid Blyton and C. S. Lewis, and single books like The Last of the Really Great Wangdoodles and Watership Down) and all the way through fun stuff I now love to gobble up like brain candy (the Stephanie Plum or Harry Potter series) and on up to some highly readable and good lit in Hemingway and Faulkner, Welty and McCullers. Then there are some brain busters, too (you’ll notice most of these are on my reading list! hehe, but I’ve begun two of them, so that’s something, right?).

Anyway, it’s fun and yet another way for us all to get to know one another . . . one’s taste in reading really does reveal a great deal about a person. Hmmmm . . . so what do you learn about me from my book selections, I wonder.


On another note, I was watching the news last night, and one of the anchors said that Law & Order is the second longest drama on television. Period. Silence. Nothing more. I truly hate that!! Come on. Now I don’t care about L & O anymore, all I want to know is what is THE longest running drama on television. Was it Dallas? That seemed to go on forever? Was it Columbo? Or is that technically a mystery? Grrrrr. It’s like when they interview someone and he’s the second richest man in America; I want to know who is the richest. Then they can get on with the interview with my full attention; otherwise, I’m racking my brain to figure out who’s first (or running to the computer and missing the show altogether). Is it just me? Is this a personal pet peeve tic thing or does it drive other people nuts,too?


The picture above is of this new cocoa butter lotion I bought; it’s super inexpensive (less than $3), and it smells wonderful, and it’s so smooth and yummy! I’m cuckoo for this cocoa butter! Oh, and it’s summery now, so it’s time for the (also pictured) cucumber & cantaloupe Yankee candle. Yum.


26 thoughts on “Insomniac Randomness

  1. So? What is it them?

    You can’t just leave it hanging there. You have to tell the world – what is the longest running drama on television? Are we talking all time here or just stuff that is running today?

    Please tell me it isn’t ‘Murder She Wrote’! I don’t think that I could live with that knowledge!

  2. hehe, so it’s NOT just me, eh Simon? Well, I did do a bit of googling and think it’s Gunsmoke. So hopefully this is knowledge you can not only live but prosper with. 😀

  3. I’m the same way fuzzy, wether it is People Magazines 100 most attractive people, cars, movies or the likes and yes longest running drama series, I have to cheat…if you will and page forward to find out who is #1! Just like your cat, I have to know! Coincidently, I saw something on the TV Saturday that Gunsmoke was the longest running TV Drama! I love Book Store’s, I can stay in them for hours, always so much that interest me! It get’s hot out here, I need to find a good lotion as I wear shorts a lot, I will look for Vaseline Coco Butter, 😀

  4. I should have read your comments first! Yes, you had me wondering and I can’t stand not knowing facts (although I usually soon forget my newfound trivial knowledge anyway). I thought it was M*A*S*H but it only ran for 11 seasons although they did have the most watched U.S. TV episode in the history. I think you are right with Gunsmoke which ran for 20 episodes according to Wikipedia.

  5. I have to agree with Gunsmoke. I love trivia games…hahaha
    Although I found out that Guiding Light (which is a US Soap Opera has been on since 1952) that is in the Guiness world book of records as the longest running TV drama…I know I am a nerd, can’t help it.
    Love the book collection, by the way!

  6. our longest running Brit soap is Coronation Street, first screened in 1960 and is still watched by everyone (well most). Love the book shelf thing Fuzzy, im tempted to have a go BUT as you said you can tell alot about someone by what they read, im not sure whether to lol…Enid Blytons malory towers was one of my faves as a kid though, so great choice x

  7. My book reading is awful again, I used to read a lot before, I also use Shelfari, but there is another I will add soon, you would love it better, it has unbelievable choices. I used to read Enid Blyton, Hardy Boys, and I used to seek adventures like that with no luck 🙂 Coolio I love Law and Order Criminal Intent, not this year, but the previous ones were awesome. But I like Comedy shows, Office (the British one was good) but don’t watch TV anymore 🙂 just a little during break.

  8. Hey Michael, oooooh, I could spend hours and hours in bookstores, I really could (and often have!). And yeah, that drives me so crazy when they dangle some tidbit of knowledge just out of my reach; I can’t settle in again until I know, you know? As to the cocoa butter, the one I have is deep conditioning, so prolly not the best one for legs; I dropped you a QC about it. 😀 Thanks for the fab comments!

    I’m the same way, Nancy, I just can’t stand it; why do they do it? I mean, I suppose it’s to keep the focus on the topic at hand, but it has the absolute opposite effect on me–and it’s clearly not just me! Huggs

    Cool info, Maggie, and I love trivia games, too; used to love Trivial Pursuit (the first edition, the REAL one). The book thing is just awesome! I’m glad Tally found it!! Wooohooo!!

    Hey Shell, you know my parents used to watch that when we lived over there in the ’70’s; you mean it’s STILL on? Holy cow! Oh go for it, Shell, people can tell the same things about me as revealed there as from reading my blogs (or even just my tag cloud); you can leave out the ones that you don’t want seen! nudge, nudge. Ooooh, I loved the Malory Towers series . . . in fact, I re-read it when I was in my twenties and STILL enjoyed it. 😀 Take care

  9. Hey Chris, you were commenting while I was answering! 😀 Ooooh, you already knew about shelfari? And what is this new one? Are you blogging it? I used to like Law and Order CI, too, but it got a bit . . . the same, I think. I stopped watching all the cop dramas, just got tired of them after ten years or whatever. Huggs, my friend

  10. I don’t know if that search encompassed British programmes, but we have one here called “Last of the summer wine” that has been running since I was a young child. It’s possibly the most awful show ever, but gorgeous scenery, filmed not too far from me.

    I LOVE your book choices. I found so many on your list that should have been on mine and I haven’t got round to adding, like the John Grishams, Helen Fielding and Sophie Kinsella. I love her stuff for a bit of fluff 😀
    I was so crazy about Enid Blyton too, Famous Five was my favourite, I wanted to be George cause I was such a tomboy!
    Now I have to go add all my childhood books 😛

  11. I love the book shelves thing and will have to do one of these. I had plans for tomorrow so might have to do it today instead! Ummm maybe the day after since I just did one and don’t want everyone to get fed up with me bloggin! I love the Harry Potter books as well and well I won’t tell yoiu any more you will just have to wait and see now won’t you!

    I used to love Dalas and I have never heard of this gunsmoke thing either.

    Big big hugs to you fuzz and your clan of course. x

  12. Yippee!! Doing little book hoppy happy dance; I love books and have my whole life (guess that’s why I majored in English and wanted to teach literature). I got some book ideas from your page, too, and I’m sure I’ll be reading some of yours as I go along. I’m always into a few books at a time, so it prolly won’t be long! 😀 Ooooh, I love the Famous Five (so much better than the Secret Seven), and I’ve still got the whole (or maybe only most of the) series stashed away somewhere. George was awesome, and Timmy!! Mondo huggs o rama, TFT!!

    Yay! Snuggles, so glad you like this book shelf thing (though I can’t take credit for it, I saw it at Tally’s first). Gunsmoke is some old western show that I’ve never seen; I think it went off the air the year I was born or something. And that was a LONG time ago!! hehe. Biggest hugs to you and your Marm from me and my gang. xx

  13. uhhh books. I would love some brain candy but I really can never find the TIME to gobble up any literary brain candy. Online reading of blogs, Wikipedia, Googling is all the brain candy I get. I can hardly half keep up with my reading wish lists!

    Potters and Harrys are not for me I’m afraid, mostly because of time constraints that bar me from indulging in such witchcrafts. 😉

    Longest TV series/drama.. hmmmm.. you googled it already. In my recent knowledge… Simpsons may very well be (or will be for sure!) the longest running TV programme. But it’s animated huh? Do’h.

    To add another factoid in the mix.. I like Sitcoms.. and I know Dr. Frasier Crane is the longest running character on TV (Actually ties with Mashal Matt Dillon of that Gunsmoke). Dr. Crane was featured on TV from I guess 3rd or 4rth season of Cheers to all the 11 seasons of Frasier (the sitcom that bagged 39 record Emmy awards), and also a guest appearance on Wings.

  14. Oooh, Elmo, I so want you on my team for Trivial Pursuit, we’ll sweep away the competition!! I also know what you mean about not having time to read fluff; I didn’t for years, except in summer, and now that I have a bit more time for it, I gobble it up so fast I can’t remember what I’ve read. It’s quite nice after so many years of assigned readings, I must say. 😀 I like sitcoms, too, my current rerun faves are Will & Grace and Roseanne (dunno why on that last one, she just cracks me up), and I also try to catch the Britcoms on PBS when I can. Thanks for the fab comments!

  15. Nice collection Fuzzy. You do include my two favorite authors: Grisham and James Patterson. I love to read, but never seem to find the time anymore. I love fiction, since non-fiction tends to distort the truth! Haha, Gunsmoke was my grandmothers fasvorite show. That was in the sixties! Wow, I’m getting old!

  16. i’m glad you googled the answer so i don’t have to. i’m lazy that way.

    this shelfari thing is pretty cool. i remember a few months ago i had asked for book and movie recommendations from friends. this would have been so helpful. nowit’s just a matter of going through and listing all my books.

  17. I hate to split hairs with you but I think the longest running drama has got to be the 6 o’clock news. They still have the same old story line with different actors.

    You need to go to the vid story and get some Gunsmoke. Kitty, Festus and Doc along with Marshall Dillon had to compete with John Wayne for being the ones settling the wild west.

  18. I guessed Gunsmoke and then MASH. I wonder if kids today feel the same about cherished “institutions” on tv like we did. I think we were probably the end of that line as everything seems diluted now. Back then, you would go to school and talk about a show and everyone knew what you were talking about, now they are like nope, don’t know them. Anyway…sorry to get off topic and take a stroll down memory lane. I love gunsmoke but don’t know dippity about law and order. 🙂

  19. Hiya fuzzy 🙂

    I’m most certainly ‘dry’ of books of late and I don’t watch T.V. Oh Gosh! Am I a wonderful addition to your blog comment or what? [blush and a quick exit] 🙂

    Hugs and love


  20. Wow…and yet another Shelfari blog! lol @ “all the cool kids have one” hahaha. I’m not cool yet! However, I will admit to one nerd thingy….(besides constantly using the word “thingy”. I have an excel spreadsheat for each year going back to 1997 of each and every book (title and author) that I read. I started it simply because I would want to tell someone a book to read…then I couldn’t think of it. And well, I kept doing it because…I’M A NERD.

    On another note….I sooooooo groaned at “I’m cuckoo for this cocao butter”!! :p

  21. Thanks, Michael! Huggs 😀

    Hey Kerry, yeah, I like that Shelfari thing, too. Too much, perhaps! I’ve included books I’ve been forced to read in classes and whatnot as well as books that I love/like/etc. Guess if I’ve read them, they count! lol

    Good point, Heyman, about the news, that is indeed quite dramatic, especially these days with the spin so out of control! 😀

    Hiya Priceless Pris, I soooo agree about the dilution principle you mention, and think that’d make an awesome blog topic!! 😀

    You know what, FrankiE? I’m just happy to know you were here and read the post! I love the comment because it lets me know that 😀 Huggs to you, dear.

    omg, Ang, I giggled and THEN groaned when I typed that line!! teehee And I love the spreadsheet thing; I once indexed all my books in Word, not kidding. I also used to keep them in alphabetical order on my shelves, just like at the library, AND grouped by genre/topic. Ugh. After the last deshelving for new carpet, I just shoved them back on the shelves in any order. Which now, of course, drives me nuts because I can’t find what I want when I want it! I’m a nerd, too, aren’t we GRAND?! Yay us!! 😛

  22. Ahhh, another book lover! I am positively in Hell if I don’t have a good book going. I’m a voraciuos reader. Just like Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man, I swear I’d read the phone book if I had to. Currently I’m hooked on mysteries…can’t get enough. My favorite place to go as a kid? Libraries. I know….that sounds pathetic but I loved them!!

  23. Oooh, what kind of mysteries? I read a bunch of the Sue Grafton’s but gave up around “M” because they got the same and old to me (and it really wouldn’t kill her to let Kinsey use a cell phone and computer!), and I used to gobble up Agatha Christie and Dick Francis and a host of others I can’t think of right now! I loved the library when I was a kid! Actually, I still do love the library, maybe even more than then. We can be pathetic together. 😀

  24. Hmm based on your book collection- I see a lot of philosophy, Thoreau suggesting thoughtfulness and intelligence, and then there is Wuthering Heights, suggesting an eye for good literature, romance theme or not.

    Toss in the cocoa butter and could it be argued that it is a methaphor for both knowledge and romance being absorbed or rubbed in? lol… just a thought.. don’t quote me..

  25. Well now, Fuzzy, Heyman beat me to it and I don’t know any more of the US dramas. As for books – love your shelves and books by the way – I started looking at foreign authors a little while ago (in translation of course) because I thought some of the crime/thriller/mystery stories around were getting a bit samey. I than discovered Henning Mankell; try his if you haven’t already read them (sorry if it’s on your shelves – I stopped looking after a while . . .). I am currently reading the latest of Martin Cruz Smith (the series started with Gorky Park) – read those too if you haven’t. As for the richest man, I tried to keep my name out of the press, but I can tell you it’s me, if you promise to keep it secret.

  26. hehe, Sarge, cute! 😀

    Hey Neil, how’s the globe trotting? Guess with all that being the richest man, you’re super busy, so thanks for stopping in here at my little ol’ place. 😀 Thanks, too, for the book / author recommendations; I’m always open to new books. Yay. 😀

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